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Summary: Playing games in FUNtasia
Date: 08.15.2013
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FUNtasia, The West End, Landing
"Four Stories of Fun." At least that's how FUNtasia is advertised, and if bright lights and loud noises equal fun, it certainly lives up to that billing. The center of the building is two double-floors, leaving room for several games that run pods up high into the air in accordance with the actions of the players. Around the outside are four levels of games about sword-fighting, archery, blaster-shooting, dancing, adventure, gliding, tactical expertise, and much more. Food and drinks are served at several locations around FUNtasia, a mixture of finger-foods and overpriced hot sandwiches.

The keystone of FUNtasia, however, is the holo-sim room at the back of the main floor. While not as detailed as the military-grade suites, it can still create default armors of various types, default weapons of various types, and a staggeringly-wide array of historical and fantastical situations to put them in. Whether you want to crew a ramship in the Second System War, attend a favorite concert from the past, or face simulated Hostiles on Niveus today, you can do it — for a price. Just keep in mind that there are vidcams watching the interior at all times, and any… untoward activities will be


The song ends and the score shows up, perfects all the way through but Sean enters in the same name below "Rook" and shrugs. He knows he can dance,so it's not that important to him here. Plus, "Rook" has all the high scores everywhere else so he just enters their name whenever he wins. He picks up his shoulder bag, turning to leave before he spots Rivea. He smiles and heads over, "Hey Riv, fancy seeing you here. What's new?"

Rivea tosses a little wave at Sean as he starts heading in her direction. "Hello, Sean," with a light grin. With a tug on her braid, she continues a moment later, "Actually nothing much. I was walking about, getting to know the area, saw this place and thought "I wonder what sorts of things they have inside?" So, I entered, looked around and saw you dancing about, rather energetically and well, I might add. They do have rather a lot ofthings to do here, don't they?"

Sean smiles, "They do, that they do. There's all sorts of games and simss here to try out." he looks just past her to a door with a label on it, Glider Sims, and smiles looking back. "Wanna go gliding with me? My treat." He adjusts the gloves on his hands, and then fixes his blue tight fitted top to sit better on him. One hand sliding into a pocket of his pants.

"Gliding?", her eyes follow is towards tht sim area, and she tips her head to one side. ""That could be interesting. That's something Grandmother and I never did - mostly because she was getting on in years." A fond smile touches her face for a moment, before she looks up at Sean again. "That sounds good, I'd be honored…if you're sure? I do have money of my own."

Sean nods once, "Definitely my treat, think of it as a welcome to Landing gift… or some such." then with a smile he leads to the room for gliding sims. He moves to a two person sim, and points to the pilot's seat, "You should fly, its the most fun.

Rivea hmms, eyeing the controls and the seat with a dubious expression, as she slides into it. "Perhaps. I've…never flown much. I can do other things far better, flying was never something I had a chance to learn before. I've had other aspirations I wanted to achieve, it just remains to be seen if they come to fruition." She looks about the controls for a few moments then over to Sean, "So, what now?"

Sliding into the seat behind her, Sean leans over her to press his thumb to the payment reader. He uses the joystick to select unlimited time, and then slips back a little to put Riv's arms to the controls. The game starts and the glider is dropped from the airlift, Sean's hands on her, he shows her by pulling back gently on the joystick and applying a small amount of thrust using the other control by sliding it forward. "See? To go up you pull back, to go down push forward. This one controls the engines, and will speed us up when we need it." With that, he hovers for a moment to see if she gets it, and if she does, he'll rest back into his seat to feel as the whole thing begins to move with each motion the stimulated glider takes. Around them, the great clouds of Nubilus flow past at an almost lazy speed.

Rivea glances over her shoulder a moment at him then back to the controls and, hesitantly at first, begins to move the controls on the simulated glider. "Hopefully, I won't crash us, and fortunately, this is only a simulation.' with a bright laugh. The speed picks up a little and she angles the controls to pick up a bit more altitude.

"Every time you crash is just one more time you'll have to fly." Sean gives with a gentle tease. "Just relax, it's not like you're being graded or judged for this. I'm enjoying watching the clouds go by… wish I could fly a real one… maybe if I had Trix do it. Then the two of us could just sit and enjoy the time and the view." that brings a smile, though he's sitting behind her so it isn't seen. "You've never done this before? The whole, simulated gliding thing?"

