10.04.3013: Gifted Tools
Summary: Lorelei gets a surprise visit from a family "friend", Chiron comes to "save" the day. Ephraim shows up later.
Date: September 17
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Arion Oaks Ranch
The Arion Oaks Ranch, operated by the Quellton family, has stood for three generations offering top quality horses for both war and work. The Ranch house looks homely, and looks like it probably could use a new coat of paint. The interior is minimalistic, very few pictures hanging on the wall, the couch looks very used. Their holovid looks to be close to ten years old. The kitchen is the biggest room in the house, which also encompasses the dining room. The pantry is filled with a bounty of home-canned fruits and veggies. In the middle of the dining room is a very large, redwood table. It looks like it could fit close to fifteen people. The master bedroom is neat with a large queen sized bed in the middle that have hanging on the bedposts. The middle room is mostly neat and organized, with a pile of bundled up clothes stuffed somewhere in a corner. There are posters of bands hanging up on the walls. The last room is much smaller, decorated in pinks and lavenders. Posters of woodland creatures hang on the walls and a small, stuffed drake sits on the bed.

Just outside of the house by the kitchen is a shed used for smoking and drying meat when the boys go out hunting.

Lastly, the stable looks considerably newer then the house, probably about ten years old. Inside there are twenty-four stalls that were very obviously made for war horses. However, half of these stalls are empty. Surrounding the entire ranch is a metal fence as well as an electronic barrier, obviously meant to keep unwanted predators out, and to keep the horses in.

October 04, 3013

Lorelei is setting up to take the horses out for some exercise. She seems in a good mood and she goes from stall to stall, filling up her bag with apples and carrots for treats for the animals. A soft song can be heard on her lips. She slept in the hay loft again, and missed breakfast.

Outside the barn, several voices can be heard. A couple of men are discussing something with what is presumably Da. "You know the score Ponty old friend!" There's some harsh laughter, as the voices seem to fade, though one man is still outside, tapping quickly into his tablet and muttering softly to himself. Loree would probably recognize Grennel's tones.

Lorelei frowns slightly, that was odd. She'll make her way to the door, the bag already over her shoulder. Her voice is soft as she opened the door, "Grennel? …Is everything ok?" Odd that they would be here this early to see Da.

With a flash of his famed smile, Grennel turns to the Pontus' daughter without missing a beat, he's even got something wrapped under his arm, probably a gift as always. "Your Da actually called us over for breakfast. How's Hubert doing? Had a chance to try out that new saddle?"

Lorelei tilts her head slightly, Ma didn't say anything last night…"oh…ok. Hope you made her good coffee cake then!" Loree smiles brightly. "Hubert's nearly good as new! Thank you for asking! The saddle is beautiful! Hubert's really taken to it." So has Loree! Loree steps the rest of the way out of the barn, she's wearing her new riding outfit from her parents. Even in the stables, Loree's wearing the metal club at her hip.

"We know how to please Hera, especially when your Da there forget to tell her again." In the red clothes he usually stops by in, Grennel nods excitedly and then looks down to her club. "Oh, Lorelei Quellton, are you telling me that you've gone all primitive on us too?" He shakes his head. "Those Hostiles destroy everything beautiful. Did you get our flowers?" There's a sigh as his brown eyes appraise her. They are outside the barn now as the sun moves slowly towards the midday sky.

Lorelei grins, "As long as all the food was ate, Ma will be happy." Loree's standing in the doorway of the stables this morning. Her eyes go down to where Grennel looks, her cheeks turning pink, "On..no. No, I just…It's safer, is all. If something happened, I'd want to be able to protect the horses." She'll look back up, eyes trusting, "I did! They were beautiful. I can't believe you remembered my favorites!"

Chiron is late this morning returning to the ranch, sleeping in will do that though! He's dressed in his riding and working gear. He's got his head down, watching the ground in front of him so he doesn't trip, focused on getting to the barn as fast as possible. When he looks up his entire demeanor changes as he glares at Grennel, moving his body in an almost defensive position. "What are you doing here?"

"You were always one to make sense, Miss Lorelei." Grennel nods with a smile. He had paused on the tablet, which was still out. Tapping a few more things, the man in red puts the tablet on a pocket inside the jacket of his clothes. "Just don't lose that soft, sweet spirit ya got. Too many folks get lost in a blood rage." Grennel says, attempting to sound sage. "I got you a gift, well, I should say that my son sent me a gift to give you. You remember Vincent?" When he sees Chiron he nods politely. "Young Master Chiron, your Da invited us for breakfast, but apparently forgot to tell your Ma again."

