06.06.3013: Honouring the Walking Dead
Summary: Cigars and conversation for those about to go to war…
Date: 06 June 2013
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The Bazaar - Blue District, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
June 06, 3013

The Ring has entered what the Khourni would consider to be evening hours, at least that is what Nitrim's timepiece around his wrist read as he put in the order for a large table in a lounge in his name. It was a dark tavern with lights that were more dim than some of the more electric bars and nightclubs, and matched the Khournas gloom and brimstone that many of them carried. Escorted back towards the table by a pretty girl with long, red hair, she extended her arm to Nitrim, revealing a large table surrounded by cushions. It would be more than comfortable for a large group of people for eating and drinking.

Nodding his approval to the hostess, he slipped past her and lowers himself into the corner cushion. With his sword's scabbared removed and laid across the table before him, he brings a knee up to enjoy his cigarette and wait for the others.

Having spent her last several days making last minute plans for her departure with the Marines during the day and visiting a Cindravale Knight in the early evenings, Johana has just finished a walk with that same Knight and since he seems to be recouping from his unfortunate interaction with a Hostile, both had agreed to find a drink to celebrate. Her hand is tucked into the bend of his arm as they walk through the same dim room that the Khournas had just entered, though Johana had not seen Nitrim as of yet. Instead, she is looking up at Erik. "Are you certain you are feeling up to this?"

"I'm sure, the doctors have given me leave to walk about outside of the hospital, so that means my wound is healing nicely, most likely ahead of schedule." Erik says with a confident nod of his head as he steps into the lounge named Nitrim. It takes a moment for the Cindravale's eyes to adjust to the dimmer atmosphere but he isn't a stranger to establishments like this, "Though I'm sure my doctors did not have this in mind when they said I could spend time outside, but they didn't say I /couldn't/ either." A mischievous grin appearing on the young knight as he leads Johana in.

Crimson Drakes party hard… or at least they do when they aren't in a constant state of alert. Right now, Victor Khournas and the rest of the Drakes are staying sober. Vic is doing it by sitting at a bar nursing a long-necked bottle of some pisswater lager. Finishing it off, he sets it down with a disappointed thump, then rises up, looking around the bar. He grunts at first one familiar face, then another. He nods upward to Johana, although the pretty boy alongside her gets a bit of a look, and then he nods his head toward where Nitrim is sitting, headed that direction himself. As he approaches, he speaks up in his gravelly voice, "Up for some company, Coz?"

As Victor approaches, Nitrim's lidded eyes glance up from a table he's writing on to look over the familiar face. His lips part into a toothy grin and he motions toward the table. Over Victor's shoulder, Nitrim sees Johana in the distance with a stranger, and gives the two of them a slight wave to get their attention.

"No, not at all, Coz, sit and order something expensive on my bill, since you and all of the others are shipping out soon." He tosses a pack of cigarettes down and flags one of the short-skirted, red-clad waitresses. "A bottle of brandy, something aged for the table and a row of glasses. Cigars if you've them on hand, please." He pauses and motions the server to Victor.

Gently, Johana tugs Erik towards the impromptu gathering, leading him over. "Hi," returning the nod to Victor, but her brows arch as she teases a bit on Nitrim. "Did I hear something about expensive something on your bill? I'm in." Gesturing with her free hand to Erik, she makes the intros. "We're all knights here, just to save time, Victor, Nitrim Khournas, this is Erik Cindravale. Sir Erik, welcome to the party." With a grin, she slips into a chair, leaving the one beside her for Erik. She'd brought him in here. "Are you all heading out with the rest also? The Marines?"

It's like being lead to a den of lions but Erik is a Cindravale, which mean he is bold enough to step in himself if needed. Feeling the tug, he changes course and instead of heading to the bar with Johana, he approaches the table where Victor and Nitrim are. At the mention of tonight's tab being on someone else's bill though, Erik grins easily while introductions are being made. Bowing his head to Nitrim and Victor, he greets them both, "Good evening, Sirs. So this is the group that will be deploying soon then." He lowers himself onto the seat next to Johana, joining the Khourni at their table.

Asher arrives in the bar himself, taking a moment at the door to quickly survey the room before he's on his way towards Victor, and the other nobles. He offers a bow of his head to the gathered, "Victor, Lord Nitrim." He geets, then a nod towards Johana and her companion as well, "Young Lady Ibrahm, Sir Erik." he adds.

"Waiting fucking sucks." Victor shakes off the offer for something harder, unhooking the axe from his belt and dropping down onto one of the couches. He sets the weapon on the back of the bench, leaning back slowly, "Sir Erik." One eyebrow lifts at the introduction from Johana, a smirk crossing his lips, "How was the date with…" And then Asher's there, and Victor looks up to his younger brother, "…or have you chickened out, little brother?"

After a pull from his cigarette, Nitrim's mouth opens wipe and puffs closed, blowing a smoke ring towards the ceiling. Playing host this evening, his cigarette-laden hand turns and motions towards the seats, inviting all of them to sit. His eyebrow rises to Johana's question, which he answers with a slight shake of his head.

"First, Lord Sir Erik Cindravale, I've heard but we've never met. Your reputation precedes you. It'll be an honor to have you at my table." He pauses, reaching out to roll the tip of his lit cigarette against the inside of the ashtry until the cherry comes to a point. "Secondly, no." The negative is flat and final. "I will not be shipping off with the Shadow of Intent tomorrow. I'm here to pay my respects, buy my cousins something expensive to remember me by, and eventually skulk off to a hotel where I'll enjoy the trappings of finer accomodations than they'll receive on a warship…in their honor of course. Please, all of you, run up a bill. That's what these occasions are meant for, aye?"

As their tour of the Ring was cut short when the Heir to Arboren paid a visit a couple of weeks or so back, Lady Ariana Larent now has this opportunity to make it up to Declan, having arranged a tour which has brought the pair and their entourage to a particular lounge in the Blue District. Draped in a soft flowing gown in various shades of turquoise and cyan, the tall and elegant noblewoman takes this moment to pause and gesture towards the establishment, "As you can see, My Lord, the Bazaar has many lovely shops and restaurants that should cater to your every need. This one is a popular hangout for those wishing to share drinks at the end of a long day." Standing near the doorway, her blue eyes look over the faces spread throughout the lounge, though she does notice a cluster of nobles and the like at a certain table within.

Johana laughs, settling back against her chair, among these guys, most of the time she just listens to them with genuine amusement. "I've decided to go too, so when I get back is when I'll really be wanting a party. Tonight I have plans to stay sober, I've got to make sure Sir Erik makes it back to his room. I rescued him from medical, he's still recouping after the meeting with the Hostile." Her attention switches to Asher when he arrives and she offers him a smile. "Sir Asher, you remember Sir Erik." Her eyes move to Erik as if asking the same to him, though not voising the question aloud.

