08.04.3013: Foundry of Friendship
Summary: Rivea meets Sean at the foundry in Landing, he shares a fun creative toy of his with Riv and they get to know each other for a while.
Date: 4 August 2013
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Foundry Plaze
A distance South of the Ways is the Foundries and the Smith's Tower. There is a sense of warmth here, almost tepid compared to the rest of Landing. An expansive viaduct leads from the Ways, occasionally bisected with alleys and smaller roads that lead deeper into the city. About a half kilometer before the main plaza is a looming archway, almost double the height of the largest gate at the central Ways. This allows freights from the moons Ignis and Nubilis, and other mining-rich regions. The Smith's Tower is actually four arcologies, one at each corner of the plaza, and each with particular focuses; catwalks crisscross between the four towers, allowing for easy travel between them despite how high up you go while also creating a geometric canopy above.
4 August 3013

Rivea steps lightly away from one of the towers, a thoughtful look upon her face. A momentary pause, as she takes a measuring glance around the area then begins to move towards the Ways. The cloak is removed and carried over one arm, in deference to the fine weather.

The foundry plaza is busy today, there are tons of people going this way and that. Carts with huge loads of raw materials are trundling past, the sky is light but a grey overcast hangs from the morning's normal marine layer.
Sean's world is upside down right now, Roxy's all up in the air and not giving him much to work on so he needs to spend his time in tech. He's made his way here to make something, and has a large backpack of materials with him. He sticks out like a sore thumb.

Sean notices this person looking at him, and thinks. Oh great, here we go… Schizoid never gets through a crowd without getting noticed by at least one person. Sean smiles at her, "Hey, what's new?" he asks, shifting the weight of the backpack, the bottom of it sagging with obvious weight. His normal black hooded jacket isn't on him today, and as such his chest is bare. He's wearing pants, at least, with a mesh utility belt, and boots. He's also wearing black fingerless gloves. If one looks from him to the crowd of people, he sticks out because of his attire. He clashes with the more common tunics, pants, tall boots, cloaks, vests, and the like.

It's at the "What's new?" that Rivea's gaze goes from a more intent regard of backpack and equipment to look up at the face.; well, more intently than before. Nope, no one she knows; head tipping to one side as pondering…should she know him?
"Nothing much at this particular moment, I'm afraid. Especially when the one to whom you wanted to I make introductions is not presently available. Ah well, I will continue to make my rounds."

"Who're looking for? I might no this person. My name's Sean, it's nice to meet you." and he gives a charming polite smile, she didn't seem to know him straight out, so that must mean she doesn't know him as Schizoid. Whew. He might finally make a friend the old fashioned way, by getting to know them. "I was headed in to start making some jewelry, lots of different metals, also computer equipment. I sell energy field jewelry, lockets with mini-photo vidscreens, and stuff like that as paraphernalia at the parties, raves, and concerts I'm part of." and since he's not really done this whole making small talk, or a friend, in a long time… he just shares.

Rivea glances back to the towers, then over to Sean. "Hello, Sean. A pleasure to meet you as well. I'm Rivea Therrien. My family wanted me to make my introductions to a few people when I arrived: the Mastersmith, merchant leaders and the like, before I fully settled into things." Then some thing in his rambling speech, clicks in her consciousness. "You make jewelry…too?"
"I've been known to make some few things myself, though nothing as technologically defined as yours. More traditional, I suppose you culd say, by hand."

That sparks Sean's interest, "Yeah?" he says at first, then he undoes the buckles to the backpack's straps and sets it down, he digs around in small pocket for a moment and pulls out a whispy necklace of platinum. The chain is a super tiny (4mm) chainweave two by two pattern (half Persian), the drop pendant glows very slightly a faint delicate white-blue light from inside a wispy platinum tear shaped birdcage.
"This is something I made at home last night, with some spare computer wire and such. It'll glow almost forever." Sean says, offering it over for her to examine.

