08.10.3013: Glide Talk
Summary: Densoric returns the favor by giving Viannea a tour of Nubilus' best view.
Date: 10 Aug. 2013 (Part 1)
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TP Room used, set inside the cabin of a small tourism glider.
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Aug. 10 3013

The timing finally works out for returning the favor. The morning after guestright was extended, Lord Densoric Larent catches up with Lady Viannea Peake and offers to take her on the tour over the clouds and promises this time they won't get lost.

Viannea had been gone for a bit this morning only to return as quietly as she left, her whereabouts a mystery. Densoric's promised tour (and the following promise that they won't get lost) is readily accepted, her mood as bright as the sunrise over the clouds can be. "I do look forward to seeing it all through your eyes," she comments lightly, her tone as cheerful as her expression is.

Densoric nods and gestures to one of the nearest, and better glider tour areas. After a bit of a walk from the Sky Palace Densoric actually uses his status as a Larent to get a small glider where the two of them can have a tour alone and without a tour guide. Leaving only the two of them and the pilot in one of the smaller tourist gliders. Once inside of the cabin Densoric gestures for Via to sit where she wishes then sits near enough so he doesn't have to shout, close enough to the windows to see out to explain the views, while also allowing her to sit as close to the windows as she's comfortable with. As they take off and start out over the clouds Densoric waits for a more dramatic affect and makes sure Via is looking out the windows as the towers of the curtain wall around Summit looms, "This has always been my favorite view, it is hard to replicate." then gesturing to the window with perfect timing the curtain wall rises up to block the view out, and then in moments drops down and it isn't long before the entire view outside is a seemingly endless 'landscape' of clouds that cannot be peered through and the blue sky above. There is an endless sea of puffy white everywhere in seemingly no time, the rising sun in the distance, nearly fully above the clouds on the horizon, a thin crest of color on the edge of the clouds of the horizon as Densoric says, "THIS is Nubilus My Lady."

Lady Vi is not used to flying and perhaps even prefers to keep her feet on the ground, hence her sudden welling of nerves once she realizes they're about to take off. Holding on tight to whatever's available, she holds her breath until the view is able to be taken in and she finds herself distracted by it. "It… is lovely," she breathes out softly before affording Densoric a smile, her nervousness ebbing. "I need to get out of my house more… we have beauty but I miss so much of it because I keep myself at our keep so often…"

Densoric nods and says, "I understand, prior to attending Academ I never traveled beyond Nubilus, mostly SUmmit myself. But Landing opened my eyes to more beauty then I expected and I have learned to appreciate what I can find. A sea of green above the canopy of Arborenin Woods, the clear lake and glowing life of the depths of Khar-Mardune, the gardens and courtyards of Landing… There is much beauty to be found. The Ways are more of a wonder then many allow themselves to realize, they are a great wonder."

As the glider turns to follow the rough curve of the curtain wall giving virtually an endless view of the clouds as Densoric smiles softly at the view and says, "THAT" gesturing with his hand, "Is the Cloud Ocean as I like to call it. It covers the entire moon like a blanket, the clouds interrupted sporadically here and there by 'islands' of mountain peaks and plateaus. Though admittedly most of the plateaus have settlements atop them. Mostly there is little beyond titanium mines beyond Summit." He then looks back to Via smiling softly and asks, "I suppose I've corrupted you now, are you going to be able to go back home after seeing this view?" winking teasingly.

The sights are looked at as Densoric points them out, Viannea's gaze darting here and there as each new detail is made mention of. "It is so breath taking," she sighs, her mind reeling from the vastness of it. There's a paause then and she looks to Den, her expression fond. "Khar-Mordune has its own beauty," she points out with a light laugh. "And I'd miss it if I were to live elsewhere. But that'd be expected, I suppose." One can not live their entire life somewhere and not miss if if they're to move, after all.

Densoric nods and says, "It depends on how well one marries, and you did well to show off the beauty of Khar-Mardune, getting lost might have even improved that view truth be told. Though on a more personal matter I must commend you for your rationality and kindness in regards to my Lord Cousin. Too many would be lost to an attractive face and would have accepted his talk of a petition for Courting or Betrothal without thinking of the consequences. I know of some who have suffered such, and one couple especially didn't end well for them. But that aside I still commend you for keeping a level head on your shoulders, its a trait too often lacking in our generation it seems, male or female. Though I suppose that was proven already with our mutual acquaintance." He doesn't name names, but given what he just said its fairly obvious he means ANtaeus.