You say, "Only a couple times. I spent more time learning" making the speed increase as she speaks, "….learning the family trade. At least, when I wasn't learning what my Grandmother could teach me. Her training was more…physical. Riding, swordplay, all those things a lot of young people want to do. I don't remember her ever actually telling me if she could fly, now that I think of it." She decides to take the plunge and while the speed remains steady, starts to have the controls take a turn to the right."

Sean chuckles softly for a moment, "Riding? Swordplay? Never cared for them… have a friend once who did. Haven't heard from him since this damn war started." he shrugs slightly, "Your grandmother sounds awesome, wish I could meet her." Then she starts to roll right and not only does the screen move to depict this change, the whole seat begins to shift slightly to the left to give the physical impression of the craft moving. Sean delights with a soft laugh, "You're either getting the hang of it, or you're trying to crash."

A short silence commences for a time as Rivea makes the glider go hither and yon, through the clouds, turning the glider back in the other direction now. "I wouldn't do that..not until I know you better! OR I could fly better. You'd have liked her, I think. I'm not sure what she might have thought about you though. She had a wicked sens of humor but was ratehr staid and formal about so many things.

"Well, I can handle a sense of humor just fine. What do you mean by formal? As in, proper noble etiquette or just the usual girl brings home a guy to meet the folks means more than friends?" Sean's tone is curious, but there's still that delight as she causes the entire simulation craft to move this way and that. The screen's image adjusting without break or seam to make it appear as if you're really seeing it.

You say, "Proper etiquette, of course. She was a Knight Captain before she was retired and pensioned off, a few years before I was born. She tried to teach me all she could about honor and the like, much to my mother's chagrin. And, well, my delight. She was 93 when she finally went to sleep for the last time." Oh, she over adjusts at one point making the 'craft' start t careen in one direction before making it go back onto it's proper course. "Whew, glad that this isn't really real!""

"Wow! Knight Captain… that's impressive." Sean lets out a laugh when the craft begins to careen to one side, "Yeah… me too." he jests with a laugh, "What would proper etiquette be for meeting someones parents? Never been the type to take home to mom and dad, Penny's more that kind of person." Sean's laughter is soft and warm.

Rivea ponders that question for the moment. "Well, you'd have to have permission to have visitors coming for a visit. And then, of course, make proper introductions between your friend and your parents or you and her parents. However, if they haven't met at all, and you were going to, well, propose or something of that nature, you'd approach the father or the head of the house, and seek permission to court or to marry….oh, many different things and situations could change any of it, of course.

"Propose?" Sean chuckles mirthfully, "Yeah, right… well. I haven't met someone I'd propose to just yet. Not even sure if I'm dating anyone for that matter." then a few mumbles, before he says "What's courting?"

You say, "Courting..is well, a rather fancy word for dating when all is said and done." She thinks further for a moment, "What you don't have anyone you're dating? I thought I heard you mention someone. Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have assumed anything."

Sean hms softly, "I see. Not sure why they need a whole new word for dating." the second question gets a short silence from him, "I don't know… I asked Roxy out, again, and she said on was good… but. There's this other guy she's been flirting with, and she and I keep hitting snags and breaking up. So, right now… it's up in the air." there's a shrug, but again positioning keeps it from her line of sight. "I guess, if we met other people and just agreed that was better, then it all works out… right?" okay, why ask her? Another silent shrug, again the whole she's in front of him and facing away thing.

Facing forward as she is, she' can't see his expressions. But, perhaps something in his tone might give an indication that he's not smiling or
unsettled about something. "I'm sorry to hear that, Sean. You're sure she knows exactly how you feel about her? Well, do /you/ know exactly how you feel about her? Maybe once you figure that out, you can work around those snags you mentioned and see what you can do to keep them from snagging?"

She shrugs herself, as the glider continues to glide. "But then I don't know you well, or this other person at all, so I'm probably not the best one to offer any kind of advice."

