10.16.3013: Flaming Blue Drakes
Summary: Klaudea's friends take her out to relax for the evening, and decide the Blue Nirvana would be just the place. Lincoln is bartending, and the young ones meet Chiron while they are, while Imogen stops by to flirt with Lincoln.
Date: 23 September, 2013
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The Blue Nirvana Blue District, The Ring
Entering through the heavy wooden doors decorated with relief sculptures of flirtatious nude cherubs, visitors find themselves in the tiny waiting room of the upscale brothel and bar, The Blue Nirvana. Only a single, plush red velvet bench sits in the small area, and the walls are covered with a darker, more rich red velvet. Opposite the wooden entry doors is the floor to ceiling black velvet curtain visitors must pass through to reach the main sanctum.

Once inside, light piano music fills the dimly lit air of The Blue Nirvana main sanctum. Unlike the cold steel found in so many other places on the Ring, the walls of the sanctum are covered in plush red velvet curtains and Arborenin cherry oak trim. Larger than the entryway would lead outsiders to believe, this main area is actually two stories tall, the lofted ceiling covered in similar Arborenin oak planks and golden trimmings that flow into several ornate crystal chandeliers that outstretch almost a dozen feet each. A grand piano sits at the far corner of the room, and various love seats and couches made of the same wood and crushed red velvet cushions rest in various positions for privacy or presentation.

A few of the Blue Nirvana's prostitutes relax on these couches, dressed in immaculate, fancy clothing that is sensual but not overtly obscene. Across the back wall is a long bar, again fashioned from the Arborenin wood, where a bartender serves drinks from thousands of bottles, vials and containers lining the wall behind him. The space above the bar is a balcony stretching the entire length of the room, the upstairs wall lined with more heavy, fancy wooden doors that lead to the private chambers of business. The red carpeted staircase gently descends and curves towards the center of the room from the wall to the far right.

16 October, 3013

It's evening, not much business business is happening at the Blue Nirvana. Lincoln's working behind the bar, dressed in a sharp, crisp maroon button up shirt, the sleeves rolled partially up. The silver rings click lightly against the bottles as he pours one of his co-workers a drink. His hair is messy sexy, hanging partially in his eyes. Not many folks even at the bar tonight.

When the cat's away, the mice will play, and when Klaudea's friends found out that Sir Thalo was away and had given her the night off, they decide to drag her out. She's wearing an outfit chosen by them that looks 'cool', but she doesn't seem too uncomfortable in it. She's still laughing and talking with the two girls and one boy as they step inside, then she pauses as she looks around. "Wait a minute, what did you say the name of this place is?" she asks, trying to back out the door to look at the sign.
"It's called Blue Nirvana," one of the girls replies, pulling on her arm while the boy nudges her from behind. "It's just a bar, come ooooonnn."
"I'm not sure this is /just/ a bar," Klaudea replies. "I think I recognize that name," her eyes sweep the room, and they notice Lincoln. "And, uh, the bartender," her voice drops to her friends.
The other girl gives a hoot, "do you, now? And just how would you know him?" her eyebrows wiggle suggestively along with the question.
"Guys, really… can we grow up?" the boy finally speaks up, getting little glares from the two non-squired girls.

Chiron honestly has no idea what possessed him to wander on in here. He hadn't planned on coming to the ring, and even less so did he plan on ending up in the blue Nirvana. But, here is is, walking though the threshold, making his way to the bar. He stops to eye the gaggle of friends who seem to be teasing one of the girls before taking a seat that's in a corner. He gives the man working behind the bar a nervous smile. "Hey." He says, rather politely. "Can I get an ale?" He asks, not sure what else to ask for. Though, he assumes that the Ring is more of a liquor kind of place.

Lincoln looks up as people enter, smiling his half crooked smile that the patrons seem to enjoy. He's eyes brighten as he sees Klaudea and he'll nod, before turning to where Chiron is, "Sure can. You have a preference?" He's attention is decided now, one the gaggle with Klaudea, the other employees with the one gentle mad who's trying to decide and Chiron. "We have some of the stuff that's famous at that Mott's Tap House over by you, or are you looking for something a little out of your comfort zone?"

