11.24.3013: Friendly Lean
Summary: Lincoln visits Klaudea in the infirmary and brings her contraband to relieve her boredom.
Date: 16 October, 2013
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Klaudea Lincoln 

Infirmary Volkan, The Crescent
The Infirmary of the Volkan Barracks is bright, clean, and sterile; the complete antithesis of the world above. There is a general care ward, with moveable beds in small alcoves, only granted privacy by curtains on cuved metal rods. Equipment sits in each unit for emergency treatment, and some long care treatment.
There is a surgical unit down the western hall, with three bays, for handling urgent care of soldiers severely wounded. A recovery area is at the end of the hall. Down the eastern hallway are several doors, each leading to one of a dozen long-term care rooms. Every room is furnished with two beds and a few chairs, a bathroom, nightstands, and connections for specific equipment depending on the needs of the patient.
24 November, 3013

Klaudea never thought she'd see the day when she /wished/ she had Sir Thalo's armor to clean. Judging by the box from an expensive pastry chef that's still sealed, and the drink cup from same exclusive place in Obsidia, Georgiana's already been here and gone. The drink cup is three quarters empty, and sits on the table to Klaudea's left. She's been walking around, she's been to visit people, she's had a couple visitors, but she has nothing to /do/. If she had a pack of cards she'd probably be throwing them at a hat right now. As it is, she flips through messages on her tablet, and finally puts aside with an annoyed grunt. Her left hand raises to scratch at her fingers, then reaches inside her sling to scratch at the arm below the cast.

"Hey now…stop that. You mess anything up, I don't think the doctors are gonna be happy." Linc's standing at the door, leaning on the frame. In his arm is a bag with some things in it, and what looks like two cups of coffee. "I wasn't sure if you would even want coffee, but it would have been rude to get myself one and not you." He'll drink it if she doesn't, anyway. From the label, the coffee isn't from the hospital. He'll give her a grin and push off the frame stepping inside.

"Not going to mess anything up," Klaudea grumps, but she looks at the bag in Lincoln's arm curiously. "Coffee is still too strong for me. You can have it," she offers magnaminously. "I'm going to go bonkers any minute, now. I'd even polish Sir Thalo's armor with a q-tip right now, just to be doing something."

Lincoln nods, setting the two cups down. he'll glance at the pastry box but won't say anything, "Well, Miss Grumpy. I brought you a few things. Not much, don't get too excited." He'll set the bag down on her left side, so she can go through it if she wants. There's a few magazines, a few movies(no horror or comedy. they all actually look like classic movies)a bag of hard candies,a deck of cards, and dice. The movies are not knew, they look like they may be from someone's personal collection. He'll pick up a cup and take a sip of coffee. "Why don't you have the vid screen on then, if you're so bored?"

"There's nothing on the vid screen, either," Klaudea replies off hand, her grumpiness easing a little with a tiny touch of guilt because she did earn the title Miss Grumpy. She looks through the bag, pulling it onto her lap and letting it rest against her chest as her left hand goes through it. When she sees the cards, she smiles and looks up to him. "How long can you stay?" she asks. "I don't want to get you in trouble at work."

Lincoln shrugs, "I've got a few hours. I've got a client tonight, so no bar tending." He sounds like there's good and bad with that. He'll grin turning to look for the chair, "I thought the hard candy might be ok, if you just suck on it?" It's an assorted bag, as he wasn't sure what flavor she'd prefer.

Nodding when he says a few hours, Klaudea's expression wavers when he mentions having a client, but by the time he's found his chair and turned back around, she's smiling again. "You can play cards for a little while, then?" she asks, taking out a piece of candy, then offering the bag towards him. "I've been keeping some stuff down, lately. Even some plain toast, so it's getting better."

Laughing, Linc nods, "Sure. You want cards? or would dice be easier for you to handle?" See, Linc's sensitive! He'll pull the chair closer to the bed, so he's next to her for whatever she decides they're going to do. "Plain toast huh? Guess that's the first step to steak dinners." He'll reach and take a candy, unwrapping it casually. His leg gets tossed over the arm of the chair as they talk.

