06.19.3013: Hell Of An Audition
Summary: Roxy Rebel auditions to become the drummer of Hell If I Know.
Date: 19 June 2013
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Drake Roxy Zaniyah 

Peyton's Place, Westend, Landing
A small club, temporarily empty.
19 June, 3013

The rumors are true, Hell If I Know is indeed auditioning new drummers less than a week before a major show. Yes, they must be crazy. In fact, they're auditioning several at once, the band split up into a variety of studios and rehearsal spaces across the Westend of Landing. Drake Danger has set up shop in an old nightclub called Peyton's Place, taking over their stage well before opening. A standard drumkit has been set up as promised, and the guitarist and singer of HIIK has claimed a stool in front of it, toying with a sweet, simple melody on his acoustic guitar as he waits for the prospective drummer.
Of course there were several drummers wanting to join such an already well known band, but that's not why Roxy is here, not for the name anyway. She just loves the music. Carrying her own sticks with her, she taps them on her leg as she waits her turn, humming along to the music. Finally she's next and she stands nearby, just hovering there. And then it's her own turn. She marches up to the drums, keeping the whole starstruck notion out of her head. "Hello, I'm Roxy. I'm your new drummer." With a confident smile, she twirls her drumsticks once before taking a seat at the set. "Ready when you are."
Drake lays a hand across the strings to still them as the new drummer candidate arrives, looking up and studying her in silence for a long moment. Tucking his pick away in the bracelet on his left wrist, he scrubs back his hair with his right hand, chuckling at the greeting, "Hey… yeah. We'll totally get to that, Roxy." He has a light tenor, currently infused with the humor of the chuckle that preceded his words, "Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself first? Musical influences, experience, that sorta thing."

Roxy laughs, okay confidence was high and she felt up to this. "I was born to be in the music business, there's nothing I dislike about it on either side. I've listened to it all my life, it's helped me through some unimaginable times, and I've been playing in a band the last several years until our lead singer and guitarist died of an OD. The band was Twisted Metal." A fairly well known name, but only locally though they had put out a record single. "I love to play, I'm pretty good at pyrotechnics." Though she'd not exactly explained it all, just skimmed the surface. "I've taken lessons since I was a child for lack of anything more constructive to do, and even dabbled a little with singing and bass guitar, but drums are where I really feel it."
Drake smirks again at the opening statement, the expression driving a dimple into one cheek, "Well, you've got some serious confidence. That's a good start." His eyebrows raise upward at the mention of the OD, tilting his head to start to ask before she gives the name, "Yeah… I heard about that." Popping up off the stool, he moves over to a stand, swapping his acoustic for an electric guitar, plugging in a cordless amp-connector and moving back toward the stool, "Bad shit. So I take it you heard what happened to Skuzzy. You use?" He holds up one hand to stop immediate response, "It ain't an automatic out. Just gotta have it under control."
With a grin, Roxy gently taps her sticks a couple times, listening to him with her head cocked to the side. "It was.. unfortunate, man was outta control. Yeah, kind of like Skuzzy, but Skuz had some real talent, I'd come to your concerts just to watch 'em play. No offense, 'bout not watchin' you, I mean. Drummers just do it for me." Her lips form a quirky little smile until he asks her about drug usage. "Only the occasional party I did couple of times. Guess I don't like the way it made me feel. Alcohol is better, but I don't over indulge. I like to be sober when I play because I take pride in my performance."
Drake snorts, "When he wasn't AMPed up, Skuzzy could play. Poor bastard was gettin' worse and worse since the chrome-domes showed up though." He shrugs at the comment about not watching him, "Hell, everyone can't be checkin' me out, and I can understand watchin' a fellow technician." Shifting on his stool a moment, he collects the pick from his wristband, "Alright… let's see what you can do on the skins." For a wonder, there's no innuendo there. "Come on in on 'Cry No More.'" He waits a moment to make sure she's ready, then starts in at the end of the opening lyrics of the song, just before the drum intro, "Lay your weary head to rest, don't you cry no more…" and then the pick is moving across the strings of the electric guitar, and his left hand shifting up and down the neck of the instrument as he starts in on the guitar riff, assuming she'll drop in with the drums as well.

<FS3> Drake rolls Singing: Good Success.
<FS3> Drake rolls Guitar: Great Success.