Lorelei glances up as she sees Chiron and tries to give him a subtle look to stop him from being rude. Too late. Her cheeks are slightly pink, and she'll shrug softly to Grennel, "I hope I never have to use it ever again. It's not something I'm proud of." She'll blink, tilting her head, "I…yes? I remember Vincent, but it's been a few years…Why is he sending me a gift?" She just sounds baffled.

"So, why aren't you eating breakfast?" Chiron asks the man in red. "Don't you have a job or something you're supposed to be doing?" He says as he scans the man for any potential weapons that might be concealed on his body. He looks over to his sister, who can tell he's clearly not comfortable with this man speaking with his sister and has gone full big brother mode.

Grennel hands the wrapped package to Lorelei. "Kid's rather taken with ya, I think." He winks to her before trying to deal with the defensive Chiron. "We already had a quick bite while someone was sleeping in, brought some food for your Ma too." Grennel fully expects the tease to be ill-received by the elder brother. The only weapon that can be made out on Grennel would be the knife strap above his boot. "Didn't mean to overstay our welcome though. Just a lot's been going on lately, and we wanted to stop by while things had calmed down for a bit. See you've got some new mares too."

Lorelei huffs and will softly chide, "Chiron…" She'll take the package, "But, we haven't even seem each other in forever…." She'll open up her mouth, unsure if she should except the gift, but then Grennel and Chiron are word bantering. She'll purse her lips, but tries to focus on the positive, "Yes. We're gonna have foals in the spring! I can't wait!" She's grinning at the end of her statement, honestly excited, the package in her hands forgotten for the moment.

"What we have or don't have is not your concern, and Sparrow isn't interested in your kid." Chiron says, sidestepping around the man, continuing to face him as he moves towards Lorelei. "How come my father seems to 'forget' to tell us when you're coming?" He asks quite pointedly. It's probably a question he's asked the man before. "Sparrow is not interested in your spawn, Grennel."

Raising his hands in surrender and apology, Grennel frowns and nods to Chiron. "We're all busy these days. It's probably our fault for always calling at the last minute." A reiteration of how he's answered before. "We just wanted to see how everyone was doing, lots going on at Arion Oaks these days." Hent and Rhonan are walking back up, without Pontus. Hent has a sword strapped to his waist and Rhonan has a bow strapped over his shoulder. "Miss Lorelei, I hope I didn't disrupt your morning. We made sure your Ma left some fruit out for ya on the counter." He nods to her and then to Chiron. "Young Master, didn't mean any harm by it. But we'll be off." Hent and Rhonan give broad smiles and wave goodbye to Lorelei as well before the three make their way off, untying their horses near the house.

"Chiron!" Loree doesn't even try to hide the mortification in her voice. "I'm so sorry Grennel…We've all been rather busy, the stress is hard. Thank you for coming to check on us, I'm sure Da appreciates it. It's always nice to see you, no disrupting of the morning, promise, " She'll give Chiron a side glance, warning him to be nice. She gives the three men all a smile and wave as they start to leave.

Chiron says nothing as the men walk away, just an icy glare. He's not standing somewhat in front of his sister, clearly trying to keep her safe. "There is something /wrong/ about them." He says finally after they've left. "I don't like when they just show up like this. They did it at the party, Ma' always looks /terrified/."

Lorelei rolls her eyes, "Six Chiron!…I killed a hostile…I don't need you to protect me from Da's friends…Ma was upset because she was afraid she didn't have enough food. You know Ma." She'll turn to start making her way back into the stable. A small sigh escapes her as she looks to the present in her hands, not sure who to deals tin it.

"We had plenty of food for the party." Chiron retorts back. "And there seems to be more then just regular worry from Ma' when they come. Both her and father get weird when they come." He sighs, walking into the barn with her. "What are you going to do with that present?"

Lorelei chooses to ignore Chiron's arguments, not wanting to fight. "I don't know. I don't even remember the last time I've seen Vincent. Why would he send me a gift? Is it a get better gift?" Yeah, Loree's is making reasons. Maybe this isn't weird. She'll look back down to the gift. Hubert, at the end of the stables in his stall is snorting, not happy.