At the nod, Klaudea raises a hand to him, while the other arms elbows her friend almost in time with the boy's request for maturity. "He's nice, it's not like that. We ran into each other and had some pizza once." She takes a breath and heads over to find a row of stools along the bar so they can all sit together. She leans her elbows on the bar, her forearms flat in front of her, waiting for the bartender to finish serving ale to Chiron before she offers a friendly, "Heya, Lincoln." Then she looks back to her friends. "Or twice," she ammends.

Chiron looks a little shocked. He wasn't aware that the name Motts had made it out this far. "Let me try something new." He says, after deliberating with himself for a few seconds. "I'm curious to see what else is out here." He says as he gives a polite wave to the woman who appears to know the bartender.

Lincoln nods to Chiron, "Something new it is then." He'll pour him a nice tall glass, "This is A dark ale called Drake's Tooth. Let me know what you think." He'll then saunter over to Klaudia and her friends, "Evening folks, what can I get for ya?" He'll give Klaudea a grin, "Hey Klaudea, how's it going? Didn't really expect to see you here…"

After taking a moment to decide that the man ordering ale isn't 'working', Klaudea gives him a friendly enough smile, then she returns her attention to Lincoln. "Me neither," she replies. "Well, I mean, I /would/ expect to see you here, because you work here, just that I didn't expect to see you… I didn't expect to be here to see you… working…" her face turns red as she flounders, much to the amusement of her friends, who snicker quietly. "Lincoln, this is Georgina, Zenda and Aleksey," she takes refuge in introducing everyone as she lifts her hands from the bar, leaning forward into them. "Everyone, this is Lincoln." She's hiding her burning cheeks as her friends exchange hellos with the bartender. "Hey, can you make us a round of Flaming Blue Drake Shots?" the guy asks, once everyone is introduced.

Chiron takes a sip of the ale that the bartender suggested. It's different then what he's used to, but it's not at all bad. "Where is this from?" He asks, the look on his face indicating that he's pleased with the choice. He watches as the young woman named Klaudea blush when speaking to her friends about the bartender. He smiles a little, empathizing with her some. At least Lincoln isn't relentlessly hitting on her, unlike some noble he knows.

Lincoln does his typical eyebrow raise at Klaudea, and smirks. "Unless there's a special request, I'm just bar tending tonight." He'll nod to each friend, "4 Flaming Blue Drake shots, certainly." He'll pull out the shot glasses as he glances towards the man with the girls over in the corner. There's clearly some kind of unspoken communication between him and one of the girls and he'll give a quick nod. Looking back to Chiron, "That, my friend, is from The Cresent. They're good for darker ales." He'll pull out a thick glass bottle of some kind of blue liquor.

And, he manages to do it again. The mention of a special request has has Klaudea blushing once more. However, the shots are now lined up, and so the four of them down the shots after klinking glass all round to celebrate Klaudea's night of freedom.
"So," Georgina asks as she pushes her empty back towards Lincoln. "What kind of special request will get you out from behind that bar? Klaudea needs to unwind a little bit, and shake out some of those bruises." She glances to her friend who's taking a moment to talk to the other two and try to regain her composure and leans a little closer. "Why she decided to be a squire, we'll never know. But she seems happy with it, so…" she raises her shoulders and lets them fall again.

"A squire?" Chiron perks up when one of the girl's friends mentions it. "I'm a squire as well, under Knight Lieutenant Lady Sir Agnes Peake." He says, giving his Knight's full title. He's proud of her. "I'm Chiron Quellton. You?" He says, flashing her a smile.

The door to the Blue Nirvana opens and the sweeping skirt and rattling bracelets of Imogen Rose slip through with little to no introduction or fanfare. It's a semi-public establishment, there's no door knocking, there's no calling ahead. Familiar with the place, she peels a lock of her black hair away from the corner of her eye to let it swap past her chin as she lets the door close behind her. Once the floor is hers, her boots tap against the floor as she bellies up to the bar and gives Lincoln a faint wave. He knows the drink. Greyson's on ice.

Setting the bottle down,Lincoln asks with a grin, "Let me know if you guys want the next round lit up or not." He's start to look back to Chiron but then he's asking about his other position here at the Bleu Nirvana, "Well, it'd need to be a special request that couldn't be filled by another of the employees." Linc will take a small step back, as Chiron mentions he's squire. They may wish to talk shop. Grinning up at Imogen, the Greyson's already in his hand.

