06.11.3013: Good and Bad Patients
Summary: Khournas, Ibrahm, and Cindervale members descend on the triage are of the Halo. There is camaraderie galore. And more teasing of The Wall.
Date: 11 June 2013
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First Quadrant of the Halo - The Ring
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.
11 June 2013

Lady Reena Khournas has been away from home for many years, studying at the Academ. With the arrival of the long awaited war, however, she has come to the Ring as a medic, to tend to the injured. Unlike most of her siblings and cousins, she isn't a warrior so to speak. She was bred to another purpose. Today she is dressed in simple garb as she moves among the wounded in the triage area of the Halo. Black leather breeches and boots, a red bodice, and a white blouse beneath it are accented by the medic's armband she wears. She strides into the area as if she owns the place, and plucks up a data pad to check on patients updates.

Asher is amongst one of the triage areas, sitting on one of the makeshift beds a bit, with one leg resting upon it and slightly imobilized though he has no obvious injuries like most of the others.

Reena spots the Khournas name in the lists, and she wends her way to where Asher is recovering. She's not the little girl he probably remembers, but that lopsided, quirky smile might usher in some memories. "Cousin, glad to see you made it out of there mostly intact," she greets.

Asher nods slightly your way as he sits there, "I am not as uninjured as I appear, Lady Reena." He says after a few moments of considering you, "The injuries I took were from some new Hostile weapon, however, and largely internal." he explains. "Or so I am told."

"I've seen a few of those come in," Reena admits as she checks his vitals. Satisfied he isn't going to croak in the next few moments she looks him up and down and grins. "When did you get so tall?" She likely hasn't seen him since she was ten or so. She pulls up a stool to sit at his bedside.

Asher shrugs his shoulders slightly at that, "I suppose several years back?" he replies, "I don't really think I'm that tall.. but…" he laughs a pained laugh, which really just turns into a bit of a grimace, "I guess I am since I hear it so much."

"Is Victor as unscathed as I've heard? He was always the hardest to catch in a game of tag," Reena quips as she plucks up Asher's chart. "Well you weren't this huge when I last saw you. Then again, I was in pigtails back then. The Wall is still as big as I remember though." She grins.

Asher nods, "He came out suprisingly uninjured." he replies, "Luck, I suppose!" he says, "But it is also good. And the wall is a big man yes." He nods his head at that.

"Well I'm glad you're both still alive. I've been stuck with a bunch of snooty academics for the last decade. I want a good game of cards and a lot of booze," Reena remarks as she frowns a little at the notes in the chart. "You are going to need some serious medical attention, Ash. I'm overextended as it is, but I'll see to it someone gets to you quickly."

Asher nods, "Well, I am sure there are others more injured then I." he says, "None the less, I can probably return to Volkan soon." he says, "And be out of the way here on the Ring."

"More likely they aren't sure how to proceed with the alien nature of your injuries," Reena points out. She smirks at him and baps him on the head with her clipboard. "Don't even think about it. If you croak I don't want to have to console your brother."

"Quite possibly." Asher nods at that, "It was also easy to focus on the ones with gaping wounds when we were triaged." he adds with a little grin, "But I will be fine, it's not like they would let me die at home either."

"True. But our family's idea of horsing around might finish what the Hostiles started," Reena points out. "I mean Beth might just fist bump you down a flight of stairs or something."

"Perhaps so." Asher chuckles softly so as to not hurt himself really any, "I'll stay here for the time being but hopefully I won't be cooped too long."

"The Wall was in the ship still, if you want I can move him out here and he can show you his bedside manner," Reena teases. "I think it involves screaming at you until you feel good enough to run from him."

"I don't think the wall has a hope of winning at a yelling contest." Asher says in response to that, smiling faintly, "But there's no need for that really."

"Damn, I was hoping for an excuse to hunt him back down," Reena muses with a sly grin. "So, what about you cousin? Other than killing Hostiles, what has your life been like lately?"

Asher is at one of the makeshift triage areas with Reena. He shrugs slightly, "Preparing to fight the Hostiles. Helping with the family's business assets, the usual sort of things." he replies to the question asked.

