09.08.3013: Good Stew
Summary: Eiris helps make stew and converses with Chiron about family and battles they've participated in, all the while keepign her nobility a secret from Chiron. Chiron promises Eiris pie when he is allowed to go back home.
Date: 05, September 2013
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Chiron Eiris 

Somewhere in the forests close to Khar-Mordune
08 September, 3013

Only a few more hours left to Khar-Mordune. Normally the party would be able to make it tonight, but with the wounded in the mix it's just safer to set up camp and finish the trek in the morning. Parts of the sky still slightly pink from the sunset with stars just beginning to emerge from their illuminated hiding place. Sense most of his wounds were chest related Chiron is able to walk around a little. He opts to sit under a tree as the group finishes setting up camp, looking up at the stars.

Eiris is one of those in charge of making the general pot of food for the camp with another's help. Whether is will end up poorly has yet to be seen. When things have heated through, she is trudging towards him with a bowl, stripped out of her own armor and in a simple blouse and trousers, her smile growing upon seeing him, "I see you are doing better today, so I got you more broth but managed to heap some vegetables into the mix with a little bit of meat." Once she is close enough, she extends the bowl to him, steam still curling upwards to indicate that its just from the pot.

It's clear that Chiron is lost in thought, as he doesn't seem to notice the Rhoven Lady heading his way. When she speaks to him though he comes to his senses and flashes Eiris a smile, taking the offered bowl gratefully. He puts it up to his nose and breathes in the aroma, it's probably the best thing he's had to eat sense he left to close the Waygate. "Oh, hey Eiris." Chiron says, half surprised. "Sorry, I was just thinking some. This looks amazing." He says, referring to the bowl of soup he's holding.

"I helped make it, so don't trust our eyes," Eiris warns at her own expense. Her smile grows though, one comfortable in his presence. She lowers to take a seat on the ground a few feet away. "Are your thoughts private or can you share them?" She takes her first bite after letting it cool on the spoon. There is a moments hesitation and then she nods, as if accepting of what she tastes. "It's not bad…not the best, but not bad."

Chiron chuckles lightly as Eiris speaks about her lack of cooking abilities. He gives her a smile and after letting it cool a little more he takes a spoonful and puts it in his mouth. His eyes close as he swallows, clearly enjoying the food. While the soup might not be a culinary masterpiece the only food he's had to eat just barely meets the qualifications of being just so. "This is really really good." He comments, before he tilts his head. "I had a comm conversation with my sister earlier today. Her and Bey apparently ran into a hostile a day or two ago, they managed to dispatch it, but not before taking a few axe wounds…" He seems concerned.

The enjoyment of the day seems to ebb, even after he admits the stew is good. Eiris listens, taking another bite she brushes her spoon to the side of her bowl and then nods, "If you spoke to them, they are okay, that is good, right?" Not that any wounds are a positive turn of events. "I am sorry, Chiron. We will get you to them soon, I promise. I will see you there personally." A faint smile draws her lips and she takes another bite, swallowing before asking. "She did say they were doing well, yes?"

Chiron nods somberly. "Yes, they will both survive. I'm honestly surprised and proud of the two of them. They didn't have any armor or any real weapons. They're not really trained for combat, it honestly is a miracle that the two of them both made it out alive, doubly so for actually killing the thing." He sighs, looking back up at the night sky, idly stirring his bowl of soup as he continues. "I'm mostly just unnerved that they /met/ one… I had hoped they never would have to come in contact with one of those… things."

"Before we came here, to rescue you, days before a group of hostiles were found dragging something out of lake in the Plains of Ares. It worries me that they are dropping in heavier guns. I am not certain it was ascertained what exactly it was. They are getting bolder, Chiron, we won't be able to protect everyone," we, meaning her. Eiris looks to her stew, "I nearly lost my life, I have never been knocked from my horse before but I was….it was unnerving. My ability with a sword is near to nothing," she wears a smirk and then looks to him. "It is a good thing they are alive…"

"That's… terrifying." He says, looking at the Rhoven woman. Now that he's gotten some proper treatment and on the mend, his appetite kicks back in and he devours the soup given to him. Never the less, he nods and continues talking. "I know I won't be able to shelter everyone, and I figured that it was only a matter of time before my family actually met a hostile. I just… thought I would be there." He says, laughing and shaking his head some. "I seem to have a problem making sure my siblings don't get hurt, don't I?" He looks over to her, smiling. His smile turns to a frown when it registers that the woman sitting next to him begins to talk about her brush with death. "I thought I was going to die during the fight, after being hit with that hammer so many times. I'm glad you're ok, along with my siblings." He gives her an encouraging smile.

"Well then you need to stop rushing off in chase of hostiles and stay home," Eiris teases him semi-seriously. "It's not your fault, it really is not ones fault that you couldn't be there, what you did to get that gate closed..it saved a lot of lives and likely your siblings..even if indirectly." Watching him eat makes her smile and the Rovehn takes her time, spooning more food out. She manages to answer him, "I am glad I am okay as well…they will be glad to see you when we get you back. I am in it just for the pies." Her smile grows and then she considers her words carefully. "Do you think your brother will…stick it out with the Lady?"

"I know it's not my fault, I still feel like it should be though." He says, shaking his head, most likely at himself. "Getting the gate closed was important. If the Hostiles get access to a gate…" He stops that line of thought, remembering what history said the Havenites did to the last planet where the Hostiles got access to a working Waygate. "Just in it for the pies eh? Is that why you're making sure I'm ok now?" He says teasing her some. "Bey is young, and reckless at times. He's loyal, but he's also eighteen. He's still a kid in a lot of ways." He frowns.

