10.19.3013: Gifts and potential for the future
Summary: Densoric answers an invite to talk with a friend and meets her new sister as well.
Date: 25 September 2013
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Grand Courtyard
The topmost pole of the central sphere of the Ring is occupied solely by the seat of House Orelle. It looks like a small domed city, sprawling with a diameter of several kilometers. Sleek and graceful buildings have been erected within this spacious area, allowing for actual thoroughfares instead of the typical walkways and corridors of the rest of the station. These structures include the Guest Residences and the House Library. At the center of the dome is the Spire of Leonara — named for the first High Lord of House Orelle, Leonardo Orelle. It is almost luminous with a pristine white exterior interrupted by panoramic windows and the occasional terrace.

Surrounding the Spire is the Grand Courtyard. Each quadrant of the Courtyard supports its own unique garden and seating. Fascinating, if not a bit strange, pieces have been gifted to the Orelles for their courtyard, including the hovering Fountain of Erra, whose geometric shapes float above a round pool, spilling water over their unique facets with mathematical precision.

October 19, 3013

The Grand Courtyard is climate controlled. The weather pleasant and unshifting. Everything is clean, neat and well tended to. Which does contrast with some of the Orelle labs. People walk through the Courtyard, debating and chatting. A couple of pleased looking fellows walk out of the library, their treasures in hand. There's a lecture on the far end, of a man and a couple of grad students. Otherwise, things are peaceful.

But there is a Talayla here and she does invite Densoric and Bianka to visit. They might want to visit the Orelle and hang out. Why not? She's trying to be social. She seems at a loss, a small black kitten sitting on the table by the fountain with her. Barton is off walking Brave, more than likely. For now, she sits and thinks, with her kitty in a loaf on the table. It amazes her how even a kitten can master the loaf form.

Densoric responds to the call and approaches the guards, handing over his sheathed arming sword even as he walks up, he knows the routine by now after all. As he is responding to a call this time instead of requesting things himself it isn't long before he is allowed past, heading towards Talayla and says, "Curious, I would have thought your children would be less hairy then your husband." in a good-natured, playfully teasing tone. He then nods politely once Talayla is aware of him and says, "Greeting My Lady, you wished to speak?"

Bianka IS family, in a way, but she does give up her spear, though, she requests to keep the hammer, and the guards think it best to not part an Ibrahm with her hammer. Walking over to where Talayla is, she smiles. "SIS!" She says with a wide smile, she is actualy dressed up today, her clothing freashly pressed and clean, even if she isn;t wearing a skirt. her hair done up nice and pretty, and makeup tastefully worn. Her boots look new, suade with six inch heels, making her tower even over the tallest Orelle. "I was wondering if Bubba is around… saw this place I wanted to take him." Knowing her, it has somthing to do with food, her and barton can pack away ALOT of food, well, -she- doesn't eat like an animal…

Talayla doesn't mind. She smiles and waves to Densoric. She laughs. "This is Salem. My cousin Kaedin's cat had kittens," She explains and gently scritches the kitten. "Hmm. He went to walk Brave and take a table into his workshop. We cleared out half my lab to make room for it, but I'm glad for the company," She smiles. She seems surprised, but she doesn't seem to mind. The guards might allow something small, but it's hard to say. "Salutations!" She waves to Bianka. Sister. She has more of them now! It's still dawning on her a bit. "I can leave him a message or you can drop a note," She offers. "How are you?" She asks the two.

Densoric leans over a bit to take a closer look at the kitten and asks, "Sure? i think the is a resemblance." then offers another playful wink to Talayla and stands up fully and says, "I fare well My Lady." He then nods politely to Bianka and says, "ANd greeting to you My Lady, I am Lord Densoric Larent, please forgive the intrusion into family matters, I simply came to visit with my friend." looking back to Talayla and adds, "I wanted to be sure you received my wedding gift without any trouble. Once more I apology for the tardiness in the delivery and being unable to do so in person at the wedding."