Klaudea chuckles. "Oh, I will be so ready for steak dinners when I get out of here, I will practically drag you to the restaurant," she tells him with certainty. She pulls the cards out of the box, that much she managest on her own. But, then when she tries to shuffle them against the cast, they spill all over the bed. She frowns at them. "I want to play cards, please," she says, starting to pick them up and hand them over to Lincoln.

Lincoln chuckles and nods, "I for it. Can't go wrong with a good steak." He'll smile softly at a thought, and makes a mental note. He needs to make steaks for Ithaca next movie night. He'll study her amount, then lean over to help her collect the cards, ignoring the frown, "You a medium rare steak eater?" He's guessing, but that just feels right. The cards are shuffled, he's not even looking at them, his eyes still on her. "What do you want to play? crazy 8's? Poker? Go Drake?"

"I like them a little more on the medium side. But well charred," Klaudea replies, watching his hand shuffle. She chews at her lip as she decides the game. "Crazy 8s is good, to warm up. Then we can play some real games, like 500." Her hand reaches out to grab for her drink on the stand, and she takes a sip. Whatever it is, looks fruity and colorful.

Lincoln pops the candy into his mouth, "Crazy 8's it is then." he'll smirk, shaking his head, "Real games…real games have antes missy. And you're in no condition for that." Linc's fingers are deft at the cards, he's showing a bit more skill than he did when they were at the bar. The candy is rolled over Linc's tongue, that's evident as his jaw moves. "You talk to your knight yet?" The cards keep moving, and then he'll start dealing.

Klaudea's expression darkens at the question, the little bit of happiness leaving her face. "Yeah," she says quietly. "He knew who I was that night. I was hoping he was too busy fighting his own hostiles to pay attention to my fighting style." She's quiet as she picks up her cards and tucks them in between her sling and her cast. She glances at the suit that's put face up and plays a card.

Lincoln watches her, and won't push it. It clearly didn't go well. A moment is taken to look at his hand, and then he'll play a card, "Sorry." he'll roll his neck, stretching it a moment. He's not tired per say, but will be tonight when he gets to the client. hopefully it'll not be an all nighter. "I wasn't sure what movies to bring you…So I just brought a few classics, if you want oterhs, I can bring them tomorrow."

Klaudea shakes her head as she turns to get her drink again and take another sip, setting it carefully back onto the stand. "It's not your fault." She glances over to Lincoln, then back down to her hand. "He's told me I lost his trust and respect. I can't go back until I earn it again." She plays a card, looking through the stack as she lays it down.

Lincoln was afraid that it was going to pan out like that. "Still sucks." He'll watch her , almost like he's trying to read her, and not the cards she's playing. He'll lay down a card, "Well… Let me know what I can do to help. I cleaned up your stuff that was left at my flat. I'll just hold onto it tip you're out, I guess?"

She's rarely hard to read, Klaudea's like an open book that has trouble hiding her feelings. There's more than just sadness in the expression that looks through the cards. It's almost a complete loss, as if everything she's been devoting her life to doing has been taken away from her, her purpose stolen. She plays automatically, since it's an easy game. "Yeah. I'll need my sword when I get released, but I can't use the rest… for awhile." She chews the inside of her lip. "I don't even know how to find out if Onyx survived."

Lincoln plays quickly, he's not trying to rush her purposefully, more like he's wanting to focus on her words, "You can leave the oterh stuff at my place till you figure it out." He'll raise an eyebrow, but won't ask who Onyx is. She has too many secrets, she'll tell him if she wants him to know, or wants his help.

Klaudea keeps up, her brain on autopilot for a bit, but then she takes a breath and looks up, forcing a smile to her lips. "You came to cheer me up, though. So I must be cheerier. Are these your movies?" she asks, finding a new topic to discuss.

Lincoln smiles, a tough sad, he should have known he's not going to be let in..not all the way. "Only if you want to be cheered up." He'll play a card, "Yeah, I wasn't sure what you'd like. So I just grabbed a few classics." His hand not holding the cards goes for his coffee…he could use it, and he'll take a deep drink.

