Good Morning
Summary: Elodie wakes up before Sammel in the Rovehn tent
Date: 15 August 2013
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11 August, 3013 Rovehn Guest Tent

He's still asleep.
His hair is all spiky, and there's that fuzz of whiskers around his beard that men get overnight.
I can't help smiling as I look at him.
There are no windows in the Rovehn tent that Lady Eiris made available for our use last night, so there is no glare from the rising sun to hurt the eyes. Just a warm glow as the sun shines on the canvas and lights the inside.

When Una married Tiriel, I knew that I wouldn't be making a love match. Especially with the Hostile war coming, I would need to marry to strengthen Alliances with other houses, and love wouldn't be a part of the considerations. It was why I never allowed myself to get close to Jeran when we shared a bed at Academ. He understood. I just hoped that at least the noble chosen for me would be someone I would get along with, and perhaps someday I would find a Companion to love.

But the more time I spend with Sammel, the more I realize I don't want Companions to be a part of our lives. He hasn't even kissed me, yet, and before spending the night side by side, we agreed that our first time together won't happen until our wedding night; but I know he's all I want. I don't know when, or how, it started, but I'm falling in love with the bethrothed arranged for me. I'm falling in love with Sammel Pericles Cindravale, and I think, I hope, that he is falling in love with me.

Each day I look forward to the next time I will see him. Each day I wonder if this will be the day he'll kiss me for the first time, and I'm torn between being disappointed that he hasn't, and being happy that I still have that wonder and anticipation for tomorrow. And this day, waking up next to him, I know that this is where I want to wake up every day.

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