"Going out Drake hunting with my sister and your brother?" Reena asks with a small smile. "At least tell me you've been doing that. Otherwise you'll ruin all my made up stories to the other students about my wild and adventurous cousins." She's on a stool, looking over Asher's chart, beside his cot.

Johana has been in a different makeshift triage! And now she's in here, just arrived. They wouldn't allow her to walk.. whatever her chest has to do with her legs, only the doctors seem to know. Once her bed is settled, the red headed Ibrahm sits up with a decidedly mutinous look on her face. There's almost a growl at the nurses, as she aims the scowl at their departing backs. Only when she hears the voices does she take a moment to look around. Spotting the other two, her cheeks pinken and the scowl immediately disappears to be replaced by a friendly smile. "Hey there.. this is much better. Company!"

After reporting in about his own experiences during the battle and what limited information he was able to gather himself, Erik finally has the free time to visit hte triage or at least one of them. It seems like he has a particular patient in mind as he pulls aside one of the nurses for a second, making a quiet inquiry before continuing on, generally in where Johana was transferred to. Tucked in his arm is something small and furry.

Entering through the doors to the medical facility comes Sir Thalo, not needing his armor today. He's instead clad in his usual black leather jerkin, dark pants and grey shirt. His boots are still pretty militaristic though, with heavy steel plates on the toes. Shit kicking boots. He's wearing a sword as well, but isn't armed beyond that. He moves past a few medical types and slows, eyeing the room. Spotting Asher, Reena and Johana, he moves in that direction. He slows to speak to a man at arms of Ibrahm, his tone hushed and he pats the man on the arm a moment later, pulling out a small…relative to the man carrying it…flask and hands it to the soldier who takes a quick swig and hands it back. Yeah, he's a good influence on patients. But really, who is going to tell him no? He moves away shaking the mans hand and moves over towards Johana, "What's the verdict, Ana? Gonna sit the war out now?"

"I have gone with Victor on occasion, yeah." Asher nods to Reena a little as he sits there all laid up and stuff. "But Drake hunting was never one of my passtimes, but of course I had to go along on some of the trips at least." He says with a little smile.

"Lady Johana?" Reena asks as she narrows her eyes to stare at the redhead. She was a little girl last time she saw the Ibrahm heir, about a decade ago. The youngest Khournas daughter kisses the top of her cousin's head and whispers, "Hold on Ash." She pushes Asher's cot over beside Johana's and parks it there, no doubt to the great consternation of the nurses. "Well look at this. All of us together," she quips. "Now all we need is a deck of cards and a bottle of whiskey!" At the sound of Thalo's voice her eyes glimmer almost predatorily for a moment. "Sir Thalo," she greets with a grin. "I'm sure you don't leave anywhere without some whiskey, hm? Come for your bandage change?"

Settled in the hospital bed with no obvious personal possessions around her, Johana reaches for the bedside tray/table that comes with every hospital room. On that tray is a large pink tub and some toiletries. Pulling out the comb, she runs her finger over the teeth and looks up as there seem to be others entering. Catching sight of a Cindravale, she waves to him, though it's the larger man who approaches first. "Hey Thalo," her voice is soft and she reaches her free hand out to brush over his hand in greeting. "Can't get rid of me that easily. I'll be back out there again as soon as I'm needed." Her tone says that's what'll happen no matter what.

With Reena pushing Asher over, she grins at both of them. "Cards and whiskey? That sounds like a party."

As the Cindravale Knight approaches the medical bed that Johana was assigned to, he sees the rather large knight that had also just arrived, recalling such a warrior during the ship boarding action. Acknowledging the Ibrahm's wave with a smile and nod, Erik holds his approach as the red head is joined by yet another, looking like another Khourni gathering. So for now, he holds his place, perhaps contemplating visiting at another time, not wanting to overwhelm the recovering patient with visitors.

Thalo looks to Reena and nods to her, "Yeah, yeah. Figured you'd be on me about that." He's likely going to regret his choice of words. He then offers a small smile to Ana, "Course you will. Ibrahm's don't let a little thing like massive injuries keep us out of the fight." He pulls his flask out, setting it near Johana's hand, "First swig goes to the most injured." By that logic, Reena won't get a swig for a while. Then he pulls off his jerkin, laying it over a chair, the shirt coming off next. He still has a bandage to cover the slice across his belly. Oh, and he still has all the muscles. Yup.

