09.18.2013: From Citizen To Lord
Summary: Xenona is visiting the landing when she comes upon a new face amongst the noble ranks. A possible friendship is made.
Date: September 9, 2013
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Taryn Xenona 

Gardens of Erkwin
While the Arborenin may like their greenery wild and lush, the Gardens of Erkwin are carefully and precisely manicured, even if they are no less green for all the attention they have received at the clippers of gardening drones. Broad expanses of grass are trimmed to exactly the same height, grown to exactly the same verdant shade. Hedges are neatly clipped back into exacting shapes. Some form mythical creatures, others living statues of famous historical figures, and one section even rises in geometric patterns to create a hedge maze. Between the hedges and lining paths of crushed gravel are beds full of flowers from all over Imperius — and before that, from all over Old Earth.

As beautiful as the gardens are, however, all of the paths lead through them toward the stadium on the water's edge. A final parade of flags draws the attention of most onlookers up toward the bulbous blue shape of the stadium's half-roof, which is lit from within by the glow of the lights when a tournament is taking place or a soccer game being played.

September 18, 3013

The sun shines down in the garden on this particularly pleasant afternoon. For the first time, since being released from the hospital, Taryn has been allowed out of the royal towers. He is of course under the supervision of two guards, who are giving the young noble a bit of personal space. The golden colored Sauveur is dressed in very new and somewhat ill-fitting clothing, well mainly the shirt that is covering up the bandages that still engulf his torso. He was raised with slightly rustic Valen sensibilities and tastes, so he longingly gazes at the stadium in the distance, knowing that once he is given clearance to ride, it may be the closest thing to it that he will be afforded for some time. His grey green eyes glance down at a rose bush. Seeing a flower with a broken stem, bumped by one of the drones, he reaches down and pinches it off just above the brown break. He smirks slightly at the flower, before letting it slide down between fingers. He says softly to himself, "I'm afraid this is going to be me before long… trimmed and manicured until there's nothing wild left…"

Breaking into his silent reverie but only a peripheral way is another figure, just as much watched by the single guard following in her wake. The pad in her hand taps against her leg, lip captured between teeth as her hand guides the rather Valen looking gown in her wake. The older woman, likely once her nursemaid, clears her voice, "Do slow down, I can't keep step with you." They are near matching in height, save for a few inches, the young Lady petite in frame as she finally comes to slow along one of the paths not far away, turning her head to look at the elder woman. "I am sorry, Maeb, you know how I am with all the bustle…besides…" she looks down at the pad and trails a finger over something that draws a collection of worried lines to gather at her brow. "I must speak with Miss Vallas," she begins, slipping out onto the lawn as her full skirts moves with her, causing her to pull and drag at the voluminous cloth. "He is not well, someone must be sent to check on him," her voice trails off as she continues blindly in in his general direction, caught up in whatever her pad displays. "My Lady…Lady Xenona!" Maeb's voice comes as a sharp hush to warn her of something ahead and this causes the lady to stop, going still to turn and look back at her companion only to be motioned to look towards the rose bushes and its pruner. Blue eyes flicker to the guards and then the young man again before she dips her head to him, "Forgive me.."

With all the rustle of fabric, a deaf man could hear Xenona's approach. Taryn waits for the noblewoman and her companion to come to the beginnings of a stop, before offering a gentle bow in their direction. Bending over is still not the easiest of things right now, and from the subtle and not so subtle pained expression. He offers a smile as he rises though. "M'lady." He glances around to make sure that it is in fact him that she is addressing. "Is something wrong?"

Xenona notes the pain, eyes for a moment flashing with consideration as she tilts her head and studies him before he rises again, "M'lord…" she greets, still uncertain as there is no recognition upon her face. At his question, the pad is given a look and lips part, as if considering whether to answer, "A friend, in trouble, one I am not allowed to see. I am attempting to find a way about that or at least to get him some much needed help," her brows furrow and she lifts the pad, grasping it with both hands before her stomach, letting it rest there. "Though I feel like I should be the one asking you that." A faint smile curls her lips before she adds, "I have spent too many years in the Tower studying, I do not believe I know your face, my Lord. I trust that you are one given your company?" A brow arches and she studies him. "Are you well?"

