11.30.3013: Friend Zoned
Summary: Lincoln stops in to see Klaudea after she lets him know she's been discharged. Somehow it turns to an argument about who's been giving who mixed signals, and ends with them realizing that friends is the best course.
Date: 18 October, 2013
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Klaudea Lincoln 

Barracks Volkan, The Crescent
At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.
30 November, 3013

After leaving the workout area, Klaudea grabbed a towel and led Lincoln towards her bunk. She managed to wipe off her shoulders, face and back of her neck, before throwing it a little haphazardly around her neck. She gives a little tug to straighten it a bit, and then she walks over to flop, seated, on her bed. She leans over and tugs at her trunk underneath, to pull it out.

Lincoln follows Klaudea, smirking slightly at her sitting on her bed. "I can lend you other movies, if you really want more." He'll lean against the wall, watching her. His arms fold comfortable in front of him, amused.

Tipping her head up, ponytail falling over one shoulder as she twists to see him, Klaudea gives him a puzzled look. "What? Oh, no," she looks back down, finally get the chest out. "Thanks, but I really don't have any place to watch movies here." She pushes the dials to the right combination, and then lifts the lid. Lincoln's movies are carefully held together with a string in the corner, and she lifts them out, handing them over. "Thank you, though. They did help when I was still in the infirmary."

Lincoln takes the bid's. "Glad they helped. I've never been laid up like that, but I imagine that it would suck." He'll smirk, "I'll just hold you to bringing me crap if I even end up like that, is all." He'll slip the vid's into a pocket, "Beside your hand, everything ok?"

Klaudea leans back on her good left hand, the right hand slightly cradled in her lap. "You better not get laid up like that," she tells him. "Unless you start taking Hostiles as clients, and then I'd really have to worry for your sanity." Her eyes flicker towards his forehead. "I already worry about you. You shouldn't have to fight."

Lincoln makes a slightly yikes face at the idea of Hostiles as clients. Do they even have the same parts? "No one with sanity plans to get laid up, Klaudea." He'll huff, and tries to blow off her concerns, "It wasn't a fight so much as a lucky cheap shot." He'll shake his head, "Seriously, what kind of creep refuse to pay after services?…I'm just glad it was with me, and not one of the girls." He'll give her a cheeky smile.

Klaudea tips her head. "You don't take payment in advance?" she asks curiously. "That is pretty lousy, if you're going to use someone's services, you pay them. I hope you get to charge him double for trying to bust out without paying." She stands up, and gets closer, lifting her good hand to try and lift the bangs so she can get a closer look. "Or tie them down and empty their pockets for them."

Lincoln sighs, "sometimes we do, sometimes not. Business has been…slow. He's been blackballed." He'll smirk, cause that also means he's blue balled. "He'll not be able to do business with Blue Nirvana ever, and any businesses Ren informs. Mostly sucks cause, no tip." He'll chuckle at that, but then looks slightly uncomfortable with Klaudea's concern. He lets her move his bangs, but blinks, his cheeks turning slightly pink. "Really…it was nothing, just a cheap shop with the lamp." The bruise isn't too horrible, it's already started to yellow at the edges.
Klaudea raises an eyebrow. "A lamp? What, he was going to leave you unconscious and pick up his things and go?" Her hazel eyes flicker with anger, something almost foreign to their nature. "I'm glad he's blackballed. I hope he never gets laid again. People like him shouldn't procreate…" her brows draw together. "Although, I guess he wouldn't really be having kids anyways. Thank Six for small favors." Her fingers are gentle around the edges of the bruise, if he doesn't draw away, then she lets her hand fall, as if satisfied that he hasn't suffered brain damage.

Lincoln shrugs, "He panicked, was just trying to get away. No worries, I broke his nose. He'll have a fun time explaining that." Yeah, the 'A whore brook my nose after I tried to cheat them' is never a good justification for a broken nose. Linc furrows his brow slightly, "Why wouldn't he ever have kids?" he's not quite following he logic. He'll not pull away, but seems uncertain with her gentle touch. So, he kids, "Seriously, there's not much damage he could have done. Need something to damage, I'm safe with head wounds."

"That's true, your head is hard enough," Klaudea snorts. "Well, I know guys can get their genes combined or something, and have surrogate mothers. But I hope no one ever wants to mingle their genes with his." She raises her eyebrow. "You broke the nose of a big, ugly guy with a Drake tattoo that reads 'Fluffy'?" She doesn't sound entirely shocked, but there is some bit of amazement there.

Lincoln tilts his head, not meaning to, but slowing the bruise more, "Why would…Oh. No. I got the feeling he was experimenting. Part of his nervousness. I think he was closeted bi." He'll shrug, and then laugh, "I'm more than a pretty face. I told you I bounce for the blue Nirvana, when it's needed. I've seen my fair share of fists….and lamps, now."