Bianka crosses her arms and gives a fake pout. "He never has time anymore… I feel abandonded." She says, though the smalll creeping smile shows that she is kidding. She takes a glimpse at Densoric, and then double takes, her eyes wide at the -HANDSOME- man she sees. "Um… hi… my Bianka is Name.. I mean… my Name is Bianka." She says, offering him her hand, palm down, with a blush that the light makeup just can't hide, he is SO much more attractive then Solon… "I'm.. um.. fine Tala.. um.. yeah fine.." She says as she looks ot her sister, puppy love clearly on her face as she tries to hide it.

Talayla laughs a little and gently pets Salem. The cat closes his eyes contentedly. No dog. Only scritchings. Talayla smiles. "I'm glad to hear that. ANd yes, thank you. I'm still writing thank you notes," She murmurs. "And I apologize. Usually, he's about more in the mornings," She explains. She pauses, blinking at the two. She - is a former hermit and isn't sure what just happened. She quirks a confused expression. "This is Lady Sir Bianka Ibrahm," Talayla smiles. "Lord Sir Barton's sister. They've been very kind to me," She explains to Densoric. "Do you two want anything to drink?" She offers.

Densoric nods to each Lady and says, "I would not mind a snack or a drink, I believe you know my preferences in such matters. AThough it is good to hear they are treating my friend well, I might have to make them suffer otherwise." winking playfully to each. He then seems to notice Bianka's hand and takes it gently in his own and offers a chivalrous kiss on the back of the hand and says, "Good to meet you Lady Sir Bianka. Family to my friend Lady Talayla as a friend of mine as well."

Bianka blushes as the back of her hand is kissed, and she giggles and falls int oa seat next to Tala. "I'll drink whatever…" She says as she absently pets Salem unable to take her eyes off Den, well, unless he looks her way, then she diverts her eyes… can you say Dear Diary?

Talayla nods, and goes to fetch a servant. She smiles faintly at the joke. She will tell the servant what to bring, as Salem merps gently. He's being pet! His teeny tail is going. She glances between the two, surprised. But she might catch on a little. Her cousin does have looks and charm and - waitaminut. Oh! "Anything else?" She asks. Since things are being requested. "It's a pleasure to have you both here. I have mostly been busy ramping up fish production," She sighs softly.

Densoric nods to Talayla and says, "And here I thought you'd be busy with the honeymoon." with a soft smile, seems its time for friends to start teasing their friends about recent marriages… Especially when they aren't even betrothed yet. He remains standing for the time being however as he looks back to the cat and asks it, "So tell me, are you helping to fight off the Hostile hordes little one?" Of course the kitten likely isn't going to respond given all the new attention.

Bianka snaps herself out of whatever it was and she looks to her new sister. "Just a drink will be fine sis… you're kitten is really beautiful…" She states, but her eyes go back to Densoric. "So.. Lord Densoric… do you fight hostiles as well?" He inquires, trying her best, for once, to be as propper as she can, instead of drag the poor man off and yelling about snoo snoo or somthing like that.

Densoric looks to Bianka and says, "Sadly no My Lady, I never was overly skilled in physical pursuits that would likely better fit my cousins Lady Veryna and Lord Antaeus, I am better at mental pursuits, though I have had some training with martial matters after insistence from my mother when I was growing up."

Bianka smiles. "Oh? Are you a Dr. or Professor?" She asks as she crosses one thigh over the other and places her hands in her lap, her attentuion now fuly on the lord. "I myself am a Trained Knight of course. most of my family is. I'm also a Cage fighter." Which is to say a brawler with a bit more civilized edge to it. "… and I've been in a few movies." She adds with a warm smile. "Don't let any of that fool you though… I'm a softie and enjoy being pampered."

