Hindsight is...
Summary: Jeremias, ponders what the recent announcement means-and where Humanity is poised to go.
Date: 11/20/2013
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**02.02.3014 — Jeremias Sextus' Journal entry **

February Second, Year of the Six's blessings Three thousand Fourteen.

I woke this morning in the West end of Landing, I am staying in a local mission-trying to help those that would ruin the temple of their bodies with filth that keeps them indebted and enslaved. Drugs are a hell of a thing, I believe utterly cooked up by the Devil to ensure that we cannot achieve, that which we are meant to. It's a means to keep the poor, poorer and still have that gap between the Lords and the Citizenry. They come in harmless enough, and leave punctured ribs and broken hearts in their wake.

As I readied for my day, and had my commune with the Six-in the background, they were replaying what the Elder spoke on. About the Hostiles, and their humanity. By the Gods, if that isn't just the-I don't know what to say. Sure, if they are our brothers and sisters-then shouldn't we pledge ourselves to healing that very delicate hurt? What does that speak of our Humanity if we cannot forgive and move on. Of course, what does that say of us if we cannot defend and protect? How would the Father judge us on a whole, given how long this conflict has gone on. The Six know, I am as guilty as any Havenite for harboring the feelings of revenge and the want for blood. I have seen my brothers and sisters killed in the line of action defending our homes. I have killed and shed blood-the Knight knows, I was trained for it.

Do I believe the Elder made the right call? I do. The people need to know where we the Chantry stand on such an issue. But, why not simply say- unless peace can be brokered then we will do as the Knight calls us to? It seemed as if to me, an admission-and then musings more than an announcement. No hard line of where we will be drawing our swords, or turning them into plowshares. It strikes me as political-more than dealing with problem at hand. That problem being, if we are indeed fighting fellow humans, how do we reconcile this with our Humanity? How do we look at our sins and excuse all that we have done?

The only way we can, is if the Hostiles are not human. But then I guess hindsight is Twenty-

I had a dream that has been on my mind since I dreamt it. In the dream, a priest scrubbed at a stain on the step of the Great Chantry's door. Cleaning on, soon he is joined by others more all working diligently-as the dream progressed there it was, like a bloody cavity, rotten and filthy-there in the Chantry. They worked to excise it, to clean it. Corruption in the Chantry. Why do I think on this now, when before it was a nightmare to me? What does this mean in leu of the Elder's announcement? Does this mean that there is indeed Corruption in our Chantry-and perhaps this is a sign of it? A gradual acceptance of our enemies, so that we do welcome the slaughter? Which-odd phrasing on facing slaughter. Will we look back on this day and see where we were leading our sheep astray?

Hindsight is…

Hindsight is fucked. And I believe- I believe there may be more to my dream.

There may be corruption.

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