Asher is pushed next to Johana, appearantly, and he gives a little look at Reena then to the Ibrahm heir and he nods, "Johana. I guess we're neighbors now." he says with a little laugh, though that just gets a pained expression from him. "Sir Thalo." He adds with a nod to the knight who draws out the whiskey.

"Oh Thalo, when I'm on you, you'll know it," Reena quips with an almost purring tone. And there goes the shirt again. It is a good day to be alive. Reena gets up and she gives The Wall a little one handed shove towards the stool for him to sit. Obviously, unless he's suddenly unconscious, that dainty little shove is not going to move The Wall. She digs in a drawer for a clean bandage, tape, and antibiotic. "One swig, Ana. No more. Meds and all. Same for you Ash."

As soon as Erik is near enough, she motions him the rest of the way over, offering a warm smile. "Come join the party, you've met everyone already?" Knowing he had met Asher, not sure of the others she makes introductions. "Sir Erik Cindravale, this is Lady Reena Khournas and Sir Thalo Khorax. You remember Sir Asher Khournas." Looking up at Thalo, she motions to the other chair, in case he would like to have a seat. "Not a chance would we let anything stop us." Offering a much smaller fist to his for a fist bump while her free hand accepts the flask. "I always knew you loved me best." Giving him a cheeky smile, she opens the flask and without further ado, sips from it. The liquid burns her throat, but she passes it off to Asher immediately after, "There you are, neighbor." Flashing him a grin. Eyeing the bandage, trying not to laugh at the teasing between Reena and Thalo. "One swig." The Ibrahm repeats, settling her gaze on Erik again. "What do you have there?" That… something furry he's holding.

It appears that the decision has been made for Erik when Johana motions him closer, as it would be rude to reject the invitation once it was offered by another noble. Approaching the group, the Cindravale nods his head respectfully to those gathered, "Honored, Lady Reena, Sir Thalo." As for the Awakened Knight, he remembers him as well, a nod to the wounded man's direction as well, "Sir Asher." When the question is pressed upon him about what he has tucked away under his arm, he looks down and pulls out a plush bear with pink letters spelling out 'Get well soon.' sewn onto its belly, extending it towards Johana, "Certainly not as nice as what you gave me when I was laid up in the hospital, but it was on short notice."

See, Thalo should have known something like that would be said. He ahems a bit, and refrains from further comment. At the shove he decides it is the better part of valor to just sit. "Evening Sir Asher." he offers to the other man, bumping fists with Johana as he settles into the seat, "You know I do, Ana. Just remember that though, I may call that in sometime." He glances to Erik, nodding to the other night, "Nice work out there." he offers up. And then then there's a pink bear. Thalo just sort of blinks at it, then at Erik. "Huh…" And that's all he's got. He looks to Reena, "How many swigs do I get?"

Asher accepts the flask and takes a swig from it himself, before passing it on to Reena with a nod, "Just the one." he agrees to her and then glances slightly towards Erik and Johana, "Perhaps we should be giving them some privacy of their own?" he suggests, brow quirking up a little as he glances between Thalo and Reena.

"A pleasure, Sir Erik," Reena greets as she takes the flask and downs a swig before setting it aside. She grins as she turns and straddles one of Thalo's legs in lieu of another stool. It's probably bigger than the stools anyway. "That depends on how good of a patient you are," she notes to him as she snaps on a pair of sterile gloves and eases the tape off his bandaged stomach. "Or how well you bribe me," she adds with a wink. There is a reason she was given the byname of "Trouble" at the Academ.

Once her fist is bumped, Johana nods solemnly to Thalo. "I'd rather not ever have you that close to needing saved like you had to save me." Shuddering at the reminder, she remains somewhat serious a moment.. up until she's given a teddy bear with pink letters that tells her to get well soon. Aww! Eyes alight in delighted surprise, she accepts it, rubbing the softness against her cheek. "Thank you, Sir Erik, he's gorgeous!" Laughing, she places it on her lap and smirks in Asher's direction. "Not a chance, you're not getting away that easily, Asher." Unable to help herself, Ana watches the interaction between Thalo and Reena with an amused smile. "Who do you really think needs the room, Asher?"

