06.01.3013: Here I Am
Summary: Nobles and Citizen celebrities meet and talk in Phylon.
Date: 1 June, 2013
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Terrace of Pyrrhus, Phylon
The Terrace of Pyrrhus is several steps down from the upmost terraces of the city. It fans out in a semicircle plaza of fiery-colored stone with a sunburst mosaic at its center. Wide rampways accented with knee-high parapets lead both up and down to the next series of terraces, though the rest of the terrace is fenced in with bricks made of clear composite; luminous red, orange, and yellow shift and dance within the bricks, making the short wall look as if it is crafted of flames.

Beyond the outlying shops and the famous Blue Stallion Bistro, this particular terrace is known best for the Grand Theatre. The enormous structure is cylindrical in shape with a heavy, hewed stone exterior marked with swooping windows that shimmer with an iridescent tint. It is topped with a dome ceiling that appears to be made of multicolored stained glass. A circular staircase surrounds the front two-thirds of the cylinder. There are three primary entrances to the theatre, each of which are tall archways that can be closed off with large, heavy doors. Holographic posters line the exterior wall, showcasing which movies, plays, and concerts are being featured over the next month.

1 June, 3013

Afternoon is in full force, and if the armor of the Cindravale men-at-arms patrolling the city was actually the platemail is somewhat resembles, they would undoubtedly be sweltering. It's amazing how comfortable climate-controlled armor can make a hot early summer day. Drake Danger, up-and-coming rock god and teen heartthrob (to the relative few who have actually heard of him) backs out of a side entrance to the Grand Theatre, shaking the hand of someone who remains inside. An acoustic guitar is slung on his back, and as he steps away from the building, into the bright sunlight and bustling crowds, he begins to whistle brightly, an upbeat, catchy tune — one of his, of course: 'Here I Am,' from his band's recent release.

Home at last, with the impending threat of the Hostiles, Erik had been transferred with some of the Cindravale soldiery to do some extended training to help prepare for when the time comes. Duty that he was more than happy to comply with, even if it meant mission the tourneys that his brother had quite a bit of success in. But with the recent recall of knights and troops, the third son of this Cindravale branch is home. Being home and having settled in, Erik requires a trip into town to reacquaint himself with the surroundings, whether it be booze, women, or entertainment, it's there to be found.

Letha Vallas is stepping out of H.A.G. just as Drake steps out of the Theatre. As if to outdo his meager little guitar, she sports a rather large cello — though hers is tucked neatly away in a case which she has shouldered like a backpack. Her blond hair has been tossed into a messy arrangement of curls and knots that still looks wonderfully artistic while also relaxed. Before she even spies Drake, she catches his whistle that is so very familiar — mostly because since she's been assigned to the bloody "Chasing the Sunset" tour, she has been listening to Hell If I Know's album. She glances toward where it comes, though her gaze is distracted by the sight of the freshly arrived Cindravale.

It has been a busy year so far, so busy Johana had missed the tournament and feast and more of the events than she had intended. Since she'd heard about the pending war, she's made a point of getting out more, sort of a bucket list. At the moment, she's dressed up and out strolling the area, perhaps headed for that famous Blue Stallion Bistro, but she hasn't quite approached it yet. A couple of bags hang loosely from one of her hands, it looks as if she's been shopping. Nearing the theatre, she takes a couple of steps around the whistling a catchy tune she'd heard a few times before. Stopping a minute, she tries to place him.. "Hey!" Her voice is friendly, but careful. "You're that.. Cautious guy, right?"

Making his way out from the bistro itself now, Sammel pauses for a few moments as he looks around, raising one hand to shield his eyes for a few moments. Pausing as he sees Erik, before he starts making his way over in that direction now, steps a bit slow. Looking around again as he walks, he spots Johana and offers her a nod and a smile, before he nods to the others he sees as well, a bit absently.