Georgina elbows Klaudea as Chiron perks up, and the brunette turns in time to catch the name of the knight. "Oh, really? That's great! Wasn't she one of the knights that went to help close the waygate at Cape Amran?" she asks, walking around her friend towards the end of the bar. "I'm recently squired to Sir Lietenant Thalo Khorax, sworn to House Ibrahm. I was squired to my second cousin Sir Urik Blackfells, who served under Sir Thalo, but he fell during the ambush at Spikka, so, Sir Thalo took me on."
Meanwhile, Georgina leans across the bar, beckoning Lincoln closer once he's served Imogen. "You know, for someone who's so athletic, Klaudea has absolutely no clue how to dance," she tells him in a low voice, and gives him a wink, waiting to see what he'll do with the information. The mischief in the woman's eyes is clear, and it spells no good for Klaudea.

"Yes, she was, as was I." Chiron says, looking into his ale for a second. "It was pretty terrible, we were lucky to make out alive, I thought we were dead." He says, closing his eyes and looking back up to the squire. "I've not met Sir Thalo, he's good to you? Or does he pile on mounds of exorcises and other things to keep you busy all day like the rest of them?" He laughs, giving the Ibrahm squire a smile. He examines the new woman at the bar for a moment, she seems like a regular here.

Taking the glass from Lincoln, Imogen ticks her tongue against her teeth to get his attention. In a wealth of silent communication, she widens her eyes and tilts her head towards Klaudea and Chiron, mouthing who the fuck? as she salutes him with her drink for the first sip. Hips swaying, she plants her hand atop a barstool and crosses one leg over the other, flattening her skirt as she lifts up onto it.

Lincoln leans over to Georgia, an elbow on the table."No dancing? that hurts my heart." She' smile, looking over to Klaudea for the moment. He'll make note of what Chiron says, but won't comment. He'll look to Imogen, and shake his head, still grinning. Take the moment to lean in the direction of Imogen, "I tried that recipe, by the way, turned out well. Thanks."

Georgina grins wickedly, "well, we can't have your heart hurting, can we?" she asks.
Aleksei and Zenda turn back to the bar, noting that another set of shots is ready to go. "Hey, throw a fifth one in there for Klaw's new friend, yeah?" he suggests. "Klaudea, if you can stop talking shop for a couple minutes, we have another row, and one for your squire friend," a smile is offered to Chiron.
Giving a wave to her friends that means, 'just give me a minute, Klaudea' reaches the other hand to lightly squeeze the squire's arm. "I am so sorry," she tells him sincerely. "But it was really brave, what you and your knight and the others did. I prayed to the Knight every night to bring you all home safe. I'm glad you're here." She glances over her shoulder after she leans back and lets go of his arm, then grins, and the mischief in her eyes, unlike Georgina, is more friendly than wicked. "Come on, have a shot on Aleksei's tab. You've more than earned it."

"There's no need to thank me, I did what I had to do. I believe that any other person would have done what I did under the circumstances. If we hadn't have closed that gate, hostiles would be in every major city right now." He says, taking a rather large drink of his ale. After a few seconds he replies back to her. "… I'm sorry. When I got back a lot of people were praising my bravery and heroism. It's hard to celebrate it when you watch a 15 year old girl get run down and stabbed to death in front of you." He frowns, but does accept the drink from the friend. "How long have you been squiring?" He asks her.

"Good. I knew you would, Dunne. You've got to let me know if it was way more fresh and less soul-draining than waffles." Imogen replies to Lincoln, her slender brows lowering to give the man a sly look as her fingertip taps at the rim of her glass. Her chocolate-brown eyes tilt to the corner, hazing beneath the wave of her dark lashes as she listens to the squires speak with the others. Lifting the glass to her painted lips once more, her brows tick towards Lincoln and without much comment, she takes another sip. "Looks like you're bringing in some nice clientele, Linc. Did they come for the liquor or the entertainment?"

