07.15.3013: Follow Up
Summary: Kaedin visits Niveus to check on the foundling ice bear Roan, and makes a request concerning Elodie
Date: July 15, 3013
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Iah House Great Hall
The top floors of Shelter have a set of separate lifts which lead into Iah House. These lifts, made of glass, steel and copper, lead to either side of Iah House's Great Hall. Like most of Shelter, the Great Hall is a large, tall room. Great beams of copper plated steel are evenly placed along the white walls, curving around the arched ceiling of frosted glass, which is backlit to appear as though the sky were right overhead. Gold marble topped with thick gray fur rugs cover the floor, and large tapestries of former heads of Iah House hang on the walls, most of these in blues and whites.

Two large aquariums flank the room, each holding a group of the smaller fish found in Niveus' oceans. Between them rises a large black pedestal, on which a sculpture in white marble depicts an ice bear family. The bear family faces the lifts, and behind them is an open space for gathering, then a sitting area of large leather couches with fur blankets thrown over them. Behind this is an area for large simulated fires, and the entrances to the rest of the house. High on the wall is one of the circulating fans, this one of the larger ones with thick blades of bronze and a clock at the center made so that the inner gears are visible beyond the face.

July 15, 3013

A few days after Kaedin's last visit, Una is still working on birthday preparations. She's taken a break from them for today, however, and has stolen a quiet moment for herself in the Great Hall. Seated on one of the sofas in a dress and coat in shades of green, her feet tucked up under herself, she reads through text on a data pad. A half full glass of ice wine rests on a table beside her, ignored for the moment.

"Lady Iah, a Lord Sir Kaedin to see you." A attendant says as Kaedin comes in. "Lady Una, I was in shelter having a look at Rpoan, and thought I might come and pay you a visit." He says with a smile, even giving her a formal bow, even thoug hthe shoulders of his shirt have white bear fur still stuck on them.

The hard soles of Ronan's boots echo off the floors as he walks his way towards the family's sector of Shelter. His hair is slightly messy. His eyes are hidden away behind a pair of mirrored shades. He has the walk of someone who has been run over by a herd of horses. He pauses as he sees his sister and company. He offers a slight bow whether or not she is looking or not.

Una's feet swing around and drop to the floor, and she is on her feet before she even fully registers the announcement. She smiles when she catches the name and sees Kaedin approaching, chuckling as he comes closer and she sees the fur. She nods in greeting, gesturing for him to join her, and in the process notices Ronan. A raised brow greets her brother as she returns to her seat. "Welcome back, Lord Sir. Have you met my brother yet?"

Kaedin blinks at Una, as he spots the fur and begins to brush it off. "I have, we all had dinner together ,remeber Milady?" he asks, as he takes a look at Ronan, a knowing look in his eye, or maybe a circumstancial assumption, half of him wants to remove the glasses, the other half of him wants to let the Lordling sort all thuis out for himself.

Ronan chuckles ever so softly, "You must forgive my sister, Sir Kaedin. She has had a lot on her mind, and even more seems to just keep piling on with each day." He offers the both of them a smile, "How does this day find you, Sir Kaedin?" He walks over, leaning down to give his sister a kiss on the cheek, before taking a position up next to her.

Una raises a hand to her forehead. "Of course, forgive me." Ronan is offered a one-armed hug as he joins her, and a quick smile of gratitude. "And how is Roan? Still fond of you, from the looks of your shirt." Now getting used to the random guests, servants soon arrive with tea, wine and a small spread of food for the three.

Kaedin smiles. "It's quite alright, we all have things on our mind." He says with a smile as he looks at his shirt. "Yes, she literaly tackled me today… she was having nightmares, so I left one of my shirts in her sleeping area, they say she slept soundly last night, which is good." he adds, almost giddy at the fact that His bear is so fond of him. "I have to do the same with my cat when I'm not home. OH I met Lady Elodie, I ah… offered her one ofr Cleo's kittens, since apparently she is going to have a litter." he says, though, he is so going to find the father of said kittens and have him fixed.

Ronan looks between the two having absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Great. 'Die is bringing in some flea-ridden creature. Well as long as it stays locked away in her quarters. Ronan gladly takes up one of the glasses of wine and a small piece of fruit. He gives a nod to the servant in thanks.

Una chuckles, "I'm glad she has someone to count on. And no doubt Elodie will love this kitten enormously. Though… we will have to teach Aatu to be careful." she glances at the doors to the rest of the house, as though expecting the creature to pop up at the mention of his name.

Kaedin nods and smiles as he ponders somthing. "Lady Iah, a question… Would you allow Elodie to serve as medic on board the Sgadows Intent should Captain Orelle have space for her? If not IS understandable, but having someone of her calibur would be benificial to the soldiers stationed on board should they come back from a boarding injured." he says.

Ronan smirks slightly. "Otherwise no one in Shelter will be able to get a moment's peace and quiet if Aatu was to make a snack of the furrball." The smile fades at the prospect of his sister being stationed aboard the military vessel.
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Una leans back, considering the question. "I will speak with her about it. If she wants to, then I suppose it will be alright." Her tone suggests that it would be almost anything but alright. And yet she will not deny her sister the oppportunity, should she truly want it.

Kaedin nods and takes a seat. He does look at Ronan. "What do you have against cats?" He asks, as if Ronan is in need of a trip to the crazy house.. how can anyone not like cats? "In anycase, I'll leave the yes or no answer to you and your sister lady Iah, and it is totaly understandable if the final verdic is 'no'. " he says before his Ear Peice goes off, activating it… "Kaedin here… What?… I'm on my way." He says as he disconnects the call and rubs his face. "I have to return to the ring, forgive the abruptness, but apparently putting muscle relaxer in another squire's armor is what I meant when I said 'training time'" He says, not to happy wit hthis outcome. "She isn;t even my squire, yet I get to deal with it… bbecause her knight is out on a ramship."

Ronan shrugs, "Nothing particularly against cats… I just don't get having one as a pet.. Sleipnir might be an animal, but I don't see him as a pet. He is a horse, a tool and a weapon." Una can probably hear their mother in Ronan's voice, as it was grilled into the small boy. He offers the fellow knight a deep nod. "Good journey, Sir Kaedin. I hope that everything works out."

Una smiles, nodding to Kaedin. "I'll send you the decision once I've spoken with her about it." Her eyes widen slightly at the 'training' description, and she nods more firmly, "Of course, good luck with that."

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