Summary: After fifteen years a prisoner, Jor Aeldan reconnects with part of his old life.
Date: 13 June 2013
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June 8, 2013 — Landing

Fifteen years had passed since the last time Jor Aeldan had walked through the door to the small apartment that had been registered to his name. It had opened on confirmation of his fingerprint and passkey, but at first he had hesitated to step through the now-open portal. He didn’t know why he still stood there, but for the span of several seconds, Jor found himself staring inside as though the sight beyond was all wrong. Even now, it felt odd to not see a small stark cell with only a bed on the other side greeting him, to not be nearly shoved through to that tiny little domicile.

It took several seconds of silent staring before he went inside, and when he did, his hand came up almost of its own accord, reaching out to touch the wall, the few paintings he’d acquired, the displays, whatever his fingers could reach. It was like a dream from which he expected to waken at any time, to find himself instead lying on that flat, hard surface with another long day of exhaustion and worse expecting his attendance. To feel the smoothness of the walls, the artworks, to touch the monitor and confirm that the date was indeed well into the third millenium… He could only think of it as surreal.

Everything was almost as he had left it. Hardly a hint of dust. It was… tidier, yes, but in fifteen years of keeping an eye on it for him, Sera had changed very little. When he entered the main room in which he had spent so many hours playing, there it was, shining in the light as though it had just been cleaned. Even the strings seemed new when he, hesitantly, reached out to pick up the violin, seating himself on the couch all in the same motion. He was surprised to find his hands shaking slightly, and for a brief instant the world seemed to blur. His vision quickly righted itself.

There was a note, handwritten, attached to the instrument, one that had been left underneath it that he had missed at first. He recognized his sister’s handwriting immediately.

“Welcome home.”

The world seemed to blur again, and this time Jor didn’t try to stop it from happening.

Several minutes had passed before he could see again clearly, and this time it was an effort to wipe his eyes away. He set aside Sera’s letter of two simple words with a fondness, thinking of finding a frame for it, but that stray thought was quickly cast aside in favor of something else.

“MAVIS,” he said suddenly, and the nearby monitor on the wall flared to life. Strange to think of popular software as old, but it technically was now. He’d only had the Musical and Vocal Instructional System for two months before his arrest, and every minute spent with it had been well worth the cost.

Getting to his feet, and picking up the instrument in his hands, Jor took a deep breath, regarding the digital interface displayed on the wall in front of him. “Start a string session at a beginner’s level. Priority grade accuracy and sustained sound. I have a lot of relearning to do.”

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