When another new arrival approaches, Erik turns and nods his head respectfully to yet another Khourni, "Good evening, Sir Asher, and I do, My Lady." The answer is added to the Ibrahm after his greeting to the Khourni. With the clarification from Nitrim on who is actually departing with the Shadow of Intent, the Cindravale seems to understand and does not ask further as his eldest brother is not accompanying the Marines on the ship either. "A special occasion indeed, it will be the first in this war against the Hostiles." Erik's attention shifts to Johana and his grin widens, "She deserves a drink just for that, the rescue from medical." Speaking of medical, the Cindravale Knight is in a new formal outfit, the one he originally wore made into a mess by the Hostile Scout that went on a rampage.

Declan seems attentive to the Lady he accompanies, glancing here and there as they stroll together through the impressive passages of the Ring. The Bazaar is something of a contrast to much of the rest of the station, however, and as their tour moves on to it his gaze flickers all about. "I can see that," he echoes her, looking from shop to shop. "It's quite the energetic sort of place. One might even for a moment forget that they were on the Ring. If the light didn't quite have that quality it does here, I could imagine myself in some charming market planet-side." As she leads them on toward the lounge, he recenters his attention there. "Ah. It seems quite busy, even now. Shall we go say hello?"

Asher nods faintly to Victor, "No, we had a lovely dinner." He says, moving to take a seat nearby his brother, but his attention is soon turned back to the others, "How could I forget Sir Erik?" he asks. "Is it wise to be out of medical so soon after such a grave injury?" he inquires towards the cindrivale man.

The server in the short skirt brings a tray over, setting down an expensive bottle of brandy, a clutch of empty glasses, and a box of fine cigars. As if on queue, Nitrim slides a plastic card onto her tray and salutes her with a wink. As she steps away, his eyes follow her hips, and the motion of his eyes leads him to catch Ariana with Declan.

"You too, eh Johana? What in the devil will I ever do with the Blackspyre when it's so empty?" He asks with a sort of sarcastic amusement while he watches Ariana with Declan. Eventually, his eyes peel away back to serving tray and he busies himself with pouring a drink for all of them, and then clips off the end of one of the cigars. "Sir Erik. Surely if it's not wise to be out of the hospital it's equally not as wise to drink and smoke." His teeth bare in a toothy grin. "But the Cindravale are reknown for their valor, I wouldn't expect less."

"As you wish, My Lord." Ariana muses to Declan's suggestion that they go and greet the gathering of nobility who have settled themselves within the lounge. While she may not bring the fact that this very well could be pickpocket central on the Ring, the Larentian maiden keeps her eyes peeled for any such unsavory actions that may befall the Heir. "You will certainly find many exciting and rather exotic things here, My Lord." As she speaks, she gracefully makes her way in the direction of Nitrim and his cohorts as they enjoy their evening. Once she nears their table, she drops down into a graceful curtsey, speaking forth, "Good day to you all, My Lords and Lady. I'm glad to see so many spending quality time among friends before we are scheduled to part ways."

"Let's drink tonight then and nothing more for me until after we all return." Offering Nitrim a nod. "I definitely intend on going. Can't sit idly around here." With all of the questions to Erik, she begins to have her own doubts about how he fares. "I am sure with all of the pretty nurses your brother mentioned it could be one exciting adventure after another." There is a confident smile on her face, and the words are delivered in a teasing manner. At the mention of dinner, Johana switches her gaze back to Asher and nods a confirmation. "It was a lovely dinner and a walk after. No one chickened out. The next time I make a bet, I need to make sure that I can win what I wager." Reaching for the drink with a smile of gratitude, she offers it to Erik before collecting one for herself. "Thank you, Nitrim." Hearing the greeting, the Ibrahm looks up and lifts her glass. "Good evening, my lady, my lord."

"I am recovering ahead of schedule, Sir Asher, thank you for your concern. If I am not able to venture out by now, then I wouldn't be able to be able to join those who are boarding the Shadow of Intent." Erik says with a reassuring nod of his head at the Khourni knight, "As long as I don't over-exert myself these next couple of days and return to the hospital to rest, I was given leave from my medical minders." At Nitrim's description of the Cindravales, the young knight can't help but give the other man a wide grin, "What one calls valor, another may call questionable decision, but one and the same, My Lord."

With the arrival of the two new nobles, Erik shifts his attention to Ariana and Declan, bowing his head respectfully in greeting, "Good evening My Lady, My Lord." After hearing Johana's words though, the Cindravale looks turns his gaze in her direction and laughs, "Perhaps… though I will say, the beauty of the nurses pales against a particular visitor that has been dropping by as of late." He does accept the glass of brandy, nodding his thanks to Johana and Nitrim.

If Declan is wary of the 'energy' or 'charm' of the place, as he put it, he gives no sign of such discomfort. If anything, he looks somewhat entertained by it all. "No doubt." Is that an exotic -meat- shop? That seems to get his attention, but their path toward the lounge distracts him back from it. He'll have to investigate later. When Ariana greets the seated group, he gives a slight nod of his head to accompany her deeper curtsey. "Good evening," he echoes, generally. "A bit of celebration before you all ship out?" he questions, then, of the group.

"A rare, lava-forged beauty indeed, Erik." Nitrim says, his eyes sliding to Erik's as he lights the tip of his cigar. Investigating silently, his eyes travel to Johana's where they rest curiously before he whips the match he's lit the cigar with into oblivion. The air around them lofts with the scent of sweet brandy and tobacco, and the young Khournas lord leans back against his cushions. His eyes raise to Declan and Ariana, curious as ever.

"And at the mention of lava-forged beauty comes an angel from the skies herself. Please, good sir on her arm, introduce yourself and your escort and join us." Nitrim says slyly, winking to the two of them as he rests back with his cigar twiddling between his fingers. "I present to you…" He waves his hand to the others as he speaks. His tone is a charming, if not slightly predatory one. "…Lord Sir Erik Cindravale escorting Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm, my excruciatingly dangerous cousins Lord Sirs Asher and Victor Khournas. This table is mine, and I am Lord Nitrim Khournas, and soon they will be off to war and I will be left with lesser company."

Victor was called away, appropriately enough, by the comm, just after Asher and Johana responded to him. Coming back to the collection of benches, chairs, and tables, the broad Khourni shakes his head, "Not the call." He looks over to the recent arrivals, nodding his head and then sliding back into his seat. He plucks up one of the cigars, holding out a hand to Nitrim for the clipper and then neatly cutting the tip off. "Sorry about that. But mostly just talking. Can't drink when the Hosties could show up any fucking minute."

"Oh, you'll be joining us on the Shadow of Intent, Sir Erik?" Asher wonders, "I hadn't been aware they had found a way to accomodate the great steeds of the Vale aboard a ramship yet." He says with a bit of a grin, "And it is good news that you are recovering well." He adds, "We had thought the worst when you were first struck."

