08.14.3013: Fishes And Drakes
Summary: Eirene visits Devon, Reena, and Victor in Volkan.
Date: 14 August 2013
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Grand Hall, Blackspyre, Volkan
This hall takes up a significant portion of one floor of the Blackspyre, backing up to the east so that Mount Drakan is visible through the window in that wall, continually burning behind the high table. The other walls are of plain metal, although adorned with trophies from past battles and drake hunts. These weapons, banners, drake-skins, and drake skulls are mounted high, out of reach, but are well maintained. Long trestle tables run the length of the hall in two rows, nearly connected at the eastern end by the high table, which is mounted on a one-step dais. The high seat of Khournas is placed at the center of the high table, where the continual eruption of Mount Drakan frames the person sitting in that seat. At the far end of the hall are the double-doors that are the primary entrance, although there are smaller doors along both side-walls as well.
14 August 3013

Victor may not be ready to take another trip to the Lashes quite yet, but he'll certainly invite people from the Lashes down to Volkan. And so he has, sending a message to Eirene, asking if she would like a little bit of time with her sister and her future sister-in-law. He's also told Reena that he's invited Eirene, and invited Reena along as well. He has not, however, told Devon the reason he's invited her up to eat with him in the Grand Hall. He's mean like that. Fruit-bowls have been put out, but the main course hasn't arrived, since the guests haven't arrived. He's seated at one corner of the high table, where it meets one of the perpendicular tables, and he's got a bottle of beer before him, although he doesn't have a cigar lit.

Eirene was more than happy to receive word from Victor and even more thrilled to accept the invitation to Volkan. The youngest Volen is no stranger to travel and takes the opportunity to do so when she can. A much needed break from practice and work is needed and her reply to her future brother-in-law is positive. With her right man hand in tow, Eirene sets off to visit with her new family. She arrives at the Grand Hall resplendent in shimmering blue with touches of soft grey, flowing across the room with the innate fluidity that is common in House Volen. Greeted by a servant in the house, or someone who works for the family, the soprano is directed to where Victor is waiting. "My Lord! It is a pleasure to finally meet you. I cannot thank you enough for your invitation. I am thrilled to be here. I've not seen my sister Devon in some time." Taking a pause, she smiles and curtsies. "Forgive me, I am Lady Eirene Volen."

Reena sweeps into the hall in a shimmer of red and gold silk, her hair done up fashionably and her makeup tasteful and light. She moves to the table with a small smile to her cousin and takes a seat. "Victor, good to see you. " She sets her napkin daintily in her lap.

The Grantham widow had not expected to be invited down to dinner in the Great Hall. Fine dining is not exactly something that Victor is known for, but she obliged all the same. She stepped out into the Grand Hall with a sweep of fine, gradient lavender silk. There is a hint of apprehension in her graceful and smooth expression, those pale eyes sweeping the hall to alight first on Victor, and the Reena, and then… "Eirene!" Devon calls out across the hall as she immediately sweeps toward her younger sister. She stretches out her hands toward the Volen as she moves to greet her with a kiss to her cheek and bright smile. "What are you doing here?" She glances toward Reena questioningly — obviously this was Reena's idea. Right?

Victor nods to Reena as she sweeps in, reaching over to pat her shoulder with one meathook of a hand. "Reena." And then the guest of honor arrives, and Victor pushes himself up to his feet, "Lady Eirene. Welcome to the Blackspyre. Some water, or something stronger?" His voice is a gravelly basso, resonating from his barrel chest. "Volkan can be hot and dry as…" he pauses, censoring himself, "…as all get-out." That really sounds lame, but he shrugs his shoulders, looking over to Devon as she enters. Something halfway between a smirk and a smile touches his lips, "Surprise."

Reena shoots Devon a 'don't look at me' look. Not her idea. But she's grinning ear to ear at the family reunion. "Lady Eirene, welcome to the Blackspyre. Your brother stayed with us for a while recently." She won't say how badly that went, however.

Eirene is just about to say something to Victor and Reena when her name is called from across the room. Without trying to be rude, she quietly excuses herself and quickly turns to greet Devon. The meeting is heartwarming and Eirene returns Devon's kiss as well as takes up the shorter blonde into a tender embrace. "Lord Victor invited me. I could not refuse!" She brims with joy and fizzes with enthusiasm. "Thank you, my lord. Water will be just fine. I've never been to Volkan before. I quite welcome a bit of heat." Turning to the brunette in the room, Eirene smiles politely and extends her hand in greeting. "You must be Lady Reena. A pleasure to meet you as well. I had heard something about Kadmus taking some time to visit. I do hope it was a pleasant time. You must come to stay with us soon."