Lincoln pours the 5 shots, letting the folks grab them at will. He offered, but isn't going to lite them unless asked. Stepping away, as the conversation between the squires is heavy, he'll look back to Imogen. "my waffles are not soul draining. That's just hurtful to say.' He's smiling though and will look over at the gaggle of shot takers, "Oh, I'd like to believe it's the entertainment, but I think it's for the shots. Tonight, anyway."

The light is most assuredly asked for as soon as all the shot takers are assembled. What is a Flaming Blue Drake if it hasn't been lit? Although the 'civilians' pale a bit at the mention of the 15 year old girl, Georgina does turn to Chiron after she downs her liquor. "But, as you said, if you hadn't been there, then fifteen year old girls in all the major cities would be suffering the same, yes?" Seems the rich girl isn't all wicked, shallow, socializing. Again, Chiron finds a hand on his arm. "While we don't celebrate her death, we are grateful that you and yours have prevented the same thing happening to us."
Apparently the fact that Georgina has some sensitivity comes as a shock to her friends as well, because Klaudea actually blinks before she adds her agreement to Georgina's statement, and Zenda and Aleksei just stare. "What?" Georgina asks them. "I do have a heart, black as it might be."
Klaudea chuckles and turns to Lincoln. "Why would your waffles be soul draining?" she asks, letting her friend share conversation with Chiron. Her glance slides to the woman who is being given that information, and she's offered a friendly smile while the female squire waits for an answer.

Chiron downs his Blue Drake, giving a quick shake of the head when he's finished. He looks over to the hand placed on his shoulder and smiles up at Georgina. "I know. That's what my sister and others have told me. I don't mean to snap or bring down the mood however." He says as he turns to listen to the conversation about waffles.

"I haven't had your waffles, Lincoln, I mean waffles in general." Imogen replies, quickly downing the last of the drink and sliding over some cash for it, including a tip for the man wrapped in another recipe. "For your health, alright?" She offers, winking to the man as she slips off of the barstool and starts to move towards the door. "Tell your boss I came by, alright?"

Lincoln nods to Imogen, "I'll let him know. We'll see ya around." He's flash her a smile as she leave, and offers, "What if I make them more healthy?" He's teasing , obvious. Turning to Klaudea, "My waffles are legendary, is all. Some like to deny it, but there's no fighting it. Legendary."

"No worries," Georgina tells Chiron after she downs her shot, and gives him a smile.
"Legendary?" Klaudea's eyebrows shoot halfway up her forehead. "I've never thought that waffles are a food that could be considered legendary…" she trails off, her brows lowering and pulling together. "Unless, waffles are code for something else that I don't know about…" her friends chuckle, and her face reddens slightly again as she gives Zenda nudge/punch in the arm. The couple gets up as the piano music changes into something a little more lively, and move off together, Aleksei taking her hand and twirling her into his arms.

"How does one get legendary waffles?" Chiron asks, raising an eyebrow. He thinks he knows the answer, but maybe there's a cheaper way to get such renown waffles. He gives Georgina a smile back. "You seem to be doing well. What is the occasion here?"

"Legendary." Lincoln grins, tilting his head so his bangs fall in his eyes and he'll laugh, "Sometimes a waffle is just a waffle. I’m a good cook." Looking between the two squires, he'll shake his head. Squires are so…squirish sometimes. He'll move to clean up the glass from Imogen, glancing down at the recipe with a soft smile before slipping it into his pocket.

Georgina shrugs to Chiron as she nods to Klaudea who is ordering a whiskey on rocks that she takes to an unoccupied couch to nurse. "She's been training harder since she signed up with Sir Thalo. We hardly ever see her anymore, so… she had a free night, we nabbed her." Her glance goes over to her friend. "I don't know. Sir Urik kept her working all day, but usually she had evenings and nights off. But she doesn't even seem to come at night anymore… at least, not that I can tell. Or until late night."
The squire under discussion leans her head back on the couch, watching her two friends dance, and the other one chat at the bar. Her glance slides off of Lincoln, and back into her drink.

"Training is a good thing. More training, better knight. A better knight is a living knight." Chiron says, smiling at Georgina. "So, in a way he's keeping her safe. It'll suck now, but you'll thank him later." He watches as Klaudea move to a couch then says, "So what do you do? Are you a squire as well?"

Lincoln gives Klaudea a soft smile, she doesn't look to thrilled to be here. He'll move to clean a different part of the bar, not wishing to intrude on Chiron and Georgina's conversation.