Densoric shakes his head and says, "No, I only have a Master's Degree in electronics and economics and a Bachelor's Degree in geology. None of those really justify a doctorate much less would qualify me as a professor. I have delved slightly into research, but primarily I and most suited to matters of protocol, formality, etiquette, and politics on the noble level."

Bianka nods and smiles. "That makes you a very welll rounded scholar, and it's very impressive the size of your… portfolio." She states, starting to relax some, since that one very subtle inuendo just snuck out of there.
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Densoric shrugs and says, "I don't give much consideration to the size really, after all spread yourself out too much and you end up with poor skills in anything of note. I have various interests, but primarily I focus on etiquette, protocols, politics, administration, and economics. Makes me better suited for political or administrative roles." Whether he is aware of the implied innuendo or not is anyone's guess.

Talayla will have things brought for them, smiling faintly as she returns from being called to deal with a leaky pipe. "Sorry, I hope you're enjoying your stay here?" She tilts her head, drinks and snacks out.

Bianka stands up and streches abit. "I've been sitting to much…" She says and looks at Tala. "Sis, this is your home, not a resort, calm down just a bit." She says, giving the smaller noble a gentle hug. "Hows Brave doing? he is a cute puppy." She says with a smile before turning to Densoric. "You are right… so smart." She says as she looks from one to the other. "So, Lord Densoric… has your family set you up with a bethrothal yet?" She asks, knowing that it's a hot topic thease days, whos wedding who and all that.

Densoric nods to the returned Talayla and says, "No apology required My Lady, I know as well as any the duties nobles can be called away for. Besides you left my with Lady Bianka to keep me company." smiling softly. He then looks to Bianka and says "I wouldn't say I am that smart, there are plenty better then I. As to betrothal, no there are no plans for such that I am aware of, but then there are other Larents to be married off first, more important ones as well such as my Lady Cousin Veryna."

"Which is true, but if my fish tanks leak all over and cause an electric short, people'd be pretty cheesed," She grins. Talayla just accepts the hug and carefully returns it. She pauses at talks of betrothal. "I got married before my biggest brother," Talayla points out. "And Brave is doing well. He is glad for all the attention," She remarks.

Bianka blinks. "Yeah, but mother is like that." She says with a smirk. Looking to Densoric, her eyebrow raises. "Oh?" She says and clears her throat. "Yes, water in the electrical equipment… bad…" She says. She looks to Densoric and clears her throat abit. "Lord Densoric… the grantham all hallow's eve party is comming up, and I don;t have someone to escort me to said party… might you be interested Milord?" She asks, and even gives him a winning smile and a small flutter of her eyelashes.

Densoric nods to Talayla and says, "True, however you are part of the main line, I am not. In terms of status you and your siblings are roughly equal, the same applies with my cousins, however my status is lower then theirs and why marry off a lesser member of the House when higher ones provide better options for an alliance? How many of your cousins have been married off before yourself or your siblings?" He then smiles softly and says, "And if they do get mad then you can call in your loyal vassal to repair the damage, I am better with electronics anyway as you know." chuckling softly. He then looks to Bianka and says, "A kind offer My Lady, however any events I attend I am always alone, it saves scandal in regards to the paparazzi and the like. Especially given how… Pushy they are getting of late, after all they are starting to needlessly harass children for slivers of information they can twist to make up some ridiculous story. I have been fortunate at keeping myself out of the spotlight for the most part and keeping my personal life to myself. Subtlety and discretion after all."

Talayla is quiet. She tilts her head. "Why don't you meet up at the the party and go as Lady Sir Bianka's date? I doubt it would cause a scandal," She points out, "To meet up." She goes quiet. She shrugs and smiles at talk of status.