The large knight's words is appreciated as Erik inclines his head to Thalo, "You as well, Sir, and there will be more to come." Soon. No other words are shared though as the Lady who is currently tending to the wounded seems to have found a rather comfortable spot on the large knight himself, an amused smirk appearing. He then shakes his head at Asher with a grin, "No need, Sir Asher, returning a favor and courtesy that the Lady Ibrahm had shown me before." The Cindravale finally turns his attention back to Johana, pleased that his choice in a get well gift finds heartfelt approval.

"Apparently privacy is overrated." Thalo muses as his leg gets used as a stool. That causes him to quirk a brow just a bit. He's pretty sure that Doctor's don't do that normally. "Uh.." Thalo is quite suave really. He needs to stop saying things to get himself into these situations, "I'm sure I'm being a good patient as it is. I came to get my bandage changed. I'm sitting here patiently while you work. That has to count in my favor." A glance is spared for Ana and Asher, gaze narrowing just a bit, "Keep talkin…"

Asher glances back to Johana, "I'm certain they can find a place for that if they fancy, Young Lady." he replies with a little smile, "But it is quite a noble gesture." He adds to the Cindravale knight, bowing his head, "You certainly live up to the ideals of your family."

Reena peels back the bandage and swipes around the small sutures with an antiseptic pad. She might be lingering a bit too long at that. Really she's just being thorough, honest. She chuckles softly at the teasing from the others, but it would seem the young woman has no shame. "Oh please, you go through gory bloody battles and this makes you want to send me to a private room? Chickens," she scoffs. Antibiotic gets applied as she grins at Thalo. "After I'm done you can have your flask back."

"I'm sure they can. Khourni are very… industrious." With amusement still in her voice as she speaks to Asher, the words from Thalo only reinforcing it. Only when Erik mentions a favor and courtesy does Johana snap her attention back to the Cindravale. "Ohh.. since I visited you, you felt obligated to return the favor and courtesy. I thank you then, for returning the debt."

A grin with a touch of arrogance and a lot of pride is offered back to Asher from the Cindravale who is apparently rather proud of the ideals that his House is known for. "You honor me with your words, Sir, thank you." It is certainly something that was instilled into him from youth and one he is more than willing to uphold. However, it is Johana's words that has Erik shifting his gaze back to the Ibrahm, "A debt I am happy to return, My Lady, I assure you."

Thalo appears confused. It's pretty obvious by the look on his face. It's a 'Huh?' look. Brow raised a bit to go with it. Yeah, that look. So he just nods a bit and looks to Reena, "Good, don't want you all drinkin' my good whiskey. That's my battle whiskey." He waits patiently while his cut is worked on. It's not that bad really, solid score from a blade, but it didn't go that deep. "Spear wieldin' bastard." he mutters faintly. Apparently someone thinks spears are lame. "So…Sir Erik…Where did you find…that…" he indicates the pink fluffy thing, "With all the chaos of of a war starting?" Seems like a valid question.

Asher bows his head to Erik a little from where he sits and he looks over towards Thalo and Reena "I'm suprised their spear was able to punch through your thick hide, Sir Thalo." He adds, "Must have been an exceptionally lucky Hostile.

"If the Hostile aimed at his thick head, there wouldn't be a scratch." Reena finally places a clean gauze piece over The Wall's wound and tapes it back up. She reaches over and reclaims his flask, holding it in front of him. "I'm out of lollipops, Thalo. This will have to do for my very best patient today." She's made no move to get off his leg though, grinning like a Cheshire cat. She might even yank it away when he reaches for it. "I do seem to have a lack of bribes from you though."

With a quick grin, Johana nods to Erik, always so proper. "Then thank you, Sir Erik, I do adore the little thing." Picking it up again, she turns it to face Thalo when he mentions it too. "Isn't it so cute?" Tipping her head to the side, she smirks. "Battle whiskey, Thalo? If that's the case I bet you have another flask of it somewhere on you." Lowering the little bear again, she looks at Reena and laughs, enjoying how she seems to be teasing the Knight.

"I have my sources, Sir, need not worry." The Cindravale answers the large knight, apparently keeping his methods close, "Certainly doesn't compare to the luxuries that Lady Ibrahm showed up with." Erik then looks back to Johana and grins when he sees that she is indeed happy with the little plush toy, he certainly wouldn't be caught dead with that thing with him.