Drake's fingers rap on the body of the guitar behind his back, forming a counterpoint to the whistling. Both stop when he's addressed, a cocky grin filtering across his lips as he tosses his head, sending a luxurious lock of brown tumbling back out of his face. "Drake Danger, M — " he pauses in the mode of address, taking in the woman's attire and then going for a cautious, "Milady. You've heard of me then?" His tone suggests that the musician thinks it's a rhetorical question. Despite the redhead before him, the sight of another instrument moving through the crowd catches his eye, although he's quickly looking back to where the noble has just multiplied, "Can I help you?"

Erik has an obvious noble bearing, one that was not only bred and trained into him, but one that he had held onto as well, a clear definite difference between himself and a commoner. His fashion of choice has a martial cut, almost a cross between a formal attire and a sharp uniform, one he wears very comfortably. The hummed tune that Drake Danger catches his audible senses, causing the knight to look in that direction, recognizing the song. The singer does look familiar but soon Erik's gaze crosses over the sight of one of his older brothers, Sammel. A grin forms, one that certainly has a cocky touch, and soon the Cindravale Knight begins to make his way towards his brother.

Letha allows her gaze to linger on Erik for a heartbeat — after all, the Cindravales are quite pleasing to look at — and then she adjusts her gaze back on Drake as she starts toward him with a bit of a warm smile rounding out her cheeks. She adjusts the cello on her back as she approaches, carefully tucking up a bit of golden curl. She considers the growing cluster of nobles around him, and then her smile doubles, sending soft dimples at the corners of her mouth.

"Danger.. that's right. I apologize for the confusion at first. Yes, I have heard of you, your music is popular. I'm Sir Johana Ibrahm." Tightening her hand on her bag as she turns to see who he had been addressing, she notices the Cindravale and a somewhat familiar face. "Sir Sammel, good afternoon." Glancing to Drake again, offering a quick smile. "Pardon me a moment, I see someone I know." Kind of. Offering a friendly smile to the girl he had been addressing carrying the cello on her back, she takes a few steps nearer to Sammel. "Where I see one, usually I see another, you are conspicuously missing your brother Sir Niko." To the man at his side, she offers a polite nod.

"Erik," Sammel greets his younger brother, offering a bit of a smile now. "How are you today?" Looking about to say something else too, when Johana greets him, he turns his attention to her now. "Sir Johana. It's a pleasure to see you again," he greets her with a bit of a smile, before he adds, "And I don't know where Sir Niko's hidden himself at the moment. But have you met my other brother, Sir Erik? Erik, meet Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm." Another smile to the Lady Knight now. "What brings you here, if I may ask?"

Drake bobs his head again at Johana's introduction, "Milady Johana, Sir Sammel, Sir Erik," Apparently he's quick enough on the uptake to catch the not-quite-introductions. Reaching up to scrub back his wavy hair, he shuffles back just a touch to allow the nobles a chance to speak amongst themselves, turning his attention to Letha, his smile matching her own, dimpling his cheeks too, "Couldn't resist putting out a little music yourself, Vallas?" He pats the guitar on his back, laughter touching his next words, "I have to say, I think my instrument of choice might be a little easier to cart around…"

The gathering had certainly increased to the number five, one that Erik wasn't expecting. His attention is on his brother first though, nodding to the other Cindravale, "Pleased to be back, training was cut short since we were recalled, but it means that I am home now." And that war against the hostiles may be imminent, a destiny he was born into being part of this generation of knights. At Johana's question though, the youngest Cindravale certainly had thought of the same question, not seeing Niko present. When the introductions are made though, Erik bows his head respectfully to the lady knight, "Honored, Sir Johana. It sounds like my eldest brother had a good showing at the Tourney, winning the Joust. Most fitting, it wouldn't do to have an Orelle win it, or a Khournas."
Erik's attention does shift to the two commoners present, especially when Drake greets him, "Good day, you're the lead singer of that not too awful rock band, aren't you?" That may be his way of saying that the band is pretty good, but it wouldn't do to flatter a commoner too much. The knight's gaze does shift to Letha, not recognizing the cello carrying young woman.