"That's just it… the knowing how I feel bit." Sean takes a breath, "We've dated on and off for two years now… we have fun, at times, but when the excitement ends and the mundane shows up. She's off for another adventure while I work my ass off paying my bills, mixing music and drinks, practicing. Sure, she's in a band and has a lot to do… but there's only so much a guy can deal with before not having someone to rely on takes it's toll." he sighs, more unseen shrugging. "Guess that's a lot to just dump on someone you've known for… three quarters of a day."

OH no, the glider starts to take a barrel roll as her hand slips for a moment. "Perhaps, Sean, you're right." A deep sigh of relief, thank goodness this isn't real. "I don't mind though, sometimes a fresh perspective from someone who sees everything new can help."

Sean moves forward in his seat to grab hold of the joystick and stop the head spinning roll, "Careful… I haven't eaten, but I don't want to get kicked out for making a mess." Sean smiles down to her, "Well, don't worry about it. The way I see it is, we're still on an off… and unless we work things out, we'll probably be off for good. If she's into this new guy, more power to him. I'll just see if I can find someone who's not into me for my fame." then he'll sit back once she's gotten control again.

Rivea laughs, putting a hand over her mouth, while trying to maintain control of the simulated glider. "I'm sorry…I have no desire to clean up a mess either"

As the glider's screen comes back to normal horizon again, Sean laughs softly, "It's alright, seriously… cause even if you crashed us it'd start all over again. I chose unlimited time for this so we have as long as you'd like." he ignores the beep from his comm device, "There are other games, simms, and things to do too. If you get hungry there's a variety of bad for us foods to eat."

The two in the glider simm, the woman in the pilot seat, the man in the back seat, are seeming to enjoy themselves with the full motions
offered by such games. The rest of the place is otherwise getting crowded as people enter and start to take up their spots for their choices.

Ithaca Black stands out like a sore thumb in Landings. Well, she does everywhere but in FUNtasia. They're used to seeing her here, silently setting high scores on dozens of games. The pale woman is clad in monochrome shades of black, with her piercings glinting in the glow from the Gorox the Destroyer game. It's old, about a decade or so, but it's in a corner with some of the older machines. There is a backpack secured over her shoulders, and the hood of her tunic, beneath her leather coat, is up, leaving just a shock of dyed black hair and dark eyeliner as the noticeable parts of her head.

The royal hasn't been to see Funtasia in forever. When he was young was the last time he remembers being in one of the simulators. He decided that perhaps today he'd see if nostalgia hit him at all. He's wearing leather pants, off white tunic, long leather jacket - fancy, and his black cane. He limps into the area where people are and glances around. Oh hey, new games. He limps towards one of the holo-sims and stares at him. He's still supposed to be on bed rest but he wants to stab something, even if it's fake.

You say, "I think,f or now, I've exhausted my attempts at learning to fly. How I wish it had been something Grandmother had done, or at least if she had, it was something thing she'd taught me to do." Rivea's eyes sparkle as she glances over her shoulder at Sean. "Perhaps, we could try something different now. Maybe..something you aren't used to but that I'm more familiar with?"

And, being new to FUNtasia, she starts to look around to see what merriment the simulators here might provide. "Any suggestions, my day old friend?""

Sean gets out of the sim, and it instantly shuts down. The screen flashes and Thank you come again before going dark. "There's a swordsman's simulator we could try. Two player as well, you hold these handles and holoblades are formed along with holoarmor… then who ever hits enough times wins." he smiles, and offers a hand to help her out of the seat.

Ithaca, or Rook as she is commonly known, glances over at the simulators as she taps out her four-letter nickname into the high score box on the game machine. She purses her lips, before shoving her hands in her pockets and wandering that way. Those sim games are more expensive to play, so she usually doesn't, but she doesn't mind watching others.

Advent misses real battle so he just stares at the sim and sighs quietly. He limps away from it slowly leaving room for others to take over the sword play simulator. The man doesn't seem at all upset but more frustrated. His right leg barely moving while he tries to slide out of the way.

Rivea's hand takes Sean's when it's offered to help her leave the simulator, stepping up and out lightly. Flicking her braid back over one shoulder she glances towards the suggested sim machine. "Interesting. Not the same as the real thing though…it could be interesting," taking a few light steps in that direction, "Does it offer a real challenge though?" Movement begins to take her closer in that sims direction even as she glances about seeing what there is to see.

