03.13.3014: Glorious Days
Summary: Alistair and Esmeia discuss politics, of all things!
Date: 6th December 2013
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The Quad, The Academ, Landing
This is just one of the many quads scattered throughout the Academ — even if it is one of the largest. It is truly nothing more than a stretched of neatly manicured lawn that is divided up with concrete pathways that strategically lead toward little clusters of stone benches. At the center of the quad is a magificent, hectagonal basin with a tall enough rim to allow people to sit and relax before the water. This quad lays before the grand tower of the Imperius Library - a tall, looming spire with a stained-glass crown. There are various buildings also attached to this quad that host a variety of scholarly schools and classrooms.
March 13th 3014

Afternoon on the Quad, students are slowly trickling back into the groove from Spring Break. Alistair Hartcliffe, wearing Leonnidan yellow and blue, is leaving a meeting with some professor or another. Probably a guest lecture for some unsuspecting PoliSci class. He's got a thermos of coffee and seems to be taking in the sunlight. Thank goodness for clear, Spring days.

Presumably it's between classes for the time being, as a torrent of student bodies pours forth from the nearby buildings and promptly scatter amid a steady chorus of bustle and clamour. Quite startling, most likely, for anyone not used to it. Then again, why would anyone unused to the activity be here?

Ahh, glorious clear days indeed. There's at least one other within the swiftly dissipating crowd that pauses to glance upward and offer a bright smile at the pleasant afternoon. Attired considerably less ostentatiously than some of her comrades - who break away now in a pirouetting dance of called farewells and blown kisses - the Lady Esmeia wears a dress of simple style and hue, betrayed only in the quality of cloth as anything special at all.

Having drawn to a halt, letting the stream of her peers flow by as it begins to wane, the young noblewoman casts her gaze absentmindedly over her surroundings. Maybe most her age wouldn't recognise a Senator, but she plainly does. Or so one might assume, going by the swift altering of course and prompt to movement once more to carry her into Alistair's path. A pity she seems afflicted by a limp, for her gait is otherwise all light and grace.

Ever alert of his surroundings, Alistair takes note of the movement his direction. After all, this is campaign season, even a Senator from the Roar might get heckled. Though he's not truly hated by many, the bleeding heart Dove that he is. He sips from his coffee and offers the woman a friendly smile and nod. "Nothing quite like a spring morning in the quad." He seems to be determining her status. A nod would technically suffice, but he usually goes the extra distance for etiquette's sake.

The little blonde hardly looks the type for heckling, and if she has a plackard it's very well hidden about her person. Returning the smile cheerfully as she comes to stand a respectable distance from the older man, Esmeia then extends a hand in a more proper gesture of polite greeting, inclining her head. "That I cannot argue with, Senator. Good day to you." Though her voice is amiable and expression kind, there's a certain clipped air to her manner of speaking. Very proper. "I do not wish to disturb you overlong, I assure you. Merely to offer introduction and my best wishes for the forthcoming campaign. Lady Esmeia Rovehn."

If he has any knowledge of the vassal house, perhaps he might recognise the name of their youngest daughter. If not, no matter; she continues on regardless. "What brings you to the Academ on such a fine afternoon? Seeking to convert the younger masses?" There's a mischievous quirk of her lips with the words, clearly implying her jest.

Returning her smile, the two-term Senator from the Vale is quite well-versed in the noble houses, especially those on his continent. There's at least a recognition of the name as he offers her a polite half-bow. "Lady Esmeia, a pleasure." He smiles and turns to look back to the building. "My thanks on the well-wishes. And I seek less to convert than to empower today. Either that or bore a room full of freshman thru an hour long nap." He chuckles a bit, sipping from his lifeline thermos of coffee. "So…typical Academ questions for you. What year and what's your major?"