Devon blinks a bit in surprise at Reena's look and Victor's words. Her gaze lingers on the latter for a moment before she offers him a thankful smile. Then she looks back toward Eirene, her pale eyes shimmering with a touch of amusement. "Volkan is sure to deliver a bit of heat and then some…" She links arms with her sister, obviously pleased to have her so near once more. "I have been thinking about you lately," she says honestly to her sister. "When I heard that Kadmus was visiting, I had hoped that you would be coming along with him." She looks toward Reena when Eirene inquires on the pleasantness of her brother's visit, and she looks a bit sheepish. "Kadmus… perhaps you can provide some insight…"

Victor looks over to Reena, "Beer?" He gestures over a server to take her order and Eirine's, nodding the Volen and the nee Volen toward seats, "Mead, Devon? I've got steaks and potatoes and peas coming. I can add fish or whatever." Settling down into his own seat, he leans back a touch, just resisting putting a boot up on the table leg, "Does he drink? Your brother. Or party. Or…" dark eyes glance over to Reena, and his smirk takes a bit of a sarcastic, protective edge, "…anything?"

Reena 's eyes show just a hint of strain at the edges as she replies to Eirene, "I look forward to visiting Mare Maris and New Atlantis." She carefully doesn't reply to the question about the pleasant time Kadmus had in Volkan. She looks askance at Devon with some concern before nodding to Victor. "Yes please."

Eirene walks with her sister towards the offered seats, quietly thanking Victor for his hospitality. "Oh have you been thinking about me?" Teasing the petite Devon a touch. "I would have come with Kadmus, but I have been doing a few things at home and often times when I am in the middle of a creative spurt, I do nothing but compose and sing all day. Forgive me for not having visited you sooner, Devon." The apology is sincere and Eirene lightly squeezes her sister's arm with affection. "Steak and potatoes sounds delicious. I've not had a good steak in ages!" Pausing a beat while glancing to the others with a big smile. "As for Kadmus, I.. I am not sure if he drinks. He is always very.. Oh wait, no he does drink. We went to the Violet Room? Is that right?" She doesn't always do well with names of places.

"Mead," Devon agrees despite the fact that her sister went very, very nonalcoholic. She settles down into a seat off Victor's right. She gestures for Eirene to take a seat where she is comfortable, and she releases a bit of a sigh as she leans back in her own chair — not as far as Victor and definitely without the temptation of putting her feet on the table. She's never done that! "Perhaps I can convince you to stay for a few days, show you around Volkan and the rest of the Crescent." She folds her hands in her lap as she regards Reena, and then Eirene. "Kadmus is not as pleased with the match as… expected." She laughs a bit. "Kadmus was at the Violet Siren?" She smirks a bit. "Never pictured him as the partying type."

The servant goes off to settle the food and drink, as Victor picks up his beer, taking a swig as he listens to the two women talk, "Must be nice to be able to settle into your work and get it done day after day." The mention of the Violet Siren causes him to raise his eyebrows in surprise, "Well. There's one thing." He does, however, chuckle at Devon's words, "Dee's an expert on the Crescent now." His teeth flash white in a grin, and then he notes, "And if Lord Kadmus isn't pleased out of his f — " again he censors himself, "…head… he's…" he shrugs again, helplessly this time.

A flush of color rises to Reena's cheeks as Devon lays the cards down on the table to her sister. She takes a deep drink of her beer to try and cover it up. She clears her throat slightly. "I think what my dear cousin and your darling sister mean to say is that I am at a bit of a loss over how to establish any sort of connection with your brother, Lady Eirene. I feel like I am incredibly fluent in Anglic, and Kadmus is made up of some tongue I've never seen before."

Eirene takes a moment to soak everything in. It's a good time to sip at her water. Devon's reveal makes the songstress nearly choke and spit out her drink, but keeps her composure and refrains from laughing too loudly. She once more squeezes Devon's arm then places the palm onto her diaphragm. The laughter is tempered but is noticeably louder than she anticipated. "Kadmus is one of a kind. He is a stubborn mule, but then again, all the Volen children are. We are all children of May and it is said those born in that month are the most stubborn of all." Or something to that effect. "My advice to you, Lady Reena, is to ignore him. I don't mean not to return his messages or be rude, but there is a way of handling my older brother with a feather light whisk of your hand." As for the Violet Siren, -ahem-. "I'm terrible with names of places, yes, Siren, not room. We went there and I felt a bit uncomfortable. The music is not my style, but he thought he was being very cool and smooth. I just let him pretend all he wanted. He is a good man, he is just very fixed in his ways. We all have our flaws." There is a look that settles on Devon once more with an intense and emphatic nod. "I could certainly stay a few days with you. I would love it."