"Well, you'd be facing off against me… so I don't think it will. I can't really use a sword at all." they move to one of the sim spot and Sean
hands over a sword handle to Rivea. "Right, go easy on me… I'm too pretty to die." all as a joking tease.

Rook gets a soda from the concession stand and moves backs to watch the combat simulator. She brushes against Advent as she passes him, and stops to stare at his right leg as it moves oddly, if at all. Staring is rude, but the woman isn't well versed in social niceties. Her head tilts, briskly, like that of a bird, as she watches him.

Advent turns when he is brushed against and looks right back at Rook. He doesn't seem upset that she's staring at his leg that sucks. He notices the two that are at the simulator and he limps towards them. He's used to horse back sword fighting but by the look of his leg we can all see how that panned out. He tilts his head slowly before turning to look right back at Rook.

Rivea places her hands together, in all seriousness, yet with a twinkle in her eyes and that dimple showing, along with a slight tilt of her head, "I do so promise. I'd hate to deprive the world of your presence - even virtually. Shall we, then?" stepping to the machine and placing her hands on the controls, and even while humor still fills her face, a somewhat serious expression touches it as well. Since she and Sean are at the sim already, she hasn't noticed yet anyone heading in her/their direction, as she readies herself.

Sean chuckles and presses a finger to the payment machine. Then, selecting one game for now, the whole area lights up and their swords flicker to life. Armor of red flows over Rivea, blue flows over Sean, and little matching colored boxes appear above their heads. Sean looks laughable holding the fake sword in his hands, clearly not knowing what he's doing. He lunges at Riv suddenly, his aim poor.

Rook reads that as an invitation, and she shrugs a little. "Can't afford it," she notes to Advent, indicating she doesn't have the funds for the
expensive sim games. Well, she could have the funds, but most of them go for Red Eye and Amp these days. And cigarettes. And beer. Let's just say bad habits.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rivea=swords Vs Sean=swords
< Rivea: Good Success Sean: Success
< Net Result: Rivea wins - Marginal Victory

Advent nods and grins slowly. "Then shall we watch them and commentate? I'm sure we can poke lots at the … um… that one." He points to Sean. He moves towards the two that are sparing and his brow lifts up when he watches Sean move. "Relax your shoulders, pull them back, slightly bend your elbows. A sword is for flow. It is not a baseball bat." He tries to helpfully offer the youth.

Rook steps up beside Advent and watches them fighting with a tight-lipped expression. "Swords. Waste of time," she mutters. She'd prefer to just light things on fire.

One does not let oneself get distracted while fighting, even virtually. So, anything else going on in the back ground is distantly noted by Rivea as the mock battle commences. A parry, and a turn. She grins lightly. "Watch the eyes, not the feet."

Sean gets his sword knocked away easily, "I was watching the eyes… can't not, too pretty." he affords lightly, even as he makes another swing at her. "Tell me something… why didn't you become military? If you had training and all."

Rook steps up beside Advent and watches them fighting with a tight-lipped expression. "Swords. Waste of time," she mutters. She'd prefer to just light things on fire. But in the spirit of Advent's commentary she barks out. "Get hit less!" The best advice she can think of.

Advent shakes his head to Rook and grins. "It's not a waste of time if used properly. It can be an extension of your arms. Nothing is a waste that downs a hostile." He frowns when the two aren't taking his suggestions. A decade as a knight and kids aren't even listening. "Don't watch the eyes. Eyes lie. Intent comes from the hips and the shoulders. Watch her shoulders not her breasts!" He leans against his cane, following up on Rook's commentary.

Rivea's eyes flicker a moment at Sean's words. "I had wanted to be become something other than a smith. But Grandmother would not sponser me for more because of a promise she had made to my mother." Her eyes gauge Sean and what his next move will be, "And then, when she became ill, I would not leave while she needed me." And at Advent's words, she does get momentarily distracted, glancing that way, eyes widening slightly before going back to the matter at hand.

Breasts? Right, being a man means I was supposed to be looking at those… but, she's a bit more than that so I guess I forgot? Sean shrugs
slightly, clearly to Advent's words… right? "I'm sorry to hear that, Riv." then he takes a breath, before flicking his sword at her shoulder all
wabbly. His strength isn't the issue, its the technique… or lack thereof.

