Glenna Blair
Lily Collins
Lily Collins as Glenna Antonia Blair
Full Name: Glenna Antonia Blair
Byname: Toni (according to her insufferable brothers)
Age: 20
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Leonidda
Title/Profession: Citizen
Position: Intern to Senator Hartcliffe
Spouse: None Height: 5'6"
Father: Aaron Blair Weight: 125
Mother: Cecily Blair Hair Color: Brown with golden highlights
Siblings: Trevor James, Kyle Allen Eye Color: Hazel
Children: None


Glenna Blair is the third child, having two older brothers. Her parents are Aaron, a foot soldier in House Leonnida, and Cecily Blair. They had a small home and farm they would all tend while Aaron served the House. Her brothers were groomed for service as soldiers like their father; and, while she was of a more studious nature, she enjoyed tagging along with them on their adventures, under the watchful eyes of both parents and her pair of annoying, overbearing but deeply adored brothers.

The entire family would go hunting and fishing, indeed any outdoor activities, as well as participate in many athletic endeavors. Glenna was particularly talented at, and fond of playing, volleyball. The family enjoyed playing it when they all gathered. It was a warm and loving way to grow up.

As she watched her brothers go off to join their father, doing their duties as soldiers, she would help her mother on the family farm, along with other aunts, uncles, and cousins. Often, they would give a part of their farms bounty to Meals of the Mother (M.O.M.), believing that service was not only to the House they supported but to the people who supported the House as well.

As a result of this upbringing, and watching plants grow and thrive on the family farm, there grew in her a love of the land and a desire to make it more productive. When the time came, she applied for and was accepted for a course of studies at the Academ in the field of Botany. Her first year there wasn't exceptional scholastically. In what free time she had, she also participated in one of the women's volleyball leagues amongst her fellow students, garnering the interest of one of the professional leagues. She was tempted; but decided to continue her education rather than become a professional athlete.

During her second year of studies, she took an electives course in Political Science, there discovering a need in her to further serve the people, after an especially stirring seminar sponsored by Alistair Hartcliffe. She chose then, to take on an additional course of studies, now carrying a dual major in both Botany and Economics. Her third year of studies saw her beginning to excel in her studies, stretching herself further as well by participating in different community service and political action groups. Now, in her fourth year of studies, she's about to make her final decisions in exactly how she will use this education: Will she seek a political career in the world at large or will she return to her home upon completion of studies and use her education there? Or will she continue her studies? For now, she's interning for Senator Hartcliffe, while finishing her time at Academ.


Brown hair kissed by the sun with golden highlights falls to her shoulders; hazel eyes regard the world from a heart-shaped face with a small, pert nose over full lips. Today, she wears a dark green tunic (sleeves rolled to her elbows) belted at the waist over a pair of dark leather pants and comfortable walking shoes. No jewelry is worn and only a light dusting of a pale lip gloss touches her lips. A satchel is slung over her right shoulder, stuffed full with books and papers.


Allergic to Bee Stings
Inquisitive - If it sparks her interest, she's just about bound and determined to check it out.
Passionate about caring for the land If it has anything to do with farming, land conservation, etc., she's avid about it.

Musical Inspiration

[Anything Is Possible]

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Known Associates

Alistair Alistair Hartcliffe : He's the Senator, she's the intern
Solon Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale : Of interest to the Senator, and a very kind and noble gentleman.
Garus Lord Sir Garus Leonnida : He has approved the plan of her pet project. Kudos. Noble to a fault.

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