07.02.3013: Flower Delivery
Summary: Taryn sneaks in to check on Soleil disguised as a delivery boy.
Date: 2 July 2013
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Soleil's Apartments — Palace Towers, Landing
This suite is a dreamy wonderland, a fantasy of deep sea wonders or outer space enigmas. Everything is black. The walls, the modern furniture, the floor, the bed and its linens and curtains. Then in the midst of the black, water tanks, full of strange aquatic creatures from the depths of the Havenite oceans. The light of the room is ultraviolet when on at all, and most of the aquatic creatures glow, or pulse light. One of the tanks actually possesses water that seems to itself glow, the bioluminescence of a thousand microscopic lives. It is altogether a stunning display, some dreamed-up conglomeration of different environments that somehow work in harmony. The haunting sound of water echoing, as if in a deep cave, the reflection of rippling water, bluish upon the walls, the chill of space, the captivating wonder of alien worlds.

The suite includes a luxurious bathroom that extends the aquatic theme, a bedchamber, a study that also serves as a sitting and media room. The only part of the suite that departs from the deep sea and outer space mystery is reached via a winding staircase, which leads to a small terrace with a fairytale-like feel. From there, epic views of Landing can be taken in, along with a wonderful view of the stars above at night.

July 2nd, 3013

It is fairly late, and Taryn has come to check on one of his self-decided wards. After the nightmare that has haunted him, his nerves are shot. Worried about Soleil after hearing the reports about her incident. He entered through the gates of which he had been given access, thanks to his connection to Lady Sophie. He frowns just slightly as he decides that it might be more difficult to get through unmolested. That's when he sees the massive flower delivery. He picks it up, using it as a justification and a guise. After all, looking at him, few would have question him as a simple delivery boy. There is a knock on Soleil's door. When she opens it, if she opens it, she will first see a set of disembodied legs behind a massive flower display.

Luck's with him. Soleil's bodyguard has been fired, and things are in flux. Half the staff don't even realize the lady has been released back to the palace. This servant thinks the girl's weird quarters could do with a pretty floral arrangement, and that one is just exhausted. yes, one way or another, Taryn gets through, and by the time he's to Soleil's wing, the guard on duty assumes he's supposed to be there, and after a quick scan to assure the youth has no weapons, he lets him in the lift.
The door slides open silently, not even the swoosh commonly associated with electric doors. Taryn is met in the little foyer by a lady's maid, who eyes him dubiously. "Who sent flowers?" she asks. And then she recognizes Taryn as the young man she's seen her lady trading bars wth now and again. "How did you get in here?" she asks, starting to reach for her com link. "You—"
"Who is it?" From the other room, Soleil enters. She's dressed WAY down, in a faded tight silk shirt displaying the logo of a band from half a decade ago. Her hair's tied back in a ponytail, and she has on a pair of VERY short shorts.

"You're favorite verbal punching bag." Taryn calls out, though loudly enough to be heard through the doorway, but not so loudly that it might drawl too much attention beyond the lady's maid and the lady. "I have flowers… from…" He pauses and shrugs, "Someone… I'm sure." In truth, he's not even sure that they are a delivery and not just some flower display that was sitting on some random decorative table. He makes no attempt to sell his presence to the woman in the foyer.

"Wow. Security's gone to shit," Soleil says in a nonchalant manner as she brings her vapor cig to her lips.
"Shall I call for someone?" the maid asks, turning to Soleil, but Soleil shrugs and gestures at Taryn. "Leave the bush in the lift, I hate roses." And the Saveur turns from him, disappearing back through a round 'portal into the dark, slightly glowing room beyond. This leaves Taryn to follow, apparently, for the maid merely gives him a severe frown and takes the arrangement from him, heading into the lift.

Taryn looks to the maid and offers the woman a slight shrug and a friendly smile, though the smile wilts slightly at the glare. He hesitantly follows behind Soleil into the other room. He passes just beyond the threshhold of the portal. He is still half expecting a cadre of guards to burst in any minute and tackle him down to the ground. He cants his head slightly as he looks around, clearly not used to such luxury. Finally his grey green eyes settle on Soleil. "Are you alright?" He sighs softly and shakes his head, "Well, obviously not… but…" He seems for the first time to be at an almost loss of words."

It's into what appears to be a sitting room that he follows her. An enormous viewing screen dominates one wall, and she has thrown herself onto a comfortable piece of furniture resembling a sofa, but aboyt a thousand years distant. She does absolutely nothing to hide her obscenely exposed upper thighs— oh dear gods, thighs! Her feet come up so she sits askew, comfortable. "No shit, Shamrock." Shamrock being an ancient Earth Inspector of renown. At least SHE thinks so.
She picks up a bowl, from which she is eating noodles. The viewing screen appears to be a real time shot of a jungle or forest of some sort, but nothing's happening. "You know, you're probably not going to make it out of here without being arrested. I'm supposed to be under quarantine. So you may as well enjoy whatever it is you came for. Whch is…what?"

