07.03.3013: Head Of Rocks
Summary: A disagreement with a merchant in the Ring's Blue District Bazaar leads to a talk about Rocks.
Date: July 3rd, 2013
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Kaedin Demos 

Bazaar, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
July 3rd, 3013

Midday amidst the Ring, it is business as usual. Amongst that activity is Demos. Not so much noteworthy himself accept maybe in a few odd circles, he certainly isn't the type that would probably regular around the Blue District. More one of the oustiders, come to find something to entertain him perhaps. His dress might set him slightly noticeable as that outsider, but only slightly, if one cares at all. Avoiding those worse areas of the District though leaves little risk for the man.

Currently he is at a koisk that seems to be selling jewelry from the moons and he is inspected a ring, holding it up to the light. "But, sir, this is certainly not an agate," says Demos, to which the merchant responds, "Aye, but it is, I know the man who accured the rock and made the piece on Mare Maris." Demos turns a raised brow to the man curiously, suggesting the merchant must take him for a dolt. Alas, it is but business as usual amongst the Bazaar.

Appearing behind Demos is Kaedin Orelle, a Knight of Orelle. Usualy he doesn't handle problems in the Bazaar, but when you see someone who looks like a geologist, agruing stones with a merchant, one tends to get curious. "Is there a problem Gentlemen?" he says crossing his strong and tattooed arms over his chest, showing the signet ring of House Orelle, that and the fabric of his clothing screams eather 'money' or 'nobility'.

"None at all Good Knight," says the merchant with a bow of his head, perhaps more flourish than necessary. For his part, Demos turns to see who it could be as well, taking the other in for a moment, then bowing his head the same. Slightly less flourish in gesture, he returns, "My Lord." A pause is given, then he looks up at the man to continue, "It would seem we are unable to conclude the nature of this rock. My compatriot here contends it is agate and marks his price thusly. However, I fear he may well be wrong in his conclusion."

Kaedin looks from one to the other, and instead of saying 'It's just a rock' he instead offers. "Well, from what I gather, your customer looks like he knows a thing or two about stones. Of course, I could always call the master of coin and see if they can find a settlement, though, I would pitty anyone in the wrong." He says as he reaches up to his earpeice, in preperation to make the call. "Unless an agreement can be decided here, then I won't have to bisturb them."

The merchant lowers his head, "No sir, assuaredly he knows that which he speaks of, it appears as a more common stone." He offers it out at half the price. Demos accepts, "Thank you, I shall be sure to return for more business." The merchant doesn't look too happy. As if to put it behind them, Demos takes the stone jewelry, finds a pouch for it, then turns to the other. "Thanks My Lord, I hate having to point out such a mistake, I owe you my gratitude."

Kaedin shrugs. "It was a common mistake, and the propper term is 'Sir' I'm a knight." he says. His tone is quiet, and his eyes look to Measure the world around him. "Sir Kaedin Isreal Orelle." he says, wondering if this man has heard abit about him, and the Byname he has as well. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He says, even for a brute, well, a brute as far as the average Orelle goes, he is well spoken, and probibly house broken too.

Nodding as he listens, he walks a little, letting the merchant go about his business. "Ah, yes sir, a knight indeed of Orelle. Forgive this citizen's prefernce to acknowledge the high standing of your lineage sir. I mean no offense by the address." As if that explains why he choose Lord over Sir. "If we are so forthcoming, I should mention that, while the rock was no agate, it contains a curious vein and if my suspicion is correct, it could be more valuable than the merchant and his jeweler friend presumed."

"I would be inclined to hear more about that rock, but I don't know your name, that's a disadvantage, and I'm not one to allow myself a disadvantage if I can avoid it." Kaedin says as he moves off to the side, avoiding any traffic. His hand does reach into his pocket to find a pair of Dice, pulling them out of his pocket, he casualy rolls them around in his hand. "That and you should be careful in the Bazaar, I might not be around to have someone of importance in my call log to call." he adds, a slight smirk added to that last bit.

There is an incline of his head, "My apologies sir, please forgive my manors. I am Demos Osteros, of little notable fame, Geologist Errant." As if that should be explained, he does, "I hold no position with the Academ, my preference is the continued field work of the Moons of Occulus." Then he retreives the rock, holding it up again, "There is a vein here, I imagine it represents some anisotropic rock which had lain over this layer where the supposed gemstone was found. But within this rock, there appears to be indications of a natural plasma. Of a high conductivity, the location where this rock was found could be a good resource, should one find where his friend dug it up from."

Kaedin blinks a few times, trying to follow the well spoken 'Rock Man'. Eventually he offers. "Well, if you have studied the outlaying moons, maybe you could figure out where it came from? I mean, you should have a means of useing equipment to help you in that endeavor shouldent you?" he asks, letting the dice bounce in his hand now, sword hand is getting itchy, or maybe it's his bow hand, eather way, brain box stuff tends to make him want to go back out into the wilderness and hunt and camp for a while.

"Aye, indeed sir," grins Demos, fascinated the other has come to the same conclusion, "And if I could return to visit our merchant friend after he's had time to ponder the mystery of what I know about rocks. I could pay him in full and possible exchange for the source of this rock. We could then, rather easily, triangulate from here and employee drones to scan for us. It could be the proverbial sitting on a gold mine." All that in the mystery of this little rock, at least that gleam is in Demos' eyes, he assumes that's why the knight is getting fidgety, over this exciting discovery. "Alas, I must seek out funding to further this cause, such is the life of the Scholar I fear."

"There are quite afew noble born scholars who would probibly help you. I myself have time and effort put into training our soldiers, and making sure my equipment is up to perfect standard." Kaedin says with a sigh. "And with that I must take my leave, I have a workout I need to do." He says as he gives the man a polite nod. "Until next we meet Mister Demos, good luck with your rocks." he says as he turns swiftly on his heel and makes his way to the lift.

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