At first it felt liike a cold shot to the gut… no… not another denial… who does he think he is.. she is the best damn catch EVER! "No? Look here Lord Densoric…" She says as she slowly advances on the man, the ice blue color of her eyes making her look not so icey. "I asked you propperly to accompany me on a date to this party that will probably be boring as hell." She starts, not making any threatening gestures, but her slow advance, and the now slowly wild turning loook in her eyes proves that this noble lady is clearly creasent born and bred. "I'm tiered of noblemen looking at me like I'm some kinda freak on display, i get alll dolled up and crap to try and do the right thing, and you all walk around with your pretty eyes and such, and then have the nerve… the six loving GALL to tell me no?" She says as she crosses her arms and turns her head. "But fine lord Densoric Larent, this Ibrahm will suffer alone… Knight knows that no one else in this system would lend a lady Knight like me a hand… I just thought you might be above the rest of them." She says, the hurt, and despair in her voice clear, as if she held the noble up on a high pedistool, only for it to be tipped over.

Densoric looks to Talayla and says, "Unfortunately 'dating' as the Citizens call it isn't allowed for the nobility. Even date-like behavior among the nobility is only allowed with a couple that is either betrothed or married. Why there is so much scandal of late regarding a certain Lord. Though any event I attend I do not avoid good conversation." perhaps giving a 'way in' there at the end. Silly Lord Proper. He then looks to Bianka as she approaches, shows no fear in her approach, and after she has said her piece he replies in a gentle, calm tone. "Forgive the choice of words My Lady, but I deny on the standing of etiquette not desire or lack thereof. I simply would not see your reputation nor mine dirtied by fools looking for stories that aren't there, to drag our respective names through the mud on the basis of being nobilities. Simply put, why provide them with ammunition to soil us or our Houses when there is no need. You may say I am being paranoid or making excuses, but I have yet to be involved in a scandal, and if I truly did not care for your company I'd find some excuse to leave and return home or simply go elsewhere."

"… I don't know actually," She remarks. "I never went to most events." Talayla pauses. She rubs the back of her head. "Why - don't you make it up and try having a lunch here together?" She peers at Densoric. "It's quiet here and you two can talk. Otherwise, I'm very sorry," She looks apologetically to Bianka.

Bianka looks to Talayla and frowns. "It's not your fault Tala." She says before turning and looking at Densoric. "Besides, we WILL be in costume." She says, granted, how many people are as tall as her. She sighs. "I thank you for making a gesture of trying to protect my honor, Lord Densoric, but my honor is on the battlefield…" Which is why she actualy needs a political and media savvy person around her. She bites her lower lip. "Okay.. we can meet there, and you owe me three… no FIVE dances!>" She states, making a compromise… and if anyone else tries to dance with him… well… the boogy lady might make a shocking appearance.

Densoric smiles softly and says, "In truth i haven't decided yet if I'll even attend, as to dancing, I generally don't with anyone, though I might make an exception for you by way of an apology if I do attend and see you there Lady Sir Bianka."

Talayla is quiet. She seems relieved as things are defused. She rubs the back of her head. "Hm. Well, either way. I hope things go well for both of you."

Bianka sighs. "Okay, if I see you there, you owe me that dance.. maybe I'll find a magical pumpkin…" She says, her mood still slightly soured, though, mostly of her own slightly insecure ways… nothing a little time in the gym and a broken heavy bag can't fix.

Densoric nods to Talayla and says, "I understand the sentiment, but to be honest I accepted my fate when i was around my mid to late teens. We nobles have our roles and our duties and our limits, until my Lord Mother or Lord uncle one arranges a marriage for me, I will not risk scandal for any Lady I meet, after all there s no knowing which I might end up betrothed to, if I caused scandal before the banns, or for that matter lowered their status and my own by such behavior it would only make things harder and more complicated all around for everyone." He then looks to Bianka and says, "Once more I apologize for my words, but I take my duties as a noble seriously, trust me it has nothing to do with you. The uncertainty of who I will be betrothed to as well as the responsibilities that involves, I have no wish to endanger, much less ruin my chances of a good match before I am even given the option."