Ariana half-turns to view the entrance into the mystery meat shop, but she does nod slowly to Declan's piqued interest in Gregor's Strange Meats, "Yes it is, My Lord. If you like, we can wander that way after our introductions." These words are spoken quietly to the Arboren Heir upon hearing his question. Now then, as Nitrim is making introductions, the young Lady's gaze moves from face to face and while she may not know all of these individuals personally, she has seen them before. "I didn't know that you were paying the Ring a visit, Lord Nitrim, but it's a pleasure to see you again. Charming, as always." Then turning to Erik, she decides to state, "I do recall seeing you at the medbay recently. You were with my Lady Sister during the recent Hostile attack, correct?" A polite smile is then given to Johana, whom she has met briefly before, immediately following said Hostile attack. She then decides to make her own introductions, "I'm Lady Ariana of House Larent and, I'm sure that many of you know, this is Young Lord Declan Arboren."

"Questionable decisions." Johana seems to find that rather amusing as she greets it with laughter. Lifting her own glass, she leans back and regards Erik a moment, but instead of countering his observations, she sips the brandy. Having no such compunctions, the Ibrahm is decidedly drinking, just the one, Hostiles or not. Feeling his eyes studying her, she returns the curious look, studying Nitrim briefly. "Thank you," she murmurs, appreciating the compliment. When her name is introduced, her smile transfers directly to Ariana and Declan and she inclines her head. "A pleasure, my lord and lady." Focusing her attention back on her drink and finishing it, she declares. "I'm not able to remain much longer, I promised the doctor I'd deliver him safely back after a short walk. This detour wasn't quite planned, but too interesting to resist."

"Sweet Maiden's tit, man," a blaspheming voice calls from near the lift. "Careful. Those optics are worth more than you can ever imagine. Priceless." Strolling down the entertainment district from the lift is Frederick Orelle and a citizen servant in Orelle livery, the latter lugging behind two very large leather valises. Fred sighs as he looks around at the large station. Home. "You can send that up to my apartments. That one, filled with books, can go to the Naval Academy. In that garderobe they gave me for an office." The servant leaves a rather reminiscent Frederick by his lonesome. A cigarette case is produced and he extracts a cigarillo, one of fine Terran island tobacco, and lights it aflame with an engraved lighter from his doublet pocket. Soon he's wreathed in an aura of blue smoke, which trails behind him as he is now on the prowl for a drink.

As Lord Nitrim makes the introductions of the group, the lone Cindravale bows his head again to both Declan and Ariana when his name is given. "Honored, Young Lord Arboren and Lady Larent. And yes, Lady Sir Veryna was with us, she fought very well." Courteous as ever, something his House is known for. At Asher's words though, Erik shoots the man a grin, "It is my eldest brother who prefers to fight on his steed. For me, I will fight the Hostiles anyway necessary, on foot, on my steed, on wings if they find the technology to attach a pair to my back. And it was by the grace of the Six that the steel ribbon did not work past my ribs and into my lung. Just a flesh wound instead." A messy flesh wound which is why his wound is still healing. Erik then brings his own glass of brandy to his lips and takes a long sip, gifted and cursed with a high tolerance level, meaning it takes more to affect him, in alcohol, medicine, drugs and the like. At the mention of the doctor, the Cindravale gives Johana a sigh of resignation, "I expect the good doctor to be calling my comm any minute now, asking me why I have not returned yet."

Declan seems just a trifle surprised by the direct request for an introduction, but likewise content to allow Ariana to introduce them both, continuing to play the gracious hostess/tourist liason. He nods again slightly when she does, although talk of the attack quickly draws his brows together. "I can only imagine this has set back the investigative efforts you were undertaking with my brother?" is wondered of the woman who accompanied him in. "You were present, then, when the creature broke loose?" he wonders of Erik. "Its quite an unfortunate incident. We had hoped, in sending the creature here, that we might get some useful information out of it- not put the people of the Ring in danger, certainly. Hopefully that opportunity isn't totally lost, but still."

Victor collects a lighter, clicking on the blue flame and blazing up the cigar. "Young Lord, Lady. Pleasure." He lifts the cigar in a little salute, reaching behind him to make sure that his heavy-bladed axe still rests on the back of the bench. "Wouldn't do to have the Cindravale coming up limp because he got out of bed too soon." A toothy smirk splits his features, and he lifts his eyebrows to Erik. "And you know how much of a pain in the ass doctors can be."

Brushing the back of his hand across the bridge of his nose, Nitrim brings his hand down in a solid clap on Victor's shoulder. "Shame and not, coz. I'm in no hurry to see you and Asher off, but I'm sure the hurry-up-and-wait is killing the two of you." He reaches out for his glass and tips back some of the brandy, eyes to Johana and Erik once again. "Leaving so soon, are you?" He smiles quietly. "We wouldn't want Sir Erik not getting his rest, would we? I understand…" He gives Victor a sidelong look before turning his attention to Ariana and Declan

"I'm…just full of surprises lately. It's a bit of an improv-visit, unannounced, but I wasn't looking to make a big fuss of things for the Orelle's. I merely just wanted to…" He slows, listening to Frederick's grand entrance. A cloud of smoke rushes from his lungs as he laughs. "Speak of the Devil and she turns her eyes on you. Seems the Orelle have entered."

Asher nods slightly to Victor's comments, "Don't strain yourself too hard, Sir Erik. It would be embarassing to miss battle because you overexerted yourself with a fresh wound still!" he says, "It was good seeing you up and on your feet none the less."

Nitrim leans in, murmuring something quietly to Victor…

Nitrim whispers, "Looks like the Vale's eyeballing an heir." to Victor.

Roll, roll, roll. That's how Talayla rolls. Or rather, she's rolling a barrel along. Seems sort of precarious, really. But it is ONE way to transport an empty barrel. She seems intent on her object and just where it and her are going. Leave it to Talayla to be completely unfazed rolling a barrel along towards home by herself. Yup, and she has a messenger bag over one shoulder. Seems she's on a project because she's just rolling on up towards the group, oblivious. Like a very determined beetle.

"I am glad that your healing process is going well then, Sir Erik." Ariana says lightly towards the man, her own eyes gauging whatever she can make of his injury, if by studying his posture and the way he leans, if he does lean, his frame, being medically trained, herself. Still, she says nothing, if she even finds anything. "We are grateful to all of you for taking that monster down and ensuring that it no longer wreaked havoc on the Ring." She quiets down, hearing a voice coming out from the bazaar, itself and slowly turning to regard Frederick with a curious gaze. That is certainly someone she is familiar with. As it seems like the young Orelle is busy, for now, she returns towards the others, especially Declan, "Your Lord Brother and I just happened to not have been there during the attack. We were in Landing at the time…" And she does feel a touch of guilt about that. "So you should know that he was safe, as was I."

Ariana's blue eyes peer out at Nitrim again, when she graces him with a faint smile, "The Young Lord of Arboren is here for a tour and to inspect the damage done to the Ring due to the Hostile's escape. There are still more sights to be seen, but this certainly is a pleasant enough detour."