Taryn's eyes do momentarily looks at said exposed skin, but then his eyes fix themselves on anything but. He sighs, "Yeah… I know it, but you really didn't have to point it out to me… " He cocks his head, "I'm not really here to enjoy anything… " He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "I wanted to make sure you're alright… " His tone changes a touch. There is an almost brotherly or fatherly tone. "Well, if I'm going to jail… then I might as well make it worth it, huh? So tell me.. what in the name of the Six are you doing, Soleil?" Soleil, not Lady Soleil, not m'lady. "You're better than this…." The tone is not accusing, but just laiden with ernest concern.

She looks up at him with an arched eyebrow over her bowl of noodles. She has to chew and swallow before she speaks, for whatever else she may throw aside with a rebel yell, she's polite about things like eating.
"I am? How do you know this? I mean, Mr. Citizen Horse-whisperer from the sticks, you didn't even think I was worth any respect." She's wry as she says it, blocking all hints of self-pity. She's just confronting him with what he said is all.
"You can sit if you want. I'd offer a drink but they took all my liquor away. You can have some Bockberry juice if you want. It sparkles."

Taryn looks at Soleil with a focused look that burrows into her not completely dissimiliar to her own disconcerting stare that she has used on so many people. "I just do… That's really all I can say… It's just a feeling.. one that I had the first time that I saw you in the esplanade… " He cants his head, "At least until you treated me like I was some homeless charity case… " His gaze returns to her. "I don't know what it is about you… but you just push my buttons and make me so… infuriated that I lose all sense of reason…" He folds his arms across his chest, as he stands there.

"It's a good way of testing people, if you must know," she replies, folding her legs to sit 'indian style' and stirring her noodles. "I hate flakes. Anyone's who's easily deflected is a flake." She shrugs. It's not a precise explanation but it will suffice for now, as far as she's concerned. Then, wryly, "I guess you passed." She lets one corner of her mouth smile.
"People make assumptions— especially citizens. No offense, as I am making assumptions about you in saying so— but as a citizen you may think things look pretty good up here in the palace, yeah? I mean, I have more credits than I could spend in five lifetimes, a really posh room, the best clothes, servants to do whatever I say. Uhm, what else?" She gestures. "Help me out here, why is life so great?"

Taking a few steps further into the room. Taryn looks at the room, before he shakes his head. "I didn't say that anything was great… " He takes a deep breath, "Quite honestly, life is pretty miserable for most people. I think that things are more lavish here… You don't have to worry about all the same things that I do, but I certainly don't think you have it easy." He reaches up and combs his golden curls back with his fingertips. "I think you have things to worry that I can't even imagine… "

"I don' know, you can probably imagine. They are the same things, really. We're not supposed to have hearts and think about love, but we do. We have the best doctors and medical care, but people we need die. family members fight. Family dinners are awkward. And then you have…the media. Maybe that's different. the fact everyone watches. The fact a girl can't have a bad night without some ass snapping a picture and sending it to the tabloids. I mean yeah, when was the last time your bad night made the 'Galactic Mirror'?" She smiles faintly and puts her food aside, then gestures in the air before her. The giant views-screen changes in response, becoming a dark view of space. "And we're pressured to /be/ someone. My father got away with his career of womanizing and lazy drunkeness but they only let one Sauveur slip through the cracks every fifty years."

Taryn smirks slightly, "Now stop that.. I risked my freedom to worry about you, not to feel sorry for you.. " As he walks past a reflective surface, he flinches just slightly. He frowns slightly at some unspoken thought, then looks over at Soleil. "No, I can honestly say that I don't understand most of that." Almost deflecting his thoughts from himself he smiles, "Besides, I never have a bad night." The smile fades, "So why were you having such a bad night?"

As if on queue, there's the sound of a weird bird call, and Soleil leans over to glance at her handheld. A frightful scowl forms. "I made the mistake of trusting a man, if you must know," she says, and then she's thrusting the handheld in Taryn's direction, apparently offering for him to have a look. Or, rather, she's beaming the message to her viewscreen, which changes again, and there's a picture of a man next to a bit of text. The man looks like Nitrim Khournas, the 'name' next to him says, 'asshole', and beneath that, a message that 'asshole' apparently just sent. "I wasn't trying to chide. Are you okay?"

