H.N.N., Gossip, Local News - And You

As the playerbase grows, so will the number of debacles, fiascos, scandals and moments of glory. The more that plots and people become intertwined, the heavier the load on the Rumors board (+bbread 9). The staff has received several +requests to post stories on the H.N.N. board that are better suited to rumors, or even better suited to the House boards in general. So, here are some guidelines to answer the legitimate question of "WHAT BOARD DO I USE?!"

H.N.N. (+bbread 12)

This is a staff-posts-only board, so all news must be submitted to the staff by +request for approval before being popped onto the board. H.N.N. is not your local Channel 6 news, but instead is Haven-wide news that may be important or affect a majority of Havenites. Some topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Major battles, invasions, disasters
  • Major political changes
  • Big events such as concerts, premieres, tournaments, etc.
  • Major sports, such as the System Cup

A good rule of thumb is that if the event involves people from all over the Haven system rather than a specific group, it may just be H.N.N.-worthy.

Rumors Board (+bbread 9)

The Rumors board is like a big, Haven-wide tabloid. The posts for the Rumors board focuses on celebrities - people who are (in)famous both inside and outside of their own town/city/House holdings. Rumors can be uplifting, exciting, tantalizing, scintillating, scandalous, mysterious - whatever you want them to be. Generally speaking, people who are major celebrities, dilettantes (celebrities for the sake of celebrity, a la Paris Hilton), or big movers-and-shakers (politically or socially) or have caused some uproars or upheaval are those who might be involved in a Rumors post. Some examples are:

  • popular (on multiple continents) musicians, major writers, movie stars, major athletes
  • HoHs/Heirs/Mainline nobles whose activities (scandalous or non) interest or involve multiple Houses or large portions of the populace

House Boards - a.k.a. Local News (+bbread 13-17)

The House boards are where anything goes, really. The House board can be used to announce House-based events, to call meetings or gatherings, or to push around local news. "Local" news can involve anyone who is a Noble or Citizen of the House who may have done something to help or hinder that House itself. The affect-size of the news/scandal/rumor/action/etc. is mainly limited to a House's holding(s) or people within that House.

So, if you have any questions or concerns about which board to use to post your news item, please do not hesitate to ask a staffer! By following these basic guidelines, the hope is that limiting news to various locations will foster on-grid gossip about said news and thus more roleplay. (Imagine: "Did you hear about this?" "Oh my gosh, no, what happened?" "WELL…")

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