"Indeed it was, Young Lord Declan. Quite unfortunate indeed. I believe Sir Asher here was able to deal the final blow and dispatch the Hostile." With the teasing Erik keeps getting, Johana turns on him with an amused gaze, wondering how he was taking it, but she doesn't watch him long, instead she replaces her glass on the table, but upside down, no refills for the Ibrahm heir! "A promise is a promise and the doctor made me swear." Rising she offers a bow of her head to all gathered. "It was lovely seeing you all."

"Unfortune indeed, My Lord, though it is much safer to study the creature now, or what remains of it." Erik says with a nod of understanding at Declan's words, at times of war, risk is always present. This time, it reared it's ugly head and swung some axes. At the friendly jibes from Victor and Asher, the Cindravale chuckles in answer, "Have no worries, Sir Victor, Sir Asher, the Cindravales are always prepared with lance or sword, at the moment's notice." He does nod his head at the doctor's being a bother, but a necessary bother.

And as to answer Nitrim, it is Erik's comm that chirps at him, letting him know that a message has been sent. Without even looking at it, the young knight knows it is from his doctor. Knowing that it would be completely unacceptable to bring the brandy with him, the Cindravale brings the glass to his lips and drains the rest at a decent rate before putting the glass gently back on the table. "Lord Nitrim, thank you for the drink." With that, he begins to rise from his seat, the movements graceful but there is still a slight tenseness in the motion. At Ariana's words, Erik inclines his head, "We knights are always prepared to answer the call of duty, My Lady." He does turn to Johana who looks as if she is ready to depart as well, "Lady Johana, if you wish to remain and enjoy the fine company here, I can find my way back to the hospital without issue. I will not be taking any more detours, that's a promise."

Victor nods his head to Nitrim, chuckling from deep in his throat. He nods to Nitrim, pulling the cigar from the corner of his mouth, "At this point, I'd strap a rocket to my ass if it'd get me out to the Hosses sooner." He leans over to his cousin, murmuring something under his breath, then straightens up again, taking another draw on his cigar and nodding to Johana, "Pleasure, as always." Shifting his dark eyes over to Erik, he nods, "Good luck with your healing, Sir Erik."

Victor whispers: It looks like it. I'd much rather my brother made the match, personally…

"I know that Keanen was alright," Declan reassures Ariana. "And of course I was quite happy to hear that you were safe as well, my lady." From her he glances to Nitrim, and bobs his head in a slight nod. "As it was my house that captured and delivered the creature, I feel some responsibility in the whole thing. Not that it could be predicted, and we were all in agreement on the value it offered in terms of study, but still. It would be remiss not to come and offer our support. I am still hopeful that something will come out of the studies - of the pod, if not of the creature." Then it is back to Erik and now Asher as well as he is numbered among those responsible for getting things under control. "It is good that such strong and valiant knights were on hand, to limit what harm the foul thing could do. You have my family's thanks as well." As for the woman rolling up with the barrel, that warrants a glance… mostly because barrels are sort of obvious things!

"It was a pleasure, Sir Erik. Be safe, and Johana?" Nitrim looks up to the heir to Ibrahm. "Do keep a watchful guard over him. We do need our Cindravalen in the coming days. Please, enjoy the rest of your night, the both of you."

Bracing his arm over the back of the cushions behind his cousin, Asher, Nitrim leans back and turns his eyes once again to Declan and Ariana. His nose twitches from side to side as he lounges with his glass of brandy in hand. He smiles to Declan. "Rather thoughtful of you, Lord Declan. The Arboren, I'm sure, had no way of knowing that that thing would activate and rampage. It did give us an opportunity to prove that if they've done anything over the last five hundred years to step their game up and make themselves immune to our weaponry…they haven't." He raises an arm, waving to Talayla as he looks to Ariana. His eyes widen and the side of his lip tugs into a playful smirk. He doesn't say anything. He just flirts.

Nitrim whispers, "It would have kept our hands in Ibrahm, not some fucking Valen. You interested in stepping to the task with her?" to Victor.

Asher nods his head slightly as he listens to the various conversations, "It was fortunate indeed, it could have caused a lot of harm on the station if left unchecked." He agrees, "But if you will excuse me, Lords and Ladies, I think I'm going to retire as well. I'll no doubt see many of you again before we depart." He says as he's rising up, bowing his head to his kinsmen.

Talayla pauses. People are bidding someone farewell. Talayla waves to this Erik fellow, too. She blinks, now near enough to hear Victor's words about a rocket in his backside. Well, on one hand, she's not one to judge without context… She just looks at Victor sidelong, with wide, dark blue eyes. People are looking at her. It takes a bit to realize that, but she looks more alert than a ferret in a room full of sugar cubes and shifts a little. If they're not careful, she'll bolt under the fridge and pull a math book with her. She smiles and waves, nodding at Declan, rolling up the barrel a little closer and following behind it.

For all the talk of her being fragile, she seems /intent/ on whatever it is she's doing most days. She waves to Nitrim, too. Though, alas, Asher is leaving now, too. "Salutations! I am sorry if I'm scaring you off. It's not a barrel of snakes." Beam. It's the little things in life. "How are you?" A general question, that.

With the departure of Erik and Johana being announced, Ariana immediately lowers herself into a curtsey once more, "Be well, My Lord and Young Lady." She then nods slowly to what Declan says, though her gaze flickers in the direction of Talayla now when she finally notices the young Orelle noble and her barrel. "Yes, we have much to look into now. Some of our scientists and other citizens were killed, and that would be the tragic setback of the Hostile escape." She finally calls out, "Lady Talayla… did you need any help with that?" It seems as if the young lady is doing fine on her own, but the Larentian maiden cannot help but simply watch her with care. "I thought I heard your Lord Brother nearby. Maybe I was mistaken."

"Thank you for the drink, Sir Nitrim." Waiting for Erik to rise as well, hearing the chirp and the confirmation it was the doctor about his whereabouts. "I always see things through, Sir Erik. I'll deliver you safely to your room then I'll be on my way." Regarding Declan very briefly, she inclines her head. "Indeed there were some strong and valiant knights on hand." Her lips quirk in a quick grin when Nitrim mentions her. "He can guard himself, I'm just delivering him as promised. You also, Sir." When Asher mentions leaving she looks over and smiles. "Have a good evening, Sir Asher, and I'll certainly see you again when the time comes to ship out." Inclining her head to the other nobles now, she steps away from the table, waiting for Erik to join, noticing Talayla waving at all the men. She looks at Ariana and grins, her shoulders lifting in a light shrug.

Victor shakes his head at Nitrim, "Not for me, Coz. I don't like to step on toes." He lets the cigar linger in the corner of his mouth as he nods to his brother as he departs too. The approach of Talayla causes him to blink slowly, looking at the barrel and tilting his head in silent question. Blowing out a plume of smoke up toward the ceiling, he looks at the cigar, then back to his cousin, "These are good. But only the best for family, right?" gesturing around the table at the back of the club, he adds, "And friends, of course."

