Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth as Godric Leonnida
Full Name: Godric Leonnida
Byname: None
Age: 29
Planet: Imperius, the First World
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Leonnida
Title/Profession: Young Lord Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: Lizbett Leonnida (d. 3012) Height: 6'6"
Father: Sir Peter Leonnida Weight: 230
Mother: {$mother} Hair Color: Dark Blond
Siblings: Unnamed First Son (d. 3013), Aisling, Quinn, Others Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Godric Leonnida is the second born son and child of Peter Leonnida, head of House Leonnida in the Southern Wilds. A hale and hearty babe, he came into the world with a great deal of bellowing bluster and has not let up since then. Deadly politics of the family aside, it is a wonder he didn’t die in childhood; senseless courage and a tactile way of interacting with the world around him led him to numerous accidents. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, as the saying goes, however, and that is certainly true of Godric. Solid genetics, a gift for athleticism and a passion for the military arts all contributed to turn the lad into a mountain of muscle.

As all Leonnida children are potential heirs, Godric was not spared other aspects of an education beyond the martial. He learned a bit of administration, some history and lore about the Hostiles, etiquette, and, of course how to hunt. Being of only average intelligence, however, many of these lessons found more fertile ground in his other siblings, with hunting being a major exception. From childhood, the only thing Godric enjoyed more than hunting was his hunting dogs. To this day, he is passionate about hounds and spends as much time around them as he does around people. He has even begun to develop something of a reputation as a breeder.

By the time he was knighted at the age of 18, Godric was a rising military star, placing well in tournaments, particularly the melee, where he got to use his favorite weapon, the great sword. Boisterous and uncomplicated, he made friends easily and displayed a kind of wholesome guilelessness that made him increasingly popular. At twenty, he secured himself a position as an aide to a captain, a logical step toward learning to better command men and to climb the military ladder. Unfortunately, his eldest sibling took notice of all these things.

Godric survived three attempts on his life by the time he was twenty-four. Though he was as yet unaware of which sibling was behind the attacks (or indeed if the same sibling was responsible for all), they began to shape his character is subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Paranoia began to take root in his soul, causing him to grow more alert on the one hand and more irrational and distrustful on the other. He also took increasing comfort in physical pleasures: food, wine, and especially those pleasures offered by the fairer sex.

Perhaps in an effort to stem the hedonistic impulses, at twenty-five years of age, Godric was married to the daughter of a troublesome vassal, part of his father’s package of appeasement. Though he was dispassionate about the marriage at first, however, he grew to respect and even love his wife in time. After two years of marriage, she was pregnant with their first child. The pregnancy was hard on Lizabet, and she was confined to her bed for much of it. And so, as a surprise to lift her spirits, he arranged a litter to be made ready to take her for a trip through the forests she loved so dearly. It was all the new opportunity Godric’s older brother needed.

While the couple and their small retinue were moving along under a steep escarpment, an avalanche of logs and stones came pouring down upon them. Lizabet, the unborn child and both of the retainers were killed instantly when the litter was crushed. Godric was stuck with his hand pinned beneath a boulder, unable to move the great stone. He waited for two days for help to arrive and on the third, close to dying of thirst, he cut off his own hand to escape. A woodcutter found him, delirious, shortly thereafter, wandering the woods and roaring like a maddened lion. After patching him up as best he could, he sent word to the castle and a party was sent to collect Godric on his 28th birthday.

Newly widowed and sporting a cybernetic hand, Godric has had to relearn how to fight in the past year, a task has thrown himself into with all the passion of a man who needs a lifeline. Once he deemed his skills sufficient he entered his older brother’s room and murdered him. It was artless and brutal. Family staff still whisper about the sheer amount of blood on the walls and floor, and about the locket bearing a miniature of Lizabet that was left on the chest of the beheaded corpse.

The message was clear. Godric was in the game because there was no escaping it. His elder brother may have been far more intelligent, political and cunning, but in the end, the brain can’t stop a great sword to the neck and a smart man bleeds as much as anyone else. The family motto, as Godric is fond of pointing out, is, after all: “Only the STRONGEST.”


Godric is a strong personality, loud and boisterous with a penchant for telling the truth even at the cost of delicacy. In direct opposition to this honesty, he is also something of a braggart, known to exaggerate his own exploits for the sake of a good story. Nonetheless he seems to be a good spirit, if a somewhat paranoid one. He is outgoing, known to be popular among the men and women of his company in the military, ready to drink, wench, gamble and eat with the best of them.


This big, blond man stands tall at six feet and six inches, with a barrel chest and a meaty, muscular build. His face is broad and open, set with a square jaw, cleft chin and a generous mouth, prone to smiling. Blond stubble, like newly harvested wheat covers his flat cheeks and the sharp line of his jawbone. His eyes are a guileless blue, a colorful contrast to the dark blond hair that frames his face like a mane.

He wears a doublet of dark blue velvet, an ornate lion, paw raised in defiance depicted in gold thread across the front of the garment. It is open at the throat this moment, revealing a laced white shirt beneath and a bit of hair from the top of his chest. Trousers of a metallic gold color encase his legs, shimmering with hints of blue, green and purple in certain light. They disappear into a pair of tall black leather boots.

He is missing his left hand, a cybernetic implant extending in its place from the sleeve of his his doublet.


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Quinn Lady Sir Quinn Leonnida : Quinn is one of Godric's younger siblings and they share a bond over their love of hunting. Of course, hunting is such a dangerous pastime, and in House Leonnida sometimes the prey is Lion.
Cambric Lord Sir Cambric Leonnida : Cousin.
Kirra Kirra Strathyre : Kirra is the head of security for Godric's sister Aisling. He imagines she'd probably be great in the sack.

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