"Just hope you don't see chairs. Chairs hurt. They don't just break when they hit you like in the vids," Klaudea tells him seriously. Her eyebrows pull together. "Oh," is all she says about the closet and nervousness. "Well… I guess he's going to have a hard time experimenting more… if he decided he liked it." She pauses, with a little frown. "You keep getting bruises like that, and you won't be a pretty face anymore," she finally warns, sitting back down to close her chest.

Lincoln scoffs, "Oh course he liked it. I'm good at my job." He'll laugh softly, "Really, I thought it made me more manly. I've been told I need a few more scars." He'll puff his chest out slightly, goofing off.

Klaudea blushes. "I didn't mean that you weren't good at your job, but… I mean, I don't like anchovies. Just because someone can cook them well doesn't mean I'll like them." She leans over, pushing at her trunk, and finally gets off the bed so that she can scoot down and get proper leverage, her gaze averted for the moment. "Chicks dig scars," she corrects him. "On the body. It makes the body more manly, not the face. Unless your face is ugly enough to be improved with a scar or two." She sighs and gives a final kick as she straightens up. "Your face doesn't need to be improved."

Lincoln doesn't seem to be thrown by her words, instead he grins, "Ah…so, next time catch the lamp with my manly chest, instead of my face. Got ya." He'll watch her blush, he's not really seen it in a while. He's tried to be good. He'll raise an eyebrow, "No improvements, huh?"

The blush dies quickly enough, but Klaudea gives him a smile and nods. "No improvements," she repeats affirmatively. "But how about trying to 'duck' the lamp. They don't leave scars, just bruises. You get all the pain with no gain."

"Ducking doesn't seem very manly. And I got a few days off and sympathy. Always nice to get fussed over." Lincoln smiles, a bit softer at Klaudea. "Really though, I'm ok. Promise. I've had much worse." he means that to be comforting, now if she takes it that way….

Klaudea snorts. "Manly, whatever. Ducking means your brains are less likely to be rattled. Do it," she tells him, a bit of stern command, the teacher coming out in her, infuses the last two words. Then she gives him a /look/, "if I find you putting yourself in the way of lamps in order to get fussed over, I'll poke you right on the bruise." The threat is accompanied by a little smile, belying any real intent to cause further pain.

Lincoln's been joking, clearly. "Yes ma'am." He'll even mock standing up straighter and giving her a small bow, teasing . He'll lean back into the wall, his smile staying warm. "I wouldn't do that. I get fussed over enough as is." Even he can't keep a serious tone with that, cause, no real fussing going on. "You just want to poke me. Stop making up excuses. I'm too free from flaw for you to want to damage this beauty." He motions towards his face, but he's actually biting his lower lip, to slop himself from laughing.

"If I wanted to poke you, I'd have done so by now," Klaudea reassures him, but she tilts her head to contemplate his 'beauty', then she gives a snort and shakes her head. "Certainly no shortage of ego in this room," she chuckles.

Lincoln rolls his eyes, "Yeah, yeah. I know. No time for romance, Squire Klaudea." he'll tilt his head, watching her watch him, his smile melting into a more contemplative look as well. His dark eyes blink, thoughts somewhere else briefly, and then he'll laugh, "yeah, well…I have to compete with all the feats of strength when ever I come here."

Klaudea chuckles at that. "Something like that. And the fact that no one really wants to romance me. Happens sometimes when you're 'one of the guys'." She rolls her eyes as she stands again. "Well, if you're so tired of having to compete with the egos, you wanna go for a walk? I have some time before dinner."

Lincoln really thinks he might be invisible. It's really the only explanation for Klaudea's blindness. He'll sigh, realizing that this is totally a lost cause. Besides, there's Beden now. Whatever that is. Linc nods, "Sure. A walk could be nice." He'll push off the wall, "Lead the way."

"Are you all right?" Klaudea asks, turning to look at him after she picks up a long jacket, her concern evident as she shrugs into the sleeves. "We don't have to walk if you don't feel up to it," she furrows her brows. "Although, there's not much I can offer you here except a bath. Communal living and all," her lips curve a little at the corners. "I don't even have a chair to offer."

Nodding, "Yeah, I'm good." He'll smile, "Walkings fine. Unless you want a bath?'" maybe she's sore? "Can you get that wet, even?" Linc nods towards the cast. He already has his jacket on, so he just steps forward to follow her where ever she goes.

Giving him a puzzled glance, she looks at the cast. "What? Oh, yeah. Completely water proof. I can't wait until I get it off," Klaudea says, and is if his reference to it was some sort of magic reminder, she starts scratching at it again. "You got a pen or something?" she asks, deciding to continue on the course of walking for now."

