Grayson Nero Baine
Jamie Campbell Bower
Jamie Campbell Bower as Grayson Nero Baine
Full Name: Grayson Nero Baine
Byname: Mouse
Age: 21
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Arboren
House: Unaffiliated
Title/Profession: None
Position: Falconer
Spouse: None Height: 6 feet
Father: Mr Baine Weight: Lanky
Mother: Mrs Baine Hair Color: Blond
Siblings: Unknown Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


The Spine is home. It's always been that way and always felt that way. I was born some twenty one years ago. I don't talk a lot about my parents but they understood what I needed. I was always a shy child. I would tell them since I was an infant what I needed and how I felt. I was home school and they hired an Awakened tutor me since neither were Awakened so they didn't know how to train me. He was very strict on what I was to learn each day. It was a very rigorous training all through until I was 18. Each day I spent hours training how to control the powers within me. He was patient enough when it came to my other schooling. He knew that my full awakening would happen sometime during my puberty so he was making sure that I had enough skills to be ready for it.

In addition to worrying about Awakening fully, I was picked on because I was small and home schooled, until I hit sixteen and I grew like a bean stock. I was tripping over my feet and I had my full Awakening. I'd frequently hurt myself when I'd pull something towards me and it'd hit me or cut me. I learned how to fix myself from my own follies. It was hard to control even with all the training. It was a troublesome time where my aura would start to show when I felt stronger emotions. No one picked on me after that. I knew I was a druid. My tutor would teach me about different plants and how to survive off the land. He knew how hard it was to go through puberty while dealing with being awakened. He also told me that my parents would never understand everything about what I was going through. He was a hermit so we never learned with other students. It was hard to meet more like me and even worse when I thought they might hear the heavy thrumming of my heart.

I seemed to see things that other people didn't. Perhaps it was because I listened so much more than I talked. I would feel how the wind changed, or how a piece of grass was bent in an off way. It was something that sometimes drove me into a paranoia. I would see scratches on a tree and I assumed Hostiles instead of bear. Neither would be helpful to run into but fear followed Hostiles with more force than a bear. I'd notice how someone's clothes were wrinkled, how they had bags under their eyes, or how their hair would be ruffled. I'd notice smaller things too. Many times I'd be sitting in the Spine and I'd see a small bug walk by holding a leaf. I'd watch them work and enjoy hours just watching.


Another thing that came with not talking and noticing, was being quiet when I moved. It helped when you lived off the land to be able to ghost by people or animals without them noticing. I was taught how to use a bow and arrow but I didn't like hunting. I preferred my vegetables from my little box garden. However, having a rabbit stew sometimes requires rabbits. I was not a very good hunter. I liked animals too much.

Which brings me to what my parents were teaching me. My father was a falconer so I got to learn how to handle the falcons to carry on the family business. That's very stressful but it's rather useful when hunting rabbits or other game. I enjoyed the animals company more than I enjoyed everyone else's. The animals didn't seem so judgmental. They didn't stare or treat me any different if I did something stupid. I could trip over my large feet and land in mud and they wouldn't laugh at me. They'd help me up. I enjoyed their company.

I sang. All the time. Since I could talk I would sing or hum while doing something. My voice was not the best voice but after a long enough time it sounded nice. My parents say I could be a singer but that's not what I wanted to do. I still don't know where to go. I could be a druid falconer or I could be a photographer.

A photographer? Yeah. My favorite birthday present was my fifth birthday and it was an expensive camera. I would take pictures of everything. I still have that camera and I still use that camera. It's very important to me. It can also film things. I sometimes film my druid lessons so I can remember them and so when he dies… I can remember him. I'll film my parents doing mundane things, random things like dishes or watching the news…so I never forget. Always taking pictures, filming, and keeping memories. I don't forget things but I don't know how long that's going to last. I want to make sure it's on tape. You might remember what they did with the big things but who looks back after their parents have died and wonder what they looked like making dinner? I would never need to remember. I have catalogs of memories. I don't think they are just photos. They are snapshots in time. Perhaps it's silly but it is a strong reminder for me.

So here I am, the young man who takes pictures, sings to himself, and gardens. I live alone in a tree in the Spine and it's safe. It keeps me warm. I still have my parents and my tutor. I don't want to lose them since they are still all very important to me.




The man is just about 6'0" tall, weighing in at just over 12 stones. His skin is pale with a very obvious moontan. His eyes are a bright blue with flecks of green and gold. His eyes are slanted making his eyes appear very catlike. His hair is light brown with natural blond highlights left wavy, messy to fall under his ears. His face is thin exposing his high cheekbones and hollow cheeks. His nose is neither upturned nor down turned. His bottom lip is thick while his upper lip is thinner. His jaw-line is angular.


Eidetic Memory - This is pertaining to or constituting visual impressions recalled vividly and readily reproducible with great accuracy. His mind can remember visual things with amazing accuracy and it's sometimes a bad thing. He can remember times and places of things he's seen when small things trigger those memories.
Overwhelming Shyness - Crowds, groups…people. People are uncomfortable to be around. He's a nature guy so when people come into the equation he starts to sweat, shiver, and bite his lip. It's hard for him to get to know people and converse with them because he doesn't know their intentions. What if they are crazy? Or worse, friendly?! People are mercurial and terrifying.
More to come…

RP Hooks

  • He's studying Botany and he has a garden. Would you like to buy some vege's? Learn how they grow. He'd be happy to stutter through it.
  • He's Awakened which means that he's up for telepathically talking to another awakened. Having knowledge is never enough for him. He needs it all.
  • He's a falconer. Or at least, mostly. He has a falcon who protects him in his hunting and he adores her. Her name is Rune.

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