Thalo eyes the flask, then Reena, then the flask. And then Ana for a moment, smirking at her, "Yeah, my other one's in a slot in my armor." Yup, he custom built his armor with a slot for his battle fask(s). So here he is, one of the biggest Knights in the realm, with his other battle flask being held hostage by Reena, who is sitting on his leg. Oh, and The Wall is topless, having had a fresh bandage applied to his abdomen. He's sitting next to the bed that Johana is in, and Asher's bed is next to that one. Sir Erik is there too, talking to Johana. Oh, and Johana has a fluffy pink bear that definitely came from someone here, since she's all bedridden. So anyway, back to the good stuff. Thalo, left to decide between reaching for the flask and just giving in to whatever this bribe is finally says, "Hmmm…I could promise never to get into details about how hard it was to rain you to shoot an arrow?"

Reena's mouth drops open. "Oh Thalo, I was nine and you were my first crush. I was pretending to be terrible so you'd keep putting those big old arms around me. Why else would I have put up with your terms of training endearment like wobble arms and chicken legs," she retorts, poking him in a bicep to emphasize her words. "Also that's a threat not a bribe." She takes a drink from the flask instead of handing it over. "Try again." She flits a wink at Johana, Asher, and Erik, clearly enjoying torturing The Wall.

"Luxuries?" Johana counters Erik's words with a quick flashing grin. "Something like that." With the bear still in her hands, she does briefly wonder where he got, but is by far too polite to ask him. Instead though, she looks back at Thalo and Rheena. "Was he your first crush? He was my first hero, saved my life. I owe it to him, actually." And for the first time, the Ibrahm seems serious when she speaks about it. Catching the wink, she smiles in return. "So it was all a ruse, learning how to shoot an arrow?"

With the High Lord occupied in Khournas, the duty of checking on the wounded has apparently fallen to Anabethe. She's made her way to the Ring and found herself the infirmary, where she leans against a door and crosses her arms loosely over her chest, smirking at the congregation of wounded. "So what, now no one tells me when we move the clubhouse?" she drawls.

The tortoring of the Wall is noted, in amusement of course, as Erik glances back to the rather large knight that is being anchored into place by the smaller lady who was tending to him. With the new arrival to the area where the Khourni have gathered, the lone Cindravale takes note of Anabethe and bows his head respectfully, unsure of how to greet her at the moment.

So. Incredibly. Awkward. Thalo just sits there, eyeing Reena, then he looks over to Johana. "I wasn't your first crush also then?" He inquires with a quriked brow. Then his attention shifts back to Reena, "Fair enough. That was a threat." What do you really expect from a man whose also known as Spinecrusher (even if The Wall is a more common name). He's given a brief reprieve when Anabethe enters. He saved her life too, maybe she will save him from the awkwardness. "Bribery is not my strong suit, Reena." And no, he's not blushing yet.

Oh dear, big sister has arrived. Not that Anabethe's presence stalls Reena's campaign one bit. "Then, I'll give you back your flask, Thalo, for…" She looks up, tapping her chin with a finger as she ponders her fee. "…a kiss." She grins, a wicked grin indeed.

The arrival of Anabethe is noted first and Johana offers her a smile as she bows her head."My Lady Anabethe. The clubhouse seems to follow Asher around.. I think he's the leader this week." There's a flash of a smile, but she's unable to rise to greet her. "This is Sir Erik Cindravale." Beside her on the bed is a little plush bear that says get well soon. Sensing Thalo's awkwardness, she eases up on the teasing and shakes her head. "Oh definitely not my first crush.. but then again it's never the first that's most important is it? It's the last one that matters." Okay, maybe she is still teasing him after all. At the mention of the kiss, Johana definitely looks over unabashedly… waiting to see if the payment is going to be given, glancing at Erik a brief second.

"Reena," Anabethe laughs, grin flashing as she steps into the room. "If you break the Wall, who're we supposed to get to take his place in the shield wall? Even we don't breed many that big." She winks to the knight, then nods to Johana. "Awful lot of Khourni in here," she notes, nodding to Erik as well. "You all forget to bring your shields, or was it that bad?"