Rivea flips her braid over her shoulder, silver glinting off of it, while the cloak is settled on a nearby bench. Taking the pendant carefully from him, she regards it carefully. "This is indeed a lovely piece. I like the blue in the pendant. You can't get as delicate and refined, doing it by hand. And, surprisingly, I'm more patient my way than when I have tried to use technology," with a hint of a smile touching her lips. "Though this does make me think I /may/ try another way sometime."

"I made the chain, and the pendant by hand. Formed the wire and pic soldered it without any tech magic. The light projector I made, didn't have one small enough, then I closed up the cage and soldered the light in place." Sean smiles as she compliments the work, "I'm not the best of smiths, actually I think I fail more times than I succeed and I succeed so rarely when smithing. Electronic anything, ask me and I can fix it or improve it, but smithing is novice at best for me." He doesn't seem saddened by this, more that he's just stating fact. "Would you like to share some of these materials with me? Perhaps show me a thing or two about the craft?"

Rivea laughs lightly, "I cannot count the number of times I've had to restart something because it was not tempered and cooled properly before going to the next stage. " She glances about a moment, ""Perhaps I might. I have not had any of my materials sent here yet. My family and I felt I should make introductions and get settled in that way first before perhaps moving some business here." She takes a moment to think further. "And, hopefully you might be able, at some time, to help me work on working /out/ the designs of things before I begin making them. I tend to sketch my designs in my head and free form rather than set anything down."

With a soft chuckle, Sean opens up the backpack to show the large number of various metal bars. Those who know metals would see copper, silver, gold, platinum, titanium sheets, pyrite rocks, steel, iron, bronze, and aluminum. All of these metals also come in rods, spools of wire, plates, sheets, and strips. All in all, Sean has about a small fortune of randomly assorted metals in his bag. The main metal he has is steel, followed by silver, then copper, and so on. The least he has of is gold and then platinum which is followed closely by titanium as the smallest about. "We should hit up one of the forges in that tower over there. I have something you'd like, you can craft a holo image of what you see in your head using your hands, then transfer it to a mobile projector that beams it onto the craft table for you."

Perhaps a bit of boggling at the miniature fortune in various precious metals. "I work with a smaller scale of those…" gesturing at his backpack contents, "A holo image, you say? Grandfather would most likely not approve; he is rather old fashioned about these things." Again, Rivea gives that half smile bringing a dimple out, before continuing. "For myself, I do like working with my hands. And it would be interesting to see if what I think of in my head would transfer well to a projector. Drawing never worked; that's why I usually just free form."

Sean closes the backpack and lifts it easily onto his back, causing his physique to ripple with the motion. He clips the straps together and nods in the direction of the tower, "Lets go on in and find out, shall we?" he says with an almost toying grin. "I'll show you how the projector works. Once we're set up, then you can play." He'll turn to start walking, stop for a moment, turn back and offer out his hand to her. He looks confused, like he knows there some protocol for this, but not sure if he got it right. (Of course, most people would know it's the arm to offer not the hand)

Rivea reaches down to pick her cloak up and sling it over her arm. She begins to follow along, and when offered a hand, pauses a moment to think about that. Rather than clasp his hand. she rests her fingers on the back of his wrist, saying "Just show me the way and I can follow along, ""It isn't really work, is it, when you enjoy your craft?"

Sean nods to her and smiles, withdrawing his hand and leading the way into one of the towers. He guides to a lift that'll take them down a few floors to a room that's a bit hotter than elsewhere. Now it might be apparent why Sean chose no shirt for today. He walks into the empty forge room and moves to the open workspace setting the backpack down on the floor. He gets out a set of projectors, a pair of gloves, and then small computer box. He sets everything up and hands the gloves to Rivea. "Alright, so what this will do is simulate the forge. You can work the virtual metal anyway you'd like and it will record the whole process. Then, if you're happy with the final piece it will play back the process for you to follow a few times so you can attempt to do it in real life yourself."

