11.23.3013: Guard Secret
Summary: After being skewered by a Hostile or two, Morrigan finds it difficult (ie impossible) to hide his secret from Elodie any longer.
Date: 1 November, 2013
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Elodie Morrigan 

Elodie's quarters, then Medicine Wing of Shelter
23 November, 3013

There are two coffees sitting on the kitchenette counter in Elodie's suite, as she finishes pinning her hair up and checks her naval uniform in the mirror. Satisfied, she looks at her watch and frowns. Morrigan is usually here at least fifteen minutes before it's time for them to leave for the Hospital. She resists the urge to contact him just yet, instead, taking her coffee and going to her monitor to pull up a patient file while she waits. She glances at the clock readout in the bottom corner of the screen and determines to give him five more minutes before she checks on him.

Running late by his standards, but not late by the clock ~quite~ yet, comes Morrigan. Dressed in his uniform, a winter issue cloak wrapped around him and fastened tight, The Dark skinned Sergeant is carrying a battle axe today. Stopping just inside the door, his skin carrying a slightly ashen hue, he looks for all the world like a man trying not to show that he's breathing heavily, and trying not to make it obvious that the battle exe he's carrying isn't so much a weapon as a means of support at the moment. offering a polite nod to his charge as he speaks softly. "Apologies…"

Unfortunately for Morrigan, his charge is a combat surgeon. In the act of picking up his coffee to hand to him when she heard the beep announcing his imminent entry, Elodie takes one look at him and puts it back down. Going back to her console, she types something in quickly, then grabs her satchel and nods towards the door. "Downstairs," she says the one word quietly, but they both know she's not referring to down to the Ways. Walking just in front of him, but not as briskly as usual, the Lady Doctor leads the way to the lift, and presses the button that takes them to the medical wing of Shelter. "What happened?" she asks after the lift doors close.

Considering this for a moment, Morrigan clears his throat. Walking behind her for a long moment, he finally speaks softly. "It…would require a lot of explanation my Lady." Falling silent for another long moment, it seems that's all he wants to say for a long moment, before adding. "I've been injured."

Elodie glances sideways up to him out of the corner of her eyes. "Yes, Sargeant Wolf, I can see that. That's why I'm taking you to the medical wing to see what extent and make sure you are properly patched up." The lift opens, and she's quiet again until they're in the room. She puts the privacy lock on the door, then nods to the table. "Although I can scan you with your clothes on, it will save us time getting to the treatment part if you would take them off before getting on the table."

Nodding slightly, Morrigan moves towards the table. Slipping his Dress coat off, followed by his shirt, he reveals his torso is tightly bound with cotten bed linens. His arm is also bandaged, though it would sem whatever wounds were there are little more than superfacial.

The scanner goes over the man's torso, looking at the injuries before she touches the bandages. Elodie doesn't say anything at all, possibly not a good thing, as she readies a hypo. Pressing it against his abdomen, he'll stop feeling whatever pain he has there before she starts unwrapping him and pulling out whatever makeshift, emergency dressing was applied. While this may start some new bleeding, she'll look critically to see if it's clear bleeding, or of there is any puss, yet.

The wound has been cleaned pretty well. The smell of diluted antiseptic evident when the bandages are removed. nto so much rubbing alcohol as really diluted bleach. Long and short this was Mercenary First aid. The wounds thmesleves are a problem though. one of the bandages revealing Medical foam that has leaked filled a hole that runs Through his chest from front to back, just missing the bottom of his diaphragm by millimetres. Clearly relaxing as the anasthetic kicks in, he stifles a soft groan as he watches Elodie work.

"Lay down, Sergeant Wolf," Elodie commands, although her voice has just enough gentle tone in it to not be a sharp command. "You were lucky you missed vital organs or else all the bleach in the world and medical foam wouldn't have seen you through the night." She pauses as she reaches for the tweezers to pull out the foam. "Assuming you did this sometime last night." She glances up as clamps the inside wound she just reopened, and then goes over to the cabinet, pulling out the necessary instruments. "How did you manage to run into a Hostile Spear?"

Laying back on the Table, Morrigan looks up at the cieling, resting one arm behind his head, he winces slightly before speaking softly. "That's the part that will take some explanation…though on a side note M'lady…I was taught young. any spear aimed at you is a hostile spear."

"I'm listening," Elodie encourages quietly as she works, her hands sure and confident as she double checks that nothing serious has been damaged and begins to suture the insides more firmly together, the layers of muscle being aligned properly and set, the cracked ribs that let the spear through straightened and set.

Groaning softly as she sets ribs and ends up Elbow deep in his insides, Morrigan closes his eyes for a long moment. finally he speaks ever so softly. "Are you aware of how i came to be in this place My lady?"

