06.12.3013: Froglegs and Fortunes
Summary: Taryn runs into Agnes and relays to her a disturbing dream.
Date: 12 June 2013
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Agnes Taryn 

Gregor's Strange Meats — Blue District, The Ring
This diner and butcher shop is nothing more than a narrow, rectangular outlet off the Blue District's bazaar. Based on its near-constant state of busyness, it could do with an expansion, but Gregor Petempke couldn't be bothered with such an idea. It is typical of every other hole-in-the-wall restaurant in history. The floors are plain tile that might have been white a long time ago, but have settled into a comfortable yellow. The walls are naked metal, decorated with a few holographic travel posters from various tourist spots in the System — all places that Gregor has been and has lots of stories about. Running along half of one of the side walls is a standard deli cabinet filled with what Gregor specializes in: strange meats. Frog legs, stuffed sheep stomach, chilled monkey brains, grasshoppers, shark fin, pigs feet, and other oddities fill it. Not only does Gregor sell fresh meats, but he also has a rather exotic menu where they can be braised, fried, baked, sauteed, and anything imaginable. It is honored as some of the best — and unusual — food in the system.
June 12th, 3013

Agnes is up and about, thanks to the fine healing talents of Lady Ariana Larent. But she's still stuck on the Ring until she's certain her men will all make it through their medical attention. She is wearing a light tunic and breeches, with the bulk of her bandages in the chest area distorting the cloth. She has to wear them another day or two, but she looks much better than she did on Monday. She's seated in a booth at Gregor's, reading reports on her datapad while sipping some tea and nibbling on some deep fried frog legs.

Since his little scene with Lady Soleil in the medical ward, Taryn has not really felt like he could make inquiries with the servants of House Sauveur. In fact, he did not think that it was even wise for him to approach the palace. Concern for Lady Sophie has brought him back to the Ring, though he has found her to be absent. The young Valen stable boy was just walking past, when he notices a familiar face. He steps into Gregor's. Pausing at the edge of Agnes's booth. He says softly, to get her attention, but not loudly enough if she was too busy to be bothered. "M'lady?"

Agnes looks up at the address, and she has a gentle, if small, smile for Taryn. "Mister Wystrel. It is always good to see you. Would you care to join me? I won't be able to eat all these legs. My stomach is still unhappy with all the medications they gave me in triage." She gestures to the seat across from her, although the motion is a little stiff due to the bandaging.

Taryn is not dressed in his usual attire. He is wearing a dark blue tunic, which looks to be quite new. He smiles slighlty, though there is a mild bit of exhaustion in his eyes, a look that seems to be more the norm these days for many people. "Thank you… " He sits down across from her. "How are your wounds mending, m'lady?"

"Very well, thank you," Agnes replies. She beckons to a server to bring over another tea for the young groom. She peers at his clothing. "Did the noble harpies get their talons into you, Mister Wystrel? You look a good deal fancier than I remember, and you have the look of a man who has been subjected to social niceties."

Taryn sighs and shakes his head slightly, "Not quite… the noble harpies…" He grins slightly, "Your words, not mine… decided to burn my tunic, since it seemed to offend them." He reaches up and combs his hair back with his fingers, tucking it behind his ears, to momentarily hold it in place.

"Six forbid they ever get a gander at my closet," Agnes mutters. "Put me in armor in a battle and I am fine. Put me in a dress on a dance floor and, well, I'm a bear in a dress. More sideshow than stunning." She smiles though as she sips her tea. "Did you decide where to work yet?" she asks.

Taryn looks at Agnes, "M'lady, I think you are too hard on yourself.. While you may not be a delicate slip of a girl, you do not do your gender any insult, and never allow any to say otherwise." He chuckles, a little on the sad and desperate side. "You could say that I have narrowed my options down a bit… I pretty much called the Lady Soleil a pampered brat that was in need of a good spanking…. So I think employ in the Sauveur stables is pretty much as out the window as you can get."

Blink. Blinkblink. Agnes stares over the rim of her teacup at Taryn a long moment. Then she tilts her head back and barks out a laugh, before wincing and pressing a hand to her chest. "I can only imagine the looks on the faces of anyone nearby. Forgive me, Mister Wystrel. I realize that must have been traumatic for you. My offer still stands if you would like to work in the Peake stables and tend to Argent."

