08.08.3013: Helping Hand
Summary: Chiron visits Agnes now that she's allowed out of her room. He tells her about his family's financial troubles.
Date: 08 August 2013
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Grand Antechamber — Nether Keep, Khar-Mordune
A graceful archway decorated in delicate helictite and soft flowstone guides individuals into the Grand Antechamber of the Nether Keep. This chamber had once been a small secondary hovel to the greater cave outside, but it has been expanded by manmade means to rival the grand halls of other noble fortifications. Everything about this room's design is about providing light and emphasizing its natural beauty. A vast lacework of bioluminescent fungus covers much of the vaulted ceilings, creating a natural chandelier that is constantly refreshing itself with regrowth. The stone floors have been polished smooth, and bioluminescent veins course thorugh the stone to increase the overall illumination of the sprawling room. Braizers and wall sconces filled with organic, luminous goo provide consistent light. Massive, natural columns run from floor to ceiling along the back of the chamber, and stonecarvers have come in to chisel and engrave the stone in intricate designs. There is a series of turbolifts at the back of the chamber which allow visitors and residence alike to venture down into the rest of the keep.
08 August 3013

Agnes is allowed out of her room now at least. She no longer has tubes in her nose but she's under orders to take it easy, and has been in a mechanized wheelchair to be on the safe side. She's at a table in the antechamber of the Nether Keep, going over information on her datapad. She's in a simple tunic and breeches, with her sword in a specialized sling over the back of the chair.

Chiron emerges from an entrance that leads to the gardens. He is wearing a Brown shirt, black pants, a decorative gold chain hanging from his belt. Over all of this is his green hooded cloak that loosely hangs from Chiron's neck. He appears to be reading a book and doesn't yet notice Agnes sitting at a table. After he almost bumps into a pillar he decides it's best to put the bug down for now and mind his surroundings. That's when he notices Agnes. He grins as he briskly walks toward the wounded Knight. "Lady Sir Agnes!" He exclaims, extending his arms out to give her a hug. "I wasn't aware you were out yet, that's wonderful."

Agnes looks up from her datapad and smiles at the Squire. "Chiron. Yes, they let me come home a few days ago but I was still on bedrest until today. Come, sit. How are you doing?" she asks. She looks worlds better than she did in the hospital.

If allowed, Chiron will give Agnes a hug, if not he will just simply take a seat next to her. "I'm doing alright I guess. There's some drama happening at home, apparently Father and Ma' took out some loans to pay for horses or something? They're struggling to pay it back now." He sighs, placing his hands on his head, and his elbows on the table. He looks back up at her and gives a half smile.

Aggie allows the hug and even returns it. There is a motherly aspect to the Knight, one she used often when she was a young squire and watched the Arboren kids as their babysitter. She blinks and looks concerned at the situation he describes. "Is there anything I can do to help, Chiron? How deeply in debt have they gotten? "

Chiron scratches the back of his head, "I don't know yet… I just recently found out about it, and my brother is in charge of the books. I asked him what the debt was and he never really answered, which leaves me to believe that it's rather substantial. My parents are rather prideful and wouldn't accept money handed to them." He sighs a little. "Perhaps if you got a horse from the ranch? We don't have the ability to house destriers (I think I spelt that right), but if you're looking for something for casual riding, we've got you covered."

"I could purchase horses for my nephews. They aren't knights so they don't ride destriers," Agnes says with a nod. "I think that would be a good way to subtly help your family out." She smiles a little at that and squeezes his hand. "It's good that you worry about them. It's a knightly quality."

Chiron smiles, "That's exactly what we're looking for. More buyers." He stops to think for a second and replies, squeezing her hand back. "You think so? I do what I can for them, but it's going to be significantly much harder now. Lorelei quit her handmaiden job to help out at the ranch… I didn't want her to do it, but she insisted." He frowns a little more.

"Are they needing more hands? Because I have a certain squire I can send to help out with chores before he comes for his training," Agnes says with a quirk of a smile. "I can also talk to Aelewen and Trentin and a few others, see if we can get some more buyers from the nobility. That way they will also improve their reputation and the well-to-do citizenry may come shopping too."

"You think you can get so many nobles to purchase our horses?" Chiron asks, "I'm not questioning that it's possible, It's just… happy to think that Arion Oaks Ranch as the place for Arboren nobles to get their horses." He laughs slightly, "Well if you want to make it official… I was going over there anyway during my free time to help out."