Of course, Advent's shout gets even Rook to look at the woman's boobs. She snorts softly. She looks at the cane, then the leg again. "What?" she asks, indicating the injured limb.

Advent frowns when Sean doesn't listen to him again. "Oh for hells sake boy. It's not your dangling bits your holding. It's a sword. Use it!" He face palms before turning to Rivea. "One hundred dollars to the woman if she can lay this man on his ass in the next round." He offers her. He turns slightly when Rook looks at his leg. "Oh… Yeah. It's useless right now. I was on my horse and a Hostile stabbed it's sword through my leg into my horse. I killed it but my leg was held on by a few tendons and the artery. I was more happy my horse survived." He grins warmly. "Gotta see if my bone regrows. If not, amputation and then cybernetics which will suck."

"It is of no matter, If things are meant to be, then they will be." Then, Rivea swats the swats the sword away, muttering to herself as she does so. "Perhaps they might lie," swatting Sean on the backside with her sword, then more clearly "…but my chest is not going to tell you anything other than you should be looking elsewhere." No, no, she's simply NOT going to embarrass herself at this moment. She takes a deft, graceful turn, facing Sean again. "Grandmother would say that nothing is useless for long, everything has a purpose." Then, waits for Sean's next move.

Sean laughs as he's struck, "I wasn't looking at your chest, right now." his wink and teasing tone give away the jest. He tries to swing more firmly at Rivea, the aim isn't the greatest but at least the swing is firm enough. "What do you plan to do then? Stay a smith or become a soldier? The war is going on now… you'd probably be able to sign up easily enough."

Rook arches a brow at Advent's explanation of his injury. "See? Swords, waste of time." They clearly didn't save his leg from being skewered. Blunt, this one is. She pulls a cigarette pack out of her jacket and taps on out. She gestures at his leg with it. "How long?" until he knows. She doesn't light up yet.

"That remains to be seen, on the time and palce and those introductions I must make, as I mentioned to you the other day. I will go where I'm needed, to honor my Grandmother." And, with another swift move, HO! HA HA! GUARD! TURN! PARRY! DODGE! SPIN! HA! THRUST!" *WHACK*, Sean goes down on his backside with a short flurry of movement, perhaps in rise to the words of Advent. And then, she salutes Sean and turns to salute, Lord Advent. A glance towards Ithaca now that she sees her. My, that is a different look.

Advent chuckles. "If it wasn't for swords, we'd all be eradicated. Not a waste." He counters. He leans on the cane and shrugs. "I'm a soldier, not a doctor. They said a few months they will know for sure if the bone is mending but there are a lot of pins and rods in my leg. I'm a walking lightning rod." He watches the two spar and grumbles. "They aren't listening at all. That hurts my feelings." He jokes to Ithaca.

On his ass, Sean blinks for a moment and then grins up at Riv. "Nice moves!" he says even as he stands in one movement only a dancer could do, the kind of one movement that doesn't require him to use his hands to push up with. Once standing Sean looks to Advent, "Not a single bit of what you said made sense to me… I have zero combat training. I also don't play sims like this at all. But, since she likes this sort of thing, I'm happy to have had a chance to have fun." he hangs up the fake sword handle. "Right, I lost… so I'm buying. What would you like Riv? Something to drink and eat that is… or a sweet treat if you'd like."

Rook shrugs a little about the swords, and her eyes go pure white, with wisps of hinted at black wings rising from her shoulderblades as she lights her cigarette with a flame that dances from the palm of her hand. Clearly, awakened. "You just lost money," she reminds Advent, as he'd bet on the girl.

Advent shrugs. "I have a lot of money to loose. One hundred is not much." He pulls out the money from his pocket and limps towards the woman holding it out. "Well done." He looks at Sean then shakes his head. He rolls his own shoulders back and lifts his cane. He stands there in perfect formation, pointing the tip of the cane at Rivea. His elbow bent and shoulders back, stomach held in. He moves the cane quickly as one would a sword before hitting it into the ground hard when his balance fails him. "Sword stance. Smoother moves." He turns so his back is to the ladies and looks right at Sean. "Buy her anything she wants. There might be money under a cup at the bar if you say the word 'pretty.'" He whispers to Sean before limping away towards Ithaca. Ah the Royal always looking to get his citizen's some action.