Declan's expression is serious as he nods his slow agreement with Nitrim. "Having an opportunity to square off against one of them, under conditions outside of full-on battle is not without some worth. Perhaps it is not the precise sort of analysis we intended to subject the creature to, but as you say, we have still learned a thing or two. But the cost incurred is unfortunate," and with this he extends a more sympathetic sort of look toward Ariana. "It also teaches us a valuable lesson about what is necessary subdue the things, temporarily or permanently." This grim topic aside, he has become fascinated with Talayla's barrel. A barrel that is not, at least, filled with snakes! "So what's in there?" he asks, somewhat more impulsively.

"Shame it's not a barrel of snakes. They're a vastly misunderstood species, I assure you all. Still, Lord Declan, I would like to impart my esteem that you've come to view the damages personally. It speaks of character." Nitrim replies, tapping the side of his temple with his gloved index finger. He nods to Victor's words and reaches for the bottle, filling his glass once more. "Cousin, this is Lady Talayla Orelle, rather the eccentric Orelle beauty. She brews and sets things afire." Nitrim grins, settling back and waiting for the woman's answer.

Ack! Talayla waves to Jo and the others, too! She didn't forget! Honest! She shrugs and smiles at Ariana. "I'm okay. I forget to ask for help, so maybe I'll have awesome muscles or something," She mockingly flexes her arms. Gun show! Or - given her long, flaring sleeves and slender build - more like none show. Anyway, she looks quietly abashed a moment, looking to the barrel. She smiles faintly. At the question, she explains, "Nothing yet. But I think my second batch is ready to be aged, and I was a barrel short. Though, maybe the barrel of snakes might be cooler. I like snakes," She rubs her chin. A shrug and a smile. "Salutations!" She nods. A pause. Eccentric? She peers at Nitrim. Hmmm. "I don't do fire much… but I can," Smile. "How are you all?" Talayla is indeed, near the table with her barrel rolled up. "Oh, yeah, yup. I'm Lady Talayla Orelle," She bows neatly. "Pleased to meet you." This burst of speech is balanced out by a moment of silence and hesitance. She's shrinking back into her metaphorical shell for a moment. But it is apparent she's /very/ focused now and then. It's a bit tough to address everyone, but she does her best not to ignore anyone.

Stepping off the lift into the Blue District Bazaar stands a tall man in mildly formal attire fitting for casual strolls in public. Well fitting for a nobleman at least. Dressed in the dark turquoise and cyan of House Larent, the young man's blue eyes scans the immediate area as though searching for someone or something. After some time he moves on to try some of the various establishments. Finally coming across the small group of nobles Lord Densoric Larent makes his way over. Though he keeps a short distance so as not appear to be rude and barge into the conversations of another, he stands closest to his cousin for the time being. He does take notice of the individual rolling a barrel around but remains silent on the matter, he does make note of the name given by the woman.

"So very true, Young Lord Declan." Ariana responds to what he says as they do understand the benefits to go with the gravity of the most recent Hostile attack. An amused smile is given to Nitrim when he introduces Talayla to his cousin, though perhaps being familiar with Victor's visage, she decides to inquire, "Sir Victor, was it? Were you a participant of the foot melee at this past tournament?" Is that where she saw him? Obviously, the foot melee is a tournament which she is proud to bring up whenever she can, as it was a victory for House Larent!

Now that the mystery has passed, Ariana decides to inquire just to make sure she heard this correctly, "The barrel is empty then?" A pause, "I am curious about your brewing endeavors, it seems like an interesting enough hobby, I think." At the moment, she doesn't notice her cousin's presence in the lounge, perhaps too distracted by this barrel business and seemingly amused by Talayla herself.

Victor listens to Talayla, his eyebrows slowly rising up his brows as she continues rambling on. Looking over to Nitrim, he adds, "I see what you mean." Back to Talayla, "Pleasure, Lady Talayla." And then the cigar goes back into the corner of his mouth, the tip flaring as he draws on it. "A brewer? I'd think the blowing things up'd be more useful, but I we do need something to celebrate with." He nods over to Ariana, "Had some trouble with a couple of polearms, then some little girl dropped me out. A bit sad I didn't face Sir Veryna. I figure it would've been interesting."

Declan inclines his head once more toward Nitrim. "It is the least I can do. And you can be sure the next time we bring the Orelle something we've scrounged up in the woods, we'll send extra guards with it. I can only imagine the Orelle will double theirs, as well. The incident has surely imparted on all of us a reminder of just how dangerous our long-absent foe is, even in small numbers." But now talk has happily moved on to the more lighthearted topic of Talayla's big barrel and now what she will be putting in it, as opposed to what isn't in there now. Like snakes. "What sort of brew do you make?" he wonders. "I must say I'm a little surprised. It is a somewhat more… traditional hobby, than what I would expect out of a daughter of House Orelle."

As no one else seems interested, and perhaps missing any denials previously, Densoric casually makes his way over to Talayla and offers a polite nod and inquires in a very formal fashion, "If I may MiLady." gesturing to the barrel as though offering his assistance in moving it if desired. If he notices Nitrim inviting him to join, it seems lost in the offer of assistance.

"Myself, Lady Talayla? I'm doing swell. I'm seeing off the last of my cousins before they head off to fight the Hostiles, I've been graced with another vision of Lady Ariana Larent, the illuminating presence of Lord Declan Arboren, among others and now yourself." Nitrim grins, breathing out a small fog of cigar smoke. He salutes the Orelle girl with his glass of brandy and then trails his eyes over Ariana's shoulder to Densoric. He lowers his head to the man in a sincere nod and motions for him to please, join them. "Lady Ariana, it would appear your Lord Cousin has arrived. Lord Densoric, please, join us and have a cigar. Your Lady Cousin has been quite the hostess to us all."

Talayla blinks at the fellow nearby suddenly. Wait. That's one of her vess- vassals. Yes. She smiles faintly. She is quiet, listening now. She nods to Ariana. "Salutations," A wave to the new comer. She seems uncertain, almost like a hippo stepping onto ice. "Oh! Wow, that's awesome," A nod at Victor's achievement. She looks apologetic. "The pleasure is all mine and I apologize, I guess I am a bit odd, but at least I'm not imaginary," She lowers her head respectfully to Victor. Oh goodness. She made a /math pun/. She seems friendly enough, despite the oddity. A pause at Declan's words. Her eyes widen. He's right. "Um. Would you believe it if I said technobrew that fires flavor lasers so I don't lose points with my house?" She shrugs. She's shy, but she seems to have a tremendous sense of humor. A look to Nitrim. "I am glad to hear that," She seems genuinely happy, lowering her head respectfully. "Though, in seriousness, I'm starting with simple beer and a lager. I feel like I should practice my bow more to fight or something," She rubs the back of her head. There's a distinct /unease/ about her powers. There's a pause at Densoric's offer at the barrel. "Um. Well, Lord Nitrim invited you over… so I guess I should scootch my barrel over that way." She can even sit on it! "So, sure." Nodnod.

