11.27.3013: Fourth Time's The Charm
Summary: Letha and Drake talk about her upcoming album release.
Date: 15 October, 2013
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Letha Drake 

Drake's Apartment, Westend, Landing
The apartment of Drake Danger sits halfway up the Sunset Tower, and is made up of three rooms plus a kitchenette and bathroom. There is a living room with a beat-up leather couch in front of the InfoSphere terminal, and a wide window looking out over the Westend. There's a small, padded bench beneath the window and the walls are covered in posters from old rock shows. What was once the second bedroom has been fitted with sound-absorbent panels on the walls, and is filled with speakers, amps, a couple of guitars, and a very basic drum set. The actual bedroom is simple, with a closet, dresser, and a low queen-sized bed. Pictures rest on top of shelves and the dresser, each one showing Drake — ranging from early teens to the present — with a famous musician.
27 November, 3013

It is never really dark in Landing at night, particularly in the Westend. Even when the sun sets, the neon lights continue to glow brightly against the darkness. There is a cacaphony down below as the eager masses pour in and out of the clubs and bars, forgetting all their woes. Letha Vallas stands at the window of her… boyfriend's… apartment, leaning on her hip with her arms crossed as she looks out over the madness. Her hair is gathered equally over her shoulders in a loose waves of gold. She looks thoughtful, eyes slightly narrowed.

Drake has been poking at his datapad, shifting notes around and moving them back as he works on the details of one of his new songs… because he can't stop writing, even when he's in the middle of a 'tour.' Tossing his head back to clear his face of luxurious brown hair, he straightens up, running his fingers back through the waves of glorious brown awesomeness. A few steps take him across the modest living room, and he leans down to rest his chin on Letha's shoulder, "Watcha thinkin' 'bout, babe? Brilliant new idea for final tweaks on a song?"

Letha jumps a little as the rocker sets his chin on her shoulder, and she reaches up to tug out the covert earbuds. She casts him a slowly growing smile that sends a warm wash through her blue eyes. "Hey… what? Oh… no, I don't think so." She pulls out the tiny audio player from her pocket, tapping its surface systematically to pause whatever was playing in her ears. "I was just listening to the final mix. Dad always said you are given only three chances to change something before you accept you are your own worst critic." She rests her head a bit against his own, breathing in whatever scent lingers in his fantastic hair.

Drake laughs softly at the jump and the removal of the earbuds, "Sorry. Didn't see you had your 'buds in." His arms wrap around her loosely, "Three times? Man, I wish you'd told me that on Vengeance," he teases. I mean, she only told him that three (dozen) times during the final stages of production. "I mean, I'm a pretty good critic of myself, but you're a professional." His dimples flash as he smiles, "Well, you were. Now you're about to become a professional musician."

There is a flash of nervousness at his obvious reminder of where her professionalism is headed. She shakes her head, a choked laugh building at the back of her throat. "Oh, no… you had to remind me," she says almost shyly before she rolls her shoulders a bit — but not enough to distrupt his chin on her shoulder. She then leans back into him before she releases a small sigh. "I think it is ready to go… but… no…" She then shakes her head. "Yes, it is ready. I guess I should let my manager know so she can finalize the preparations for my first show." She smirks. "Looks like we are both going on tour…"

Drake slips one hand down to goose her at the nervousness, then he laughs softly again, "Hey, you got no reason to be nervous. You're gonna totally kick ass." And then his smile broadens further, driving his dimples deep into his chin, "I mean, I guess you already did kick ass, but people just don't know it yet." The smirking words cause him to shrug a little, "Thank the gods for the the Waygates, eh? Means we can still come home after our shows." Yeah, he just called the apartment 'home' for both of them.

Letha jumps a little, though she laughs warmly at the goose. She finally turns away from the window, and thus her back on the glowing madness of the Westend. She tucks her earbuds into the pocket of her light breeches before she tosses her golden hair before she smiles brightly up at him. "Do you think you'll make my first show?" She offers with a slight tilt of her head.

Drake straightens up as she turns, his smile slipping slightly at the question, a curious looks filtering across his features, "Well… yeah. Why wouldn't I? I mean, I gotta be there to support you." He seems genuinely puzzled by the suggestion that there would be even a chance he wouldn't make it. "I had to push a show back a day, but I'm totally gonna be there."

Letha lifts her brows in concert at his expression, and then she starts to smile. "I was just making sure…" She tilts her head a bit, and she gnaws a bit at her inner cheek. "I think that… well… I know that you and the band have a pretty hectic tour schedule. I figured you had heard me practice and record enough that you knew the album by heart." Her nose wrinkles a bit. "I'm sorry…" Then she presses a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth.

Drake arches his eyebrows at the the cheek-nibbling, tossing back his hair and finger-combing it back again, "Well yeah, I know the album by heart. Hell, sweetness, I could probably play most of the album from memory about now. Doesn't mean I don't want to be there to support you." He accepts the kiss with a grin, turning himself to sling an arm around her shoulders, "You've polished this thing a whole hell of a lot more than anything I've ever done. I always get impatient. This is gonna go over gangbusters."

Letha brightens at the weight of his arm across her narrow shoulders. She leans into him, completely ignoring the neon glow of the Westend behind her. "I could teach you how to play the violin…" Her brows arch over her eyes with a quirk of her lips. "You could go classical, baby." She presses her lips against jawbone in front of his ear, and then she leans back to admire him with those oceanic blue eyes. "I hope so… you know the first show is going to be at Phylon…" She grins. "Want to see how us Valen celebrate?"

Drake scoffs, "Hey… I'm already classical, hot stuff… classical rock and fuckin' roll." Once more, the dimples break free, and he leans slowly back against the window, tucking her in close until she leans back, when his arm looses so that he can return that admiring gaze, "Wait, Valen know how to celebrate?" Laughter touches his eyes and lips then, and he grins cheekily, "Does it involve losin' clothes? Or is this a real Valen thing with white wine and crumpets?" Yes, he's quite happy to tease her about this too.

Letha shakes her head even while her smile remains bright. "I don't know if that is classic… unless you start looking like Cole." Her ever-widening smile turns quickly toward a smirk. "We don't eat crumpets," she says dryly before she gives her hair another light toss, though it could never compare to Drake's own righteous locks. She then wrinkles her nose. "And why is there only two options… either clothes losing or wine drinking?"

Drake presses his left hand to his chest, "Hey… I'm absolutely a classic, baby." Brushing his fingers over the spun gold of her hair, he mock gasps, "Wait… why not? Crumpets are freakin' awesome." The question that follows causes him to laugh and shrug, "I dunno. That was like, the two ends of the spectrum." His left hand gestures to one side, "Drinkin' nasty-ass wine…" and then his right hand lifts off her shoulders to gesture off to the other side, "Losin' clothes and havin' awesome sex. I'm sure your Valen celebration, like most things, is somewhere in the middle."

The Valen woman smirks. "We're probably a bit more toward the wine and crumpet side," she finally admits with a quirk of her brows. Then she breathes out a slow breath as her shoulders fall in a relaxed gesture. She presses a kiss to his lips — gentle and quick. "I'm going to listen to the album…" She looks sheepish. "Just one more time." She starts to step away as if to disengage from her… boyfriend.

Drake nods his head, chuckling, "Yeah… I'll avoid tryin' to spice it up." His hands rise up to cup her cheeks as she lifts up to press the kiss to his lips. Returning it with a smile, he nods, "I'm real proud of you, ya know that, right Letha?" And then he leans back against the window again, letting her step back, then leaning forward to swat lightly at her ass, "Go on. Take your fourth listen."

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