04.02.3014: Heavy News Best Served Cold
Summary: Jarek requests that Chiron meet him at the Drakholt to discuss somethings
Date: 16 12 2013
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Jarek Chiron 

Main Hall of the Drakholt
Hexagonal Mainhall of Spikka's fortification and seat of House Saimhann
April 2, 3014

It's been almost a month, and finally Jarek can't put it off any more. A request has been sent through house Peake to send you to meet him in Spikka at the Drakholt. Along with this request was the request you come prepared for combat and saddle ready as well.
The Drakholt's main hall is hexagonal in shape, and currently looking to be veritably modern in interior design. There are still some engineers who walk about checking on panels and things hidden into the wall cleverly without it being a puzzle to find or open.
Jarek is sitting in a chair here, waiting patiently by using the time to work on something on his tablet. Having avoided this meeting all this time, Jarek doesn't seem to be looking forward to having this 'talk' with his late wife's squire.

Chiron walks in the building, his armor on already, helmet in his right hand. His hammer is behind him, nestled nicely on his back. The saddle is held in his left hand. He's not sure why Jarek has called him here today, so he looks slightly confused. It's been quite some time sense he's seen either Jarek or Agnes. "Young Lord Sir Jarek." Chiron says, bowing when he gets to a respectable distance. "How can I assist you, Sir?"

"Young Master Chiron." Jarek says, looking up from his tablet and nodding to the squire. "I've asked you here today because… there are somethings that need attending in regards to your knight and potential knighthood." He motions to the seat opposite him, a sturdy enough looking thing, and then looks to one of the house attendants and the room clears instantly.

Chiron raises an eyebrow, not sure what this is all about. "Huh? What do you mean?" He asks, slowly placing the saddle beside him as he takes the seat. Where's Lady Sir Agnes?" His eyebrows furrow, a hint of anger in his voice. "Is she through with me?"

"Calm down Chiron, but in a way yes she is." Jarek's voice is flat. Close up there are lines in his face that weren't there before. His cheeks are sunken and the look in his eyes is hollow, overall he's a hallowed ghost of what he once was. There's no smile about his, in fact his very deamenor suggests that laughter and light end with his presense. He's a cold contrast to the warmth of the hall around him. "Anges was killed in battle on the fourth of March at the battle of Deepinghollow in the Southeast of the mountains."

Chiron blinks, not saying anything for a few seconds. "She… what?" He asks, sounding surprised. "Surely this is an elaborate prank…" He shakes his head, this /can't/ be true! "H-how? Why? She survived Cape Amran, she can survive anything!"

"This is no prank, I would never joke about such a thing." Jarek's tone is sharp, a spear point with a monoedge, and he looks at you with those now dead eyes of his. "She was evenly matched against hostile soldiers that had taken the settlement six hours prior. She and her troops fought to the death and took all the hostiles with them." A pause, "For reasons out of my control, I was delayed and did not arrive until dawn of the following day. When we arrived both sides had fallen, there were no survivors." he then narrows his eyes, "No one can survive anything. If you wish to still become a knight you'd best learn that there is no immortality. Knights aren't invincible, we never have been."

The news hits hard, it's clear on his face that he's still not quite come to terms with it. "I… know this. I just thought that Agnes… she was strong, she could face whatever and come out the better for it." He sighs. "So… I guess that's it for me, then." He says in a defeated tone. "Soldier life wasn't so bad…"

"Are you giving up then?" Jareks asks, seemingly over the discussion of Agnes herself. "I asked you hear armed and armored for a reason. However, before we get to that there are a few things that need to be discussed."
Jarek leans forward slightly, "Left to you are Agnes' horse, her armor, and her weapons. For reasons you might be understanding of, we've decided to inter her with her greatsword." a pause, "Her armor was not salvageable, and the main plates were also interred with her. The house isn't able to afford buying you something brand new. However, in exchange for her things I'm willing to agree to her last request." another pause to let you keep up with him. "And this is why I'm asking if you're giving up on becoming a knight. You passed my test for any squire wishing to be mine. Agnes' will requests that I knight you." Jarek leans back then, "I don't just knight anyone, in fact there are so few who've been knighted by me I've been told by some of my fellow knights they'll start calling me Baton Pass Jarek, as a joke for having handed off squires to them instead."

Chiron looks a little confused. "I'm not giving up, I wasn't aware that you were knighting me. I would be very grateful if you would." He sighs, shaking his head. "What of her horse? Armor and weapons I understand, but the horse?" He asks just for clarification. "When is her memorial?" He asks him finally.