Klaudea isn't exactly unhappy, but she is currently odd man out with two of her friends obviously a couple, and the other one currently giving a laugh at Chiron's question. "Oh, no. I have all the respect in the world for knights, but I can't even kill a spider." Georgiana looks up to Lincoln and requests a fruity concoction. "I'm going to Academ, studying accounting and management. Klaudea's dad has one of the larger factories and has offered me a management position when I graduate."

Klaudea isn't exactly unhappy, as evidenced by her return of Lincoln's smile. But she is currently odd man out with two of her friends obviously a couple, and the other one currently giving a laugh at Chiron's question. "Oh, no. I have all the respect in the world for knights, but I can't even kill a spider." Georgiana looks up to Lincoln and requests a fruity concoction. "I'm going to Academ, studying accounting and management. Klaudea's dad has one of the larger factories and has offered me a management position when I graduate."

"Academ, eh? My brother is going there soon. Next semester I believe." Chironsays, noting the drink she orders, but doesn't say anything. "Why is your friend sitting over on the couch? Doesn't she want hang out? Or maybe she's sad?"

Lincoln gets to making the fruity concoction. Moving to the blender on the back wall, as he turns he does make eye contact again with the worker who's got the john. She's now standing and is leading him upstairs. He'll watch a moment, like he's memorizing the guys face. he'll hold two fingers up to the girl and as soon as she nods, he'll turn back to make the drink.

Klaudea isn't as oblivious as she may seem to be, and since she isn't talking to anyone, she tilts her head to the side as she watches the communication between Lincoln and the woman, she doesn't say anything however.
"I think she's probably more comfortable than on a bar stool, but she didn't want to interrupt my conversation with you to ask me to join her, but now that I have my drink I will. You're welcome to join us if you like," the young woman smiles again as she slides from her stool, briefly leaning an elbow on the bar so that she can face as she asks, "What is your brother going to study?" Then she's moving slowly away, waiting for Chiron to follow, and to answer her question.

Chiron grabs his drink and gets up from his bar stool. "Medicine of some kind, I believe. I don't know for sure." He glances back to Linc, remembering where he's seen him from. He invited him to get coffee once when he ran into that Asheigh woman. "What about you? What are you going to the Academ for?" He asks as they walk over to Klaudea.

It takes Linc a sec, but he'll finish with the drink and walk it around to the couch where Klaudesa is. "Here you go. Enjoy." Again, he'll give the three a smile and start back towards the bar.

Looking up as Lincoln hands over the drink, Klaudea opens her mouth, but then she glances at her friend who has joined her, and the new squire, and decides against it, smiling at him instead before she tosses back a good portion of her drink.
"Accounting and management," Georgina answers with a bemused smile. "Your brother must be really smart. Do you have any other siblings?" She glances to Klaudea, and notices her hesitation, so she gives the girl a nudged to her knee, which brings a pained expression from the squire as she reaches down to rub the spot where contact was made.

"Oh, right. You mentioned something about that." Chiron says, taking a drink of his ale. "I have a younger sister. She's a poet and does a few other odd jobs." He says with pride. His head cocks to the side however when Klaudea winces. "You ok?" He asks, assuming that it's probably a bruise from training.

Lincoln either doesn't see, or doesn't comment on Klaudea's glance . He'll go back to the bar, clean it up some. He'll glance at something beneath the bar, before stepping side ways to the side of the bar and start up the coffee machine.

Giving a nod, Klaudea straightens again. "Yeah, just my muscles are sore," she smiles. "I'm sure you know how it is. It sounds like you have a great family. A doctor, a squire and a poet… it sounds like the start of a children's story. There once were three siblings…" she trails off with another smile to Chiron.
Georgina leans against Klaudea with a little pout. "'M sorry, love. Now see, if you'd stayed with the rest of us and gone into business, you wouldn't have all these sore muscles and bruises… or that broken shoulder you had last month. You'd be all nice and cozy in a comfortable chair, reading text books."
Now /that/ gets a grimace from Klaudea. "Yes, because text books are such a joy to read. I think I'd probably ending up falling asleep instead of reading." She takes deep breath, and gives one last rub to her leg before she sits up again.

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