"Third, and Genetic Zoology." is the prompt reply to a question she's likely very well used to. Not a particularly surprising major for a Rovehn, really. "Though I myself particularly enjoyed my studies in PoliSci." Alright, that one is a touch more unusual. And judging from a vaguely knowing smile, she's aware of it. "I am certain you only lost, oh.. perhaps a third of them to slumber. Their own loss." One narrow shoulder rises and falls in a light shrug. "Moreso now than ever, young people ought to be taking genuine interest in who holds the puppet-strings of power in the system. Alas, they seem rather more enthralled with which club ought to be attended, according to some night-by-night schedule I've yet to come entirely to grips with."

Tossing her fair hair back with an absent, habitual gesture, Esmeia tilts her head a little to one side, adopting a stance of gentle enquiry. "If you do not mind my asking, Senator, how do you feel you are faring, thus far, against your would-be opponents?" No doubt, if her words are anything to go by, she has seen the news. But what better source than a real, in the flesh politician?

Alistair notes with a brow quirk her interest in PoliSci. Even when he went to Academ, that was weird for everyone. Everyone. Though perhaps he was just a lightweight who found little interest in partying. "It's hard to take interest in a system run by those who still see students as children." The Senator says, though he obviously agrees with her sentiment. "I remember doing voter registration drives…we handed out bottle openers. Doves - the best party on campus." He chuckles at the memory.

And then the loaded question. Not unexpected, for sure. Perhaps the Senator could give a vague, political non-answer, but that's not his style. He'll smile and give it a thought. "Well, polls, if those are to believed, have me holding the slimmest of leads." He pauses, a bit of a sparkle in his eye. "Though I remain confident. It's wartime, and people are scared. I tend to believe they'll see what's in their best interests on Election Day."

"Quite." Esmeia's warm smile betrays her approval of the Senator's understanding, where 'children' are concerned. "Old enough to wed and forge alliances, but not granted enough benefit of doubt to be have our opinions considered of any weight. Rather infuriating." She listens with a faint expression of amusement to Alistair's recollection of his own Academ days - wow, how long ago that must have been! - before nodding in assent and speaking further. "I suppose all the most sincere of us can do is to lead by example.. and remain hopeful."

The mention of the polls does rouse a soft chuckle from the noblewoman, one arm adjusting the wrap in which it holds a few slender books against her midsection. Biology textbooks, by the look of them. "I believe you have every right to be confident in your success. People are frightened.. and when they are afraid, they look for a decisive voice to speak their minds for them." Despite her humor of a moment ago, in this Esmeia seems most attentive, blue eyes steadily regarding the politician. "You, I think, would do so. Rather than others who might surreptitiously seek their own gain in the shadow of the War."

"It's an eternal conundrum." Alistair says thoughtfully, considering his Academ days weren't that long ago. "My interns have equal voice to my staff in the war-room. Some may call it folly, but a Senator once took such a chance for me." He sips more from the coffee. Knowing he's being studied, Alistair nods a bit. "I can only try and hope to achieve the best for my fellows. The people shall decide."

"I hope that your interns take full advantage of their fortunate positions, then." replies the young lady, seeming to mean it. Her expression likewise turns thoughtful for a moment, before the musing is dismissed by another bright smile. "Though my kin may remain comparatively quiet on many matters, know that at least one Rovehn takes keen interest in how things will play out over the coming months." A politically-minded Rovehn? Well, there's a novelty. "For the moment, however, I shall leave you to your business, Senator. It was a most genuine pleasure to make your acquaintance." She really does seem something of a traditionalist, this one.. every word seems carefully chosen and elegantly put forth, regardless of how simple the sentiment. Old beyond her years, or just assuming the ideal of her role? Difficult to say, with regard to any young noble.

Offering her a low bow, Alistair nods. "Some even have been known to give up their titles." He says, referring to a current candidate, probably a distant cousin of Esmeia's who did just that. "It was a pleasure, my Lady. Ever need to pick a Dove's brain, my office in the Senate Tower is open."

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