Lord Hadrian Orelle
Adrien Brody
Adrien Brody as Hadrian Lucius Orelle
Full Name: Hadrian Lucius Orelle
Byname: N/A
Age: 30
Planet: Oculus; The Ring
Paramount: Orelle
House: Orelle
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Doctor, Researcher
Spouse: None Height: 6'
Father: Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle Weight: 185.lbs
Mother: Lady Lysandra Hair Color: Dark
Siblings: High Lord Captain Esiah Orelle Eye Color: Dark
Children: None


June 10th 2983- Hadrian is born a son to Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle and his wife, Lady Lysandra Khournas. His full name is Hadian Lucius Orelle, and although he is born late into their years together he is no less cherished.

Young Life: In his youth Hadrian developed on the Orelle family's stronghold of The Ring. Drawn early to medical science, even as a young lad he tended to enjoy playing doctor with his older siblings- those who had the time to play with a child twenty years their younger. His father, noting that Hadrian seemed to need some discipline in his life (And something of a fan of Violin music) pushed the young Hadrian into music. The boy really didnt seem to have the desire to be a navy man or a soldier, and the Admiral recognized somehow that music would help soothe his sons often chaotic thoughts and instill a more disciplined mind on the young man. Violin became a way to organize all his thoughts beautifully- Music imposing order on his chaotic thoughts. Hadrian always enjoyed showing his progress to his father. Music became a way to connect, and Hadrians desire to please his father had him often playing near the Admiral.
Adolescence: As Hadrian grew, his interest in science deepened; despite the sometime attempts of his more military minded elder siblings, or parents. He became interested in disciplines close to Medicine, things such as biology and chemistry. Watching, learning, and researching. It sometimes put him at odds with his mother: a warrior woman through and through. Many of his siblings seem to tend towards service in the Navy, or being pushed by their mother into Knighthood. She, of course, did all she could to interest her wayward son in Knighthood. Hadrian had little interest in battle, or being a warrior. The whole pagentry behind knighthood seemed a little silly to the young man who lived on the Ring Hed rather find a way to improve every soldier through Science!

As he grew out of his teens, Hadrian began to show symptoms of OCD. This obsessive tendency has him often buried in books, and research documents on his passion of medicine, biology, chemistry and technology. Thats the good side of his particular issue. The negative, of course, is a tendency to hyper-focus on issues as they occur if he doesnt have the tools required to reorder his world. This is a result of his desire to impose order on the chaotic systems of the galaxy. It was during his late teens that Hadrians mother took it upon herself to push Hadrian to learn some manner of weapon. She had hoped her young son might pick up a weapon to defend the honor and glory of the family. She, of course, meant something like a blade- Hadrian picked up the crossbow and the bow. Archery remains more of a hobby to Hadrian into his adulthood.

The Medical Researcher as a Young Man: Hadrian begins to grow somewhat more distant from his fellows in his university years. He studies hard, often playing his violin as he does: He claims it helps him think. Family, however, hears from him often. He visits often, and enjoys time with his family- his siblings, cousins and parents. Its during these ages of the early twenties that he became closest to his family, The Orelle. His Mother and Father both made time for him, despite their busy schedules. Still, he always seemed to find himself with ample time to himself during his visits home as he worked the lab circuit. During this time he worked with a medical director who was something of a fisherman in his spare time. The Director, a cousin, invited Hadrian along to join him in his pastime: fishing. The young man found it, overall, relaxing. Although he rarely catches his cousin he continues to fish when he can. Hadrian has found he prefers rod and reel fishing in a small boat on an equally small pond.

Career in Research Medicine: Hadrian graduated in the top percentages of his classes; he had thrown himself into the more organic sciences, with a heavy helping of math, surgery and other biological sciences. By the end of it all he was a Doctor, Medical and otherwise. During the mostly peaceful years of schooling Hadrian had come to realize the growing threat of the coming fifth world, He turned his research towards the biochemical, and the medical- hoping to find a weakness in the coming hordes. He began to pull together any and all Hostile Lore he could, particularly if he could get tissue samples. (Rarely, it seemed, were samples taken). He realizes that knowledge of electronics, and indeed cybernetics may be required to fully destroy the apparently cybernetic enemy. He quickly availed himself to the many technical experts the Ring provides.

The now: Hadrian finds himself having worked long enough to have enough connections in the medical science world to begin running his own lab . He was driven in his mid-twenties, but as he hits thirty he finds himself able to slow his break-neck speed to wait for the next wave of on-coming Hostiles. He can focus on the threat, and show why The Orelle family is Paramount.

The Recent death of his Mother shook Hadrian although not to the core as it did his father. Hadrian waits patiently for a chance to study The Hostiles enforce. He hopes to get live samples, most of all, to test drugs, and biochemical remedies to life- he does this almost without a thought. The enemy is out to kill every one of them and so Hadrian was willing to pervert even his beloved Medicine in the pursuit of a final cure to the Hostile 'infection' of their Galaxy.



This man holds himself with a certain nobility. His hair is dark, coarse and naturally wavy. It is kept well maintained, almost as if each hair itself were cut to a precise length. His eyes are darkly colored, a brownish black with the slightest hints of gold flecked within. His jaw is strong and squared and his lips thinnish. Overall he has a certain paleness to him that suggests much of his time is spent under artificial light.

Hadrian is not so broad shouldered as a man of arms. Rather, he carries a certain length and dexterity to limb that reminds one more of a man used to work in fine detail as opposed to one of brute strength.


  • Ordered Appearance
  • A Touch 'Off'
  • Family First
  • Technocrat

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