Fundraising Mail - Leonnida Arts Council
Summary: A fundraising appeal sent via electronic mail to the list of previous donors to the Leonnida Arts Council
Date: 08/03/2013
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Leonnida — Cindravale

Dear Friend,

I'm writing to ask you to remember the Leonnida Arts Council in these troubled times. I remember the films that inspired me to go into public service, the songs that brightened my mood, and the galleries of art that caused me to search the very depths of my soul and ponder the deep questions.

The Arts remind us of just who we are in troubled times. They can give us laughter to ease our worried souls or inspiration to rouse us in light of our persistent apathy.

Would you consider making a quick donation of $5 or even $10? I know that to ask in hard times is a tall order, and you should know that I never ask for donations when I too have not done so to this great organization, which stands committed to ensuring the arts remain open to all.

As the LAC's motto says…"Thriving Arts, Warming Hearts" Your support is highly appreciated,
Senator Alistair Hartcliffe

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