Taryn glances at the handheld. He purses his lips slightly before looking at her, his head cocks slightly to the side. "So that was the other night? What about the rest of the time." He pauses, almost as if he was about to call her by name again, but then stops himself this time. "Why are you always so sad… it's like you've locked yourself inside.. It's in your eyes even when you're laughing and pretending to be this little ice princess… but if someone looks… really looks… they can you locked deep inside.. alone in the dark…" He sighs, turning from her. "I don't know why… but I just feel this odd connection to you… and I don't know why, but I really hate seeing you in pain.. which seems to be every time I have ever seen you…" He glances over his shoulder, "But you insist at keeping everyone at arm's reach… "

She fixes her stare on him for a few long moments, then takes the message off the viewscreen, letting the glittering stars take it over again. "What, my life story?" she asks, calmly. "It's no worse than anyone else's. Everyone's got some terrible dark thing eating at them. I just don't handle it as well as other people." She reaches up as if to run her hand through her hair, but it's pulled into the ponytail, so she just passes it over the top of her head.
"I really liked my old life, you know. Supposedly I was in some downward spiral but it felt better than this. Janelle supposedly rescued me from myself but most of the time I just feel like she dumped a whole new set of problems in my lap. Now I have to be part of this whole divide. And you know sometimes I look at Emund and think, I am so much more like him than like /her/." She curls into the corner of her sofa, holding on to one of her feet.
"But mostly, I just really, really fucking hate being awakened."

Taryn turns and looks at her as she speaks, giving her his full attention. He says calmly, "No one can rescue from yourself… Only you can do that. All we can do is offer you reason to do so and to offer a hand if you choose to reach for it." He says it as if he would be there if she would let him. The discussion of politics and the divide really is beyond him, but her last confession catches him off guard. "The dreams… " His voice softens.. "I guess Keanen told you then…."

"Told me what?" she asks, confused. "He's awakened too, yes, but I don't think it bothers him like it does some others. And I presume you're only haunting us because of your dreams. So yes the dreams, but…" She shrugs a little. "It's more than that, and I don't really want to get into it. And for the record I don't really want to save myself either. It's just no one is letting me /go/ so I don't have a lot of choice but to exist."
She's gripped by a sudden fit of apparent rage, as she hurls her handheld at the viewscreen. It clatters off of it with a clink, both items undamaged. Her chin drops and she stares down.
"I was managing alright. He fucked me all up again and he wants to /talk/. He keeps sending me messages about how we should talk, asking me how I am. Like he can't /figure it out/?"

Taryn blinks. Yeah, big mouth. Why does he talk around her? What is it about Soleil. He looks at her. "If it was just because of my dreams." His voice falters.. "Well… I don't think this here has anything to do with that… I don't think you're life is in danger… So unless you're going to throw me off the balcony or something… that's not why I am here. I'm here cause I thought you needed someone to be here for you…. Someone that wanted to be not because of some obligation or duty… " He snorts slightly, "Soleil, I don't think anyone can figure anything out with you… You don't let anyone in enough." He walks over and kneels down a few feet away so that they are on about eye level. "What is it that you do want?"

"She doesn't look at him for a few moments, an oddity when it comes to her. Eventually, she does look up, and there's the stare he knows. "Just now? To make him hurt just as much." Her lips twitch. Maybe she means it, maybe she doesn't.
"In a broader sense? I don't know. I really don't."

Taryn smiles slightly, "Well, if that is what you truly want, then he has my deepest of sympathies… But don't get back at him by hurting yourself… I'm sure there are more creative ways… and if you put yourself into such, I imagine you could be quite the artist." He cocks his head, "As far as the other… maybe now's a good time to give that some thought… and when you're allowed out again… maybe try riding that horse of yours… she deserves to be able to run from time to time… " He looks at her, "You said she was a gift from your mother and that your mother bred horses… have you ever thought about following in her steps?" He pauses, "It really is none of my business…"

"I don't want to talk about my mother." She says it quickly, and with finality. Then, suddenly she is leaning forward and rising, moving past him. She carries her bowl to the 44th century equivalent of a dumb waiter and drops it in.
"What are you doing now, Taryn? For work I mean. Landing is xpensive."

Taryn nods and lets the topic drop with no argument. He smiles slightly, "Well, most likely starve at this rate." He pauses, "Though I imagine that I'll at least get food while I'm in jail for breaking in here." He says this with an uplifted tone. "I still have a little bit of money… I'll face that bridge when I reach it."

"I think you should still come to work for me," she says over her shoulder. "We can discuss it later. I have the money, and…I have things I could use your help with. It's not charity— it's how life works. I want you to think about it. And if you decide no, I want you to think about it some more." She turns back to face him, putting one foot back against the wall. "I need people I can trust." She then pushes off the wall and gestures. "Come on, Cora will get you out of here safe and sound."

Taryn looks at her for a second then nods. "We can talk about it… and I will think about it." He starts to head out then turns back, "Just… try to not hurt yourself… especially over some jack ass who does not deserve you even giving him a second thought." He looks at her like he's going to say or do something, then just nods and heads through the portal to be shown to freedom by Cora.

She nods, but says nothing else, walking with him to the door, where she summons a servant. This small girl is apparently one who won't be telling anyone about Soleil's visitor. Soleil gives him a nod, and a very faint smile which might be construed as some form of gratitude, before she turns back to her luxurious prison and her solitude.
Taryn is shown out without incident.

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