Ariana seems to be looking Victor over now, perhaps sizing him up in regards to her sister, though she does go on to say, "Strangely enough, The Wall is the very person who my Lady Sister did not wish to face in the tournament event, but perhaps you will be able to spar with her at some point in the near future, but for now, though, our enemies continue to draw ever closer."

Nitrim is first to draw attention to Densoric, before the man even speaks up to the Orelle. Ariana knows her cousin's voice all too well and doesn't even have to look to know exactly which cousin it is, but as this very man is standing so closely to Lady Talayla, well, her focus is on the both of them now. "Goodness, Lady Talayla, if you did create such a concoction, I can only imagine how popular it would be to certain thrill seekers. Lord K—" She is about to say Keanen's name, but she remembers that Declan is still here! So she stops herself and instead, quickly states, "Lord Cousin." In Densoric's direction.

Victor blinks at the math pun, frowning a bit in confusion. Apparently, he mastered in hitting things, rather than higher math. Puffing on the cigar, he watches the banter back and forth. Looking back to Ariana, he shrugs a shoulder, "The Wall's a fucking beast. Interesting match-up, speed versus raw power." The mention of the Hostiles causes him to nod his shaven head, "Yeah. I don't figure there'll be a whole lot of sparring going forward. We'll have plenty to do to keep in practice."

Declan gives a bark of a laugh at Talayla's reply. "Honestly? I would believe it. Generally, when the Orelle talk about how they're doing any particular thing that they're doing, I tend to take it on good faith. Of course, this can lead to my youngest brother laughing at me behind my back, on occasion. But 'flavor lasers' hardly sound the most unbelievable of all the things you might have hidden up your sleeves." As it happens, he's talking about his brother too, so when Ariana cuts herself off from it, he gives her a sort of strange, questioning look.

Leaning in to Victor once more, Nitrim mumurs something and then starts to scoot himself off of his cushion. As he stands, he downs the last of his glass and leaves his cigar in the ashtray to extinguish itself and spare the crafted tip. His hand brushes through his blonde hair, scratching lightly over his crown, and then he nods his head to the assembled nobles. "If you'll all excuse me. Please, in my absence, finish the bottle. Something's come up that I need to attend to. I'll have to slip away for a short while. It was a joy to see you all once more…" With a turn, steps past them towards the door.

Nitrim whispers, "I'd match to Ariana. At the very least I'd risk a night with her. If she brings up, throw a good word in? Her cousin can help that along. If I don't see you, you watch your ass and kill some Hostile for me. I'll hold down the Spyre. Bring them home, cousin. Good hunting." to Victor.

Densoric nods politely once more to Lady Orelle and says in a simple baritoned voice, "I would have to say I would respectfully decline such a spirit, I have limits to what thrills I am willing to pursue MiLady." as the mention of the made up drink is mentioned. He then offers a polite nod of the head to his cousin as she addresses him and says, "MiLady." simply before lookign back to Talayla and adds, "I heard the offer, but would it not be disrespectful for a Larent to not at least offer some simple aid to an Orelle?" and before any answer can be given to the question he reaches up to flip back his cloak to free up his arms and then leans over to lift the barrel onto one edge only then gently twists to 'roll' it on edge closer to the table which Talayla seems to indicate before righting the barrel and says, "I fear I do not know the area well enough to find My Lady a suitable cushion for her 'throne'." as he gestures to the barrel with a good-natured smile. he then offers Victor a suitable gesture of parting as well. Someone paid attention in etiquette class at least.

Talayla grins at that and smiles. She listens to Victor and them talk of the tournament. "I saw part of that. It was pretty incredible," She nods. She seems willing to not go on and on about herself. Though, there is an apologetic look to Victor. She waves to Nitrim. "Be well and stay safe. It was nice to see you," She grins at Declan. "That could be. But nope, it's regular beer. My fish stocks are doing well, so I thought I'd branch out," She admits with a shrug. Weird, but determined and hard working. She looks to Densoric, and seems amused. Then inclines her head. "Thank you. And it's okay," She seems amused. "I don't mind too much," She seems startled, apparently never really having gotten out too much before this. Hmm. "I appreciate the help, but I would feel bad if you missed out on my account. I should help those of Larent, too," She points out. "And it's okay. I should remember a cushion," Her fault, really. She'll join them on her wooden throne (though, happily, not an iron throne or she might get murdered by a dwarf before the season's over). She looks to ariana, quietly and thoughtful. "In her defense, The Wall probably didn't earn that nickname lightly…"

Ariana isn't much for puns, but knows enough about math! Still, she doesn't really think much of the little bit of humor and instead, she can't help but purse her lips, just a touch, when Victor lets out a curse word out of the blue. She doesn't dare say anything in regards to the foul language, but she does keep her ice blue gaze upon him for a long enough moment, before her attention is once more drawn to the gathered. While she may now notice Declan's inquiring gaze set upon her, she does nothing to clear things up and simply lets the moment pass.

Now noticing that Nitrim is rising to make his departure, just with the other noble knights who had left a mere moments earlier, the Larent lady graces the Khournas with a curtsey, "You have a good evening then, Lord Nitrim and do let me know when you are next on the Ring. Though as of recently, I've been dividing my own time between the Ring and Landing myself, but more than likely, I will be stuck in my lab… not that I mind. Research is necessary."

Returning to Declan now, as she watches the exchange between her cousin and Talayla, "My Lord, did you wish for a drink while you are here or shall we continue the tour? I was uncertain on whether you had your fill of the Ring so far."

"Ah. Regular, laser-less beer. Now I'm almost dissapointed," Declan further banters with Talayla, although he's surely teasing about actually being dissapointed by beer that doesn't include energy weapons. Likewise noting Nitrim's impending departure, he offers the man a smile and another inclination of his head. "Indeed, be well Lord Nitrim." At this juncture, it looks like he might go and seat himself, since all the talk is of thrones and such, and a few seats have been vacated, which probably serves as an answer for Ariana's inquiry, but he does provide a verbal one as well. "There's hardly much pressing about touring the station, other than the length of the evening, so I think we might stay and enjoy the company for a little while longer at least."

Densoric grins softly once more to Talayla and says, "The Enemy might be a good subject for discussion, but I am in the mood for more light-hearted matters right now. As I said, I am your vassal, why not lend what help when i am able? That is unless you find me an annoyance or irritation for course My Lady." his tone shifting from casual and friendly to serious and reserved at the drop of a hat. There is even a more noticeable pause when he addresses her as My Lady instead of MiLady, as though offering an apology for a potential slight, though she has given no obvious signs of irritation or annoyance as of yet. He then offers offers an additional, "Though if you would permit me, a taste of your non-laser brand of lager would not go amiss for a sample if you would permit me." Does this guy ever speak informally? Though anyone who spends time with him in more casual and comfortable setting knows he does.