"Argent will be yours if the horse finds you agreable. The house isn't in the business of defying the wishes of fallen heroes." Jarek then shakes his head, "I'm not knighting you, not yet at least. She said that she felt you're ready, however I've been little part of your training aside from a few lessons in how to be a nobleman." he crosses one leg over the other, "That's why I asked you here in armor and armed. If you'd like to become a knight still, then in exchange for her arms and armor which you won't receive I will take you as my squire for the term of one month. In that time you'll prove to me that what she saw in you wasn't just a soldier with years of experience, but a knight waiting for his spurs to catch up with him."

Chiron raises an eyebrow. "So… wait. She requested that I get her weapon, armor, horse, and that you finish knighting me? Or did she just request I get all of those and instead of giving me what she requested you're going to knight me instead?" His voice isn't hostile, but he's not sure what all was requested.

"She bequeathed her arms and armor, along with Argent to her squire. Which is you. She then requested that I knight you, as she feels you're ready and up to the challenge." Jarek seems to be getting a little irritated, and out comes a pillbottle. Three little blue tablets are popped into his mouth and he drinks from a glass on the short table next to him. He then takes out a one time use hypospray and shoots into his neck before he hides it all away. "So, the offer is there. You can become my squire for one month and prove yourself like all other squires must, or you can accept a write off from the family for what cannot be given to you and go about your way." a pause, "If you chose to be my squire, you'll be stationed here in Spikka and become a part of the house's military for daily duties. This also means you'll receive a small stipend each week from me. It isn't going to be to the amount of the write off, but it will be enough to get you started towards better armor."

Chiron isn't thinking clearly, and against his better judgment he says rather flippantly. "So, you claim that your house honors their heroes, but you've denied me two of the /four/ wishes already if I /agree/ to your stipulations on the third. The only thing that doesn't seem contested is Ardent." His lips twitch as he tries to hold back the tears. "I'm fine with being your squire, you've not spent any time with me. I don't understand why I need to choose the money for the arms and armor, or my knighthood. Hell, I have a fine weapon that was made by her nephew. All I need is proper armor."

"Good. There's still a functioning brain in that head." Jarek uncrosses his legs and stands up, "You'll be given the amount the house is able for what can't be given to you by her wishes. We're sorry we didn't say anything sooner, however as you're aware we're in a war and often times the hardest things to do are last to be done." The knight walks over and places a hand on your shoulder if you allow.
"You're not going to be choosing. You're going to find that every situation with me is a challenge, a test to see how you'll react. You need to be level headed, rational, and cautious as a knight. You need to be wise and courageous. You need to be compassionate and just. All of the values of the Six will I test you on, but you won't know when or how."
"Rise Chiron, stand and be accepted as my squire for the term of one month. After that one month, in which I'll make sure your training for knighthood itself is complete, then you shall kneel before me in front of friends and family and accept the oaths of the Six before taking your spurs."

The apology doesn't cut it, but it's all that can be done now. Chiron nods and stands up, allowing the Young Lord to place a hand on his shoulder. "You will find that I will more then exceed your expectations, Lord Sir Jarek." He nods. "Challenges are good, I enjoy a good challenge. When do we start?"

"You start tonight, your first patrol with the house is a midnight. You and I will be riding out to meet with some scouts who've been following a string of reports about possible issues on a road in the south west. We're going to them patrol a drake nest for potential activity before heading far to the north and meeting with a village who's just gotten done evactuating and we'll be escorting them to the nearest settlement with a Ways." Jarek faces you more fully now, "You are ready, but it doesn't look good if you're just handed a knighting. One month isn't going to take you long, Chiron, and I hope that with the stipend I'll be giving you we'll be able to get you some proper armor for your spurs."

Chiron nods, taking in a deep breath. "That is acceptable. Do I need to get a horse from home, or is there one here I can use?" He asks, looking around now. His hands grip the hammer of his, rather tightly. It's then he remembers it has the 'Agnes help!' button. "Guess that's no good anymore…" He mutters, eyeing the weapon now.

Jarek shakes his head, "If the rumors about her nephew are true, I wouldn't have ever pressed that button. I also can't say if any of the house engineers would be able to make sure it does what it should. Either way, it's faster to use the comms than worry about a button on the bottom of your haft." "Now, lets go and meet Argent and see if he'll accept you as his new rider and owner. You were raised around horses right? This should be easier for you than it is for our best grooms."

"Brigham is a smart guy, it wouldn't have blown up on me." Chiron says adamantly. "He's… odd sometimes, for sure. Has some weird methods, but it's not something that would blow up on me."
"I've tended to Argent before… he's not the worst horse I've ran into… just bigger then what I'm used to." He nods, in any other circumstance he might find it funny, but the mood of the evening has dampened any of that happy feeling he might have had.

Jarek nods and turns then to lead out to the stables. He says as he walks, "Remember to use Lord and Lady when you're in more formal settings. I'll be holding you to it around me to make it habit for you." and with that he leads out of the hall.

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