Talayla is quiet, petting the cat. She does point out to Dens, "But it could damage your reputation too, if you go totally the opposite way. Extremes are tough," She remarks. "I hope you two find something that works out."

Bianka sighs and decides that maybe it's time to lighten up the mood. "You all know Sir Thalo right?" She asks as she looks between them. "Wanna see my impressioj of him?" She says with a smile, clearing her throat and rolling her shoulders, abit of mental prep for it, if they wanna see it.

Densoric says, "Its unlikely I would be confused much with having an interest in males if that is your meaning. I give them less attention then I do Ladies. In truth I flirt and flatter more to have positive relationships with others, politics and all, though in the case of Ladies it also allows me to get an idea of their personality so that way whoever I end up matched with, it increases the likelihood I at least know something of my future wife positive or negative." He then looks to Bianka and says, "I am being honest so don't take it negatively My Lady, I am simply a very logical and practically minded individual, and politics tends to be how I see the world. My methods may not be the best, but they work for me and I have learned a few things about you already, I simply do not mention them so as not to embarrass you." As Bianka speaks Densoric says, "I fear I don't know him very well personally."

Uh oh. Talayla's eyebrows lift. "I guess if you're interested in getting to know one another, there are um, traditional ways. Just be careful with it, y'know?" She tilts her head. She goes quiet though, curious. "I don't know him well."

Bianka smiles. "It's not as funny unless you know him." She says as she takes a seat. "Oh, and whhat about my personality did you figure out? I wont get mad, you're assesment is most likely a step up from my own self esteem anyway."

Densoric nods to Talayla, "I hardly learn anything inappropriate anyway, simply some things could be embarrassing if one knows it was noticed when they had no intention of it being noticed. That is all I speak of and I am considerate enough not to point it out, especially in public." He then looks to Bianka and says, "More other matters then your personality, though given your outburst I would assume that you have either had a hard time socializing with noblemen that find you interesting or have difficulties with how you see yourself in terms of attractiveness. Yet you also seem to be one to stand up for yourself and not one to back down easily when you feel challenged, threatened, or insulted. But that is simply a rough interpretation based on a single outburst which doesn't provide much insight. Though you also appear to be for the most part kind, passionate, and caring based on how you have acted the rest of the time."

Bianka smiles. "Well, I think I'm awesome, but yeah, some people choose to dissassociate themselves with me because I'm as big as my brother." She says with a pout. "And if they do find me interesting… it totaly the WRONG kind of interesting." She says, lets also not forget that she also is a sucker for the underdog, and can cave easly to big doe like eyes. "Do you think I'm pretty lord Desoric? I doubt it would be much of a scandal if you told me that much." She says with a smirk.

Talayla is a bit wide-eyed. She just stays and pets Salemloaf. This is not her battle.

Desnoric looks to Bianka and says, "Well let me put it this way, I have no problem with your height, I'm hardly short myself, and actually few are taller then I am, male or female, among the nobility. It makes you stand out yes, but then it also makes you unique and unique always has an exotic quality to it."

Bianka giggles. "Oh.. okay my turn!" She says with a smile. "I think your eyes are a perfect blue that is like a crystal clear lake with the sun shining gracefully upan it. Your laugh is like a wind chime in spring." She leaves any comments about his rear out of it, but I thuink Densoric would get the point. "Oh but a kiss from one such as you, would drive any woman to the madness of love's embrace, the softest scent of your calone would drive a woman's blood to boil with need, and the soft whisper of your voice would turn the hardest woman to sheer puddy in your arms." She then sits back with a smile.

Talayla /stays/ quiet, her eyes a little. She just smiles at Salem. "I hope this all works out."