Chiron looks over at the unhappy Hubert, giving the horse an 'I know' look. At least /someone/ doesn't like the three men along with him. "It could also be a 'sleep with me' gift. Any child of that man is surely just looking for some tail." He says, sighing as he starts to work on the stables.

Lorelei's head snaps up, cheeks turn bright pink, "What?!? Why would you even say that? No one gives sleep with me gifts!" Sure they do, but Loree's unaware. She'll huff, turning her back to Chiron to set the gift on the ledge of Hubert's stall door, "Hey boy…calm down. It's ok." She'll reach up and try to calm her horse down.

Chiron sighs, sometimes it's hard to forget that his sister is so young at times. "Maybe it's not, but why else would he just give you a gift out of the blue like that? Based on his father and how he acts, I wouldn't put it outside of the realm of possibility." He says as he watches Lorelei try to calm down her horse. "What do you think has him all upset?" He asks, assuming he knows the answer. It is close to midday and Chiron has on his riding outfit as he speaks with his sister, inside the barn.

Lorelei grinds her teeth, both siblings are in the barn. "Grennel has been trig to get me to see Vincent for over year now." See how much Chi pays attention? "It's not out of the blue. Ma and Da have mentioned him to me too." She'll continue to try to calm Hubert, she look small compared to the large horse. Loree's also dressed in her new riding outfit from her parents. There's a wrapped gift sitting precariously on the edge of Hubert’s door.

Entering in, then, comes Ephraim. Looking around to see where everyone is and giving a wave when he sees people actually. "I heard there was a gathering, I'm afraid I didn't receive an invite," he calls over, "Hope I'm not interrupting anything." Which is probably the opposite of his intentions. Still, he is smiling, just a hint of distance in his eyes, as if part of him dwells elsewhere, but this is where something in him really wants to be. For all its worth. As his eyes adjust and he spots the group, he'll walk in that direction.

"I didn't think they were /serious/ about setting you up with Vinc. At least I didn't think that Ma' and Father wanted it, anyway." Chiron says. "I much prefer Ephraim to that creep." The Squire shivers some, but smiles as Ephraim enters. "Oh, hey Ephraim." Chiron says, waving to the noble. "What brings you here?"

Another eyes roll, "Well, yeah. Da's nothing going to push in front of you…"Hubert isn't calming down, in fact her begins to toss his head, pulling away from Loree when Eph enters. there's a small banging as he hits the door and the gift topples. Loree's partially distracted as Eph comes in, "Oh, Ephraim! I wasn't expecting you!" She'll smile brightly at the noble but then turn snack to Hubert and the now fallen gift, "Oh…Hubert…you ripped it!" She'll start bending down to retrieve the box.

"Well you know, not that Lorelei is around," grins Ephraim, "I just happened to decide, sailing isn't for me, it will be horses. Only, I have to brave Hubert and see whether or not he wants to bite me." Like some test of manhood or right of passage. Then, seeing the state the horse is in, he's thinking he shouldn't even joke about the horse now. But he turns to Lorelei, "Okay, it was Lorelei. I wanted to see how everything has been going, figured this would be a good day to drop by for a surprise visit. If I am interrupting, I can give everyone a moment …" While more mirthful on the front end, he's serious on the later, about stepping out for a moment should anyone wish that.

Chiron gives Eph a confused look, Horses aren't something you just play with. "Oh no, you're fine, Ephraim. Sparrow and I were just having a discussion about some guests we had recently." He explains. There's a good chance that Ephraim saw three questionable men riding horses away from the ranch as he was coming here. "What's up with Hubert, Sparrow? Can't you use your awakened powers and find out what he's thinking?"

Lorelei kinda hops up to at Hubert's face. It looks kinda aggressive to those not used to horses. She actually holds onto his neck, pulling his face down and will breath into his nose. "Hey….ssshhhhh…I’m right here…" Her voice is soft, soothing and Hubert seems to focus on her and not whatever was riling him up. In the same calm voice, "It's ok…we're ok, Ephraim…maybe no riding Hubert for you today though, ok?" She'll get him on another horse, maybe. She doesn't take her eyes away from Hubert as she talks to the two men. "I can tell what he's feeling, but I don't really need any powers to be able to tell that right now, Chiron. I'm not strong enough to tell what he's thinking." That's way more advanced than she is.