Viannea sighs and blushes a bit, her body turned slightly so she can look out the window more fully while hopefully hiding her red cheeks by letting the light from outside hit her face. "As tempting as it was to accept your cousin's offer right then and there I knew I couldn't and not just out of the desire to be… level headed." Her hands are now clasped before her, fingers laced together, her shoulders slightly tense. "It is hard to explain so forgive me if I refrain from trying, Lord Densoric." She looks at him again and smiles.

Densoric nods and asks, "You enjoy his company and find him attractive I'd imagine. Though admittedly its not something I am overly good at. I have nothing against love matches, and forgive me for being a bit blunt, but I get the impression that Lord Antaeus at least is heavily infatuated and is being guided by that instead of a rational mind. As i said, tempting or not, you are least have enough of a level head to realize you need to think of something more then infatuation, or love. And that I respect, but then I have been effectively conditioned to not fall to infatuation or love, instead allowing myself to remain more level-headed then emotional but I know well few have that kind of conditioning."

"I am a romantic. And your home does nothing to help with that," comes a very honest statement about herself. If there's one thing that can be said about Vi it is that she has no problem picking herself apart in an effort to be honest. "It took a lot for me to keep myself under control." There's no comment made about Antaeus or if she finds him attractive or not although it probably is pretty obvious that she finds him to be soft on the eyes by how she chews her lower lip when Densoric broaches the subject. "You're very pleasant to look at yourself," is what she does say.

Densoric nods to Via and says, "I can understand that. And yes I'm aware of my flaws and my strengths and there are reasons for it all, but I am self-aware enough to know them. And it seems you are at least somewhat self-aware yourself, if not fully. And thank you for the compliment, but I'm aware of my position enough to know my chances, especially compared to the physical and political advantages of my cousins collectively and individually. I still thank you all the same for the compliment." smiling softly. He then adds after a brief pause, "Though I can see why my Lord Cousin would be so infatuated as well, I was being honest when I compared you to the beauty of the earth and the natural beauty of caverns and the like. You very much are like a glowing flower growing to greatness under the ground. Though if you will forgive me for being a bit forward I'd say that now you have grown so well you should come out into the light more so more can enjoy your beauty as well." as he remains in his seat, basically sitting beside her, though he is obviously being very careful to minimize physical contact with her, and if he's being truthful about how beautiful he thinks she is, he may well be making an effort to keep his hands to himself.

Viannea tucks a bit of hair behind an ear as she shakes her head, grinning. "I am a flower with scarred up shins and knees and elbows that are almost perpetually scraped up," she points out with a sad smile. "But thank you very much." She leans her head back and closes her eyes, almost as if dozing. "I am only just coming into myself as a lady," she points out then. "And I mean lady as in an woman, not a noble. I have always been a tomboy, always will be. But I'm trying to be… well, something a bit more than that."

Densoric nods and says, "Scrapes matter little compared to the heart or soul My Lady. Besides a 'tomboy' tends to make a superior knight. Such women, Lady or not, is more likely to enter battle and do what must be done then obsess over their looks, nails, or the like. And if that leaves you moe at a disadvantage in political or diplomatic matters then who better to look to for a husband when the time comes?"

She was following until the end but the last loses her and she finds her head angled to the side, poised in confusion. "How would my not being of a diplomatic or political mind make me better suited to look for a husband?" Did Densoric mean that it'd make it easier to follow her heart instead or was there another meaning behind his words. "I am sorry if my not understanding makes me sound ignorant. I just want to make sure I am on the same page as you."

Densoric smiles softly, almost affectionately and says, "True ignorance comes from not asking My Lady. I was simply saying that if politics and diplomacy is your shortcoming then you simply seek a husband that is skilled in such matters. That way the two of you together are stronger all around. I imagine its akin to a group of soldiers balancing each other out by having those better at one task focus on that and another focus on another task."

"I see, now. Thank you for explaining that to me." Vi takes a deep breath and looks out the window again, watching as the clouds flow under them. "Politics are best left for those who care about them, I've learned. Seeing as my sister and father are the ones in our family who needs to deal with that sort of thing, I focus on all things martial instead." Her mouth curls up in a smile, this time one that reaches her eyes.

Densoric nods and says, "Lady Veryna is very much the martial type herself, though Lady Ariana and myself seem to be the more political of the Larents… Well my Lady Aunt Nefanwy as well but she has married into another family."

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