Desoric says, "Thank you for the compliments, though I have actually been rejected for attempting to kiss someone when I was younger. Though if you feel that way about my eyes, perhaps you should see Nubilus, there is a reason House Larent's motto is 'Above the rest'." smiling softly and adding, "Though if you ever meet my Lady Cousin Ariana you'll find her eyes a match for mine. Unfortunately a kiss would cause fa more scandal then anything else you have suggested so far, so I must regretfully decline that. I hope you understand. Though to be honest i don't wear much in the way of scents, though i likely consume enough fruit that the sweetness might have permeated my pores." chuckling softly. He then adds, "Though given the rather forward words, perhaps the fact I noticed your attraction and interest wouldn't have been such an embarrassment after all. Especially with that initial look you gave me." Seems he finds no further need to avoid keeping that topic a secret.

Bianka looks around. "Tala, how quiet are the servents here? I don't see any Media, I'm pretty sure we are well out of media's viewing." She says as she tilts her head looking back at Desoric. "If you will forgive me for being forward, it is the way of the cresent… a small kiss will pale in scope to the actions of my paramount, while I am loyal to them to a fault.. still, I see no harm in that."

"They generally are quiet. Why do you ask?" She tilts her head. "And I thought it was the clouds thing, too." She smiles. "It's both," She sagenods. Talayla thinks they have clouds and ambition. Yes indeedy. Maybe the Larents like puns? "And I will do my best to let nothing out, though there are quieter locations."

Densoric says, "I learned in my time at Academ, no matter how loyal, never underestimate what can be learned from Citizens, especially when it comes to the household workers of families that don't give any consideration to the 'help' so to speak. A lesson I learned that proved invaluable living in House Larent as we are among the Houses that care the least for our Citizens. In truth if any word leaks out you even made that request you can rest assured I will deny the claim. As I said you may think me paranoid, but I have good cause to be extra cautious, and I take steps to minimize risks of being detected doing anything. Which is even known to the few who have experienced such events with myself."

Pausing a moment he adds, "Though i a once again flattered My Lady, there is no knowing how betrothals can result, and even if there is an 'accident' in such regards, would not the wait and anticipation not make the moment greater to savor if it does occur in its own time?"

Bianka tilts her head. "What if I were to go back to Obsidia and propose such a bethrothal to my mother… we get bethrothed, and yet, didnt kiss, what if without hthat spark, there is no lust, nor passion, it will be a dead marriage, and… said kiss could bring about more to savor." She says, with a smile. "The media is focusing on Lord Nitrim, and Michael Athryos, and possibly what is happening on Marie maris, and the war, the third child of a vassel house's main line, and the nephew of another vassel house's main line, wouldent spark much, not here anyway, where the orelle, I'm sure, take great care to keep things quiet." She says, though she turns to Tala and raises an eyebrow. "Oh, where would that be Sis?"

Densoric says, "You would be surprised what catches the interest, besides Lord Nitrim is on the decline of late, they would jump at any source. Fortunately my own scandal is mostly in the past." his tone turned serious and distant, a bit of… Caution too it would seem from his tone.

Talayla looks thoughtful. "I - uhm. That's up to you two. There's the gardens," She handwaves. "But I would not want to pressure anyone. And uh." She has no idea. "I'm only gonna make this worse. Kitty!" Salem!
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Bianka chuckles. "Tala, you make everything better, I mean, Barton is happy, that's good, and people smile when they see you, that good as well." She says with a smile. "And I'm not going to pester lord Densoric anymore about it." She says, though she will get her kiss, one way or another, she will get it.

Densoric remains serious as he asks, "Just how serious are your thoughts on this matter Lady Bianka? Is this mere flattery, infatuation, or more?" all humor is gone from him, he's even more serious then normal.