Taryn mumbles softly under his breath, "Six that just doesn't sound right." He then cants his head slightly, as he ponders the answer to that. "Well, I suppose that depends on whether or not you mean that literally or metaphorically." An impish grin dances across his lips, "And I guess that answer could apply to both questions. Yes and yes, and probably no and no. Until recently, I would not have thought myself so. Actually I'm not sure I think myself a lord now, but apparently others do. Taryn…" he pauses as if his last name does not come naturally to his tongue, "Sauveur… and I am recovering from an injury. It pains me still, especially when I do things I'm not suppose to do like.. well move." He smiles, still a linger of that mirth on his grin. "I am not sure if I can help, but if I am able to assist, I will."

"The Six can't make everything sound right or solve our problems, my Lord," Xenona offers in a light voice, though a very obvious curiosity filters across her countenance as he weaves around the answer briefly. "Until recently," she replies as if processing everything and then only does she realize as he offers his surname. Her hands grasping the pad flex, gloves moving against skin and technology a like before she dips into a curtsey before him. "I am sorry to hear of your injury, there seem to be a good man young men and women affected with the same problem. I trust yours was because of Hostiles as well?" she hazards and then glances about, "We could take a seat on the ground if it would help Lord Taryn," forgetting to introduce herself in kind," And though your offer is kind, I am not sure you can. I…recently received word from his AI that he is not in his right mind and poisoning himself with too much drink."

"Sit or stand, as you like, m'lady… " He pauses for a second. "It is all the same to me, as long as I take thing slow." The golden haired Sauveur nods slightly, "Yes, about two weeks ago… just outside the Southern Wilds… I happened upon a scouting party and was attacked before I knew anything." As he says it, there is a distinctive twang in his voice that does mark him from one of the more isolated parts of the Vale, not really where you would expect to find any noble, much less a member of the royal family. "There are many who have looked to too much drink to deal with the state of things here lately. Six knows that if I thought it would do any good, I'd probably do the same… If you are unable to seek out your friend, have you tried to send someone who is not?"

Remaining upon her feet, Xenona smiles, "Then slow we will go," she offers, letting the pad rest back at her side, bumping against her hip. "It is well then that you are still breathing. A whole House was lost at the Spine recently. House Amran. Hopefully the worst is over," exactly what her tone is, hopeful. Her eyes narrow at the accent, briefly letting her gaze flicker over him before coming to rest on the rose still in his hand. A nod of agreement follows the talk of drink and she trails her thumb over the side of the pad, "I am trying to do just that. There is a lovely musician named Letha Vallas who seems to be a good friend of his is my best choice. But he may need medical attention…I have sent a missive to her though I had wished to speak with her directly." That worry rises again, only pressed back by the fact she looks to the rose, taking a step closer to extend her gloved hand palm up, "He may not be nobility, but he is a friend and to ignore such a cry for help would be wrong of me."

Taryn cocks his head just slightly, "May I be so bold as to ask the name of your friend?" He pauses and offers out an arm to her. That's what a gentleman is suppose to do, right? "I wish it were, but I fear that the war is just upon us and we have a long dark road ahead of us still."

A simple dip of her head and her hand draws back as Xenona looks to his arm and hesitates. A brief look of panic and an increased rush of breath and her hand tentatively reaches forward to take his arm. Her voice is a soft hush, "Sean Thanesson," she offers and keeps an awkward distance even as her arm takes his, a light tremor felt along her limb. "That sounds none too promising. I know it sounds naive, but is there not a way to speak with them, to find some relative peace or at least an understanding to stop their invasion? I would think that might be something to work towards rather than lose another Havenite to fighting." Her eyes flip to his chest, watching even as Maeb steps forward to take her pad, drawing the lady's attention. "If there is no reply, send word again, please, Maeb." A thought comes to mind and the Valen turns her head to study him, "You said, 'until recently' earlier and it makes me wonder, how recent and are you adjusting to the new atmosphere?"