Devon notes the flush of color and she offers a bit of an apologetic smile. She looks down at her glass of mead when it is delivered, and releases a bit of a sigh. "I told her that I… have no real understanding of my brother either." She takes a small sip of her mead before she breathes out a small exhale. She raises her brows up at Eirene's suggestion though, and she laughs. "At least that is better than nothing, Lady Reena," Devon offers her. She glances toward Victor, and there is a moment of uncertainty. She shifts in her seat. "But I'm sure that Vic… Victor didn't ask us all down here to lament over Kadmus." She takes another drink of her mead before she glances toward Eirene. "I'll take you to the Veldt. It is at least the best place to get away from the heat and red of Volkan."

Victor grins over at Reena at her final point, "Sorta like Dee and me. Thankfully, she usually only throws punches in the ring." The description of the Siren causes him to chuckle softly, "The other Drakes like dancing at places like that. There and the Warehouse and…" He shrugs, "a dozen other places." He looks over to Reena again, then shrugs his shoulders, "I thought women were supposed to be the mysteries. But yeah. Obsidia's the light version of Volkan. But that don't mean that Volkan's a hellhole. Reena's little garden's real nice, for instance, and so's the roof around it."

"So, I should ignore him?" Reena asks, looking confused. She's been trained her entire life to treat a suitor with attention. She looks over at Victor with a frustrated expression. She doesn't understand whatsoever, clearly. She doesn't press further, however, just picks at the fruits on the table to put some on her plate. "You are welcome to visit my garden at any time," she notes to the two women.

A faint smirk paints itself on Eirene's lips while glancing from Victor, to Devon, and then Reena. "Yes." The reply is easy and said with enough confidence. "You are a beautiful woman, Lady Reena. Do not fawn over him. He should be the one to be fawning over you. Surely when you are together, you would act respectable and polite as I already assume you would, but I would not lavish him with compliments. A simple, 'You look quite handsome today. Is that a new cologne you are wearing?' should suffice on the attention you give to him. He is the heir and the eldest son. Our parents spoiled him rotten and he is very used to getting everything he wants without much effort." A sage nod to Devon now. "But yes, we shouldn't lament over Kadmus. I would be honored to visit your garden and the Veldt. Lord Victor, you seem like a horticulturalist. Do you have a garden, too?" The mischievous smirk is an easy sign to suggest she is teasing her future brother-in-law.

Devon shrugs her shoulders a bit at Victor. "I find your face easily punchable," the woman says serenely to her unwitting betrothed. Then she regards Reena once more. "I believe Eirene is suggesting you exert your independence in the relationship. If Kadmus doesn't give you attention, don't chase him for it. You are a Khournas, a daughter of a High Lord, he should be lucky for such a match instead of brooding over it. Perhaps if he sees that you aren't brooding, then perhaps he will get over it." She nods her head with Eirene's further explanation, then she offers a bit of a smile. "Perhaps we will see your garden, Reena… I was asking Victor if you felt you needed someone to look after it when you become a resident of Mare Maris… I'm not the best green thumb, but I've enjoyed our gardens on Ignis." She does look at Victor at the idea of him owning a garden and she arches a single, amused brow.

Victor shrugs helplessly at Reena, "Who the hell knows, Reena." It's good-natured, but it's also sympathetic. Eirene's question, neatly enough, comes as Victor's taking a sip of his beer. He nearly spits it out, and has to push his chair back to avoid the — thankfully non-existent — foam-over. When he recovers from that, he chuckles low in his throat, "I do, Lady Eirene. I plant Hosties, but they keep sproutin' up." He nods once to Devon, "Everybody who ever punched me tells me that. Usually it's somethin' about the smirk."

"I would appreciate someone keeping an eye on my garden. I have servants with instructions, but I'd rather have family making sure things are cared for properly," Reena admits quietly. She smirks at her cousin. "I am beginning to think Victor likes getting punched in the face."

Eirene's good-natured chuckle brings forth a warm color onto her face. Though she fans herself a touch, it's only because she's not entirely used to the climate. "My very good friend, Lady Ariana is studying on that particular..species, Lord Victor. Though, that is all I really know. She is a medical doctor and that is really not my forte. I should start a garden on Mare Maris and then you can help me with it, Lady Reena. I don't expect to be leaving New Atlantis anytime soon." With a little clearing of her throat, there is a rather sly shift of her eyes towards Devon. That's right, she doesn't plan on getting married anytime in the near future.