Ah,yes, it may be apparent why Sean would wear no top to his attire; that, however, wouldn't mean Rivea could do the same, under any circumstances. Sleeves are rolled back and tied off so there is no dangling, her braid is wound into a coronet at the base of her neck and pinned, so it does not fall forward and get in her way, all while Sean's preparations are made. Taking the offered gloves and gently putting them on, "I see. And did you develop this process yourself, or modify it from something else?"

"Something I modified from class, we used these for running circuits at super high magnifications. I took a couple art classes for the credits to graduate, and loved the metal smithing class. So I borrowed the idea and made it work for this." Sean reaches over and takes her hand, if she doesn't immediately draw away, and will wave it over the device. Once this happens, the machine with project a menu to select materials, tools, machinery, and the like.

Rivea says, "And, did it take you long to learn all your computer tech? I know enough to get by, no expert there by any stretch of the imagination. " She grins up at him a moment, then grows serious as she begins to play around with the controls, checking them out."

"Well, not really. I've been working with computers my whole life I suppose. My parents are big computer engineers for the Orelles." Sean watches as she works the controls, "I'm actually a musician… I play the bass guitar, but I can play the piano." he smiles, "So, do you have other hobbies or interests?"

Rivea says, "Ahh. I've never been musically inclined. I can carry a tune but that's about it, and I don't play any instruments" A casual glance over to him, then back at what she's doing. "My parents and paternal grandparents were jewelers, merchants. So this, is as much a hobby as my craft. I do dabble a bit in the garden. And, I used to spend quite a deal fo time with Grandmother and having her teach me a few things as well. She always said one should be well rounded in all things."

Sean nods, and moves to lean on the wall next to the workspace. "I'm bartender, DJ, student at the Academ. So, yeah… I get the well rounded bit." He smiles at her, "Merchants huh? You planning to start up a business?"

Rivea tips her head from side to side, still working the controls. " "My family would like me to check into the possibility of doing that here. At least that is one of the things, I could possibly do. It all depends on how things work out. Sometime, fate takes you where you didn't plan on going.

There is faintest beep, and Sean gets out something from his pocket. Glancing at it, he doesn't initially respond and slips the device back into his pocket. He looks over at Rivea, "What's your favorite type of music?" he asks.

Rivea hmms, as she continues playing around with the controls: a simple pattern like that on the silver on her braid but on a wide bracelet. "I don't have any particular favorite., I suppose. I listen to all kinds of music. As longa s I can hear it without being deafened.

"Have you heard of that onsphere guy Schizoid? He's done a few raves and such. Mostly underground electronic music, heavy beats. That's my favorite type, you can really move to it cause how strong the beat is." Sean smiles, watching her work. "That's pretty, matches the one in your hair. Would look good together."

Rivea murmurs a soft "Thank you" before she shakes her head, "Well, I can't say that I have, no. There weren't that many raves where I grew up; and I don't mind dancing, it's not like I have two left feet. Grandmother taught me more formal dancing though. The name isn't familiar to me though… I listen to music, I don't follow who does what. Or with whom. Or why….

Sean moves around to get into a pocket of his backpack and pull out a small tablet. He waves a hand over the screen, "Trix, playback. firstmix twelve zero five." There is a voiced response from the computer and suddenly a bass heavy beat comes on. The music is very synthetic sounding, lots of high pitches mixed with heavy low bass beats. Sean has the volume way down, so they can talk easily over it. "This was my first mix, for the rave I won the competition that earned me the name Schizoid. They called me crazy for mixing music like this, until me it was electronic mixed with live. I did entirely electronic, and they loved it. Plus, my outfits for raves are all light shows, so they drew a crowd and sent them wild."