Rivea hangs up her own fake sword handle, watching Sean rise gracefully to his feet. "I'm not overly fond of sweets really." She flips her braid back over her shoulder, glancing at Advent's back after hands her money, speaks his few words, then to her then turns away. "It would take far more than words to attract my attentions ." The money in her hand is eyed for amoment, then passed to one of the attendants, asking them to divide it amongst themselves.

"That wasn't what I was going for here, Riv. We're day old friends… would need to get to know you a lot more than just one day to start thinking about dating and such. Besides, you're new here. It'd be… horndog of me to consider that an advantage of some kind." Sean chuckles and moves to stand near her but not right next to her, "I meant it, though, if you'd like something to drink and eat. We could hit up the Siren after we grab a snack if you're hungry for something. I don't work for a couple more hours, so if it's cool I'd like to spend it with you."

"Weird," Rook says Advent, clearly referring to him. Pot, Kettle. She takes a deep drag off her cigarette and blows the smoke away from the noble.
<OOC> Ithaca says, "says to"

Advent hears the young ones flirting and the face he gives Ithaca says it all. It's half humor and half oh-god people are like that. He shrugs his shoulder. "Look whose talking, oh holey one." He adjusts his jacket. "Let's let these two get to know each other because you and I both know he's trying to get lucky." He might have said that rather loud. "I'm glad she seems wise to it though. I like her." He limps towards the bar. "Want some beer? I'm buying two and you can have one." He mentions to Ithaca while he limps away.

Rivea glances over to Sean, placing a hand on his arm for a moment, "I know, my new friend. I was momentarily distracted. What do they have to offer here…besides beer?" as she ponders something else, glancing about and further towards where ever food is.

Pointing at the counter filled with various snack items, and a menu over head, Sean will lead them there. "Pick anything… and they have all sorts of drinks. I'll just have a cola, and perhaps that pretzle there. Yeah, cool." he looks to Riv now for her order.

Rook nods her head in the affirmative in a sharp singular movement. "Yes." She follows Advent, head down, hands stuffed in her pockets, shoulders hunched up around her ears. Beer is apparently something she's willing to try to be social for.

Pretzels? Nah. Pizza? Nah. Deep fried delectables stuffed with cheese? Perhaps worthy of snacking. Now, what goes with deep fried goodness….cola? Perhaps. A fruit drink? Possibly. Wine? Wine goes with everything. But, beer does go with everything, too. Decisions, decisions. Rivea takes a few moments to peruse the menu, deciding on Cheese Stuffed Peppers and, although not her particular favorite, it does go with it far better than wine, beer. Draft. And, after telling Sean her order says, "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Smirking slightly at the choice. When their food comes to them, Sean hands over a couple bills to the attendant and then gets the change, dropping some of it into the tip jar. He'll guide them to a table not far away and wait for her to take her own seat. He's not entirely clueless about this sort of thing, but he's also not trying anything either. "If you're not working tonight, you should swing by the Siren. I can introduce you to a couple school friends who'll be there."

Advent walks to the bar and puts the money down. He orders two beer for the lady before turning. "I'm sorry. I realized I have some duty's to attend to. Please excuse me." He leaves the beers all for her and limps off towards the door, seemingly in a rush.

Rook blinks as the noble beats a hasty retreat, leaving her with two beers and a confused expression on her face. She lifts an arm to sniff beneath it but determines she remembered to shower this morning. She shrugs, and begins drinking beer 1 quickly, before someone decides with the noble gone, they don't have to let her have them.

You say, "Something funny?" as she takes a seat. "I'm not sure, possibly. I still have more people to meet tomorrow and would want to be bright eyed. Perhaps we can make plans for later in the week. Friends…from when you were learning about your computers and such, yes?"

Sean shakes his head, "Oh, you just asked if they had more than beer, then ordered one." he shrugs slightly, "Ah, well… current school friends. I'm now working on my masters degree in computer sciences at the Academ. I hope to get a job working for one of the large computer firms run by the Orelle family."