One of her favorite songs, very well known to her and she'd seen Skuzzy playing to it a few times. Well, Roxy wasn't Skuzzy and she didn't play like him exactly, always having her own spin on things, her own signature playing. When he begins, she falls in quite easily, tapping along with the beat, prepared for the solo, man the solo was when the drummer had the chance to shine. In her element, she loses herself in the zone where the music becomes part of her and she lives and breathes it as her hands loosely hold the sticks and she taps away at different strengths to produce different sounds along with the beat created by the lead guitarist. Even knowing the song well enough to harmonize and sing backup…

<FS3> Roxy rolls Drums: Failure.
<FS3> Roxy rolls Singing: Good Success.                   

Drake wails into the combined drum and guitar solo, playing through the solo and the simple verse afterwards, then pressing the strings still, frowning faintly at something, "Nice voice, Roxy. Solid harmonizing." It's like he's buying time or something. "Uh… but with the stuff we've already released, I don't think we're lookin' to reinvent the wheel or anything. We got some new stuff that can use a new touch on drums, but the people who like the stuff we got… well, they like the stuff we got."

Yeah she knew her own variation wasn't working there and his diplomacy in saying so was touching. With a quick grin she nods, "You got it, I can do the original, I've seen it enough." So as he plays, she plays more like Skuzzy had played it, solid and original, keeping it like it'd been previously released.

<FS3> Roxy rolls Drums: Failure.
<FS3> Roxy rolls Drums: Great Success.

Drake starts in at the same place he left off, perhaps not what the prospective drummer was expecting, but after a moment's squirrelliness between guitar and drums, they smooth out into a steady sound, pouring through the rest of the song in the emptiness of Peyton's Place. Letting the final notes die out, he flicks off the guitar, nodding, "Solid. Real solid, Roxy." Tucking his pick back into its hiding place, he shifts the guitar around to hang down his back rather than rest in his lap, leaning his elbows onto his knees, "So. You can play. What's it you think that you're bringin' to Hell If I Know that no one else is?"
Once the song ends, Roxy remains seated there, holding both sticks in one hand. She'd started off bad and she knew it, but she's definitely not focused on that. "What am I bringing that no one else is? I'm bringing myself. I'm a team player and a quick learner. I love what I do and you definitely won't regret if you let me in. I'm responsible and always on time. If you'd ever like for me to work some pyrotechnics into the show, like your most popular hit, I can do that."
Drake nods slowly along at the first bit, then flashes a crooked smile that sends that dimple into one cheek once more, "Hey, a little more pyro's never a bad thing." Reaching up to scrub some of his luxurious locks out of his hair, he frowns in thought, holding the brown curls up from his face for a moment before he lets them fall back once more, "Tell you what, why don't you show me a little bit of your own style. You showed you can match what we need for the basics, how about showin' somethin' a little more aggressive, a little harder. Somethin' to really get the troops pumped up to kick some shiny metal ass."

Her own hair is blonde with pink and green streaks, kept straight. When he brushes those curls back drawing attention to it, Roxy grins. "Nice hair." At the mention of doing a little more of her own style, she lifts her brows and a smile slowly curves her lips. "It'd be my pleasure." She knows she's good and her confidence just gives her eyes a sparkle that shows up when she speaks out her music. Going into a solo performance without accompaniment, she taps out a beat on the skins, getting into it, drumsticks moving quickly until she ends with a crashing tap that she lets linger. Only once she has finished does she lift her chin and look at him again. "I love kick ass music. Boost some moral."

<FS3> Roxy rolls Drums: Good Success.