Taryn sighs softly, as his gaze falls to the ground, "It is a lofty dream that this war could be ended without another drop of blood being shed, but from first hand experience and from the things that I have seen in my dreams, I do not think that peace is a possible solution… " He looks up and then over at the young woman. "And it is not just a matter of me wanting revenge for my injuries… I don't really care about such… If anything, my injuries have taught me to appreciate what is around you, because you never know when everything will be pulled from under you and your entire world changes." He looks at the trembling hand. "Have I done something wrong? I'm sorry if I have… this is all kind of unchartered waters for me…" He offers a slightly sheepish smile, "Until two weeks ago, when I was attacked… I was just a citizen of no note or renown… then I get injured and apparently the life that had been mine for twenty-two years turned out to be a complete lie… Sean… brown hair, kind of … um.. hyper? I think I know who you're talkin' about… "

"Yes, that is him, I suppose, I think perhaps he just has too much energy and no way to express himself fully," Xenona says first, still lingering on everything else as her hand is tensely perched on his arm. Her gaze slips over the gardens before returning to him, looking to the slight connection between them. An easy, understanding smile comes to her lips despite that air of nervousness about her, "Forgive me," she begins smooth and graciously, "It is nothing you have done wrong, I have trouble adjusting to others..even my family. I suppose time at the Tower did nothing to help that." She steadies her gaze on his chest briefly, a speculative, thoughtful expression gently creasing her brows. "You spoke of dreams…you are awakened?" The question ends with an upward look as her chin remains dipped, eyes meeting his in question. "So you have had them as well…it seems a common shared experience between most of us." Her hand only then begins to ease on his arm. "Tell me of your dream, please.."

Taryn swallows slightly, "Yeah… I am… All of them? That could take quite a while. I have been having them since I was a small child… or just the ones pertaining to the Hostiles?" He cocks his head, "The tower? Oh, the White Tower… I've never been there… just heard about it." He smiles, "Well, Lady Xenona… I heard your companion call after you earlier…" He grins back at Maeb, obviously teasing the older woman, "Even if she didn't provide me with a family name…."

Blinking, Xenona thinks on that and hesitates, "All of them, perhaps eventually…but today I think I only have time for one or two, whatever you wish to share," there is a passion there regarding his abilities, her smile becoming more genuine and the young woman finding a measure of ease that steals away an edge of her tension. "Yes, the White Tower, I have spent most of my life there, devoted to study and the honing of my own abilities." A glance to him and then her brows arch up and she has the nerve to actually flush some, albeit lightly as she glances back to Maeb who is lingering near enough by to hear everything - like an old hawk waiting to peck and indiscretion. "Cindravale, my Lord. I am Valen and by the sound of your voice you are too…by way of association." She pauses enough to seem conscious of is own feelings but there is a definitive spark in her gaze, "A dream, my Lord. Give me one and if we meet again, I shall give you one in return."

Taryn smiles, "I am Valen at heart… I grew up there… raised under Cindravale protection.." Oh, Maeb has no need to worry about indiscretion on Taryn's part. He is possibly more intimidated by Xenona holding on to his arm, as she is to hold it. "Well, one of the most recent ones that seems of significance and one that puzzles me quite a bit, happened over a month ago. I dreamed that, at the same time, mind you, I saw through the eyes of a knight and his executioner. I saw everything that each saw, felt what they felt. I felt the sense of duty of the executioner, and the blow as it landed upon my neck as the knight. I remember the world rolling just slightly as my head fell." He pauses, "I have spoken to one who shared the dream, but only as the knight… and two who shared it as the executioner."

Maeb is still watching, whether or not the young man seems about ready to pounce or not. Xenona smiles, "I believe we are all Valen at heart, but that is because I can not see any other way to be," she admits, a light bit of mirth surfacing. Though the delving into dreams has her utter attention and she turns to face him slightly, hand remaining on his arm but more an after thought as something crosses her expression, recognition and she lifts her free hand to her neck, gloved fingers brushing her skin. "I remember that dream, it woke me quite suddenly from sleep at the Tower. I saw it from the eyes of the Knight, being forced to his knees…who did you say saw it from only the executioner's standpoint?"

"Yeah, I still feel it myself when I think about it." Taryn then grins, trying to break the sobriety of the topic, "I didn't" He grins and arches a brow. "But I will. Lady Lyrienne Orelle, and Lady Soleil… both Sauveur by blood. Just as I did not say that Sir Jeremy Keats saw it from the Knight's point of view as well."