When the fee is boldly requested, Erik looks surprised but remains silent, a glance over to Johana catching her doing the same in his direction and his amused smirk returns. There will be no interruptions from the Cindravale, nor any comments. When it comes to the subject of wounds though, he laughs and speaks up about the engagement against the Hostiles, "It wasn't an easy task, taking out that ship, but I don't think anyone assumed it was going to be a walk in the park, My Lady." Interesting enough, of all the Khourni present, it is the Cindravale that is not wounded this time.

Thalo eyes Anabethe for a moment, "See if I save you from another kidnapping." And then he looks back to Reena, "A kiss?" A glance is spared for Erik and Johana. Yup. They just made his list. "That's what you want as a bribe?" He hrms quietly, looking to Anabethe, "Think your parents will have me flogged for it?" Apparently he's not concerned about the other siblings. Odd. There are a lot of them. Knights. Lots of Knights.

"All the more reason for kisses from the good Sir Thalo, Beth," Reena quips, "I imagine breeding them bigger for Khournas would be a dangerous but very rewarding mission." Run, Thalo, run. She grins at Thalo again. "It's a kiss or this goes back to my quarters with me, and you'll need to come fetch it there." She dangles the flask out of reach.

"I definitely didn't take a shield, not about to carry one and swing my sword with both hands." Johanna tells Beth. Catching Erik's eye when he glances at her, she lifts her shoulders then looks back to Thalo and Reena, almost wide eyed as Reena keeps teasing him relentlessly. For her part, she's fallen silent now, not really sure what to say.

Anabethe reaches out to snatch the flask out of Reena's dangling grasp, smirking back at Thalo. "I think that's your problem if you're dumb enough to tell them," she informs the knight. "Really, Reena, if you have to resort to stealing a man's liquor to get a kiss, I'm afraid you're losing your edge." She looks to Johana and Erik then, a bit more serious. "Looking forward to hearing how it all went down. Glad you all made it back, though. I heard it was rough."

Hearing the words from Reena, Erik can't help but shake his head slightly at just how bold and daring the Khourni Lady is with that particular knight. Perhaps it is also his cue to excuse himself from this intimate gathering, his Cindravale senses perhaps having him feel slightly out of place. "Well, My Lady Johana, I will leave you to your rest and hope to see you recover faster than it took me." Erik's wound that day was certainly much worse than what the Ibrahm had received. Before departing, the Cindravale does nod to Anabethe, "I am sure one of the knights here will be more than willing to regale you with the tale of our battle on board that Hostile ship, My Lady."

When Erik mentions leaving, Johana offers a smile. "Thank you for coming, Sir Erik. I enjoyed your company. Thank you for the good wishes and the stuffed animal. Have a good evening." Laying back in her bed now, she can only watch the three remaining in amusement, though her eyes are getting heavy. The medicine at work!

Thalo eyes Anabethe with a narrow eyed glare and then offers a faint smirk, "So now these are my options?" Welp, stalling has run its course. And apparently Anabethe isn't going to help him out here, nor is Johana. So the Wall meets Trouble, or leans in to anyway. He goes in for the kiss. Now it's up to her. Can't expect him to do all the work, can you?

Thalo eyes Anabethe with a narrow eyed glare and then offers a faint smirk, "Well Beth, can't say you never did anything for me." Still, being a man true to a deal, Reena gets a quick kiss on the cheek. That counts! "Now if you'll excuse me my ladies of Khournas." He clears his throat a bit, "I've got a squad of green Knights to train…" And even though she's sitting on him, he starts to shift to rise.

"Dammit Beth, this is much, much worse than when you'd knock over my sandcastles as a kid," Reena mutters as her sibling takes the flask. Oh dear, as she's displaced, her expression goes icy. "Well, I am left to believe that Sir Thalo finds me wholly unattractive. Pity." She gets up and smirks at Beth and Ana. "I think it's time for me to get my beauty sleep. I obviously am in need of it," She bites out as she turns on a booted heel to stalk off.

Yeesh, she stalks off even with the kiss on the cheek. The Knight sighs and rises, "Never said unattractive…" he then looks to Johana, patting her hand once, "Rest up, we've got a war coming." And then he nods to Beth, moving for the exit in Reena's wake it would seem.

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