Dr. Helena V. Dalton
Dianna Agron
Dianna Agron as Helena Viatrix Dalton
Full Name: Helena Viatrix Dalton
Byname: Doc
Age: 32
Planet: Inculta
Paramount: Orelle
House: Dalton
Title/Profession: Lady/Doctor
Position: Director of Civilian Emergency Services
Spouse: N/A Height: 5'7"
Father: Lord Cassius I Dalton Weight: 130
Mother: Lady Moravia Dalton nee Orelle Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Lord Cassius II Dalton (oldest brother); 3 other brothers Eye Color: Hazel
Children: N/A


Helena is a prominent trauma surgeon/immediate care doctor (whichever is called for in any given situation) and was most recently stationed on The Ring. However, with the Hostile threat imminent, Lady Augusta has called Helena back to Inculta to make arrangements for the moon's many medical clinics. She has most recently been appointed Director of Civilian Emergency Services with the House Dalton War Office. With the termination of her status as a director of The Notice Project, Helena has instead turned her mind toward biological research.

The Doc hails from a settlement on Inculta located approximately 40km outside of the well-known Detritus. She is the niece of Lady Augusta, and has enjoyed a comfortable childhood followed by a grueling but rewarding stint in medical school at the Academ.




Always Composed: Whether it is due to the stoicism of the Daltons, her Awakened training, or the need for Helena to continually perform under pressure, she has a reserved nature that is often confused with being cold or haughty. Rather than allowing her emotions to run rampant, Helena prefers to allow her logic to dictate her actions depending on her current situation. Because of this, she can often be seen as emotionally distant or incapable of expressing herself appropriately. It may also be why she is still single.

Family Oriented: Helena has been raised in a somewhat large and rather close-knit family that extends well beyond her parents and siblings. Her closeness can be shared with most of her cousins as well as her aunts and uncles. She is fiercely protective of her family, especially the ever-expanding network of nieces and nephews.

Dry Sense of Humor: Because of her insistence upon logic always being the "key" in solving problems, Helena tends toward a much dryer, more intellectually-driven sense of humor. She has, however, been known to chuckle at the low-brow provided it isn't too tasteless. If a joke is overtly crude, she is most often disapproving.

Never Drinks: Helena is a doctor and is well aware of the havoc foreign substances can wreak upon the body. She has never touched a drop of liquor in her life, and is more than happy to die without ever having a beer. However, it must be noted that she is neither judgmental nor preachy about the use of drugs or alcohol; while she will be happy to inform you of their toxic effects in great detail should you ask, she does not actively attempt to convert her friends and acquaintances into extreme health nuts.

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Known Associates

Rozlyn Lady Rozlyn : I know of her, and have even met her, but I am not really sure how I feel. I believe the 'situation' warrants a degree of deliberate civility until everything sorts itself.
Talayla Lady Talayla Sofia : We have met once, and although she spoke little, she appeared very sweet and perhaps a trifle fragile. I almost felt protective.


Augusta Lady Augusta II : She's my aunt, my mentor, and my most trusted advisor and friend. Although she asks a lot of me at times, I feel it is my solemn duty to fulfill her wishes at every turn if I am capable. Without even trying, she pushes me to answer every seemingly insurmountable challenge and to come out the victor. This impeccable leadership is what will keep our family great.
Cynan Lord Sir Cynan : Cousin; I feel that as time goes on, we grow ever closer. I am not sure how or why we have ended up sharing so deep a bond, but at times I feel as if he were yet another one of my brothers. Perhaps he is even closer than that, as it has been many years since any of my siblings have chosen me as their confidante. I value Cynan's opinions greatly and trust him wholly.
Evey Lady Evey : Cousin, and sister to Sir Cynan; while we are not as close as I am with Cynan, she is still quite dear and darling to me. I appreciate, respect, and love family above all others, and Evey is no exception to this.


Flint Sir Jacob : We have met a time or two and had many great discussions about various things. He is a nice man, albeit one who is rather affected by his disability and is refusing to let on about it.
Luke Sir Luke : One of my oldest and dearest friends, growing up knowing each other means he cannot hide from me nor I from him. He is the only person able to get under my skin, but I love him anyway.


Ariana Lady Ariana Contessa : Young but ambitious, and seemingly sweet of disposition, I have found that this girl is decently diplomatic despite her age. This goes to prove to my elders that our generation is not entirely lost to narcissism and war. I respect her ambition and laud her attempts to better herself, her family, and our people as a whole. I hope that in time I can count her among my friends.

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