"I figure I will eventually mold it into a pleasing shape," Devon says dryly toward Victor, though there is a hint of smile in her pale eyes. She looks back over to Reena. "Perhaps you can show me about and tell me what needs what, and I will make sure it thrives. I'm sure it will never rival what you and Eirene put together in New Atlantis though… some amazing plants can grow in that environment." The Ash Witch catches the sly look, and she blinks quite innocently at her sister. "Are you assuming my marriage is to save you from your own wedding, Eirene?" She grins to her sister before she gives her forearm a gentle squeeze. "I have considered… perhaps calling on Mother and Father — " Capital F, capital M " — and seeing if they would like to meet my new family."

Victor shrugs helplessly at Reena, "I keep tryin' to get someone to knock my nose back to the way it was. Apparently, I had a cute nose. When I was like three." He looks back to Eirene, chuckling again, "Vic. Or Sir Vic if you feel the need. And there's a lot that people don't understand about the Hosties." For a moment there, despite him raising a beer up to his lips, there's a bit of sharpness around the dark eyes in the midst of the broad, brutal face. "And you've got to hit my nose first, Dee." He purses his lips slightly at the mention of a trip up to Mare Maris, keeping silent on that regard.

"Lord Kadmus has given me permission to look into a hydroponics garden in New Atlantis, and to ship some Volkan soil for my own personal garden as well," Reena notes to Eirene. "He has been unfailingly polite." She can't help it. She grins over at Victor after Devon speaks. "So cousin of mine, are you ready to meet your future in-laws?" Because Vic is surely the sort of boy one brings home to mom and dad. Not.

The mention of Lord and Lady Volen makes Eirene stiffen slightly in her seat. Her posture straightens and suddenly the tall blonde appears impeccable in her mannerisms. "Uh." However, she falls short on vocabulary. "Did you say you had wine, Sir Vic?" She's going to be needing some if the conversation turns in /that/ direction.

Devon slides a glance toward Victor, those glass-colored eyes moving up and down his visible frame with ease before she breathes out a steady exhale. She is caught a bit off guard by Reena's question though, and she immediately clears her throat. "I'm sure that if… Victor wanted to see Mare Maris, we could arrange such a visit. I, myself, have not been in… a very long time." She casts Eirene a bit of an apologetic smile, though there is a hint of warmth in the depths of her pale eyes. "I have dreamed of it… though." She shakes her head a bit as she takes another swallow of mead.

Victor snorts at Reena, "I thought I'd put that off as long as I could. Figured I'd let Devon seem 'em first, before they had to put up with my ugly mug." The gravelly words are accompanied by a grin, and he nods to Eirene, chuckling again, "Yeah. Both red and white." See, he's teasing future family already. Gesturing to the servant still standing at the side of the room, he adds, "Let Bertrand know what you want, and he'll get it." He finishes off the last of his beer, catching Bertrand's eye, and points down at the bottle to order another. Finally, he looks back over to Devon, "I was actually gonna put together a trip up there before we had to make a command performance. Just time to get used to the place again for Dee, and for me to see it."

"I am planning to visit as well. We can try to make it at the same time?" Reena suggests. "I am fairly sure Kadmus will be on naval deployment and I'd feel strange being there by myself."

Eirene asks Bertrand for a glass of white wine, Chardonnay if possible. Then without thinking about anything else. "Oh you should all come at the same time." Because that will take pressure and attention off of her. Funny, a girl who doesn't like to be the center of attention yet is lavished with fawning fans when she takes the stage. "And need not to worry, Sir Vic, I am quite sure Lord and Lady Volen will be happy to receive you. Our father is a bit, well, stern at times. He may want to see if you are up to a few underwater challenges. Do you own a wetsuit perchance?" Oh and that look goes to Reena, too, with a smile. "There is a lot of exploring to do on Mare Maris."

Devon tightens her lips a bit at the words of her father being stern. She does not linger on that for now though, inhaling deeply through her nose before she takes another swallow of mead before she wonders aloud, "There was something about dinner?" Then she smiles toward Victor. "You needn't come if you don't wish to. Though there are nice floating beaches and warm waters and cool breezes. It would be possible for you to avoid Volen and enjoy the beauty of Mare Maris." The other two women at the table are given more of her attention, and she smiles more at ease. "I have memories of New Atlantis… I will like to see how those memories have changed."

They have chardonnay, they even have several good vintages. Victor nods to Reena, "Make it a whole big thing." The mention of challenges doesn't seem to phase him much, although he does blink at the question about wetsuits, "Nope. I got a swim suit, but I don't think that's gonna help so much with anything too far down." He shrugs broadly, "I like high places, not low ones." Nodding to Devon, the Khourni man rumbles, "Should be here in a minute or two. And a little bit of water ain't gonna scare me off." He points over to Devon with two fingers, looking back to Reena and Eirene, "Her… sometimes she scares me." And he shivers ostentatiously before breaking into a grin again.