Lincoln follows her for the walk. "When will it come off?" He'll just give her a look, "Why would I have a pen?" Seriously….does he look like the type of guy who would carry a pen. He'll smirk, "Maybe if you try to distract yourself with something?"

"Like what? It itches like crazy," Klaudea asks. "I just need something, anything, that I can…" she twists her hand around and tries to reach a finger inside to scratch, but it's too tight. "A couple of days, I think." She glances over. "If you have any ideas of distraction, I'm all for it." Her hand trails along the wall as the move along the narrower corridor towards the doors.

Lincoln bites his tongue a moment. Why does she set him up so easy? He'll be good, "Well, distractions come in all forms. Physical, social….I can tickle you. We can go get a snack. I can be witty enough to distract you." He'll grin and then reach up and slowly scratch at his neck. "All types of things…"

Klaudea raises an eyebrow. "You would /not/ tickle me," she tells him, although she sidles a little closer to the wall when he mentions it. Something that doesn't really get her that much further away from him since they are so narrow. "But then again, if we're relying on your wit to distract me, I'll have chewed my hand off…" her teeth flash in the teasing grin she gives him.

Lincoln nods, "That's true…I'm rather witless…" Another scratch at his shoulder this time. His grin is getting that wicked feel. "If only I could think of something that would distract you from that awful itching. I imagine it's like….ants. Just awful." He's prepping for the swing he's assuming is coming at him. Another scratch at his neck again.

"Is there something wrong with your neck?" Klaudea asks they walk, giving him an odd look. "Do you have some kind of rash you haven't told me about?"

Six help him. She's immune to common sense! Linc stops walking a moment to just give her a look and then shakes his head, "Just…no. I'm fine." He'll drop his hand, "Where do you want to walk to? Wanna grab a coffee?"

Klaudea stops and looks at him, and she shakes her head. "No…" she says. "Something's wrong. You're doing that … thing again where you get all distancey." She sighs. "Look, it's okay. I understand, now. You don't have to worry."

Lincoln frowns, now confused himself, "That thing? Understand what?" He'll tilt his head slightly, looking down at the squire perplexed. "I was trying to tease you about your arm begin itchy, you weren't taking the bait, so I stopped."

"Understand that you don't want me hitting on you. It's all right, I'm good with being friends," Klaudea clarifies. "You were what?" She shakes her head in bemusement. "Okay, if you say so…"

Lincoln looks honestly flustered, "Why in the world would you think that?" Is his game really that off? No wonder he got clocked at work! His jaw tightens, Between her, Beden and the whole Ithaca mess, Linc's not had a real tight rein on his emotions lately.

Klaudea's eyes look over Lincoln, and now she's completely confused. She leans back against the wall and raises a hand to push her palm against her forehead, the along the side of her head as she speaks. "Well, I mean, you were flirting pretty determinedly with Lord Sir Ronan, so I get that I'm not your type." She gives shrug. "Plus, I'm pretty much not the kind of girl a guy goes for when he has a choice. They go for pretty blondes like Georgiana. You know, that actually have boobs and …" she said boobs and is now referring to physical parts of people's body, so she gets red again. "Anyways…"

Lincoln's eye darken, he's actually mad and will take a step closer to her. Not quite in her personal space , but really close. "Are you fucking kidding me? I was flirting with Ronan because you friend zoned me about the hardest I've ever been. You're the one who made a huge deal about how you weren't interested in any kind of relationship, because of your squiring. Every time I flirted with you, you blew me off. I settled for just begin your friend, because I like you, talking with you, enough to push away the liking you. But this whole I'm not pretty enough bull shit is tiring, and frankly insulting. You're pretty, but that's not fucking why I was flirting with you. I may not be the smartest, but I'm not that shallow." His hands actually tighten, Linc's not used to not having control of himself. "I was flirting with Ronan because it was nice that someone was flirting back." He'll step backwards once. Even though he's pissed, he's not trying to scare her.

Klaudea's mouth opens and closes a few times, her eyes getting wide. "You were flirting with me?" she asks numbly, finally focusing on those words. "But, I thought…" Then her face gets red and she straightens against the wall. "I friend zoned you?" her voice raises a little. "I thought after the night that I showed up at your place that you didn't even want to be friends anymore… because you were mad at me for not telling you the truth about how I got hurt." She bites at the inside of her lip. "I 'friend zoned' you because I thought I was being lucky that you would still even be my friend."

Lincoln's eyes almost seem black now, he's so angry-upset-something frustrated and pissy! "No…Don't you dare act all innocent. I tried. I told you my job right away, so there was no surprises… You friend zoned me way before the night at my apartment. All you ever said was you didn't have the time, energy to date. So fine. I backed off, tried to curb the flirting. Because you didn't want it, by your own words." He'll shake his head, the upset winning out in the motion fight in his brain.

