Forever mine, Journal
Summary: Michael received a new journal from Talayla, and he proceeds to write into it the first thing every journal of his has. A promise of sorts.
Date: 23 June 2013
Related: none so far, this is the first page of the journal

06.23.3013 — Barracks, Volkan

Journal —

Well, here we are again, just you and me… and we both know how this
will end. I'll use you, page after page, until I'm finished with you.
I'll be emotionally satisfied and you'll be filled with all my juicy
secrets. Splattered happily over your pages without a care in the
world, with the very thoughts, feelings, and words my mind so loving
drums up and purges onto your surfaces in rapid manner no thought to
rest in between.
Day after day, I'll do this to you. I'll open you up in my lap or on
top of a desk or table. I might find a quiet place in a park, or even
just in my bed.
With my pen, flowing easily over the pressed parchment of your
interior, I'll mark you as mine with the very things I'd keep secret
from the rest of the world. My creativity will know no bounds and my
prose will flow through my hand and onto your cream colored flesh.
No surface will be left untouched, and in this journey we'll share
we'll learn to love each other. We'll grow attached, you'll begin to
show you'll always be there for me, and I'll grow to rely on your
support. Knowing that you'll be waiting, ready to hear all about my
day and provide me the forum to discuss my views at length.
You'll be the center of my storm, the very solid and reliable emotional
rock onto which I'll plant my distraught feet and brave the storm
of my emotions.
I will love you, and you'll love me back, but in the end I'm only
using you until I'm satisfied and you'll be there until you've had
your fill. Then we'll part ways and never look back, or at least,
we won't speak again until we meet randomly at a bookshelf and old
memories spark. Our days together will flare into our minds as we
stay up late into the night reliving old loves, old heartaches,
old joys and old sorrows. We'll be the best of friends for the shortest
of times and in the end, we'll remain the best of friends for those
times when we both just really need the other.

You are my journal, and I am your writer. Apart we are empty,
together we are whole.
This promise I make to you, and you'll never know regret,

Yours forever,
Your writer.

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