01.30.3014: Follow Up Visit
Summary: Kieran comes to the Volkan Infirmary for his follow up check up with Reena.
Date: 15 November 3014
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Infirmary — Volkan, The Crescent
The Infirmary of the Volkan Barracks is bright, clean, and sterile; the complete antithesis of the world above. There is a general care ward, with moveable beds in small alcoves, only granted privacy by curtains on cuved metal rods. Equipment sits in each unit for emergency treatment, and some long care treatment.

There is a surgical unit down the western hall, with three bays, for handling urgent care of soldiers severely wounded. A recovery area is at the end of the hall. Down the eastern hallway are several doors, each leading to one of a dozen long-term care rooms. Every room is furnished with two beds and a few chairs, a bathroom, nightstands, and connections for specific equipment depending on the needs of the patient.

30 January 3014

Lady Reena Khournas has requested that Young Lord Sir Kieran Valta visit the infirmary of the Volkan Barracks for a follow up visit. She seems intent on making sure his health stays good, which is no surprise with the death of the Peake Heir, Yolanda, and the comatose state of the Volen heir. Heirs seem to be dropping like flies, and they are badly needed for the war effort. She's in an examination room, looking over a few charts for wounded squires currently under her care. She's wearing a pale blue and gold gown, and the sides of her hair have been braided back, the rest left to fall in loose waves.

Kieran is a little late for his checkup, which has been a going trend for about as long as he's been making public appearances. He's still in his wheelchair, but is dressed a bit nicer. He's got on a black leather jacket with a red button-up silk shirt. When he enters he surveys the room, giving a nod and a roguish grin to Reena. "Lady Reena." He says, moving his way closer to her.

Reena turns and gives Kieran a small smile. "Lord Kieran. How are you feeling?" she asks, glancing at the wheel chair before gesturing him towards the exam table. "I hope you've been following orders and not lifting things?" she queries pointedly.

"Mighty fine, yourself?" He asks, tilting his head to the side as he stands up and takes a seat on the table. "Nothing heavier then a datapad, my Lady." He replies to her second question, quoting the orders she gave him a few days ago.

"I am well, and good, you are capable of listening," Reena quips with a quirk of a smile. She gestures at his chest. "Remove your shirt for me. Did your physician provide the stabilizer I requested?" she asks, pulling on gloves and getting a local anesthetic hypo charged.

"I'm sorry… what?" Kieran asks, looking up at at the noble woman and giving her that same sly smile indicating that he's being sarcastic. "My physician did in fact get me that stabilizer after I had a talk with him. He's going to be much more careful from now on." He continues, removing his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt.

"He likely hasn't had recent training. My med training at the Academy was recent, and the knowledge that compression bandages can contribute to pneumonia is rather new," Reena admits. She moves over to him, her eyes catching his when he gives her that sly look. "Just a little prick here," she drawls, before giving him the hypo so she can examine his ribs without pain. She begins to do just that.

Kieran nods his head, not quite sure how to respond. He's never been particularly medically inclined. "I see." He says finally, flinching some when he's stuck with the hypo. "Ow! Careful…" He protests. He's always been a bit of a baby when being doctored.

"What is it with big brawny knights being such little girls in the infirmary?" Reena chides. She completes her examination and nods. "You're healing up much quicker now. As long as you continue to take it easy for a few more days, you should be fine in less than a week." She taps him lightly on the chest. "I know my stuff."

Kieran gives Reena a glare, but it's clear that there's no maliciousness behind it. "That you do, you seem to be doing everything around here. Doctoring here, running charities there. Do you do anything for fun?" He asks, lifting a brow at her, then glancing down at his chest where she tapped him.

"What is it with big brawny knights being such little girls in the infirmary?" Reena chides. She completes her examination and nods. "You're healing up much quicker now. As long as you continue to take it easy for a few more days, you should be fine in less than a week." She taps him lightly on the chest. "I know my stuff."

"I have a garden of my own. I love tending it. I have many hobbies, father saw to it I was well rounded in all the gentler arts, but the garden is mine by choice, so it's special to me." Reena peels off her gloves and tosses them in the trash. "Other than that, I haven't been able to do the other thing I find fun since I was betrothed," she says with a smirk.

Kieran gives Reena another brow raise. "The other thing?" He asks. He's been trying to figure out what her game has been sense they met in the bar. "Care to enlighten me on what that is?"

"If you have to ask, Lord Kieran, you may just be a lost cause." Reena chuckles and she makes some notes on her datapad. "I believe my father is putting an end to that betrothal though. An heir in a coma isn't really an asset to Khournas in wartime," she says with a small frown. "I wanted to try, with Lord Kadmus, we weren't even friends to be honest, but part of me is relieved that it's coming to an end. Nothing I did ever seemed to please him."

"I didn't want to jump to any conclusions…" He says, again, giving Reena a knowing grin. "It is unfortunate what's happened to Young Lord Kadmus, to be sure. My prayers go out to him and his family." The last part was said half-heartedly, but it's been common knowledge the Valta's aren't really a religious bunch. "I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but… why are you telling me all this?

Reena shrugs a little. "I'm not sure. Perhaps I mistook your teasing for flirting in that bar?" she asks, folding her arms over her chest and eyeing him with a small frown.

"I flirt with everyone, darling." He grins. "You had previously mentioned you didn't want to bring up your fia-er… ex-finance, when we spoke at first. But you've mentioned him every time we've met."

Reena colors slightly. "I'm sorry. I didn't realize…" she shakes her head and puts the datapad back on the countertop. "I'm sorry if I misread you, Lord Kieran. You should heal up fine as long as you take it easy the next few days." Embarassed, she heads for the door.

"Reena, wait…" He says, getting off the table and back in the wheelchair. "I don't use my words very well sometimes. I admit you've… intrigued me. More then usual."

Reena pauses at the door, turning to look over her shoulder at him. "Then do something about it, Kieran," she quips, before she vanishes back down the halls.

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