"What the heck?" Klaudea asks. "I didn't know you were telling me your job so there were no surprises because you wanted to date me or something. We'd just met! What is it with you guys???" She bursts out. "I hardly knew you, why in the world…" she gives a shake to her head, then throws up her hands. "What the fuck is the deal with flirting anyways." The very word coming out of /her/ mouth seems enough out of place to mean she's really aggravated. "It's a bunch of talking about or suggesting something that you may or may not mean, depending on what the other person says. It's some kind of secret word game to get around saying what you really mean. And it's confusing. People should just say what they mean for Six's sake."

Lincoln wrinkles his nose in annoyance, "Six, would you actually listen to me? I liked you as a person, and thought that we could maybe end up dating. the more I got to know you, the more I wanted to. What the fuck… You bitched when Zavier just came out and asked you. You bitch when someone flirts with you because it's not direct enough." He's not quite snarling, but it's a pre snarl, "People flirt to test the waters. It's natural. It how people get to know each other… Shit." He'll take a step away from her and run a hand through his hair. He really doesn't need this right now, on top of everything else. He'll turn his head away, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, "Look…It doesn't matter…" He's trying to calm down. "It's in the past. Just…it's over."

"I"m /trying/ to listen to you!" Klaudea shouts, and then she gets all red biting down hard on her lips as the volume of her voice surprises her. She quiets before she continues. "But I don't even understand what you're so pissed about. I didn't make a huge deal, but it's true, I don't feel like I'm free to date people. When I'm not squiring, I'm either out doing what I told you I do, or I'm trying to convince my parents that I'm /not/ out doing what I'm doing." She slumps back against the wall again, muttering, "not that I am, anymore," the complaint is directed mostly to herself. But she takes a deep breath and looks at her feet. "It does matter." She has to gather up the courage to continue. "It does matter, because I care about you. And if I liked you more, or went out with you, it would kill me every time you had to go to one of your clients. It already hurts me when I see you coming over bruised because some creep tried to get away with…" She looks up, but down the hallway not to his face, her tone defeated as she continues. "It would kill me to know the guy I love was being with another person, no matter how much my head says it's different, my heart wouldn't fall in line. And it wouldn't be fair of me to try to change you, what you do. I don't have a right to change you." She pushes away from the wall. "I gotta go take a bath and get ready for dinner."
And there it is.His job. He's jaw tightens again and he'll nod, "Then this doesn't matter, just…forget it all." He's referring to the fight. He'll inhale to say more, but then she's trying to leave. His face smooths out and he'll nod, "Sure." His voice is a more controlled tone now, the anger and upsetness mostly gone. "I'll catch ya around then. We'll do the dinner thing." He loses some of his calming demeanor by running his hand through his hair again.

"What?" Klaudea asks, rubbing her good hand across her cheeks when she turns to look at him. "Just, whatever it is, tell me," she doesn't sound aggressive about it, just drained as she holds herself together.

Lincoln also looks like he's trying to hold himself together. "What? That it doesn't matter? You're not able, and I can't change for you. So…this argument is pointless. We'll go back to the mindset of being friends. We were both there before, just for different reasons." He'll swallow, more of that tension dissipating, "Look… You're special to me…I just..I don't want to lose our friendship, just….forget I said anything. Think that I wasn't interested, if it helps. Whatever." His shoulders drop slightly, almost sagging.

Klaudea looks at him quietly for a long moment, chewing on the inside of her lip. Then she steps forward to lift her arm around his shoulders, offering him a hug if he doesn't outright reject it. It's what friends do when another one is hurting.

Lincoln tenses slightly, just because he has no idea what to expect from her anymore. He'll close his eyes again, letting his arm go around her as well. There's that holding back, that she keeps noticing though, an emotional space. He'll let out a small sigh, "I'm ok." No need for her to be upset with something that can't be changed.

Klaudea wraps her other arm half around him, not wanting to clock him with her cast. "Just… stay safe. I do mean that," she tells him quietly. "I could lose my knighthood for kicking the crap out of the next guy that sucker punches you." She gives him a half smile when she backs off. "I'll let you know when I get my cast off, and we'll get steak and champagne. I owe you."

Lincoln chuckles, "trust me, I get hurt far less then you do. You're in a more dangerous job than me." He'll pull away slightly, "Are you selectively forgetting the part where I told you I brook his nose?" His head nods, although his eyes have stayed that almost black color, "Yeah. Steak and champagne. That was the promise." Some how pointing out the promise of the leggy blue dress doesn't seem helpful to the situation right now.

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