Summary: Klaudea debates the meaning of flirting and the annoyances associated with
Date: 4 October, 2013
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7 November, 3013— Klaudea's room at her parents

Klaudea seems to be in a classical mood, because Opportunity Nox is streaming through her speakers as she and Georgiana lay back on her bed, pillows propping their head and shoulders as they look through the holo magazine they've projected above them. As she flips to the next page, an article about a recent concert at the Warehouse, with Zavier Masters front and center in the photgraphs, Klaudea gives a groan.

"I don't get it, Georgiana. How come you like guys so much?" she bursts out, her hand flopping back to her side after quickly flicking to the next page.

The sudden outburst draws a laugh from Georgiana. "What happened with Lincoln?"

"What? Why do you automatically think it's Lincoln?"

"You went to get pizza with Lincoln, and you didn't give me any details when you came back. Easy matter of deduction, sweetie," Georgiana replies, turning to a page of the winter fashion picks by the editor.

Klaudea grabs a throw pillow and stuffs it over her face. "He hates me," she says in a small voice. "He must. I messed everything up," the pillow leaves her face and flies across the room, knocking over the chrono on her desk since the squire wasn't paying attention to where or how hard she threw it. "And I don't even know what I did? I like the red one, but I wouldn't caught dead in that green one."

"Agreed," Georgiana replies on the assessment of dresses.

"What the hell is 'flirting' anyways?"

Georgiana laughs.

"I mean it seems really stupid to me… it looks like it's a method of talking about and/or proposing sex, without meaning, unless the other party says yes. Which is a waste of time, if you ask me. If you want it, then you want it, and if the person is going to be offended, that's the breaks. But wow, what a pump to your ego, 'yeah, I know I said something that sounded like I'd like to sex with you, but don't worry, I don't really…' thanks, I'm so unattractive that sex with me can only be discussed in terms of joking around?" Luckily, her mother is one of those full-set-of-bed-pillow decorators, because it means she has another small pillow handy to smother her scream.

Georgiana knows enough to simply smirk in amusement while her friend can't see it, so she can have a straight face when Klaudea surfaces again.
"What can't guys be more like Mystery Man," she grouses, hugging the pillow to her stomach, now. "Is that a birds' nest or a hair style?"

Now the last, Georgiana /can/ laugh at, and she does. "I think she's trying to pick up an ornithologist, or whatever those bird scientists are called," she replies. "You've seen Mystery Man again?"

Klaudea nods. "I don't even know his name, but I can /talk/ to him. It's not like everything is a word game that I have to try and figure out the rules as I go and keep up. And we really talk about /things/. Things that are important. Maybe it's easier to be honest and talk about things when you're wearing a mask. I don't know." She huffs, lifting the pillow and hugging it closer.

"Well, maybe you should go find out more about Mystery Man," Georgiana suggests. When Klaudea raises her hands as if to ask 'how', she raises her own hand to forestall her. "Lincoln is what he is, sweetie," she adds gently, turning on her side to look at her friend. "And people like him /don't/ talk about things. It's just not what they do, they have to keep who they are locked away from what they do. He's /always/ going to keep you at arm's length."

Klaudea's head flops sideways on the pillow as she looks at Georgiana. "That's if he ever talks to me again," she grumps.

Georgiana reaches over and pulls the pillow out of her friend's grasp. "Come on. I promised your mother I'd take you shopping today, she's distressed that your clothes are still last season. It can't make you any more miserable than you already are, and you can't go beating on things just yet, you have to have pretty face for your mother's party tonight."

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