04.03.3014: Honor's Barrier
Summary: Ines invites Clive to discuss Hostile activity and start thinking about different ways to defend The Barrier of Honor's Keep.
Date: unknown
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Clive Ines 

Meeting room at Honor's Keep
Just a regular old meeting room… with lots of maps
3 April, 3014

The room to which Clive has been shown after receiving a polite request from Young Lady Sir Ines isn't her office, or her bungalow at the School where she teaches. It is, instead, the conference room, which has maps already present, and a holoprojector in the middle of the room. Ines is there, her hair pulled back to the nape of her neck and then springing into a cloud of corkscrew curls as usual. She's dressed comfortably, the pleats of her gown hanging to her ankles as she looks at the array before her.

The man-mountain that is Clive shambles in, paying the appropriate if cursory obeisances at the door. He's come from his workroom, smelling of solder and singed hair, and pauses to suck on a particularly badly burned fingertip. He studies her with his usual distractedly intent look; something's on his mind, and it could be anything work-related.

"Master Medina," Ines greets, looking up as Clive enters. She gestures to a side board where iced drinks and some simple fare are laid out. "Please help yourself. Thank you for responding to my request." She folds her hands together in front of her. Once in the room and closer to the table, the maps are clearly of Honor's Keep and The Barrier that surrounds it. The one that was closest to her labeled the underwater contours around the island. "Have you read anything about what happened at Lazarus Island?" the question is conversational as she waits for him to take what he wishes and join her at the table.

Food is generally an irrelevance to Clive when he's working, but he more than makes up for it when he's not. So he loads up a plate with that simple fare and brings it over to the table, setting the plate down and setting about eating that fare. You have to watch him, because if he gets engrossed in a project he won't eat for days. So, even though he's getting crumbs in his beard, it's probably a good thing that he's eating. He looks over at the maps before him, and the distracted look slowly fades as the here-and-now register. "No, Lady Ines," he replies slowly, the question having taken that long to filter through. "I was working." The Hostiles could have been fighting in the next room and if he was engrossed in a particularly delicate affair his response still would be 'I was working'. Which is not to say he can't wield a club, sword, or polearm; he can weild all of them equally poorly, but with vigor.

Ines nods slowly. "I'd like you to familiarize yourself with what happened at Lazarus Island," she tells him quietly. "Father and I have been talking. The defenses aroung the Waygate are strong, although I am interested in visiting Mare Maris to see what they've done there. There's always room to improve, I'm sure." She does flip through and pull out a map of Lazarus Island. "The Hostiles invaded it from the sea, and somehow managed to keep their presence completely secret until they arrived." She lets out a sigh. "Or… so I've heard." His foraging isn't remarked upon. "I've also heard, before you started concentrating so heavily in cybernetics that you used to build other models, more of a military nature."

He does at least have the good grace to keep his mouth shut and swallow down the mouthful of bread and cheese before he speaks. His speech is slow and measured, assessing and controlling each word as it is uttered with the same precision and care with which he machines a small metal component or tests a new circuitboard. "I did build military models. Tanks and Ships. Children's toys." The term is not disdainful, merely an accurate description.

"Ever create any of your own?" Ines wonders aloud as she moves to the sideboard to pour herself a glass of red juice with slices of fruit floating in it. She looks at him over the rim as she takes a sip.

He's still staring at the map. Probably he is thinking of the attack on Lazarus Island, and casually turning over ideas as to how to infiltrate an island without anyone noticing. Not from a tactical point of view, he knows and cares nothing of such matters. No, he's considering it from a technological point of view. He looks distractedly up at Ines, her words having interrupted his reverie. "Create any? No, Lady Ines. Just models. I have them all, if you would like to see them." He brightens considerably at the prospect of a show and tell. And, what he says is literally true - he, personally, has never built any full-size tanks or ships. It never occurs to him that perhaps the question is a little more general.

"I meant create your own designs," Ines clarifies without impatience, merely a realizing he misunderstood. "If you would like, that could be helpful," a little smile is given to Clive. "We need to install underwater sensors, I would think. And possibly things that could disable Hostiles before they arrive. They have advanced cybernetics, and so it seems only fitting to ask someone who's studied the field as much as you have if there is a way to disable them underwater. If you don't already know of a way, I'm sure you could figure one out."

Clive pulls a pencil from behind his ear, looks around vaguely for a piece of paper, and starts to scribble on the Lazarus map. "I'd need to really see some of their cybernetics so I know what sort of technology they're using," he rumbles vaguely. "I'm making a list of what they might be using here." It's in his own peculiar brand of shorthand; it could be a shopping list, it could be ancient runes, it could be anything. "But they're only guesses," he admits, in a shamefaced tone. "I need to see an actual Hostile." He pauses, and then adds, proving perhaps that he's still thinking on this plane of existence, "…preferably a dead one."

There's a long sigh from Ines as she considers, and a tightening around her eyes at the mention of a dead Hostile. "That might take some clearance to get a hold of. We'd have to have you approved by the Citadel to research the specimens they have collected. I don't relish the idea of trying to illegaly procure bits for you." One hand settles on the table to drum lightly at the tabletop. "However, you do have a reputation in the field of cybernetics, so it's not impossible."

Clive peers owlishly at Ines. "I can be approved," he agrees distractedly, rather suggesting that he hasn't been paying attention to what she just said. Well, clearances, approvals, aren't his problem. He just has to build things. Or unbuild them, as the case may be.

Ines nods. "I'll speak with Father, and we'll work on it. Meanwhile, I would like you to look into whatever was reported about Lazarus Island. Start trying to fill in the blanks with your own theories. Any theories on Cybernetic type devices that can aid in underwater maneuvers that you can think or dream of. Think, Master Medina, what you would do if you could, and if some of the laws of science that restrict you could be overcome. Because They've found a way to do so. If we can't get Citadel clearance for you, then that's going to be what we have to build from."

"Very good, Lady Ines," Clive rumbles, again already thinking his own thoughts on the affair. Absently he turns to load up his plate again from the food tray, intent on taking it back to his workshop with him. Then, as if an afterthought, "You will come and see my workshop, Lady? Someday?"

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