"Of course. Its easier to get pies if you are alive..though if you didn't make it..I could just eat them all by myself," Eiris sighs, "Its too bad I like you. I suppose I can share," she intones, her smile warming as she glances to him. "He might be eighteen, but does he care for her? Would she be willing to want him as a companion? I am sorry, I shouldn't be prying. I just..don't understand how anyone could stand to only be a companion." Her brows furrow and then she is quiet, going back into her food.

Chiron isn't sure exactly how to respond, so he thinks before replying. "I've not spoken to him about the Lady much, but from what I have observed she has made quite the impression on him. He talks about her constantly. As for companionship… I don't know. I've spoken to the Lady even less, and Companionship is much like marriage. Would you be ready for marriage after meeting someone for four or five months?" He says, trying to be respectful to this Rovehn woman. "I could see the two of them staying together, but I think it's going to make or break based on Balius's actions, I think."

A slow nod of her head and Eiris remains quiet, taking another bite. It takes her a few moments and she speaks, "Sometimes it is better if I remain quiet. I can stick my foot in my mouth and I can tell you, after the hundredth time you learn it doesn't taste so good anymore. I suppose what comes, will come," her head dips, looking down into her bowl as her spoon drags around it for the lest dregs. Her eyes continue to stare at the ground, lost to thought as she chews the inside of her cheek.

Chiron scoots a little closer to the Rovehn woman as she looks a little upset about the conversation. "Are you alright?" He asks her, tilting his head. "I wasn't upset by the question, you were just asking." He says as he gives her a hearty smile. "I know the taste of my own foot rather well, in fact, I think it's become a staple food for me." He laughs, trying to lighten the mood some.

A light smirk is rewarded to him, a brief glance up from the corner of her eye as he scoots in closer. "Yes, I am just fine. I would have said meaningless things and likely made the air tense between us. I do that all the time, but it seems even in my silence I have made things tense." She smirks at herself, finishing her soup before setting it aside and dragging at her blonde hair. "So is there anyone else waiting for you, Chiron? Besides family that is." Her foot scrapes at the ground and she wipes her hands together.

Chiron gives the Rhoven woman a confused look, he hoped he hadn't said anything wrong. "It's a tense subject, I think. Nothing to do specifically with you or I." He smiles, still clearly unaware of Eiris's heritage. He leans back some and considers the question. "Well, I have a few friends that I'm sure would love to come see me." He laughs a little before continuing. "I was sorta seeing Zaniyah Eastman, the Keyboardist for Hell If I Know. But, she's been really busy, as have I. So I don't really think anything is really progressing there. You?" He asks.

Eiris is more than glad to continue on, listening to him as he mentions friends and than Zaniyah. "Afraid I don't know her, but sorry to hear it has not worked out for you…" The question turned around on her causes the woman to consider and she laughs, a long sigh escaping her. "You know….I don't think so. I am going to have to say no." A shake of her confirms this further, leaning into her knee as her eyes sweep over him. "Dare I ask why you want to know?" A bold and brash smile curls her lips, her eyes settling on him, as if expecting.

"Zani is a great person, but also busy. It's just been a lack of communication and time that was the cause, we got along just fine." Chiron says, shrugging. He blushes as Eiris begins to ask directed and loaded questions, and he begins to blush again. "Well… you asked me, so I figured it was only fair to ask you the same thing!" He's kind of a bad liar, and it's apparent. After a few seconds he continues, "Ok, I confess that I was kind of hoping you weren't seeing anyone…"

Amusement ripples across her lips, head ducking to give him only momentary relief from her gaze. Eiris rubs a hand at her shoulder and laughs softly to herself. "You flatter me, Chiron, but I am a pain and I stick my foot in my mouth a lot, I am certain you would not want to experience that." She reaches for her bowl, but hesitates, letting it rest on the ground. "But thanks," she says finally, eating up the compliment in any form he gives it. Fingers curl at the side of her hip and she sighs, extending her hand to the bowl he has. "More or should I run these back." Already going to leave him.

Chiron hands the bowl to Eiris, unsure if she plans on returning. "More, please." He says, giving her a smile. "I stick my foot in my mouth as well, and my family all does it. Hell, I don't think there's anyone that hasn't. I've just learned to give everyone a little grace and the benefit of the doubt."

"Then you are better than most, I will be back, promise," Eiris says and gives him a wink. "Don't go flirting with the next girl that comes along," this is called back to him as she has both bowls and stalks back to the central fire and pot that is slowly feeding the entire camp. SEtting her bowl aside, she manages to get a second helping and finally begins to return back to him. Looking around, she says in a faux-shocked voice, "Goodness, and here I was expecting for you to have two others swooning over you and the offer of pie."

"Oh, well I did have a few others swooning over me while you were gone, but I didn't offer them pie." He says, grinning up at her. "Pie is only reserved for the most attractive of swooners." He gives her a wink. "Though I'm sure I'm not the only wounded squire you've flirted with tonight."

"No, but you are the only one I have returned to," Eiris intones and offers him the bowl, filled with more stew. "Glad you only reserved the pie for me, I would be woefully put out had you not." She settles back down to his side again, glancing over to him before her shoulder brushes his, leaning in to nudge him. "I will just keep running back and forth for your soup if you promise to keep me as the only one that gets offered pie."

Chiron squints at her as if he was trying to discern the truth from her statement, smile on his face. "I bet you say that to all the squires." He says as he begins eating his second bowl of soup. He chuckles and nods as Eiris offers him the proposal. "You've got a deal."

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