Lord Sir Jacob 'Flint' Grantham
Jeffrey Donovan
Jeffrey Donovan as Jacob Grantham
Full Name: Jacob Grantham
Byname: Flint
Age: 41
Planet: Ignis
Paramount: Orelle
House: Grantham
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: N/A Height: 6'1"
Father: Lord Sir Zakary Grantham Weight: 240pds
Mother: Lady Lieutenant Ceilea Dalton Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Lady Marah Grantham, Others Eye Color: Steel
Children: N/A


Flint Grantham is dead, along with the rest of the men and woman of the Legion of Ashes. And that is just the way he likes it. Born originally Jacob Grantham, he was the first-born child of Zakary Grantham, thus being the heir of the house and throughout his childhood and youth, he was inundated with the culture of Grantham and of Ignis. As a boy he was exposed to embrace the spiritual and philosophical aspect the Crone and of death itself, in it's many interpretations, which only came with more questions. His father Zakary, who already dead, would do his best to answer them, and would often lament that he had been born a generation to soon to take part in what he saw would be a glorious battle against the Hostiles, as Gage Coram had done in the First System War and the actions of the Legion during the Second.

Jacob was brought up with these tales of heroism and valor in the mead halls of the Red House, the rowdy tales of men and women from Ignis who would slay Hostiles by the dozens or hundreds before falling, and glad for it. No, seeking death, to meet their redemption face on without fear. That was the tenant instilled into Jacob and his siblings. There is nothing to fear of death, this body was but a shell, glory and honor awaited him in the beyond. The danger was always real, as against Hostiles as much as it was on their harsh world, but fear was a choice. To truly live, there no need for fear.

RP Hooks

Confirmed Bachelor: Flint has never married, oddly enough, though he doesn't seem to be actively looking. With the family secured by the birth of his sister's daughter to be heir, there's no real reason for him to do so, though he his pestered by Marah to do so, if only for the sake of appearances. He'll get around to it. Eventually.

Loves to Work: If there's work to be done in the Pit, and there's not enough people for it, Flint will set aside his arms and pick up a hand-held drilling machine or a shovel and get to work in the mines or assisting loading freight. The Pit ascends or falls as one, noble and citizen alike.

Man of the People: For years, Flint was the face of Grantham, the would-be heir and first-born of the family. He's still something of that even in his less important role as a regular Knight. He's known to talk and converse with citizens while he walks the streets of the Pit, being a rather friendly sort.

Small Media Presence: While he wouldn't be considered an actor or anything of the sort, Flint has appeared on various talk shows as someone who talks about history of combat and war and others dealing with more philosophical discussions like the idea of second chances. He's also been weapon and training consultant on action movies, especially the ones that attempt to be as authentic as possible. Perhaps even given a cameo or single-line speaking role.

Neutral in Politics: Grantham care little for the struggle for the crown. That is to say, they don't care at all, the Hostiles are their concern. This is the same for Flint, believing that the fight between children is just that; a fight between children, something bored nobles make an issue out of until the Hostiles show up(oh wait, they have). If Flint had his way, he'd throw them both in the Legion to teach them some humility.

Byname: Flint set aside his real name on the day of his funeral, usually responding to Sir Flint or just Flint more often than anything else. Off of Ignis, he tolerates having to be called Sir Jacob, but he doesn't seem to really enjoy it.



  • Dry Humor
  • Forgiving to a Point
  • Survivalist
  • Dutifully Loyal
  • Soft Spoken

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On the Grid

Known Associates

Nitrim Lord Nitrim Khournas, Squire/Lord/Pain-In-The-Ass/Who-The-Hell-Knows : Nitrim is still going through shit, but that seems to be his state of being, isn't it? Whatever anger I had has since fizzled away. I just want my friend back, in whatever capacity that is. I wish I had more answers for him, or maybe better answers. But I don't. He needs to find his way, on his own terms, without being dictated by others. Now, if he can only sort himself out like he needs to, maybe he'll his chance at having the life he wants, at the same being the one he needs.
Anabethe Young Lady Sir Anabethe Khournas, Knight : Crone curse me, curse everything that I am. I know I'm going to live to regret the actions we've taken, but Six help me, I don't give a shit. I know it won't last, but I don't care. But I think you know that too. If I can leave you better than when I met you, I did some good. If I can help repair some of your damage, I'll have done some good. My feelings aside, you're my favorite mistake. When our families tear us away, and it will happen, I just hope you'll still talk to me.
Reena Lady Reena Khournas, Medic : You're marrying a Volen. You might be an heir, but damn, you could've set your sights a little bit higher. Nevermind that your husband might rather smoke pole isn't going to help your marriage. Here's hoping you can find love elsewhere, but it sure as hell seems like you're not going to find it in Mare Maris.
Victor Lord Sir Victor Khournas, Knight : I want to think better of you, but you're taking Devon away from Ignis. Okay, fine, -you- are not taking her away, but you're involved. I'm trying to not be angry. That's about all I can say about it right now.
Johana Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm, Knight : I think the first time we met, she was flirting hard with me, and she's damn pretty, that's certainly wasn't what I was looking for. She's a good person besides, and damn, I think whatever she saw at D-4, I think she suffered the most. If she ever needs to talk, she knows where to find me. But she's a married woman now, I don't think she needs my advice. Good luck with the husband though.
Erik Lord Sir Erik Cindravale, Knight : The first time I met him was at D-4. Don't much about him other than he's a Cindravale, so that leaves a bunch of connotations. He suffered like the rest of us, but he made it through it. Whatever else he might be, I respect him simply for that. Married Johanna, and somehow that isn't much of a shock.
Delphi Doc Delphi Nicolo, Doctor : I like Doc Delphi. She's all serious and business-like, but she's got a soft heart once you can get under a couple layers of the doc and more about the person. She could use some friends, so spending time talking to her has been fun, and the fact that we have like injuries gives us a joining line and an understanding about how life can be while handicapped. She just needs to be more willing to get out and have a good time.

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