"A little. Something to do with a score to settle, and you becoming a part of our army. You showed good reflexes and observation skills in assessing threats, so when I needed a new bodyguard, Tiriel thought you would be capable of the position," Elodie replies, not pausing in her work.

Nodding slightly, Morrigan grunts. "Close. to put a finer point on it. My father and Uncle are leaders of a Mercenary band known as the Army of the Wolf. My uncle's band are known as Crow's raiders. A few years ago, we took a young noble hostage during a raid. he was treated well. We don't abuse prisoners, but he missed his wedding and he was well connected. We were tricked. hired to go to battle for house Orelle. When we went, our allies turned on us. surrounded us, and made us swear loyalty to the house. To ensure that loyalty, my brother and I were taken from the camp I was given to House Iah as a reward for their part in the trick. I don't mind this..it was a good strategy, and I've stayed loyal my lady…but I'm forbidden from seeing my family." at this point he lets his voice drift off for a long moment. "I need to show you something to fully explain. but it's in my quarters."

Elodie listens quietly through the entire explanation, which gives her time to finish putting her bodyguard back together. "I'd rather you didn't move at all for a few hours. But if it's that important, I can get a wheel chair for you." One of her small hands (small compared to his) comes to rest on his chest, holding him down as she cautions, "I will put you under if I need to in order to keep you still for at least a day to heal."

Considering that for a moment, Morrigan grunts. "In my footlocker is a bag with a padlock on it. I have the key, the footlocker is unlocked…It can be retrieved. I did promise no secrets when I promised to guard you My lady…I should keep that promise.

Looking at him for a long moment, the blue eyes too honest to hide their trepidation, Elodie finally nods and turns. "I'll be right back. If you aren't right where I left you…" her voice trails off, and then she goes out. The doors slide shut, and there is silence in the room as she sets the outside panel to read out occupied and do not disturb before she goes. She isn't gone longer than it should take to make it to his quarters and back, no matter how long it seems to him before the door whooshes open to admit the Lady Doctor again, with the bag.

It would seem Her trepidation was for nothing. Morrigan having taken the opportunity to doze off while she was gone. as the door opens once more, he opens his eyes slowly. staring at the cieling for a few moments. Nodding slightly, he sits up. fishing in his uniform coat, he comes out with a regular key. nothing fancy about it. Taking the bag quietly, it being of the reinforced canvas pickle bag vareiety, held closed with a chain, he undoes the padlock and slowly opens it. Dumping the contents on the floor reveals a set of customised scouts armor. Black with scale and ring mail over the vital areas, it's padded to reduce noise. carrying no insignia on it, it's complete with a balaclava and a pair of blacked out goggles. built for displaying HUD information. At least that's what it used to be. now it reeks of blood, wires are exposed and it's been more or less destroyed. "I have an uncle that lives in Khournas lands. He's a poor man, and he's got miner's lung. I stay away from most of my family, but he keeps in touch with everyone. I visit with him dressed in this to hear how my family is getting along, and to lwt my mother know I'm still alive." There's another moment of silence before he adds. "I was there visiting him when I was attacked by Hostiles. They bombed a factory of some sort. I was walking with a frind and we got caught in the middle of a batle between the hostiles and the Khournas knights." There's another long reflective pause before he adds. "And now that you know, I leave my fate to your hands. I've broken a vow, I'll take the consequences."

Elodie is quiet for a long moment, looking at the mess on the floor. She picks it up and puts it back in the bag. "This will have to be disposed of. It's pretty much useless." She looks to Morrigan for a long moment. "I don't know why there are restrictions on contact with family. I will talk to Sammel, and see if we can request that you transfer to the Cindravales to continue your service as my personal body guard. Maybe they'll loosen such restrictions." She goes over to the cupboard to prepare an antibiotic and sleeping injection. "I do not make it my business what you do in your free time, but if you get injured again and don't come to me straight away, I'll have to file a report."

Considering that for a moment, Morrigan nods. "Thank you My lady. I admit that I am not looking forward to relinquishing my post as your Bodyguard. I find I have grown fond of you. And I will be more careful in the future."

Raising an eyebrow towards him, Elodie gives a little smile. "I haven't been looking forward to the idea of getting used to a different shadow, I would have made the request anyways." She sighs. "And I'm going to have to get you some protector armor, since it's not becoming safe to go hardly anywhere on Imperius these days."

Nodding slightly, Morrigan offers a slightly tired smile. the sedatives beginning to take effect in his bloodstream. "I appreciate it my lady. It's good armor. the heavy stuff doesn't let your movements flow." Eyes drooping slightly, he murmurs. "Your blade can't dance if your feet can't too."

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