Victor shifts his cigar to his off hand as he leans close to listen to Nitrim. Laughing low and amused, he nods his head, clapping his cousin on the shoulder, "Will do, Coz. I'll make sure everyone makes it back to the Spyre. Take care." He looks up to Ariana as she frowns at his language, spreading his hands a bit, "Sorry, Lady Ariana. I've been spending a bit too much time around other soldiers and no one else recently." Gesturing after his cousin, he adds, "I think Nitrim might make a good liaison to the Orelle houses. What do you think, Lady Ariana?"

"Oh. Maybe flavor lasers in the next iteration," She even says iteration, not batch. Talayla is hopelessly eccentric. She is polite, even if she misses some of the finer points. She looks to Declan, "A tour! How marvelous," Nod. Talayla goes quiet, apparenly having befuddled poor Victor. She's at least at a fifty percent conversation rate. That's better than usual, right? She smiles to Densoric. "I understand. I feel a bit guilty I haven't joined the fighting." She feels somewhat obligated to when she can lob ice balls (no blue balls!) at things. She inclines her head, peering over. "Huh?" She looks confused. "Oh! Oh no worries, I have an efficient system. You will know you've bothered me when your pants burst into flames. It is very user friendly," She promises. "So MiLady is just fine and I would be glad if you speak as you like. How are you?" She offers. "I'm -" She's not /used/ to it, and the effects of hermit-ude are apparent. She's struggling when she hasn't latched onto a subject. She does smile. "I would be honored if you did," She nods. "It's almost done aging." She looks to Victor and Ariana, curious and listening.

Ariana pays little attention now to Densoric and Talayla, knowing that the young Orelle lady will be in good hands with her cousin. Or good enough. And with Declan's suggestion of using this time to relax and converse, she obediently takes one of the seats at Victor's table, now that most of the original group who was here earlier had all departed. "I can't say that I've come here too often, but it does look like a decent establishment." There is then a pause and she flashes a polite smile in Victor's direction at his apology, "There is no need to apologize, My Lord," She lies, "You have already done so much for the citizens of the Ring and now with this impending Hostile invasion, well, as I had said earlier, we are all grateful for your assistance." Now, when Nitrim as liason is brought up, the young lady can't help but arch a gently shaped brow in thought, "I actually think that Lord Nitrim would be perfect for the part. From what I've seen, he's very good with people."

Densoric smiles once more and says, "You make it almost sound tempting to have you set my pants afire, but perhaps another time." in a very mildly suggestive, though good-natured tone suggesting its 'likely' a joke. he then adds, "I am no fighter myself unfortunately, never took to weapons well really so I can understand the guilt." Though no doubt not fully as he has no ability to fling ice balls, blue balls, or fire balls of any form or size.

Declan settles into a seat as well, arranging himself so that he can look out toward the rest of the gathering, or rather, what little is left of the original group and all the new arrivals as they settle in. "It does seem charming enough," he remarks of the lounge itself. And, as previously suggested, he takes up one of the half-filled bottles left by the previous group, gestures over a waitress with some fresh glasses, and goes about pouring. "Will you have any, Lady Ariana? Or shall we order some tea as well?" To Talayla, he goes on to explain, "Its been a bit of an ongoing process, actually, considering how large the Ring is, but Lady Ariana has offered to show me about, and with the hostile incident it's also taken on a slightly more official dimension. But it is truly an impressive place, your House's seat."

Victor laughs deep in his chest at Ariana's thanks, "I haven't done anything yet, Lady Ariana, but I'll take those thanks once we've seen off this first wave of attackers." He draws on his cigar again, letting out a plume straight up toward the recyclers, he shrugs, "If you'll all excuse me, I should be getting back to the Intent." Nodding to Ariana, "I'll suggest him for the role, although I don't exactly have a lot of pull, not way up here."

When Victor mentions not having any pull, Ariana's gaze immediately seeks out Talayla. Perhaps, she has some pull. "I will speak to the Orelle as well, if you wish and if you need any assistance with anything else, do not be afraid to call upon me, My Lord." Her gaze then peers over at Declan and she considers this, "No, I think a light glass of wine should do the trick. The evening is winding down and it would be rude of me to have you drinking alone, My Lord."

Talayla is equal opportunity chatter, but splitting her attention is difficult. Still, she listens. She smiles to Densoric, eyes widening a bit at the joke. "I see. Well, it's okay. Not everyone has to fight to contribute," She notes quietly. "I'm sure you do lots of interesting stuff," She nods. A pause. "Tea might be good." And Talayla has an odd aversion to sensory altering substances. Why might that be? Could be the pants fire thing. She smiles at Declan's explanation. "I see. I'm glad you like it. She's a marvelous guide, videos or not," Talayla thinks so anyway. She looks to Victor, inclining her head. "Well, judging by your arms, you have plenty of pull. But I can let my parents and siblings know if you want." Nod. She smiles politely. "Be well," She lifts a hand and waves. She seems quietly amused at people on her brother's ships.

At this point, it sounds like it will be tea -and- wine, but that's hardly any problem for the noble set. The order is swiftly place, and just a little less swiftly delivered, supplying both Talayla and Ariana with their orders. And anyone else might be free to help him finish the bottle willed to him by Nitrim! So it works out. "Oh the vidoes. Yes, that was actually something of a surprise," he goes on, chatting with the Orelle noblewoman. "I had arrived to check on my brother, who as it happens is working with Lady Ariana on the hostile technology. Naturally, I went to an information booth and was greeted by the lady's face… and then by the lady in the flesh a moment later. At first, I thought she might have been a hologram."

Densoric takes a seat finally after adjusting his cloak to its original position. growing silent for the time being as the conversation shifts to the Enemy and holographic versions of his cousin.

That joke of Talayla's does catch Victor's attention, and he laughs deep in his chest. Curling one arm low at his side to flex his bicep, he shrugs, "Physically, I do all right, Milady. Politically… let's just say I'm good at hitting things and hunting drakes and leave it at that." Extricating himself from the collection of chairs and benches, he inclines his head, "Good evening Ladies, Lords." And then he's off, taking his half-smoked cigar with him. No sense wasting a good one.

Talayla thanks the others, listening. "Thanks." Mmm, tea. She looks to Densoric, "So what KIND of interesting stuff do you do?" She seems curious about the Hostile work, sort of half-listening. A smile at the laugh from Victor. She peers over on hearing it and nods. "I understand that feeling," She admits quietly. The hermit of the Orelle family likely wouldn't fare well in politics. She waves to Victor. "Be well, and have a lovely evening." Nod. Might as well finish her tea.

"Wonderful, Lady Talayla. I knew we could count on you to put in a good word for Lord Nitrim. He did come through for us during our time in Inculta." Ariana only brings up mildly and soon even Inculta is dismissed. Waiting quietly now for their drinks to be served, Ariana finally speaks up to make her cousin's introduction, basically for Declan's benefit, "Have you all met my cousin, Lord Densoric Larent? I mean, aside from Lady Talayla, of course. Lord Cousin, this is Young High Lord Declan Arboren, though I'm certain that no introductions was truly needed. What brings you to the Bazaar?" She then regards Declan, "And My Lord, I do hope that what you have found on the Ring so far is to your liking, regarding the information on the Hostile breakout. We are currently working feverishly to piece things together and learn more about our enemies before they invade, but I'm afraid that our time is running out."