Hubert has something up with him, Ephraim probably would delay riding as much as possible. He'd rather face more bees probably. Okay, that's not true, he wouldn't mind the adventure, only so long as he doesn't get nipped or bit, too hard. "Well, I shall suffer then for lack of a ride. But it is good to see you both." He watches the proceedings with Hubert for the moment, pondering, "Is that something you could learn to do though?" Read the mind of a horse with the awakened powers stuff. He seems interested in that actual, his eyes shifting, wondering if some well trained awakened person is reading his mind. His mouth almost frowns, perhaps not wanting that to be true, or hoping he's not traumatizing another with his thoughts at least.

Chiron just says, plainly and bluntly. "I don't think Hubert likes Da's friends." Shaking his head and continuing. "Perhaps, Ephraim. I know that Awakened can talk to people though their brains though psychometry. Hey… your sister is awakened, right?" He asks, smiling mischievously a little. "Sparrow, why don't you ask Cyrielle to teach you psychometry? I believe she's a druid, and she doesn't live in a mountain like Young Lord Aidan."

Lorelei takes a moment to peek over to Eph and smile, “You don't have to ride Hubert you know." Thankfully Loree doesn't seem to catch the double suggestion she just made in front of her brother. Eyes going back to Hubert, "Yup. One day I'll be bale to talk to him." She sounds like this is her silver lining about the whole awaken mess. Loree blinks, and while not looking back to her brother, directs her quiet words at him, "I…i don't know if Lady Cyrielle would want to do that. Our footing is shaky, at best." She apologized, but Loree doesn't want to push it.

"Aye, it is rumored she is," agrees Ephraim, not sure yet how to take his sister on that very topic. "As for advice and living conditions of Cyri, that would have to be addressed with her." Then, still keeping his pace, but smiling at Lorelei and the peek he received, he does offer, "She is sorry that her joke didn't go over well. I think that's just my family, the difference between joking and serious and the huge overlap of both. I did speak with her, she didn't mean to upset you." For what its worth at least.

"She told me she was at the party. She went to go live with a Druid for like six years or something." Chiron says, not sure what Ephraim meant by his sister rumored to be so. "She seemed nice enough to me. A little sour about something maybe, but I think it has something to do with her limp."

Lorelei keeps petting Hubert, he's about calm now, "I know…she apologized. I just don't want to push anything. I'm ok for now." She'll wince slight as Chi talks. She doesn't know if he realizes she should probably go live in the forest for 6 years, away from everyone or not.

"Its," ponders Ephraim, "I don't know. I don't try to push her either, she's my sister, I just try to be there for her. Alas, all we have left now is our treehouse, and someday that may be a broken home too." A shrug, he'll search for a smile, "She's the same, yet different. But, I still see she is my sister in the way she smiles and then I am happy for her." A shrug from him for the moment, "I feel like I'm disturbing the waters though, is Hubert okay here. All our differences aside, I want to be happy for him too."

"She seemed helpful enough. I would at least ask her, she might surprise you." Chiron offers to Lorelei. "I don't know so much about your family or your sister, but she seemed polite enough. It's difficult to find happiness in a time like this." He shrugs, walking to the door. "I'm gunna go check on Ma', make sure Da's friends didn't break anything in the house or something…"

Lorelei tilts her head, "Why would the treehouse be broken?" She'll laugh softly moving away from Hubert to get him an apple, "Hubert's ok. Just needed some attention and love." She'll from over at her brother, "They didn't break anything." Speaking of broken, Loree's eyes go to the gift on the ground. She'll need to check that out.

"Oh, she might be considering a move away from Beacon," slips Ephraim, "And I called dibs on the treehouse, but she wants split occupation. It was such a glorious family home, now, alas, it is broken." As if that explains it all. He offers a hand over towards Lorelei. Not moving in to hug her with brothers ever so close at hand, but still there just the same. Following her gaze, he'll wonder, "More birthday celebrations? I thought getting one gift was pushing my limit, but it looks like I'm falling behind the curve?" He's joking, not sure what the gift is about or who its for, just curiously joining in to wonder what its about, or who its even for.

