05.16.3014: Help Me Help Him
Summary: Andraste visits Phylon in search of Elodie, seeking her help in getting Ioan free of red eye.
Date: Jan 7 2014
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Penthouse Gardens, The Fortress, Phylon
High up in the Fortress of Phylon, the lift opens to a garden atrium. The residential sections of the tower devoted to the Cindravale family and their guests rise up all around the patch of water and greenery, but here in the center is an oasis of nature. Sunlight is brought down from above by a cunning array of mirrors, and an electrostatic shield protects the garden from inclement weather. Arched doorways open up to corridors on all sides, leading back to private rooms and penthouses. The garden itself is centered around a fishpond with a sunken area at the middle where the waters are held back by transparent composites. A table and chairs allow people to sit and meet while looking out over the pond from water level. Around the pond are a variety of flowering bushes, shrubs, and trees, creating a fragrant, green preserve in the center of the Fortress.
May 16 3014

Early afternoon finds Sammel stepping out of the elevator, having been out taking care of something. Probably exercising his horses a little, or something like that. Looking around now, he takes a few moments to let out a bit of a breath, before he steps further into the garden, looking around.

On her day off, Elodie is sitting in the gardens with her tablet, reading and idly twitching a string with feathers on the end over the edge of her bench. Underneath the bench, a fuzzy red feline lurks, tail flicking, haunches wiggling, until he finally pounces out, front paws knocking the feathers further away so he can skitter after them.

Though she's a Knight of Rovehn, Andraste has a certain freedom in The Vale. Not entirely, mind, but when she pays a visit to the Fortress within Phylon, it's a matter of protocol only to gain access and be allowed entrance. With the Lady's name provided, the Infosphere gave her anything else she needed to know beyond what connections she'd have made already. Stepping from the elevator mere moments after Sammel, she looks… well, much as she usually does outside of her armor.

The Mordain woman has been a picture of mourning for years now. Attired in all black, save for the tan coat she wears, she moves at the easy pace of a swordswoman. The images found on the 'sphere gave a clear enough picture and she begins her way towards Elodie, pausing a fair distance away to wait for a clear moment.

Sammel smiles as he sees Elodie, and also the feline, coming to a stop and watching the two of them for a few brief moments, before he raises his voice. "Hey…" Seeing Andraste as she seems to be waiting, he offers her a polite nod now.

As Sammel approaches, there's a slight tilt to Elodie's head, but she doesn't say anything until he does, then she smiles and sets aside her tablet to stand and give him a greeting kiss. The string drops to the ground, and Douley ignores Sammel's greeting in favor of trotting off, feathers in mouth and string trailing behind him. Then she turns as Sammel notices Andraste, and settles back down to her flat feet from the tiptoes it takes her to reach Sammel's cheek or lips, wherever she managed to land the adoring little peck. "Hello?" she offers, settling back on her husband's arm.

It's a rather orchestrated and practiced bow that Andraste offers once both nobles have noticed her. Straightening, she smooths at the front of her jacket lightly. That awkward stance one adopts when used to a weight at their hip does set her with a slight cant in her hip. "Lady Doctor Elodie Cindravale, I presume?" Her voice is accented like many of those born in the plains, with the caravans.

Slipping his arm around Elodie as she gives him that greeting kiss, Sammel then turns towards Andraste again as his wife greets the woman. Looking about to say something, he stops as he hears the question, and decides for this time to be a quiet listener, it would seem.

Returing the bow with a nod of her head, Elodie replies in the affirmative. "Is there some way I can of assistance?" the offer has only enough question to be polite, because the woman has sought her out, so it's likely she needs something.

The jacket is opened, revealing black top beneath, and Andraste shoves her hands into the pockets. "You, I believe, assisted my brother, Sergeant Ioan Mordain." There's a tilt of her head to Sammel, briefly, as she closes the distance a few paces. It brings her into a range more within conversational distance.

"I believe he may require your assistance again… Or I do, in order to help him."

Sammel pauses a little as he listens now, nodding briefly as he hears Ioan's name mentioned. He stays quiet for the moment, just listening now. And wondering what kind of assistance the Sergeant needs.

Nodding slowly. "I did go to treat Ioan Mordain's wounds when he was first recovered," Elodie's head tilts, "has he been injured again?" she asks curiously.

"He's not injured." Andraste frowns slightly, brow furrowing as lips purse. Hands ball into fists within the pockets of her jacket and she stands up a bit straighter. "It's about his… other issues." Blue gaze flickers to Sammel before returning to the medic. She's not wanting to go too far into details, just in case.

"He… lost the… medications you gave him and couldn't remember the name to procure more. I suppose he's ashamed of it, which is why I'm here and he's not."

Sammel pauses as he listens, before he offers a brief smile. "I could leave, if you two need to speak in private?" he suggests, a bit quietly now.

Nodding once, Elodie leans up on tiptoe to give Sammel a kiss on the cheek. "There are some sandwiches in the fridge. You're usually hungry when you get home, so…" she gives him a smile, then lets him go and gestures over to the bench where she'd left her tablet. "Would you like to have a seat?" she invites.

There's a glance to Sammel that would be almost sheepish if… Andraste were prone to excessive emotion. Instead, she just offers a lopsided grin in the wake of Elodie's words. "Sandwiches are never a bad thing. Could always bring us some." It's obvious, by the tone of her voice and the way her features pull that it's meant as a joke. Not that she'd turn him down if he actually did so.