Bianka clears her throat and leans forward. "I find you attractive, and I don't usualy find most men attractive, so you have that going for you, a good first impression. When I lost my temper slightly, you didnt back down, most people do." She says with a smile. "And you have a sense of honor… one that alot of people could do with. Flattery, maybe, but I'm not kidding when I say that I'm falling for you, and the more you fight or try and dissuade me, while standing your ground, the harder I find it to walk away myself." She states, leaning back and taking a measure of the man now, not in a negitive way eather. "If we were to be bethrothed right now… I wouldent be sad.. actualy, I would be happy, and I doubt that we wouldent be able to get along, sure there would be rough spots, but we both have our ways, i also think that we can hash it out like adults, somthing else alot of couyples can't do." And she cant remeber if Tala and her brother have ever had an argument. "Some scandal all over the info sphere about us kissing.. I would take it as a compliment, you are a man to be bragged about, the measuring stick for every other man that claims to have ingecrity and honor… I can;t cal it love, it's too soon, but I can say that I wouldent mind closeness."

Densoric waves his hand dismissively and says, "then know this, as you are among the few I have ever told it." looking to Talayla and adds, "And i only say it before you because I trust you as you are my closets friend. As I also trust you not to repeat it." He then loosk back to Bianka and says, "Know that there is the chance the betrothal could be refused by your family if it is even proposed. In truth I am a walking shame, which is why I have such a low view of my status. And do not think me modest or trying to turn you away, or the like. I am in the literal sense a walking shame because I am the constant living reminder of a scandal. I will not go into more details then that except to say there is a reason I do not discuss my father, which is also the root of the scandal, my father's identity is publicly unknown. And the fact my parentage is in question could remove your hopes." He is as serious as the grave, and its easy to tell it pains him to even mention the subject, though why it pains him is anyone's guess. "As i said, a scandal involving me could result in that matter being brought up, which to at least some of the Houses would mark you for greater scandal, not compliment. There is a reason i am as proper and cautious as I am."

"I appreciate the kind words," She remarks quietly. Talayla tilts her head. "I suspect if you two are sincerely interested, the best bet is to talk to families. Then it's all arranged quietly behind the scenes. I won't say anything."

Bianka frowns. "I see nothing shameful about you, Lord Densoric, what you perceive as some 'weakness' was out of your hands. You act like the nobleman you are, and you shouldent let somthing like that hang over your head." She says as she stands up. "Tala thankyou for having me, but I have to send a message to my mother." She says as she brushes her shirt off and looks to Densoric. "Trace your liniage far back enough, and we were all citizens at one point, even further back, and we were running from olde earth, Nobility is, to me, defined by actions, not blood right, reguardless of people who will tout that fact… a child is still a child, reguardless of age or blood, and you, Milord, are no child." She states as she turns to walk off, a set to her shoulders and walk that suggests she is ready to fight a uphill battle if need be… to get what she wannts, and to take who she wants out of what she now thinks, might be a bad situation for his self esteem.

Densoric looks to Talayla says, "It would depend the value of bloodlines one's family has. As some Houses it matters more then others." He then looks to Bianka and says, "I can assure you of two things if its brought up though. I am of pure noble birth and I am recognized as a legitimate member of the bloodline of House Larent, otherwise I couldn't use the name." He then nods to Bianka as she gets up and says, "Simple warning as it might arise, if it does not then there is no need to mention it yourself. Why fight a battle you can avoid after all."

"I hope you both come to an arrangement that makes you both happy," She offers quietly. Talayla smiles and waves to Bianka. "Be well. Thank you both for visiting. And I suppose it does. I was blessed in that regard. I cannot complain, but I will be sympathetic. Good luck."

Densoric nods once again as Bianka departs then once she is gone he looks back to Talayla saying, "I suppose I should go as well My Lady, thank you once more for your hospitality. Though I do apologize for bringing up old matters, and once again I apologize for the situation it caused, though it is good you are happy. I doubt there is need, but I am uncomfortable enough on the subject, once again I ask you not tell others of the shame that I am My Lady. Lady Bianka, perhaps even yourself may not care but there are plenty of others that do, and the last thing my House needs is for that scandal to be brought up again needlessly." He then turns to take his leave silently.

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