Letting her hand fall away at his admittance, she offers a wan smile and then clears her throat, "So you did not, but now you have." THere is a glimmer in her blue eyes, as if she knows exactly what she did. She studies him then, lapsing into brief silence to do so. Xenona considers and then speaks, "I should speak to Mykal…my brother of this. Perhaps he has some ideas…but what I feel it could mean is not exactly the best conversation for first meetings. It is rather dire, nor does it help my mood." Her smile renews, forced slightly, "I should instead wish you the best of luck navigating your new found life. I was born to it, raised amongst it and yet I still stumble. If you should need someone to speak to, I would always be glad to listen."

Taryn nods. "No, probably not the best topic for a first meeting. " At her remark of being born to a noble life and still stumbling, he looks at her, "Well that certain fills me with confidence there… from stable to state room… I'm surely a lost cause if ever I heard one." He grins, obviously joking. "Likewise, if there is anything that I might be able to do for you, Lady Xenona, let me know." He rolls the rose around in his fingers, before offering it over to her. "A small touch of beauty to brighten your mood, at least. To remain in my hands would do it an inservice… "

"The path is never smooth in any direction you take, I am certain you have more than one way to overcome the rocks and pitfalls along the way," Xenona reassures him, his grin echoed in a smile that draws her lips apart enough to flash a brief show of teeth. Looking down to the rose, she reaches out o carefully take it from his grasp, perched between her her thumb and pointer finger. "Being able to talk to you has helped, but this is certainly a nice touch." Her eyes slip from him, down to the rose and then around the garden. "Perhaps you will visit the Vale once you are well, the Lady Eirene and I are planning a party, to welcome me back in the way. It has been quite long enough. A masquerade, if she has her excited way," her amused tone helps to curl her lips higher before she adds, "The gardens there are not so manicured as all this. Maybe you might feel at home."

Taryn reaches up and brushes the wavy curls from his face, combing it back. "Make sure to let me know when it will be, and I'll be there." He smirks slightly, "Especially since just about everyone I have talked to in the family has pretty much said 'hello, welcome to the family, get used to dressing better and going to parties'." He shrugs just slightly, "I have been told that I make a decent listener… Anytime you need someone to talk to that could potentially feel even more lost than you… let me know."

"Once you learn how to wear those clothes, they will force you to take new steps, be careful you do not lose yourself in the process," Xenona warns, smiling as she lifts the rose to trail the petals against her jawline. "You do make a good listener, but as for being more lost…I think that may not always be the case," amusement colors her tone but it there is an edge of seriousness as well. "But I shall, thank you for the offer, Lord Taryn. Next time, I shall share a dream of mine, if you would like." Her head tilts, hair slipping from behind her ear before she curtsies, "I should be on my way home, I am likely keeping my dear brother waiting for me." Rising slowly, she starts to turn and hesitates, looking along her shoulder, "Thank you for your company, Taryn." Perhaps forgoing is title as a favor, "Be well."

Taryn offers Xenona a slight bow in return. Once again, his face paling slightly in doing so. "Lady Xenona, if you're returning to the Ways, please let me send one of my guards to escort you there." He nods in the direction of the two women, for one of the two guards who have been trailing behind him to go with the visiting Cindravale. He smiles, at the lack of title, "Until next time, take care, m'lady."

Stopping, turning to look at him, she considers his guards and thinks on it. "If you wish to, it would be appreciated." The rose twirls between her fingers, dancing and twisting in time for a moment. "Remember, slow, no need to bow," her voice softens, brief concern in her gaze. "Til next time," she offers once more, giving him a nod waiting for the guard before turning to glide closer to Maeb as the older woman holds up the pad for her to look at. A slender gloved finger reaches out to flip through something and then touch, giving a nod as they exit the gardens.

Taryn watches the two women leave the garden before he turns to the remaining guard. "Alright, Gregory, I'll go back to the tower and sit down for a while. I can feel your thoughts hammering away at the back of my head." The guard smirks, at Taryn's comment. "You might as well walk with me instead of so far behind… I'm returning to my cage, no point pretending that I'm free anymore." With that the young lord starts to walk out of the garden himself, slowing after about a half dozen steps. "And there is no point mentioning that I over did it. I already know." The guard grins and says in a deep gravelly voice, "I wasn't going to say a word, Lord Ellisaire, not one word."

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