The offer from Elodie to sit, however, draws some extra tension into the Knight and she gives a slight nod to the younger woman. Hands come from pockets and she moves towards the bench. "Certainly."

"You know you're spoiling me with that, right?" Sammel replies with a grin to Elodie, before he smiles. "I'll see you after your business is done, dear." Heading back towards their apartments, pausing along the way to look for Douley, before he enters.

"You deserve to be spoiled," Elodie replies to him, giving him a grin before he disappears. Sitting on the bench next to the woman, her voice lowers as she continues the conversation. "So, it sounds to me like you wish to speak of the addictions that were forced on him during his absence?"

Drawing in a long breath, Andraste lets her shoulders roll back as her hands settle in her lap. Everything is very practiced and stiff. Like she's learned the rote needs of being around nobility, but uses them so rarely that she has to go back to the book-perfect means. It's awkward, to say the least.

"Yes," she says, with a soft sigh that descends into a nod. "I'm afraid so. I may have him… finally willing to be done with them, but he said you had given him something to help?"

Elodie nods once. "I did. I gave him something to start with, and suggested that he see a specialist." She gives an apologetic smile, her legs crossing and fingers lacing to form a net over the topmost knee. "I'm a combat surgeon, Miss… Mordain?" She realizes she doesn't have a name, yet. "Dealing with addiction and withdrawel is not something I am familiar with, which is why I gave him the names."

"Andraste Mordain," the woman provides, sitting somewhat straighter. The pair of rings at her collarbone catch some of the light. "Knight." There's a tilt of her head in a nod, auburn hair falling past her cheekbones. "I have recommended a specialist as well, but I think… he's afraid and as you are already aware of the issue, I had hoped perhaps you could help me get some sort of help before I have to return to the field."

"Sir Andraste, I apologize," Elodie replies, ducking her head slightly to reinforce the apology. She considers. "If I understand addiction, being afraid is a part of the territory. I can maybe be a means of introducing someone I know? Perhaps bring them out to the Grand Rotunda to meet your brother?"

"No need to apologize," Andraste says with a smooth shrug. "I'm neither noble nor decorated. You had no reason to know." She considers the offer and draws a breath, affecting a furrow of her brow. "I will find out the next he will be without wife and child for a few days and we can arrange as much. I think I may finally have it through to him how important it is that he get past this."

Elodie smiles quietly. "No, but you are a knight, and deserve the respect of the title you worked hard to earn." The mention of the wife and child bring a flicker of darker, worried blue to her eyes, and she nods. "I was sorry to hear about her accident. I did go into the field a couple of times with her. It must be difficult for both of them… but certainly all the more reason for him to become sober. I hope you have gotten through to him, and I will of course try what I can to help you."

"I appreciate that." Having your work acknowledged is never a bad thing. Andraste draws in a slow breath and slowly gets to her feet. "I have other matters I must check on before I am recalled to the field, m'Lady. I will send word once I know precisely when he will be free for introductions to be made." She steps back a few paces, making another bow towards the Doctor. "If you can provide me the name of the medication you had offered, perhaps I can get him to begin before the meeting."

Standing alongside the knight, Elodie nods. "I have some in my field kit in our apartment, the same as I gave him before. But, those were mostly for the pain that was caused by withdrawel, not to assist with withdrawel itself. Those, he would have to see a specialist for, and soon… or else he could transfer his addiction to the medication." She gives a wave of her hand to indicate a freedom of the gardens around them. "If you would like to wait for a moment, I will fetch them."

"Then give only enough to carry him over to the meeting," Andraste says with a slight nod. "Though perhaps the medication would be less terrible of an addition." This is added to herself; as if in thought. The woman knows little to nothing of such things. She's a Knight: others fix her. Drawing in a breath at Elodie's words, the woman tilts her head in a slight nod. "Of course. Thank you, m'Lady."

Nodding, Elodie leaves the woman at liberty in the Penthouse Gardens. While she's gone, the red cat makes its reappearance, trotting down the pathway, and dropping the feathers with the string at Andraste's feet. Sitting back, Douley seems to regard the woman expectation that the woman will amuse her, or annoyance that the knight is not /her/ woman. With a cat, either answer is equally plausible. Returning soon, the Cindravale doctor hands over a small bottle of pills with the directions on the label.

Not feeling comfortable enough to wander the gardens, Andraste instead waits. Still as stone… until the feline appears. The part of Andi that grew up breeding horses and tending to animals has not worn away entirely and she soon crouches, picking up the string to make the feathers dance for the red cat.

This is the pose she's still in when Elodie returns and the Knight finds herself looking up at the younger woman. She clears her throat slightly and straightens, offering the string in exchange for the bottle. "Thank you."

Well, the knight has definitely won her way into the cat's good graces. as she provided entertainment. The feline purring is audible even to Elodie's ears when she arrives, making the exchange, and giving it a few twitches to keep Douley occupied while she makes her farewells. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Sir Andraste. I have put my contact information on the bottle as well, so that you can reach me directly when you have a chance to set up a date."

There's a glance to the bottle and Andraste nods, making a mental note to record the details once she has a chance. Before she delivers them to Ioan. Just in case he 'loses' them again. Tucking the bottle into her pocket, the woman does up her jacket again. "Thank you, again. I'll get in touch with you as soon as I get him to name a good time."

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