Ithaca gets shooed finally, and she shuffles out, back to the ways and the Ring.
Ithaca leaves, heading towards the The Central Arcade [Out].
Ithaca has left.

You say, "OH yes. Well, wine does go with everything but it just seemed more appropriate somehow. So you really find academics that enjoyable? It's not that I had trouble in school, just studying all the time, would seem almost boring, to me." She takes a moment to glance around again, "Don't you ahve enough jobs now, from what I remember you telling me of everything you seem to do?""

Sean laughs softly, "I learn like a sponge soaks up water. But, it can be easier to study with a friend or two there with you. That, and good
music." he smiles, "Well, if I got the job at the firm… I'd probably stop bartending and DJ less…. I may not look the type, but I do want a
family some day…. when I'm ready for one. I'm just working hard to set myself up for that. If a family doesn't happen, then I'm still Schizoid and I can drown myself in booze and barely eighteen year olds when I feel the need for such a thing." he shrugs again, clearly his fame is more of a resignation from life to him.

You say, "I only met you yesterday, Sean. But, if you stopped with your music, I don't think you would be as happy as you seem to me now." She sighs a moment, "I do have plans for waht I wo uld like to accomplish; I have have to decide how I will make them work….once the appropriate opportunities arrive. Or when I decide to make them" Ahh, the food, she takes a piece of her snack and starts to take a bite, after blowing on it, to cool it off somewhat."

"What do you want to do with your life?" Sean asks thoughtfully after a moment, he takes a bite of the pretzel and instantly drinks from his water to cool it off. Yeah… should have followed suit with the blowing on it part.

You say, "What do I want to do with my life?" She ponders a moment 'I want to honor my Grandmother, in eerything I do, first and foremost. I just have not decided exactly how that will best be accomplished yet. Whether I should follow my heart in what I've always wanted to do or in some other manner. A family? Someday, perhaps. But I can't see myself doing that anytime soon."

Sean points an index finger at Riv, "Follow your heart in everything you do, no matter what. If I went the same route my parents did… I'd have a son and daughter and a dead end job as a low level computer tech while stuck in a loveless marriage out of familiarity." That's when it sort of clicks for Sean… he, and Roxy… are just familiars. He takes a breath, "As for a family, it'll happen if it's supposed to happen for you and you'll find the right someone if that's the case. Just make sure to follow your heart. And you're right, I don't' think I'd have anywhere near the fun I have when I'm MC or DJ or both."

Rivea nods. "I shall, I just have to decide which path my heart trul wants to take. And,if you were to follow your own advice, would it be to have a job with some major corporation, or continue in your music?

"I've been Schizoid for years now… you're the first person who's met me, that's gotten to know me before you knowing Schizoid." Sean takes a moment to think, "My heart is in the music, but the fame and the fan girls, and the attention take their toll on you. I've said in the past, that if I wanted to. I could go to a club, dance for ten minutes, and then pick up girls like I was shopping for groceries." he shakes his head, "But that's just not me, honestly. So, while my heart is in my music and dancing, it wants time off from the squealing, the petting, the offers and petitions, the plees and whines, the creepy and all of that."

You say, "You want what everyone wants, Sean. you jsut want a friend. Everyone wants someone who is a friend. There's nothing unusual in that. Have you let your other friend know /this/ you and not Schizoid? *" She shakes her head, what a byname that is."

Sean hms softly, "She almost doesn't want to know Sean. She calls me Skitz… and claims that as her name for me. She's the only one allowed to use it." he pauses, "Like I said, anytime the mundane happens along, we stop being Ontherox and Skitz, and suddenly it's Sean and Roxy, then drift apart or down right break up." he shrugs, "I think we're both getting tired of it really… and while I really want her in my life cause of the times we get along… I don't want to keep fearing one day she'll just up and leave on me." he takes another bite, not caring it's still too hot. He takes a drink then looks at Riv, "Damn I'm being an ass, just unloading on you first day into our friendship all this drama, sadness, and such. I was trying to keep it away so we could have fun."

Rivea takes a bite of her own food, and a small sip of beer. "Perhaps. But, if you have someone to talk to, who is willing ot lsiten, it's not
unloading. But, fun, there is a time for that, too. Anyway, let's find anotehr topic of discussion for now so you don't feel like you're intruding
or anything like that.