"A pleasure meeting you again as well, Sir Sammel." With a speculative look, and a glance between them, Johana seeks a family resemblance. "Another brother? I believe I have not had the pleasure yet to meet your younger brother. Sir Erik," inclining her head politely. "Delightful meeting you." Shifting her bags to the other hand to redistribute the weight, her gaze automatically lands on Danger and the one he calls Vallas. "Do you two play together?" Inquisitive, the Ibrahm doesn't mind asking questions.

"My father was lucid enough to play today," Letha replies with a quirk of a smile toward her fellow musician. "I brought him to H.A.G. so we could play." That is certainly a big deal for the young woman whose father, famous for his composing, had been suffering dementia for years. She glances over toward the Knights, offering both Erik and Johana — and then Sammel — a polite bow of her head. She straightens up her shoulders a bit. She allows there to be a soft beat pause before she finally offers her own introduction. "I am Letha Vallas, pleasure to meet you all, Sirs."

Letha blinks at Johana then, shaking her head with a bit of a smile. "Oh… no… Drake and I don't play together."

Sammel nods a bit as he hears that, "Good to have you back as well," he offers to Erik, before he offers a grin at the mention of Niko's win. "I'm so sad I wasn't able to go there for it," he offers with a smile, before he nods at Johana's question to Letha and Drake. "A pleasure to meet you, both of you," he greets them.

Drake's eyebrows rise at Letha's news, "Oh… that's terrific." Erik's damnation by faint praise causes him to laugh, shrugging a little helplessly, "Hell If I Know, yessir." The Ibrahm's question causes him to shake his head, gesturing over to Letha, "I don't think that any daughter of Christian Vallas'd be caught dead playing with a scruffy rocker like me." And that spreads his grin even wider, "I wouldn't know how to keep up."

"Another brother indeed, the third." Eyes do look down to the shopping bags for a moment, seeing the interesting combination of knighthood and shopping standing before him, but for now Erik does not offer a witty quip, not wanting the other to take offense when none was intended. When Letha offers her name, Erik nods his head to the young woman before looking back to Drake, an amused smirk appearing, "Yes, that's the name, quite an interesting one I must say. Did you just give up when trying to find one that fits?" The name Christian Vallas rings a faint bell for the noble knight, perhaps it was during one of those cultural tutoring lessons he was given when he was younger that he did not completely sleep or daydream through. "When we return with our victories over the Hostiles, we'll need to depend on you two to conjure up glorious songs for us."

"I am sorry I missed the tournament then, it sounds as if it was an entertaining event." Hearing Letha speak of her father playing and then her reassurance they did not play together, Johana just offers a confused look, until it's explained who her father is. "The composer?" Surprise registers in her eyes and another smile blossoms across her features. "I admit to being a fan all my life. "It's an honor meeting you, Letha Vallas. Your father has given many people the gift of his music." Lifting a brow back towards the rocker, she laughs with him. "Never sell yourself short, every audience has fans of both, I'm sure."
Johana isn't one to easily offend, and her easy going demeanor seems to relay her relaxed mood. Seeing the glance to her bags, she grins. "I'm playing tourist today. Shopping, meeting rockstars, composers daughters, rubbing elbows with the Cindravales." There's a teasing light in her eyes as she manages to laugh at herself and the fact she seems to be enjoying herself.

"I don't think you need to wait for that, Sir," Letha informs Erik politely, her expression remaining soft. "There is a concert already in the works that will honor those who are going to face the Hostiles." Then she glances toward Johana, offering the Young Lady a gentle nod of her head. "Please, my Lady, the honor is mine… if you would like, my father may be of his own mind long enough to gift you one of his newest creations. He builds it a little over time, whenever his mind resurfaces." Whatever happened to Mister Christan Vallas is still a bit of a mystery, though Letha does her best to look pleasant in the light of the discussion. She grins a bit now though. "I bet if you ask him, Drake will play you a bit of a tune. That certainly would add to the tourist experience."