Densoric nods politely to yet another departing noble then turns his ice blue eyes to Talayla, yep Densoric and Ariana are certainly related given those eyes, and says, "Far less interesting then most I can assure you MiLady. Mostly I spend my time since graduating from the Academ has been spent between time spent at home and traveling the worlds." He then offers the publicly expected greeting to those his cousin introduces him to in turn, then finally says to Ariana, "In part my exploits in travel, also I heard you might have been down here and wanted to see what trouble you were getting into." offering a playful wink at the last words.

"I do not think I've had the opportunity," Declan admits, dipping his head toward Densoric as his cousin takes up the introductions. "At least, more than in brief passing." Which tends to be how most nobles know each other, as faces at this gathering or that gathering if not in any great detail. "Well met, Lord Densoric." He sips a little at his own drink. "Well, it is about as far from my home as anywhere could be, figuratively and literally," he then answers Ariana. "But it is a fascinating place. The hostile matter, well, we all know that this is ongoing work. I trust that you and Keanen and whoever else House Orelle has devoted to the matter will be able to do all you can in the little time you have. Clearly, the Hostiles did not plan to let us linger and ponder their attack - their scouts have come only briefly ahead of their main vanguard, it seems."

Talayla listens. She smiles faintly at Ariana. She seems happy enough to help vouch for Nitrim. She listens more than speak now, looking to Densoric. She tilts her head. "Studying can be interesting," She notes quietly. "And I bet you see lots traveling. Interesting is what you make of it, and how you pay attention. I could be Flaming Action Man fighting crime while on fire, but it's no good if I lack narrative and soul," She states. Talayla has an /odd/ perspective. She goes quiet for a moment. She doesn't smile quite as much at the talk of Hostiles.

"Then you heard correctly, Lord Cousin. As I had mentioned earlier, I was giving the Heir to Arboren the rest of the tour of the Ring, our initial tour having been cut short." Ariana explains to Densoric. "And he is here to assess the damage done to the station when the Hostile escaped our laboratory. I remember that moment far too clearly, I was having lunch with Lord Keanen," Her eyes look to Declan at the mention of the Arboren's brother, "And suddenly received a message that the Ring was attacked and that my Lady Sister helped to take the Hostile down. Then a broadcast mentioned the wounded and casualties and I was certainly concerned for my sister's safety and well-being. I am glad that she is making a full recovery. Perhaps in a couple of days, not that her injuries have stopped her from doing her duties." Once quieted down, she takes a sip from her wine glass.

Densoric nods politely to Declan and says, "I believe I may have seen you once at a ball or such as well." He then looks back to Talay and says, "I can agree on that matter at least, I've always enjoyed challenges to the mind, whether I fail or succeed. As to being on fire, I suppose as long as the flames or heat doesn't affect you it could be potentially a handy gift. After all, makes it harder to grab hold of you giving the potential to be more practical then armor. I admit however to having a limited experience with such matters personally." He then looks to Declan and adds, "Forgive my ignorance in the matters and thinking of the Hostiles, but speaking from a logical level I would assume this scouts are adrop in the bucket to their tactics. After all we may know they come, they know it as well and they seem more united and driven then we are. So it stands to reason they would have far more options, we mostly seem to focus on building up our defneses to hold them off till the fifth world moves to far away, they however have much more time to plan many more options. After all just as many, if not more of their people survive the wars then ours, and who knows some of them may have even fought in multiple wars, unless we know more of their life spans then I do." He then nods to Ariana and says, "I heard of the attack, why I came mostly, I was on my way home when the attack happened and heard about it after arriving on Nubilus. It is good you both survived. I may have to seek out your sister when I am able."

Talayla listens. Hm. She furrows her brows. "I just hope rumors of Hostiles with people faces are just wild, booze fueled stories," Is all Talayla offers. She seems to be settling in to listening, sipping her tea.

"I would have come regardless," Declan admits. "Since you'd promised me a tour anyway, and I do find it interesting to explore this station with someone well-versed in its layout and secrets. One can wander on their own, of course, but as an outsider, and especially as one used to a very different sort of landscape, it can be a bit daunting. Of course, the attack has turned my purpose more toward business than pleasure, but I shall still strive to get a sense of the wonders of the Ring as well, and not limit myself to the damaged area." He has to pause to consider Densoric's thoughts on the hostiles. "Well, we're all ignorant when it comes to such things," he points out. "So much of what any of us claim to know is only supposition. That is one of the reasons we were so eager to enlist the help of the Orelles after we recovered the hostile and its pod in our own lands; to work together to learn as much as possible quickly. I am still hopefuly that we'll get something out of that vehicle." A look toward Ariana again suggests that he puts his faith in her on such things, and in her family an their own liege house. "Still, I think if they bothered to send these scouts, it means they have some doubts, just as we do. We have been separated for hundreds of years and by vast, vast distances - I think both sides will be learning about the the 'changes' of the other, as we first face each other."

"Then I await your Lord Brother's return to the Ring so that we may both help work on examining the Pod and, perhaps, the deceased Hostile as well." Ariana nods quickly to Declan and even as she says this, she is tapping away at her datapad as if scheduling this or that or checking up on the latest reports on the investigations. "And Lady Talayla, I truly hope not. They are difficult creatures to kill now, but if they were to wear one of our faces? A human face?" Her datapad slowly lowers, her eyes meeting the Orelle's. To Declan once more, she states, "I do hope that you enjoyed your tour then and… if you are really, truly curious about exotic and bizarre delicacies, I may suggest that meat market right next door. The one that seemed to have drawn your interest when we first arrived here."

Densoric nods to Declan and says, "The question is who learns better from the survivors of the previous war. As to the scouts, as with all scouts I would assume that they are more testing us, seeng what we'll do and how we will react. I would doubt it is less fear and more observation. After all what better way to gain intelligence on the enemy? May question would more be that if these rumors of so many being found throughout the inner worlds, why not simply scatter and sabotage, or at least slip away, leave us their ships while they regroup and observe in hiding and transmit intelligence back? Its almost as though they wish to be found, which I would guess means that they are indeed testing us, present an obvious threat and see how we respond. There may even be infiltrators, spies, or whatever you wish to call them about as well that we simply haven't encountered yet."

At Ariana's words about the issue of them wearing hman faces Densoric asks, "Has there been attempts to try and find a way of detecting the technology the Hostiles use, if so then perhaps scanners could be used in entryways and the like. If true about them being in disguise, and the covered parts of their bodies are more typical of their technology then purhaps it could provide us a way of idenityinf infiltrators."

As the night goes on, the group that remain continue to chat about the Hostiles before parting ways.

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