"Yes, it's official. You do what your family needs on the ranch before you come to me in the afternoon for your training. We have that luxury, since you already have a considerable amount of basic combat training." Agnes smiles and seems pleased with the arrangement. "Word of mouth is the best way to gain customers."

"Yes Sir!" Chiron salutes, acting official. He nods in agreement, "That is very true, word of mouth can be very effective with the right people." He strokes his chin, thoughtfully. "What about you, Lady Sir Agnes? What is there to tell about you?"

"I've just been studying while I've been incapacitated, Chiron," Agnes admits. "Lord Jarek's father has his reservations about a betrothal, so I intend to prove myself capable of leading a vassal house beside his son."

"Studying is good." Chiron says, nodding. "I hope that things work out for the two of you… you deserve some happiness." He smiles at her, trying to be helpful. "How long do you think you'll be able to start fighting again?"

"I'll be fine in a few more days, Six willing," Agnes replies. "Then we can truly start your training, Chiron. I apologize for the delay. I didn't intend to get smashed up by a Hostile."

Chiron says, in the most over-the-top sinister voice possible. "Hah! But /I/ did! It was my evil plan all along." He grins, obviously pleased with his terrible joke. After a few seconds his eyes go wide, forgetting that not everybody appreciates his type of humor. "But uh… more seriously. It's not your fault. Nobody plans to get smashed by a Hostile."

Agnes chuckles. Luckily she seems to get his humor. "A new method of training avoidance for squires everywhere. Get their knight turned into so much mincemeat by Hostiles." She shakes her head. "Damn them for arriving early. We'd have had a few more months to get you ready if they hadn't."

Chiron sighs a bit in relief. "That's the idea." He smiles, "It's alright. I've got the basics, I'm a fast learner. I bet if I trained hard enough I'd beat Michael to knighthood." He laughs again, shaking his hea.d

Agnes chuckles again. "Good, good. I'll run you through some trials to gauge your skills in a few days, get a baseline for your training. I'd also like for you to keep an eye on my niece and nephews if you're around them. Look out for them like I would." She can't tell him about the possibly infiltration of the chantry by the Hostiles, but she can put eyes on her kin.

Chiron nods, "I can do that. I've been doing so a little already." He smiles, "Any ones in particular I should look out for?"

"Gods, all of them. Viannea can take care of herself though. I worry more for Aidan and Brigham. I'd be grateful to know that you are also looking out for them." Agnes pinches the bridge of her nose and massages it for a moment. "Especially if I have to go to Spikka to show Lord Erek that I am a suitable wife for his son."

Chiron laughs, "I'll do my best. I'm a Peake now, Peakes seem to look out for their own." He plays with a napkin that's on the table, before speaking. "Do you have any other questions for me? Something about me you'd like to know?"

"Are there any young ladies in your life?" Agnes asks. Then catches herself. "Or young men if that is your inclination of course." Embarrassing questions are GO!

Chiron laughs a little, his cheeks get a little red as he speaks. "I uh… well. I've been sorta talking to this girl, Zaniyah. She's a member of Hell If I Know… they're a rock band that recently did a show dedicated to soldiers. My sister and I met her when she was out shopping for an outfit to wear at the show. Loree and I ended up picking out her outfit. Nothing is official yet, but she agreed to come as my date to the squiring event, and seems amiable to future uh… dates." He at anything other then Agnes, not wanting to meet eye contact with the Knight.

"Good. That gives you someone to impress, to strive harder at becoming a Knight," Agnes murmurs. "Enjoy your time as a citizen while you still can, Chiron. Things get more complicated when you get Knighted and begin living in that strange twilight between civilian and noble."

"The only person I need to impress is you, Lady Sir Agnes." Chiron says, smiling. "But I understand what you mean. I'll do what I can and let my actions prove my worth."

"Excellent. Now, I need to go back to my room before I get chewed out for missing meds. Go help your family for a few days until I'm on my feet again, Chiron. And tell them I'm interested in purchasing riding horses." Agnes smiles and she presses a keypad on the arm of her chair, sending it zipping at a snails pace to the lifts.

"Yes Sir!" Chiron says, saluting. He's not being sarcastic this time. "I will let them know that there is interest." He says as he watches head off to the lifts. When she is out of sight he walks out, heading toward the Ranch.

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