07.09.3013: Fountains and Fortunes
Summary: Taryn and Lyrienne discuss dreams by the fountain
Date: 08 July 2013
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Lyrienne Taryn 

Lower Courtyard — Palace Towers, Landing
Up a small incline from the Grand Esplanade, through the portcullis's intricately wrought gates, is the Lower Courtyard of the Palace Towers. It is a large, sprawling space of laid stone walkways and grassy patches of lawn. Stone benches carved with the Sauveur Eagles are scattered throughout the courtyard to provide places to sit and converse. At the center of the courtyard is a baroque-styled fountain carved with a statue effigy of the First King Matthias Sauveur. Cultivated around the fountain is a rose garden where some of the finest blooms in all Haven can be found.

The Courtyard leads to the three major towers of the Sauveur seat. Directly before it, looming with its grace and magnificence is the Royal Tower. It hosts the entire Sauveur family and is also the location of the Grand Hall and Royal Libraries. To the Royal Tower's left is the Embassy Tower which provides housing and comfort for the Paramounts of Haven and their vassal houses. Each floor in the Tower is dedicated to each House, with the Paramount floors being the most grandeur. Opposite of the Embassy Tower is the Senate Tower which is where sessions are held and hosts the senatorial offices and apartments. Skyways are evenly spaced up the two auxillary towers, connecting them to the Royal Tower.

July 9th, 3013

It is early evening, and though the sun has set, darkness is held still in check by the automatic lights that come alive on their own. The court yard is mostly empty, leaving the almost musical chime of the large fountain in the center of the courtyard to fill the area with a sense of peace and calm. It is this tranquility that momentarily distracts Taryn. He looks at the fountain and for a moment can understand it's allure for Sophie and Soleil. The guards have let him through without much notice, as they have a few times before. After all, he was given permission by Lady Sophie, and the sword that he carries upon his hip came from the Sauveur armory, surely he belongs here.

The last few days have been a little rough on Lyrienne, and now that the children are in bed, she's gone in search of some peace. She sits on one side of the fountain, a guitar across her lap, as she works through a few tunes to keep her mind off of less pleasant things. When Taryn pauses, she looks up toward the man, head tilting as she tries to place him.

Taryn shakes his head as he silently reminds himself that he is here for a reason. Somehow he has to find… the woman that is sitting across the way. He chuckles softly to himself, as he offers a soft thank you to the Sage. Sage colored eyes briefly meet, Lyrienne's before he offers a bow. As he starts to approach the woman, his hand moves automatically to the pommel of the sword, in that way of walking with it. He then realizes it, almost immediately and jerks it away, not wanting to give the appearance that his hand was going to the blade. He stops about a dozen feet away, "My Lady, are you not Lady Lyrienne Orelle?"

Lyrienne doesn't seem particularly threatened by his hand on the sword, fingers dancing through a complicated arpeggio on the strings. "I am, in fact," she agrees, a crooked smile tugging at one corner of her lips. "Was there something I could help you with?" She shifts a bit on the edge of the fountain, drawing the guitar a bit closer to herself. She doesn't seem inclined to stop playing, working through a rather complicated classical piece.

"I hope so, M'lady." The young man says. He pauses, "Sir Lionel Keats suggested that I might talk to you about a dream that I had." Taryn hesitates for a second, "Though I am indeed awakened… I am not very good at it, to be honest, and even worse at interpreting dreams." He glances down slightly, "I know that it is more than just a normal dream, as one other has had at least part of it."

That, however, gives Lyrienne pause. Her fingers slow on the strings, the notes taking a minor turn. "Ah, now that's something I might be able to help with," she agrees, smile fading. "Though I'm not an expert myself. Not yet," she adds with a faint grimace. "I have, however, been studying them. My own, at least." She pauses, clearing her throat and setting the guitar gently aside. "What is it you've been dreaming about?"

Taryn says almost under his breath, "What haven't I been dreaming about here lately?" He swallows, "I am sorry for the looseness of my tongue… sleep has not exactly been much of a companion of mine lately. The dream that sought you out though… I dreamed that I was a knight being forced down upon a chopping block. Well, the knight and the executioner both.. at the same time. I could see and feel everything of both… The world went black after feeling the greatsword hack through the back of my neck and the disconcerting feel of my head rolling away from my body." He subconsciously reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "I had initially started off by asking Sir Lionel why a knight be executed without having his rank stripped from him."

Lyrienne blanches when Taryn explains the dream, going very still. And yet, her gaze sharpens as well, taking in more details of the man in front of her. "I had…a similar dream," she says slowly. "Except I was only the executioner. I couldn't tell who the knight was." Her hands fist, then flex, as though working out some tension. "Have you spoken with anyone else who's had the dream?" she asks quietly, looking back to the man.

Taryn nods slightly. "Sir Jeremy Keats… In his dream, he was just knight. Likewise, neither he nor I had any clue who the knight was." He pales slightly as he swallows, "Sir Lionel in voicing his thoughts suggested that the knight might not be a knight, but the Knight considering that Sir Jeremy and myself had dreamed previously of being… well, the particulars are not pleasant nor really need repeating, but the symbol of the Chantry was burned into our forehead."