Klaudea lets out a breath as she looks at him. It's not easy being cheerful when one is grumpy and worried, and she gives him a puzzled, and perhaps slightly frustrated look. "Well… being cheered up is better than moping around, isn't it? I thought guys didn't like it when girls got all mopey and drama-like." She sets down her eight. "Hearts." She's looking down at the cards on the bed again. "Confused," she confesses. If he doesn't watch out, he's going to drive her into talking like his sister.

Lincoln shrugs, "We're friends. If that's what you need, who am I to argue?" He'll play a card and gives a small laugh, "It's not just guys…No one likes it when others get all mopey and drama-like." He'll pause, the coffee half up to his lips again as she starts to do the impression of his older sister. He'll offer the question "Well….what are you confused on?" and then he gulps at his coffee.

The cards are pulled out of her sling and put face down on the bed. "I /don't/ know what I need. I'm worried about people, I hurt, I want to curl up in a little ball and cry, and I want to prove that I'm strong, but strong people don't curl up in a little ball and cry. I don't want to bring people down just because I hurt." Klaudea wraps her left arm across the sling, pulling her knees up towards her, letting the cards slide where they will.

Lincoln sighs and will set his cards on the table. He'll reach a hand out, but isn't sure if he should grab her hand, or hug her or what. Instead, he'll put his coffee down and maneuver to sit not he end of the bed, so he's facing her, "Klaudea….You can do all of those things. You're hurt, in the hospital. It's fair you're going to have these feelings." Instead of touching her, he'll start to gather the discarded cards that are all over her lap now, "Look, We'll watch a movie. You can cry, sleep, curl up, whatever you want. No one will know but me. And I'll be all scout's honor and shit. Promise." There's his award winning smile, trust him. He's a professional. "I'll go check on who ever you want, if that will help."

A few tears are already starting to leak out of Klaudea's eyes, and she gives a sniffle, a watery smile. "It's okay. Even /I/ don't know how to get a message to him, or find out if he's alive," she says to the last offer. She leans back a little against the raised head of the bed and scoots to the right. "You choose the movie," she half orders, half pleads, because she doesn't want to have to make a decision. She sniffles again, and reaches over to the table to grab a tissue from the box there and rub her nose.

Lincoln nods and will go set up the movie. It's some classic musical period piece. There's a bit of sword play , but nothing to factual, so hopefully it won't upset her. He'll come back, and glance at the bed, "You sure?" The invitations pretty clear, but he's not willing to make any assumptions anymore. There's a small part of him that hopes she says no, there's just enough time, he may fall asleep. And that's not gonan help her. He'll reach for the coffee while he waits for her response.

"I wouldn't have scooted over," Klaudea replies. She swallows and looks away, "I could use someone to lean on, but it's okay if you're not cool with that."

Lincoln smirks, a chuckle rolling low in his chest, "It's fine, I just wanted to make sure. You were pretty clear you weren't interested, just need to know it was a friendly lean. That I can do." He'll smile and sits down on the bed next to her, carefully scooting up. He'll raise his arm to go around her, so is she wants to lean back into his arm she can, or lean into his chest.

"Lincoln…" Klaudea drawls, half exhasperated. "Yeah, friendly lean," she replies, but at least the tears aren't to do with him, and she's not blubbering. When she leans her head against his chest, not really paying attention to the movie, he can tell by the tightness in her shoulders that she could probably use a lot more emotional release than just some quiet tears, but for right now, she just lays against him.

Lincoln rolls his eyes, "Hey, you're the one telling me all about your sexy blue leggy dress, missy." He'll shift so she falls more comfortably against him. He'll sip at his coffee, trying to not let the warmth of her closeness lull him into dozing. "Do you even like musicals?" even with the coffee, there's a lazy comfort tone to his voice.

Well, that'll bring a predictable blush to her cheeks. "Not sexy. I'm not sexy," she replies, cradling her arms together in front of her. Her eyes are half closed, but she nods against him. "I went to see one on stage last year. About a man who had a bet that he could take a poor citizen and pass her off as a noblewoman. It was kind of cute." She sniffs. "And then a young noble wanted to marry her, but the guy got jealous, and realized he'd fallen in love with her."