Drake lifts his eyebrows at the compliment toward his hair, tossing a lock back unconsciously and letting that smirk settle back onto his lips, "Thanks." Settling in to listen to the extended drum solo, he straightens up, tapping at his knees with his fingers, bobbing his head and nodding along with beat. Evidently he has some knowledge of the drums, even if it's rudimentery compared to the display being put on now. He claps briefly at the end, nodding his head emphatically again, "Kickass. Nice. Yeah, we've got half a new set prepped for the concert, just waitin' to be cut loose. So… what questions have you got for me, Roxy?"
Zani had picked a good spot for an audition, a small studio just down the way from Peyton's Place. She did meet the drummer as planned. Though that audition seems to have ended somewhat earlier than expected, as Zani slips into the nightclub, finding a spot to lean against the wall so as not to interrupt. The keyboardist is lugging her keyboard, all in a nice case, with a strap slung over her shoulder. And to judge by the look on her face, her set of auditions for today didn't go so well.
Once she finishes, Roxy holds her drumsticks in one hand and another smile tilts across her lips. "Thanks, I love having a solo." With her free hand, she tucks her hair behind her ear. "Glad ya liked it." So as for any questions, she looks down at he drums then back at him. "Can I bring my own set? And do you ever accept any songs from others? I write some, mostly ballad type but with the beat behind them. You know, kind of like Hidden Tiger (Def Leppard) meets Beauty Queens (Cinderella)?" Soft laughter follows the request. "Not that it's mandatory, but instead of submitting them to another group, I'd rather have someone I know sing it. Also, how often do we practice?"
Drake chuckles, "I'm not some dictator-man… I've done most'a the writing so far, but not all of it. We've been workin' on the latest stuff together. Don't know that the whole band's got time to learn new songs right before the concert, but after… totally open for new stuff." A shadow of movement off-stage draws his attention, and Drake shades his eyes to look out and spot the keyboardist, "Hey Za-ni!" He drawls the name out into two distinct syllables, beckoning her up on stage, "Come on up and meet Roxy. Roxy, Zani, Zani, Roxy." Looking back to the drummer, he answers her earlier question, "Right now we're practicin' every eveining, gettin' ready for the show. Usually though, it's more like three or four times a week. Least, that was when we were preppin' for recording and then preppin' for touring. We haven't really had a chance to settle into a routine yet." And then he's looking back to the keyboardist, "Your audition go all ass-shaped?"
Zani makes a face, but she pushes off the wall, heading over to where Drake and Roxy are. "Hey, nice to meet you," she says, with a smile at Roxy. She reaches a hand up to push her hair back out of her face, and blows upwards at it at the same time. "That's a kind way to put it, yup. Crazy dude knew the names of the drums. I think. But he couldn't keep a beat and his idea of a tune gave me a headache." She shrugs a bit, and then looks over at Roxy. "Seriously, he's a slave driver, keeps us working until my fingers are falling off."
"Works for me, the more practice the better. I could play all the time." Roxy twirls the sticks once more before sliding them into a pocket. "I can have my drums here tonight." When he greets the keyboardist, her smile widens. "Well hey there, it's an honor to meet you." Nodding to the other girl, the admiration in her eyes. Apparently she's seen the band play before. With a laugh at the teasing words, Roxy rolls her eyes and looks towards Drake. "I could see that, and I could get used to it. I'd love to be your drummer though, if you'd have me. If so, what's the code for dress? Anything goes long as it's decent?"
"Eugh." That is Drake's eloquent response to Zani's description of the audition, "Roxy's got that goin' for her, at least. She can match the style we had before," you know, before Skuzzy died, "and she can do her own thing too." He snorts at Zani's complaint, however, wiggling his fingers at her, "You just got keys to push, bright-eyes. I'm the one whose fingers bleed if I play too much." That, however, has the sound of a long-running and friendly bit of bickering. He shrugs over to Roxy, "We've got a couple more auditions to run through, but it like you've got a solid so far. And yeah, we try to go for a bit of a trad-rock look, but so long as it doesn't clash too bad, I certainly don't give a shit." He pauses, reconsidering, "So long as it doesn't clash too bad or get us thrown off stage for public indecency."
Zani laughs at that, amusement showing on her face, and in the musical sound. She does tilt her head, giving Drake a smirk. "Just so long as you don't want us to wear colour coordinated glamour girl rags," she says. She sobers though as she considers why they're looking for a new drummer, her expression tightening just a bit. She leaves off the usual rejoinder to the guitar picker's come back, for the moment, instead giving Roxy a once over. "Did you want me to play something with you both, or are we done for now? If so, might have to go find some food. I was running late again, and didn't eat before that audition."
Pleased with the answer and the positive response on her playing so far, Roxy practically beams. Awwyeah! "I've heard you guys all play a lot and studied Skuzzy a lot during the shows. Never thought he'd end up…" shaking her head, "Such a waste of talent." And she means it. The easy banter between the two is noticed and it makes her grin. "I don't wear revealing, but I do wear strange. My favorite is a bright green bodice topped dress with tulle and net that's the bottom. It reaches the floor and I wear it with black boots and a top hat." There's a smirk and a lift of her shoulder, "Just my style." At the question she nods eagerly, "Oh yeah I'd love to play with you both! I don't mind waiting until after food if you guys want."
Drake snorts at Zani, "Like I could make you do anything, Zani. Besides actually make it to practice on time." He looks over to Roxy at the question from the keyboardist, frowning in thought at the description of the attire, then shrugging, "Hey, like I said, so long as it doesn't clash…" Pulling his electric guitar around from his back again, he settles it into his lap, plucking his pick from his wristband and frowning thoughtfully, "Whatcha think… see if she can keep up with Impractical Liberty, Zani?" That would be one of the songs with a heavy hit of a drum solo in the middle, but also an emphasis on keyboards.

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