"Wait, so Sir Jeremy dreamed he was the knight?" Lyrienne catches her lower lip between her teeth, standing to pace a few steps. "And the Chantry symbol. Again." She crosses her arms loosely over her chest, one finger tapping at her arm as she thinks. "But you dreamed you were both. And I that I was the executioner. So what's the difference? We're all Awakened, so it couldn't be as simple as Knight and Priest. You and Sir Jeremy are both- I mean, forgive me, I'm assuming, but you're not of noble blood, are you?" she asks, quirking a brow.

Taryn chuckles softly and shakes his head, "No, Lady Lyrienne, my blood is as common as the dirt… I daresay that Sir Jeremy is far ahead of me in that regard, being ennobled by virtue of his knighting. I am just a stable boy… or at least was until I came to Landing." He does carry a Valen manner about him.

Lyrienne lifts one hand, chewing at the side of her thumb as she thinks. "Then what's the difference? You're men, I'm not. I guess. Crone and Knight?" She paces a few more steps, brows furrowing in a frown. "Toxins," she snorts. "I doubt it. Unless the toxins made those miners have the same sorts of thoughts as we've been having in our dreams."

"Toxins? Miners?" Taryn looks confused, "I am afraid that I do not know what you are referring to, M'lady?" He pauses and cants his head, "And I do not think that gender is a factor, as um… while in the dream I stood in both places at once… I do not do so in the nature of my sex… so it cannot be that."

"No, I suppose if anyone was going to be in both places, it would be Sir Jeremy," Lyrienne agrees, head tilting as she thinks. "Toxins and- It's nothing, just a side issue, really. Sorry. Do you remember anything else about the dream?" she asks, looking back to him. "The symbol of the chantry is new to me. As I said, I was executioner only in my dream."

Taryn shakes his head, "Oh, no, M'lady… the symbol was in an earlier dream, that apparently Sir Jeremy and I both shared… One were we were being dissected by one of the Hostiles… I remember seeing my face reflected from it…and the symbol of the chantry had been branded on my forehead… " He chews on his lower lip slightly, "It was not a pleasant one… one of the worst dreams yet actually… "

"Ah." There's a flicker of something that might be disappointment across Lyrienne's features, but she nods. "No, that one I recall just fine," she agrees quietly. "Though my thoughts on it have been complicated by recent events. So. You were knight and executioner both. Sir Jeremy was knight only. I was executioner only. So what do the two of you have in common that I don't? What do you and I have in common that he doesn't?"

Taryn reaches up and combs his hair back with his fingers, a gesture that is only slightly effective. "In truth, I have but met Sir Jeremy the one time and cannot really say that I know him well enough to know any similarities, just as I find it an equally daunting question in regards to you, M'Lady. Sir Jeremy's and my shared gender and the fact that we were not born into a noble family are the beginning and the end to that. As for yourself and me, I cannot fathom any similarities."

"Something to do with how the decision is made and who is affected by it?" Lyrienne muses. "Sir Jeremy is certainly more likely to go into combat and risk his life than I am. And you…" She tilts her head, considering the man once more. "I'm sorry, but I didn't catch you name. Or anything about you, really," she adds with a flicker of a smile, almost absent-minded.

Once again, he bows slightly, "Taryn Wystrel, My Lady." He offers a bit of a smile, "There really is not a lot to tell. I am from a small village in the Southern Wilds… really nothing more than a horse ranch and those who make their living from it."

Lyrienne pauses, eyes narrowing slightly as she tries to place a thought. "You're Sophie's friend," she finally says, catching the inside of her cheek between her teeth. "That means something. Or it could." She sighs, shoulders falling with a shake of her head as she turns to retrieve her guitar. "Thank you, Taryn, for speaking with me. I think, though, that this may be something I need to really think on to try to gain better understanding."

Taryn smiles and nods, "Yes, I'm the one that tried to warn her of a possible danger, in the hopes that she would be more careful only for her to decide to toss common sense to the wind and put herself in peril. That would be me." He lowers his gaze, "Thank you, M'Lady for listening to me… I wish that it did not leave me yet more confused, but hopefully, we might be able to make sense of this." He pauses, "Should you need to send someone to fetch me I am staying at the Blue Boar Inn." It is one of if not the worst inns in all of Landing. Sleeping outside might be favorable.

Lyrienne quirks a brow at the name of the inn. "Out of choice, or out of necessity?" she asks. "Because if it's necessity, we can certainly find a bed for you, at least for a few nights. Perhaps you might dream more clearly without…things…trying to eat you while you sleep." A faint smile quirks as she steps back. "No pressure, of course. I'll leave word with the guards. A good evening to you, Master Taryn."

A slight blush hues his cheeks at the remark. Taryn doesn't answer the question, but simply says, "Of course, M'Lady. Good evening to you as well." He takes a courtesy step back, as she departs. Perhaps he will see if he can find the peace that the fountain offers once again, listening to it for a little while.

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