Lincoln's smile is evident in his voice, "Hey, you told me it was leggy and blue and I'd like it. I'm a scurry dog, remember, so it must be sexy. Your words." His arm wraps around her some so that his thumb can brush against her shoulder. He means it to be comforting. "Yeah…I know that one.. The rain's on the plain… " He'll chuckle softly, she can feel it in his chest. His dark eyes stay on the screen though, maybe he really likes this play…. or maybe he doesn't want to look down at her on his chest.

"Or just a typical guy," Klaudea suggests, and nods. "That's the one," she agrees. "You'd be great in the young noble part." She's not really relaxing, those tense knots are deep, but she seems to let go of the curled up tight as a ball position as they, or rather, he, watches the movie.

"Typical? Don't be insulting. I'm way more crackerjack than any typical guy you're gonna meet." Linc's teasing her, just trying to keep her brain busy with not important stuff. He'll chuckle, "The noble, huh? My voice isn't strong enough for a lead like that. I barley pass for chorus. It's a good thing I got sweet moves on the dance floor." He'll let his eyes drift to her a moment, "In all seriousness, do you want me to rub your back? I can be careful, and get those knots out…"

Klaudea gives a choked little laugh at his claim, she's not quite out of the woods yet with her sadness. "You'll have to show me sometime," she tells him. "Mother despairs of me being a passable dancer. She can't understand how I can be so good with all the physical moves training requires, but I can't dance for the life of me." At the offer of the backrub, she looks up, a slightly hopeful cast to her gaze. "It's been driving me crazy."

"sure, we'll added dancing to out steak, champagne night. I'll show you a couple moves. Make your momma proud." Linc makes eyes contact with her a moment before smirking and nods, "Yeah, sit up." He'll help her and then scoot back to be able to reach her back, "Youhave to tell me if I hit a sore spot." He starts with some safe places though, not pressing as hard as he normally would, testing out her reactions. He's good, has been trained on how to relieve tension.

With Lincoln's help, Klaudea scoots forward. She can take quite a bit of pressure, being a tough little squire. Although, when hits a good knot just right she'll give a squirm, but not entirely disengage. Something about the releasing of the tension starts to release the tears a bit more, though. Her head droops forward, and she doesn't talk any more for awhile.

Lincoln doesn't force any talking. He's done this enough times, he knows when to just let someone have their moment. In fact, he'll humm softly along with the movie. He'll move from one spot to the next, his strong hands don't seem to tire. He does venture a bit lower on her back making sure she's not a brick down there as well. At one point, he'll switch to one handed so he can take a gulp of the second coffee, and then goes back to working on the knots.

Klaudea is grateful for the humming, it makes her feel like, in a way, he's not even aware of how much she is silently crying while he works the pains out of her, both physically and emotionally. It's a good thing he's got endurance, but she'll slip back against him for a little, finding a tissue to clean up her face before she speaks again. "I supposed you have to go soon," she says quietly. She lets out a sigh. "Thank you."

Lincoln moves his arms she she can lean into his chest again, "In a bit, yeah. If it was juts watching the bar, I could pass it off to someone else, sorry." Special requests are hard to do that with. Ask for Lincoln, get Dianne. Definitly not the same. "No problem. You seemed like you needed it." The massage, or the cry. Or both.

There's a choked little laugh again from her, and she nods, "Yeah, I guess I did," she replies, finding herself on the other side of a conversation they had recently. "Even if you were working the bar, you don't get paid if you pass it off," she reminds him, taking a couple more minutes to collect herself before she pushes upright so that he can scoot himself out and leave. She gives him a smile. "I think I'm tired, now. I can get some sleep." She pauses, and her brows come together, and she says, "Have a good night. Be safe."

Lincoln shrugs, "It's one night. Won't break me." He'll scoot to the edge of the bed, flexing his hand once before gently hopping off, "Sleep will do you wonders." He'll grin, bright and wide, "Me? Careful? I'm always careful!" He'll laugh and nod, "Vid me if you need anything." And he'll grab his coat and be out the door, unless she stops him.

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