"Didn't she just come home?" Loree'll take his hand and lead him back over to Hubert to give her poor baby the apple. "No…At least, I don't think so. Da's friend has a son…Grennel's always joked about us being together, but now suddenly, there's a gift. I haven't even seen Vincent in years." She has on thinking face, unsure what to think of all of this. She'll reach down and pick up the gift. It's heavy enough she has to let go of Ephraim's hand to hold it with both of here's. "What in the world could it be?"

"Only one way to find out," ponders Ephraim, standing close at hand to Lorelei, "This is a gift from Vincent you mean, the kid you haven't seen in years but who's dad thinks you should marry?" Just making sure he's following along. There is some pause to his voice, as if he should say more, offer to protect her or something, yet they've hinted at the potential outcome given his unforeseen future where he might have to agree to marry someone else. Its as if he wants to say he is jealous and wants to stop any potential of this other kid but despite all that, he has little footing to stand on. "If he wants to marry you, at least, it can't be trapped right …"

Lorelei frowns, "Well, his and my Da. for all I know, Vincent doesn't even remember me." her fingers hesitate a moment, but then she'll tear the paper away. Underneath a dark red wooden box with a LQ etched into the lid. It matches the engraving on the saddle in Hubert's stall. Her head tilts and her eyes go from confused to slightly excited, the lid is removed and a nice horse grooming set is reviled, "Oh…wow." There's a small piece of paper folded carefully in a corner. Loree doesn't reach for it though, instead her hands go to touch the tools of her trade.

Ephraim seems to make mental note at the way she takes to the gift. As if filing horse grooming on a higher level than, say, sparkly stuff. Something good to file for later use while his mind is indeed capable of remembering. "That is lovely, it sort of looks like torture devices," says the man unfamiliar with horse grooming tools and how well they actually work. "There's a note, should I leave that for you and not be curious, or jealous?" He's grinning, but its as if he can't help it from creeping up, he is jealous. Though seeing her joy over what she received is an intrigue for him to watch.

Lorelei looks up, a slightly annoyed look on her face, "It is not torture tools. These are gorgeous." Her eyes go over to the note, and she'll start to reach for it, but stops, looking up at him, "Is…is this a problem? Should I return it?" Her face is curious now, not having expected this. Then again, she's never had a boyfriend before.

Shaking his head, Ephraim responds, "No, they're wonderful, I'm just realizing I need to be more thoughtful with my gifts. I'm actually curious to see how you use these things without injuring the horse." Then he leans in a little, hopefully no brothers around, as he'll admit, "I don't think I've ever felt jealous before, I'm sorry. I think I just want to be the one that makes you smile, its purely selfish - yet, it’s a lovely gift."

Lorelei shakes her head, letting out a soft laugh, "Don't be silly. I love my turtles." She'll raise an eyebrow, "You want to watch me groom a horse?" As he leans in, "Oh…don't feel jealous, please. I don't want that. I…Da's pushing, but I'll reinforce I'm dating you. Perhaps if you can come to dinner one night, that will help?" She'll lean in the rest of the way to give him a soft, brief kiss on the lips. "I'm sure Ma would bake you whatever dessert you wanted."

Smiling at the laugh, the words, and the soft kiss, Ephraim will shake his head. "No, take advantage of the free gifts. I trust you, just, this is new." He ponders it a little, scratches his head, but then returns a peck to her as well. "I mean, jealous or not, I don't think I could be kept from dinner, so long as you were there. Dessert or not, but you know peach pie is my favorite. Of late, I think I've had a growing craving for some, you know." A chuckle, "As if I've found the most mouth watering peach pie I could and now, I just can't get enough."

Lorelei 's eyes widen slightly and she'll smack his arm, no real force behind it, "Ephraim!" A giggle follows and she'll take a small step away from him, playfully. "You'll get no peach pie here!" Hubert also agrees, snorting and eyeing Eph now.

Chuckling a little, Ephraim sobers at the snort from Hubert, "Ah, yes, you raise a good point. That shall be saved for the time of desserts I mean." He looks from Lorelei down to the torture tools once more, "So, you're saying horses actually do like that stuff though. Some of it looks sharp." As if to move off topic, but then, "But, a dinner to meet your parents, I think I would enjoy that. Should I start planning, should I bring a dish with me to share. Is there a custom to it?"