"Well, it's a good way to spend a day, isn't it?" Sammel offers with a chuckle to Johana now, before he offers a grin at Drake. "Don't be so sure. I've heard of far less likely combinations, after all. I'm sure that Miss Vallas wouldn't mind playing together with you at some point, after all."

Erik can't help but laugh in amusement at the thought of the Lady Knight playing tourist, "I hope you are enjoying your stay here in Phylon then, Sir, and that you do not leave disappointed." There is of course pride in his home, even if it is just a waygate skip away from other locations of civilization. When a concert is mentioned, the Cindravale Knight turns his gaze back to Letha, "I am glad to hear that, I am sure the concert will lift the morale and spirits of the men and women of the soldiery, whether they are able to attend personally or not."

Drake grins over at Erik, "There's a funny story there. First show, we had some crazy-ass name, and the announcer couldn't remember the band's name, so he just introduced us as 'Hell If I Know.' Skuzzy loved it, and it stuck." There's a pause, and then he adds, "Skuzzy's my drummer." Johana's comment to him causes him to laugh, "Oh, don't worry, Milady, I'm not likely to sell myself short." He points over to Letha at the mention of the concert, "And make some cash for the cause, of course." Glancing back to Letha at the continued encouragement from the nobles, he draws his guitar back in front of himself, adding, "Can you do slap-bass on that thing, Vallas?"

"The concert sounds like a really nice idea. I'm sure it'll be greatly appreciated by everyone involved, whether facing the hostiles or sending their loved ones to face them." Johana inclines her head in return to the nod from Letha. "I would adore even meeting your father, he is a legend. Hearing his newest creation would be an unimaginable honor." Attempting to be polite and unobtrusive, she does not ask about what had happened, but offers instead, "I am glad to hear he has had a good day today."
With amusement back in her eyes, the Ibrahm nods to Sammel. "I have found it's a lovely way to spend a day, actually. It takes my mind off of pending wars and I've met several people I normally wouldn't have crossed paths with." Tossing her head slightly, bringing the fiery waves of her hair back over her shoulder, she laughs. "There is no way I could leave disappointed, not with the acquaintances I've made in the last ten minutes." As soon as Drake draws his guitar, she beams her approval. "An impromptu show! The best kind. Mind if I snap a few pictures?" Reaching into one of her bags, she draws out her camera, turning it on.

Letha blinks. "What… with… you?" She glances toward Johana and the Cindravale Knights. She starts to unshoulder her bag carefully, setting down the case as she drop onto one knee so she may start to unpack her cello. She glances up toward the Ibrahm at the suggestion of picture-snapping, and she offers a bit of a smile and gentle nod. "Alright, but you best play something I know," she warns as she pulls out the fine, redwood cello with its electronic amplifiers and a built in synthesizer.

Drake shrugs at Letha, grinning crookedly, "Think you can keep up, blondie?" He looks down as he settles his fingers onto the neck of the guitar. Looking up from beneath the waterfall of brown hair, he smiles, "Pictures are encouraged, Milady." His hand slaps at the body of his guitar, "one… two… one, two, three…" Having set the beat, he strums into a jazzy sort of song that seems to center around plucking at the strings and drumming on the body of the guitar. It might be a little difficult to hear at first, but shortly there-after, it becomes clear that it's a version of one of Christian Vallos' best-known songs.

When the story of Drake's band's origin is shared, Erik laughs again, apparently showing approval for how the band received its name, "I can see why he likes it, it's a name that most people won't forget." When the musicians begin to unpack their equipment, the noble knight looks on with interest but there is a look back to the Fortress, "As much as I would like to stay and enjoy your talents, duties will have me back at the Fortress. I am sure I'll be hearing your songs soon enough though." He nods his head to the pair of musical commoners before a more respectful greeting is offered to the Lady Knight and his brother. With that, he turns to leave but he can hear the start of the song in the background, an interesting mix from what he could hear.

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