"I have a few bathing suits from my stay at the palace in Landings," Reena notes to Eirene, "But no wetsuit. I'll have to see about acquiring one in New Atlantis, as I don't think they sell them in the Crescent. The only thing to dive in here is lava and that's not terribly conducive to one's health," she quips with a small smile. She reaches a hand to Devon's in solidarity. "I hope reality exceeds your dreams. No one should have to wait that long for a homecoming." She chuckles at Victor. "The ocean may be something you descend into, but as it has more dimensions in your movement, it's almost flying."

"I'm sure we have some you could borrow." Eirene notes. The glass of chardonnay is procured from Bertrand, who is thanked for his service. "I doubt much has changed since we were young, Devon. Perhaps, more fish!" She says in a soft, teasing tone. Victor's mention of being frightened by Devon brings out a wide-eyed glance between the betrothed. "Oh, I know! She's super scary. Watch out, Sir Vic. She is quite the mischievous creature. She would play the most heinous pranks on Kadmus in his sleep when we were little. Did you know if you put someone's finger into warm water while they are sleeping…" The rest of that story is cut off when she thinks she hears dinner being served. Then again, it is Eirene who was the prankster. Poor Kadmus.

Devon narrows her eyes at Victor as he points at her, and her lips curl back to reveal white teeth. Then she takes another swallow of mead. "Wetsuits are easy to obtain on Mare Maris." She glances over toward Reena. The woman is spared the slight fear that would cross her image if she considered her recent Dream about Mare Maris. The Ash Witch focuses on her harmless dreams of ocean and reefs. She squeezes Reena's hand with a fond smile before she glances back over toward Eirene. She blushes a warm pink at Eirene's story, and she shakes her head. "Rene…"

Victor laughs easily at Eirene's words, "Fuck pranks…" he doesn't cut himself off there, and just lets it go, "Have you seen the shit she can do with shale?" Chuckling down from the laughter, he looks back to Reena, teasing her, "Oh yeah, you're the expert at divin', aren't you, Reena?" Food is brought out by a group of servants, along with Eirene's chardonnay, set in front of each person, Victor last of all. "And the whole hand works better than just the finger, Lady Eirene."

"Oh that's always a good one. I think I got Nitrim with that once. Or was it Ellion? One of them anyway. Did you do the shaving cream in the hand and the feather tickling the nose too?" Reena asks eagerly. Yep. Guess who the Khourni family prankster is. She didn't get as much combat training, she had to find another way to win battles against her siblings. She snorts at Victor. "Not really, but I nearly drowned Nitrim in a pool once." He dissed her dress.

Eirene lightly gestures to Reena. "That is a good one. I actually got Deacon with that." She says to Devon as if Devon would remember the boy. "His father was a Knight and worked closely with our father. Deacon is helping me protect my body, when, I'm not home." That sounds suspicious. "It's a good prank and about the hand, finger thing, I will have to try that again, sometime soon!" When dinner arrives, Eirene settles herself back in and smiles gratefully. "Everything looks and smells delicious. Thank you again for inviting me to join you."

Devon lifts her eyes toward Victor before she straightens up a bit as the food is swept in. She waits until the meat, potatoes, and peas — things which appear to be staples in this household. She performs an interesting habit, smushing together peas and potatoes with the meat into a mash. She glances toward the other women at the table. "I'm sure Nitrim deserved it," says the woman with a touch of haughtiness. She then smiles toward Eirene, though her brow furrows at the name Deacon. She feels as though she troubles through the name a bit, but there's nothing else. "You will have to reintroduce me," she offers. Then she smiles gentler to her sister before she starts to eat.

Victor's shoulders tighten at the mention of Nitrim, his eyes cutting over Devon, but he nods slowly at her words, pulling his plate toward him and gathering up his utensils. "We do a few things right, Lady Eirene. And not all of them are booze, cigars, or new ways to hit people." It doesn't have quite the same easy humor as before, but at least it's lightening. "We've got a room put together for you, and I'm sure we can find somethin' to do that doesn't involve the Warehouse or the Pub." Apparently, with the important questions and suggestions out of the way, this is the 'light dinner conversation' portion of the evening.

"I am very glad you came to visit us, Eirene," Reena says sincerely. Then there is food and the youngest Khournas daughter delves into her meal a bit daintily than her kin do. She is relieved that she will at least have someone interesting to talk to in New Atlantis.

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