Lord Sir Garus Leonnida
Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler as Lord Sir Garus Leonnida
Full Name: Lord Sir Garus Leonnida
Byname: None
Age: 27
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Leonnida
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: None
Spouse: None Height: 6'2"
Father: High Lord Peter Leonnida Weight: 200 lbs
Mother: TBD Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Godric Leonnida, TBD Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Born in 2986, one of the many sons and daughters of High Lord Sir Peter Leonnida, Garrus Leonnida was always recognized among the children for his brotherly, stoic demeanor. As he and his siblings were far too young to know that their future would result in the sibling-warfare that it did, he often positioned himself in ways to try to be the hero to save his sisters with his wooden sword. He loved his brothers and sisters so dearly, but the days where his father and their tutors and trainers began to lay in the hearty, twisted reality to them all began to pit them against one another. LIFE was struggle, and only the strongest and most capable would be deemed worthy of carrying on the High Lord's title…and it would be one of them.

At first, it was cute with him and his younger siblings trying to read faster than each other, or learn their figures more accurately. The sword and martial training was immediately competitive, often resulting in his older brothers, who had more experience than he, bullying him down with their blunted training swords to prove superiority among each other, forcing him to learn how to grow stronger and faster. In fear of falling behind, Garrus turned to extra hours in the yard where his brothers could not see him, and soon he was keeping up with them in the training yard…and yet still he loved them.

Perhaps it was a twist of fate, or a well-placed suggestion, but one day the High Lord stated that it was the responsibility of a Leonnida to do anything necessary to keep the weakness of the House from overcoming its strengths. For Garrus, it made sense, as it would be wrong to let the weakness of one man to destroy all of their hard work, but then the High Lord added that anything necessary would be allowed, if the weakness were so grave that death was warranted, and would be proud of them for doing so.

The game changed. Competition turned to bullying, and bullying turned to outright hostility at times as a game of cat-and-mouse began among the siblings. Alliances came and went, and sure, there were threats of killing, but Garrus always assumed that the only time one of them would try to kill each other was if one became a drunkard or a traitor, and boy…was he wrong.

At the age of fourteen, Garrus was sitting quietly with his younger sister of one year, Dorinne. Their father and older siblings had gone away on business, leaving Garrus to train in the yard as part of his squiring. Dorinne was his favorite sister, often his counselor through his issues with the stresses with competing with Godric and their other siblings. He had thought that she was saft, but all along she'd been playing the confidence game. Garrus turned at just the right moment so that the knife slashed across the side of the neck. Surprised, he fell back and the two began a life-or-death struggle for the blade. All the while, Garrus tried to convince her to stop trying to kill him, but she would not stop. They rolled over each other onto the floor and when Garrus came up, he was bleeding from the neck and the blade was buried in his sister's heart. When his father returned home to learn that his son had defended himself and killed Dorinne in her attempt to kill him, he earned a respected nod of his head and was rewarded for his strength. The blade to his neck left a scar to his flesh that would never heal. His father's respect would leave a scar to his heart that would never heal. From that day on…he was forever changed by the experience.

By the age of eighteen, Garrus was given his knighthood and his spurs. While his older brother, Godric, was placed into the position of aide to a captain, Garrus' strengths were placed in defense of the Leonnida lands. It was there that Garrus became close to many of the other knights, guards, and men-at-arms of the House. Drawing alliances and friends of his own through late nights by the fire, drinking and dining together, and chasing down bandits through the woods, Garrus strength came in the form of his humility and his close ties to the people of the land.

As Godric grew to be more of a braggart and a hedonist, Garrus began to believe that strength came from within. He was strong because he survived the killing of his own sister, and out of quiet care for Godric assuming he was becoming ambitious, Garrus never sought to make a match for a wife, waiting for his father to make the decision. The distance allowed Garrus to continue to appear a house utility, rather than the head of the spear, but his camaraderie with the soldiers was undeniable. He was well-liked by the men for his storytelling and his honest, resolute attitude. They were soldiers, and despite his lordship he was a soldier too.

Now twenty-seven years old…he continues to watch and see what will come of his eldest surviving sibling and his braggart, hedonistic lifestyle. Knowing well that strength and the future of the house would be strength through leadership and humility, the years passing have begun to make him wonder if the House should be left in the hands of Godric, and what he would have to do to gain rank in his father's eyes.





  • Believes in Portents The Six are in the eyes of many things, and they move in mysterious ways. Some days it is a blood-red moon that rises giving hint to blood that will be spilled, or an early snow to signal the coming of an inauspicious winter. While Garus isn't the sort to never step on a crack or turn his horse in a circle three times before a tourney, there are some more spiritual portents he's taken stock in.
  • Fratricide Survivor In the Roar, the whispers of murder are something rumored about in private, that these accidents are the pups fighting for the right to rule. Within the house itself, it is the subtle suggestion of necessary murder from their father that leads them to kill the weakest of the bunch for not staying out of the way. To Garus, killing his sister, Dorinne, in self-defense was a horrifying and life changing experience that has left him unwilling to be vulnerable. The psychological effects of having to kill a sister he loved wears on his soul like the scar from her blade on his neck.
  • Competitive Knight One thing Garus did learn from his brother, Godric, is the love of the tourney. Prior to the games, Garus is the one watching film footage of the other knights and preparing strategies for the joust, his chosen event. He loves not the greed or prestige of the joust, but the competition between knights and camaraderie it builds.
  • Resolute When Garus has chosen a direction to go, there is little that can sway him. He is not brash or reactive, instead he is thoughtful of his direction and when an action must be made…it must not be faltered from. His quick thinking and willingness to stand by his actions is something that has earned him respect among the soldiers and citizens that know his heart is with the people.


Tattoo Image Location/Description
Right arm. Half-sleeve

Musical Inspiration

  • Corrosion of Conformity - "Clean My Wounds" link

I see the world through bloodshot eyes
Streets filled with blood from distant lies.
The dogs of war never compromise,
No real time for rearranging.

  • Frequis - "The Escape" link

I can smell the sweet freedom the
further over these hills we go
I was brought up by guide-lining footsteps
but I was born to lead not follow
Sorry bout the late notice of my change
of plan

  • Guns n' Roses - "Civil War" link

My hands are tied
The billions shift from side to side
And the wars go on with brainwashed pride
For the love of God and our human rights
And all these things are swept aside
By bloody hands time can't deny
And are washed away by your genocide
And history hides the lies of our civil wars

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