The First World: Primus
Type: Planet
Climate: Arid, with Tropical Oases
Gravity: Standard
Satellites: 2 Moons
Length of Day: 12 Hours
Length of Year: 183 Days
Capital: Primus Val
Major Exports: Religious Artifacts, Ore, Exotic Foodstuffs
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Manufactured Goods, Labor

The First World was, strangely enough, the second to be settled. It was originally explored by a pilgrimage of religious leaders who were drawn to the unique climate and mysterious oases. It was through their pilgrimage that Primus Val was settled, and eventually became the spiritual home of the Havenites. Most settlements became focused around the oases, settling into the fertile and rich canyons and rainforests. The first pilgrimage became the first ruling oligarchy, and it was through their cooperation that the Faith of the Six was born and thus the Chantry.

With the development of the Chantry, so came the development of the grand necropolises. They were placed in the arid scrub-lands, and soon became the sole burial place of all Haven. They look like tall, slender arcologies that expand high toward the heavens while also going deep beneath the ground. There are various stepped gardens and irrigation systems spanning out from each arcology. From orbit, they look like glittering spiderwebs in the arid wastes.

There is no Paramount House that rules Primus, as much of its decisions are made by the Council of Elders. Citizens of Primus are looked after by the Chantry, and almost all are considered highly religious.

Flora and Fauna

Due to its two very different biospheres, Primus has a very opposing selection of flora and fauna. Out in the shrublands, creatures are made to thrive in the dry climate. Lizards with thick, dusty scales rove slowly along the rocky terrain, absorbing the warm sun to maintain their body temperature. Birds create hollows within cactaceae plants or in the shade of the dense shrubs. Carrions are common, swooping along the azure blue skies, scavenging for food. There are beasts of burden that closely resemble shaggy cows wander the wastes in small herds, moving from watering hole to watering hole while fending off the vicious desert wolves that stalk their nomadic paths.

In the oases, however, life blossoms into a wide range of diversity and beauty. Exotic flowers, sweeping vines, and various forms of fungi are just some of the flora that dot the tree-covered landscape. The blistering heat of the scrublands are cooled here by concentrated rains that maintain the life within. Brightly colored birds, tree-stalking cats, and small deers are common animals that call the oases home.

Prominent Locations



The capital city of Primus is known as Primus-Val. It was the first settlement of Primus, nestled in a gaping meteorite crater. When the pilgrims arrived so many centuries ago, the crater was filled with lush tropical forest. As the city began to expand, the greenery was integrated into the urban landscape. A biosphere was erected several generations after the city had been established in order to help maintain the native and transplanted greenery and gardens. At the center of the city is the grand seat of the Chantry. It not only is the largest church in the whole of Haven, but it is also a place of learning and scholarship with vast libraries related to religious studies.

There are various Ways all over the city, but the main archways are located in the sprawling plaza before the Chantry. There is a secondary Way within the Chantry itself that is opened only when a coffin is being transported to Primus for burial.


The Grand Necropolis

Spread throughout the sprawling scrub lands are hundreds of towers such as these. They are black, obsidian structures that house thousands of coffins and mausoleums. Sprawling out from each necropolis is a geometric maze of pathways and gardens where loved ones can come and mourn their losses before the looming arcologies of the dead. The Grand Necropolis stands a mere five kilometers outside of Primus-Val, and is the primary necropolis of the Royal Family and the Paramount Houses. Highly decorated knights and warriors are also housed in the Halls of Heroes.

Within the necropolis is a sprawling antechamber that showcases effigies of Kings and Queens Regnant that have ruled over Haven for generations. The grandest of these is, of course, that of Matthias Sauveur, the First King.


The Rainforest of Eden

Nestled in the long and vast Canyon of Echus are the formidable Rainforests of Eden. They are sprawling and thick, and possess some of the grandest fauna and flora of Primus. They have been maintained in their natural state, guarded by a particular sect of the Chantry that believes in simple living. They are without major technological advances and live in complete isolation from the rest of the planet and greater Haven population.

The forests themselves possess thousands of species from large jungle cats to unique and beautiful insects seen nowhere else on Primus. There are some that seek to travel into the depths of Eden on self-guided quests, but such ventures requires permission from the Chantry. They say that deep in the forest's heart is a monstrous giant made of stone, though none have seen such a golem.

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