Forbidden From Foolishness
Summary: Klaudea tries to help Lady Reena with her project, but her father will not allow it.
Date: A while back, lost the log
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11 November, 3013 — Klaudea's Room

Making his way along the corridor, Vadim Blackfells pauses outside his daughter's open door, looking inside to watch her pack a knapsack for a moment. "Going somewhere in particular?" he asks, his voice level and without inflection.

Klaudea puts another bottle of water in her knapsack, and turns around. She's wearing the sturdy clothes he bought her last year for the hiking trip in the Spine. The hiking boots and walking shorts, all from the most expensive outfitter, made to stand up to heavy wear. "Hey, Dad. I'm going over to Volkan. Now that I'm Sir Thalo's squire, and he has closer ties to Volkan, I've been asked to take part in activities in the city, more." She keeps her voice light and conversational, trying to convince him that it's no big deal for him question.

Smiling a little as he hears that, Vadim's eyebrows raise a little end of it. "And what kinds of activities in the city would that be?" A brief pause, as he knows his daughter too well and the events going on to be fooled. "Today is that Notice something or the other, isn't it?"

"The Notice Project Worday," Klaudea replies, turning back around to clip the latches on her knapsack. "Lady Reena has requested our assistance, and she has a lot of influence in Volkan. I could maybe get her attention if I go help her pet project." She's almost convincing in her attempt to make it sound like she's only going there to win brownie points with the Khournas Lady.

Raising an eyebrow, Vadim nods a little bit. "So, it has nothing to do with any misguided wish to help the poor, or something like that?" Klaudea bites on her lips, back still to her father at the word misguided, tightening her hands on her knapsack and then slowly forcing herself to let go and stretch her hands. A brief pause, before he adds, "I am your father, Klaudea, I know you better than you might think at times."

Klaudea sighs as she turns back around, forcing herself to be calm. "Well, really. People are going to be there working, anyway. What can it hurt to put in a couple of hours fixing a building or something, so that I can get Lady Reena's attention?"

"It should not be something you would have to do, AND it should not be something the Lady should need to do. There are people better suited to that kind of work." Vadim replies without hesitation, but keeping his voice level. He had a feeling that the Lady Reena's efforts would reawaken the soft-hearted urges in his daughter that he thought he'd finally manage to reason out of her, but he will not take it out on Klaudea. "The Lady should know we're at war, and thus should focus our attention on the war effort and not some kind of sentimental crusade for those that do not do anything to take care of themselves," he replies.

"It's just fixing a green house, that way the people /can/ take care of themselves," Klaudea wheedles, giving him her most earnest, pleading look.

Shaking his head a little as he sees that pleading look, Vadim studies his daughter more carefully now. "I've never really understood why you keep on doing this," he finally says, his sigh uncomprehending as he tries, yet again, to reason with her. "Those people keep on doing the wrong things, getting themselves into situations where others need to help them. Wouldn't it be better to not give them the help, so they will have to find out how to not depend on others? They'll never learn to be strong enough to care for themselves if people keep helping them."

"Dad, that's only a few of them. Most of them work really hard, and work extra hours so they don't have a lot of time leftover to do these things," Klaudea replies, trying in return to reason with her father. "I don't think all of them should go without a little hand once in awhile just because some people are irresponsible."

"Then why is it as much of a problem as Lady Reena wants us to believe?" Vadim replies, his frown deepening. "If only a few people are the problem, as you say."

Klaudea shakes her head. "Only a few people are the problem ones who spend their money on drinking and stuff they shouldn't," she tries to explain. "Other people that are having problems aren't having problems because they're drinking away their wages."

There's a brief pause from the head of the house as he takes a moment to breathe and then let out a long sigh. "I know not everyone are having problems, and doing bad things. Some are responsible, after all. But it seems to me that those are fewer than the rest."

Klaudea bites at her lip. "It's not as few as you think," she replies quietly, urgently, verging on the discussions they've already gone over before.

"So you keep telling me," Vadim replies shortly, feeling his temper slipping that he has to go over this again. "Your mother wanted to know if you would be here for dinner today." As far as he is concerned, this is a far more important topic than the poor leeches reaching out to his daughter, and it heads the conversation to safer territory, except for the guilty look that flashes across Klaudea's face at the question, causing him to frown. "We are your family, Klaudea. You may not agree with all we say or do, but when things comes to it, we will always be here for you. Can you say that… those people will be the same?" He leaves her doorway to approach her, reaching for her shoulder.

Klaudea's brows draw together, troubled. "But you don't /need/ me," she says quietly. "I know you love me, and I love you. But I can't give you anything you don't already have. I can't help you."

There's a sigh as he hears that, that incomprehensible need his daughter had shown from youth to be useful to other people. A need he had thought he'd been able to fill when he urged his cousin to take her under his wing to become a knight and protect the people. "You don't need to help us, daughter," Vadim replies a bit quietly. "The only thing we really need from you is for you to not forget your old parents too often."

Klaudea squeals and gives her a father a hug. "So that means I can go?"

Vadim takes a bit of a breath, pushing down the frustration at her eagerness when she misunderstands, before he shakes his head. "I don't want you going there. It's not the right part of the city for you to be in, and you have been neglecting your parents lately," he corrects her firmly, as he puts his hand on her shoulder. "Your mother has mentioned that these last few days, I think she wants to speak with you about something. So go and talk with her about that, because I don't want you to go to that… foolishness." Foolishness is a much weaker word than he would like to use, but he can't take his frustration out on his daughter, no matter how misguided she may be.

Klaudea's shoulders slump and she steps back at the hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry, I haven't meant to. I've been busy, trying to adjust to my new knight," she says lamely. "Does she have to talk to me now? Can't it wait until tomorrow?"

"No, I don't believe it can wait," Vadim sternly reprimands, his eyes boring down on her as she pushes her luck by trying once more. "And I know you have been busy. Which is why your mother wanted to talk to you today, I believe."

Klaudea knows a dead end when she's met one. Her knapsack lies forgotten on the bed as she nods. "Okay. I'll go down and talk to her," she replies woodenly. She bites her teeth together hard to keep her disappointment inside.

"Thank you." The words come out calmer, enough warmth to almost be considered praise as Vadim studies his daughter a bit carefully for a few moments. He smiles to further encourage her, "I know it will mean much to her. And then after that, you could tell us a bit more about your training?" The mention of training meant to remind her who is paying for her squiring, and indirectly, who can take it away. At his daughter's nod he gives one emphatic one of his own. "Good, I will be looking forward to it," Vadim replies, turning back to leave the room. "I have a few things I will need to take care of while you speak with your mother."

Klaudea watches her father go to the door, keeping herself still until he leaves. Then she sags onto her bed, defeated, and slowly takes off the hiking boots, trying not to cry. She closes the door and then takes off the hiking outfit and folds it up. Reaching under bed, she pulls aside the carpet and opens the little hole in the floor to store away the clothes so that he can't have one of the servants take them and throw them away. Going to her closet, she changes to a dress that her mother will appreciate.

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