Taryn sits up, "M'lady." The concern for her pain clear in his eyes. He offers her a bit of a smile, "I wouldn't really call it all that traumatic… it was more like… well.. a much needed release. I don't know what it is about her, but she just drives me crazy at times… " He nods, "I do appreciate the offer, m'lady, but I do not feel that I have yet found the reason why I was drawn to go to Landing."

Agnes sighs at that. "I understand. I was just hoping that since Argent didn't bite you, I'd finally have a groom I don't have to pay excessively for medical insurance." She smiles and chews on a frog leg.

Taryn chuckles. "I did share with Lord Aidan one secret.. I believe he will be ensuring that a supply of sweet grass from the grasslands of Ares will be kept to bribe Argent with." He smiles, "Argent is a magnificent beast… and I would be more than happy to check in on him from time to time…"

"I would greatly appreciate that, Mister Wystrel. My nephew seems very fond of you. Aidan needs friends, especially those who understand his gifts." Agnes adjusts her tunic to keep the bandages from rubbing.

Taryn cocks his head slightly. "Please, m'lady… You can call me Taryn…" He blinks, "He is? I thought he was just being nice… " He smiles, "I have to admit that he is very easy to like.. I am sure that Lord Aidan has friends in abundance… much better friends than someone like me could be."

"He has family, and acquaintances as far as I know. True friends are a difficult thing to find for nobles who are not in the military," Agnes explains. "If there is anything I can do to help with your mission in Landings, you will let me know, won't you?"

Taryn pauses for a second. "Lady Sir Ellinor Sauveur was on the ship with you, right? I thought I heard that she was… Do you know if she survived the battle?"

"She did, and she fought most bravely. She sustained heavy injuries but I am certain she was rushed right into the best of care," Agnes answers. The Sauveur name tends to get you bumped up on the triage list. "As her dear Lord Uncle, His Majesty King Symion, is gravely ill, I suspect she's returned to Landings."

Taryn nods. "I had another dream… a few days ago.. I think it was telling me that either Lady Sophie or Lady Sir Ellinor was in danger… " He chews on his lower lip slightly. "I tried to warn Lady Sophie… I just don't know if she has taken the warning to heart or not… That's actually why I'm here… I was hoping that I could find her… Well, here as in the Ring, not the this exact place…"

"What transpired in your dream, Mister Wystrel?" Agnes asks, her brow furrowing in deep concern. Tea and meal have both been forgotten as she focuses on the boy's words.

Taryn closes his eyes, as if he's trying to recall the dream. "I saw a young eagle, hooded and jessed… it was clutching a piece of torn purple and gold fabric.. Someone.. I couldn't see the face of the person.. but someone grabbed the eagle and put it in a cage… The cage was sitting on top of a drake's skull." He opens his eyes and looks over at her, "Well, I figured it was about Lady Sophie or Lady Sir Ellinor… since they both have an association with drakes."

"Or it could mean the Prince, or the Princess, or any of the royal line," Agnes says, looking a little bit paler for his words. "It is no secret that Janelle Sauveur wishes to displace her brother as Heir, and the King is very ill." Are her hands shaking a little?

Taryn frowns deeply, "I did not think of it like that… " He looks over at the knight, "Do you know someone that I might be able to talk to that.. might be able to help me figure it out? Or at least someone who would be willing to listen to me and maybe see if there is anything to it… I would hate for some harm to come to any of the royal family, when it could have been prevented if I could have done something."

Agnes says, "Aidan and Eilara Arboren. Both are noble Awakened. If need be they can pass it on to the Sauveurs," Agnes suggests. "Please do so quickly, Taryn, I like not the sounds of it.""

Taryn frowns and nods. "Hopefully, Lady Sophie has passed on the warning already… " He runs chews on his lower lip again nervously. "I will tell Lord Aidan… I do not know Lady Eilara.. I am not sure she would listen to me, but I'm sure Lord Aidan will tell her."

"I should go send some messages. At least I should speak to Sir Alexis about it," Agnes notes as she stands.

Taryn stands up, as the knight does. "Thank you, m'lady." He offers a deep and respectful bow to Agnes.

"No, thank YOU, Mister Wystrel." With that, Agnes rushes off to find someone to warn.

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