Rivea stops what she's doing, to look over at him, then down to the tablet and then back. Then, "I'm sorry. I didn't recognize the name. The music sounds a little familiar" She listens to the music for a few moments longer, and nods along with it. "All instrumental with no vocals then? It sounds good… although too many of those hit pitched tones would probably make my spine tingle." So, he's famous. But, she really doesn't follow trendy things; not that his is trendy. "I can't see me calling you Schizoid though, at least not right now," she qualifies with a soft laugh.

Sean chuckles, "Don't be, I'm actually relieved that you don't recognize my stage persona. It means you can get to know the real me without any preconceived notions. And please, only call me Sean. Ever." he smiles, but his tone at the end a friendly firm. "The spine tingling is half the fun. Plus, when the beat is loud enough you can feel it inside you. Willing you to dance to it's puppet strings."

Rivea tosses her head back and laughs. "So, you're trying to tell me, Sean, that you're the puppetmaster of dance? And,, since you ask me, I will you, Sean. Friends call me Riv - as if my name isn't already short. One night after I get settled, I might try to find one of these raves… or is it that they find you? I'm never quite sure about that since, as I said, they didn't really have those where I was raised.

Sean laughs, "Not me, I'm the puppetmaster of the music. The music is the puppetmaster of the dance." he grins, the takes a short breath, "Really, though. It's good music if you like dancing, and I can teach you the style that's popular out there right now… sorta since I came up with a lot of the moves for it." he blushes slightly at admitting that, man he comes off arrogant. "Well, they need to be hosted somewhere and then rumors leaked about it so people start asking the right people… then you sort of end up at the rave. That's how it started for me, my first band's leader and lead guitarist dragged me along to my first one." he pauses for a moment as if considering, "I've been hoping to host my own rave, do all the logistics of it myself… really put on a show. I was thinking Niveus… cause it's cold, and almost entirely underground, and well. Exotic." he smiles, but also shrugs. "There aren't any coming up soon though. You could always come to the Siren, I DJ there a lot. Or bartend when they need me to."

Rivea nods, "The Siren? I will make a mental note of that then, and stop by some night to see if you are working. Electronic musician, smith, DJ, bartender, smith - a renaissance man of sorts. " She turns back and finishes with the device Sean had been letting her use while saying, "Is it that large of an undertaking to set up a rave?"

Taking up one of the spools of platinum wire, Sean looks to Rivea with a studious look. "You have a comm? I can give you a way to reach me, find out if I'm working or not. Or hit me up for a visit here to make stuff, I always like making things. 'Specially if there's tech involved." he smiles, moving to the adjoining workspace. "Raves are a big deal if you plan alone yeah, and I think I'll be planning this one entirely on my own.." there's something not said there. He measures out a length of wire and starts to pull together the tools he'll need and then starts to make a few glances at Rivea now and then as he starts to hrm and hm and work at the wire here and there.

Rivea nods "I do, yes" letting him the information. "And, it would be good to have one friend in the towers to work with on projects and get advice from, from time to time. " She sighs, "Well, I think I'm going to have to go now. I need to check on this place to stay on a more permanent basis." She starts to take off the gloves and do waht tidying would be necessary, "Now, how does one save this?"

"Here." Sean moves over to help her with it, waving her hand over the device to pull up an options screen. He uses her finger to make a few selections, then "Trix, save project Riv double zero. New collection Riv's personal files. Upload shared storage access to the comm link under Riv." the machine voice relies quickly and there's a ping to signal all done. Sean moves back to his workspace, "Comm whenever, text if you'd like, and if you need help with something don't hesitate. Cool?" he smiles again. "It was nice to meet you Riv, I'll see you around yeah?"

Rivea nods back smiling, "See you around, Sean. Thanks for the help. When I get settled in, I'll try to see if you're working and stop by some time." Picking up her cloak, she starts to move off. Looking back before she disappears off to where ever, "An have fun with whatever you're working on…..until the next time!" and waves one last time before she is gone.

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