"I was caught by the head of house Iah on Niveus scoping out some tunnels for a rave the other day…" Sean offers up, continues to munch on his pretzel and drink water now and then.

You say, "OH? This is the one that you mentioned to me, when we met the other day? Did you get into trouble or were o yu able to talk your way out of any?", grinning at him over the rim of her glass as she takes a sip."

Sean smiles, "Well… I did start off on the wrong foot by trying to lie my way through. But she pulled me aside when some fangirl exposed my stage name. Ronan, her brother, knows my music and likes it… so she'd heard of me. Then she put two and two together based on the questions I'd asked and snuffed out the truth. She was very polite, but firmly made it clear that the tunnels of the aquarium aren't the place for a rave. She said it would depend on where I wanted to have it, but I can always pick another place on the surface if I wanted to." he shrugs.

Rivea listens to what he says, taking it to heart andth inking about it carefully. "Just what sor of place again, is it that you really need for a
rave? Must it be the most out of the way, seemingly improbable type of place or something else? I've neer been one, as I'd mentioned, to go to those. And how very fortunate that your name brought oyu some benefit."

Sean considers this a moment while he chews, after swallowing he smiles, "No, doesn't need to be out of the way. I just wanted something exotic and never been done before for my first one. Typically they are done without the knowledge of the ruling house… so that there's a level of danger to it to make it all that much more exciting." he grins slightly, "Can't do anything on most of the Lashes cause they're too looked after or don't have the space. Niveus was exotic was all. No one's been there to rave before so I wanted to try." he shrugs, "I can still do so, but the danger factor is missing. You know why we hold these raves right?"

You say, "Honestly? No….unless it's just to meet others who share similar interests? I listen to, and enjoy, all kinds of music. I don't necesarily follow the trends involved in it."

"We make money on the raves from the sales of drinks, food, paraphernalia, and at some… drugs. Most frown on the last one, cause we don't like the idea of the money being from that. Once the DJs are paid, the money is donated to a school that needs the funds for their music programs." Sean smiles at this.

Rivea listens carefully as Sean makes his explanation, yes frowning at the mention of drugs. "That is marvelous, truly inspired. I wonder if more people in different areas of the arts have thought to do similar things, well otehr than the traditional public perofrmances and the like. Well, even if I might not enjoy overly loud music and other things, I may just have to attend this rave of yours. Granted, Im not musically inclined but good works should always be supported.

"You could always come up with ideas for things to support other academics. I think there's a storytelling event on Niveus that occurs." that brings him a thought, and he shakes his head with sad eyes for a moment, then he forces a smile, "I should teach you the piano… or at least play for you sometime. And, of course, we should trade our smithing and computer crafting skills."

You say, "Yes, we could always trade skills, always better to learn more along those lines. And teach me piano? Well perhaps, once I now waht my scheudle will be like." The sadness is noted and after a short time. "Is there soemthing wrong?"

Sean shakes his head, "Just the storytelling was something that other guy Roxy's flirting with told me about." he shrugs and takes a breath, "Well, I don't have to teach it to you… but I can totally play for you some time. I mean, unless you want to lean an instrument that is." Seam smiles softly, "So, what's your favorite weapon type? Swords?"

Rivea nods, tabling the discussion of an instrument for another time. "I prefer swords, yes, at least I'm more familair with it " and a fond look
comes to her eyes as she tihnks of someting. "I'm decent with a bow as well, but have only grazed the surface of any other weapons Well except for firearms. I've never used those either, really.

"It sucks that firearms are useless now. They used to be so cool too." Sean smiles brighter, "Swords, hm. I'm no weapon smith, but I can think of some cool things to make a sword be able to do. Like burst into flames, or electrocute." then a pause, "It's getting close to work time for me. Can I walk you home before I need to go?"

Rivea nods, "That would be nice of you, yes, I'd appreciate it. Firey swords? Hmm, that would be different." She chuckles as she stands and makes ready to leave.

Sean stands up and pauses, "Uh… I know there's some right way of doing this. I give you my hand… right?" Sean looks at his hand for a moment then up at Rivea. What ever the answer is, he'll at least walk by her side until they arrive to where she decides is far enough.

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