Lorelei giggles, "Of course they do. it helps them to feel better and be pretty. Horses are very sensitive about how they look." Nodding slowly, "well, to get on Da's good side, a nice wine might help. Ma's a sucker for flowers. No food. Ma will made more than enough." Her smile fades some, "I…I have no idea if Chiron and Bey would come, they haven't been….Family dinners have been…sparse…"

"I think that's called growing up," says Ephraim, "Other than a few formal's, I don't think our family has enjoyed a dinner together since everyone started going to school or to squire or to live alone in the forest for six years." His smile fades briefly, "Funny, I sort of thought that was the nature of things." That is, families tend to grow apart, he hadn't thought it could last so long, but his smile edges back to the corners. "So, flowers and a wine, I'll bring enough for your brothers, see if we can lure them to join us."

Lorelei's smile fades, The idea of her family just leaving each other hurts her. More than she thought it would. her voice is softer, "I always knew Chiron would leave. He was never truly happy here, he's wanted to be a knight for as long as I can remember. But Bey…I always though he'd get the Ranch, keep it going." her shoulder shrug softly, and she's looking back at the tools, not Eph. "Ma and Da wanted it to go to a son, but I may be all they have." So much for being a poet. Blinking, "Well, yeah. Wine is a good start. " She'll look back at him, trying to shrug off the melancholy feeling .

Well, Father's friends seemed to have left the house in one piece, and his mother was alright. Chiron was really hoping for some evidence on these guys, something about them just didn't sit right with him. He heads back to the barn, wracking his brain trying to figure out how to expose these men to his family, so they could see them as he sees them. As he gets to the barn door he stops and thinks for a second. Deciding to announce himself he'll say, "Hey guys, you still in here?" He'd decided that it's best he just not then chance catching his sister doing something with Eph.

Only standing by her while she looks at the gift and considers her future, Ephraim is responding to her, "Or it may be that, the end isn't anything they had planned …" As if he was going to say more, when Chiron calls for them. "Yes," he calls back, lifting a hand just in case the horse is hiding them, forgetting that its still dark compared to outside as his eyes have finally adjusted to being in here. He gives Lorelei's hand a squeeze then, but doesn't finish what he was about to say .

Lorelei just nods, "Maybe…" She'll sigh as Chiron calls out, considering briefly on scaring him for life by kissing Eph as he walks in, but will let it go…for now. "Yeah, Chiron. We're over by Hubert." Which should be the greatest clue they're not doing anything. Hubert would just kick down his door. When Chiron gets closer, there's hinged red wood box with the initials LQ carved into the front (Matching her saddle) and inside is a rather nice set of horse grooming tools. If he looks close there's some kind of folded note in the corner.

Chiron walks though the doorway, heading to Hubert and the gang. He sighs in relief as it looks like the who were just talking. "Well, Ma' and the house are still standing." He says, sounding a little disappointed. "Did you end up opening your present?" He asks, just spotting the box, giving it a curious look. "What's the note say?" He asks.

Nodding, Ephraim agrees the present was open, but the note is not examined. "Could be an auspicious love note," he ponders then, "But it might help me with something I'm working on, we should read it." Though, in fairness, if Lorelei wanted some privacy on that note business, he's not going to look over any shoulders, especially is this is some suitor in an attempt at an arranged marriage between someone's father and their business associates.

Lorelei sighs, "I don't know, I haven't read it yet." She'll give Eph a small bit of a glare. She'll reach over and pick up the note. Unfolding it she'll tilt her head as she reads , a small, but amused honest smile tugs at her lips. "Oh…that's sweet." Not sure who she's actually weaning to tease with this, or perhaps she's lucky and can get both boys. She'll smile and fold it back up. Blinking and looking at them both.

Chiron looks confused. "Well… what did it say?" He asks, raising an eyebrow. He's almost positive it's something innocent sounding, but that's just the issue. Everything these men have done and said have /been/ innocent, but they don't seem innocent. It's weird. He looks up at Ephraim and gives him a shrug, who knows what Lorelei is thinking right now.

Ephraim jaw drops, "No, I should be jealous then …" Though he's a little suspicious about it being that sweat or not. He's curious as well, "Yes, what did it say …" He ponders a moment, "Or do I want to know, I can't wait, but I'm thinking I don't want to hear it."

Lorelei can't help but giggle at them both. She'll roll her eyes, "It was a poem about horses, Chiron. It was sweet, nothing else." She'll shake her head at Eph. "I'll show you later?" And will stick her tongue out at her brother.

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