10.17.3013: First Tat
Summary: Devon and Victor mark an important life event in the Saimhann way.
Date: 23 September 2013
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Victor Devon 

Damien's Tattoo Parlor, Volkan
In poses
17 October 3013

The words 'Khourni tattoo parlor' probably bring to mind a dank, dirty hole in the wall at the back of an alley. Damien's is none of these things. It is well lit, with bright walls, and solid brushed-steel floors. There is a single reclining chair in the back of the room, with holographic projectors to hide it from the front seating area and a couple of rolling stools gathered around. The front of the room has vidscreens on the walls that show recent jobs. They are all bold, clean, and neat. Victor pushes open the door to lead the way in, raising a hand to the skinny little man sitting in one of the stools cleaning his tools. "Hey Damien." The little man nods upwards, apparently untouched by tattoos. Vic looks back to his new wife, "So. I'm goin' first still?"

Devon steps into the tattoo parlor with her husband the same kind of curiosity she has when she approaches anything alien. Her glass-colored eyes carefully critique each little corner of the parlor, and her brow is slightly wrinkled with thought. When the tattoo artist lifts his hand in greeting, she sweeps her attention toward him and takes him in with a suspicious tilt of her chin. This is what nervousness does to the newlywed Khournas. She blinks up at her husband at the question, however, and she finally breaks with a light smile. "Well… unless Damien thinks he should get the first-timer out of the way so she doesn't chicken out."

Victor snorts softly, rumbling, "Are you kiddin' me, Dee?" Damien rises from his chair, setting down the inking gun and coming to meet the pair of nobles. The tattoo artist bows as he approaches, reaching up to press a section of the back of his hand, and his pale skin lights up with color and lines, tattoos showing from the backs of his hands to his neck and curling up over his shaven head and down to the edges off his face. "Welcome, Sir Vic, Lady Devon. Please, come in." Vic shakes his head at Jimmy, "Don't listen to her. Dee ain't afraid of anything." Damien smiles, "Of course." The artist looks over to the Lady, "We do offer full anesthesia for those who wish it, Milady."

As those tattoos seemlessly appear across the man's skin, the Ash Witch actually looks on with earnest admiration. She glances toward Victor briefly, offering him a sly smile, before she looks back to the artist. "I'm afraid my husband will think less of me if I take you up on that offer," Devon replies politely. Then she breathes out a steady exhale before she offers a shrug of her shoulders. "I'm willing to go first, but I'm afraid I'm asking for a far larger tattoo than my husband." She glances toward Victor briefly, and then back to Damien. "I'm following in the tradition of Victor's mother's house, and getting a tattoo to honor our marriage."

Victor laughs aloud at Devon's words, shaking his head, "I just don't wanna have to carry your ass back to the 'Spyre." His left hand comes up to cup the back of her head gently. Damien bobs his head, "Of course, Milady. Your husband commed ahead to make the reservation. And may I offer my congratulations? Sir Vic has been a long-time customer of mine." His left hand drops to his comm, touching a control, and the windows polarize, and he gestures back toward the chair in the back, "Please. This way. I'm happy to work on your art first. May I ask if you have an image of the art you would like? It sounds as if you know where you would like it?" Victor hangs back, letting Devon step forward, and adding, "My skin's a bit more crowded."

Devon glances over her shoulder toward Vic once she is guided back toward the chair. There is a lightness in her expression before she smiles back toward the artist. "You may, and thank you," she says lightly in regards to the congratulations. Then she removes her tablet from her satchel, and swipes it to life. She offers it out toward him once she has drawn up the image, which is a simple, tribal depiction of a drake. "Something along these lines… around my left wrist."

Damien leans over to look at the image, "Certainly, that's certainly doable." Victor claims one of the stools, raising it up so he can sit on it comfortably and wheeling it over to the side of the reclining chair. "Decided to go with the wrist too." A smile gathers at one corner of his lips, "Nice." Damien nods, pulling out his own comm, "If you would send it along here, Milady, I'll get it into the computer and I can get to work." The artist smiles brightly, "That won't take long at all, Milady. Just the one color, or would you like a little bit of something fancy? Perhaps some dark green along the wings, red in the mouth, like the real thing?"

The image is sent along to the artist while she mulls over his questions. Devon's gaze drops toward the tablet as she examines the image a moment. "I would very much like to avoid the stark black ink… if you think you can embody more natural colors." She offers him a bit of a smile before she slides herself into the chair. She glances over toward Victor, and her pale eyes linger on his for a long moment before she looks back over toward Damien. "How many tattoos does Vic have?" She asks, her brows arching a bit.

Victor nods his agreement with the mention of the stark color, his shaven head bobbing along with that of the tattoo artist as Damien looks over the image. The question that follows causes Victor to rumble a chuckle. Damien makes a few strokes on the screen of the terminal attached to the tattoo gun, then turns the screen around to show it to Devon and Victor, "I've given Sir Vic a total of thirteen tattoos." The heavily-inked artist gives Victor a dark look, "I don't know if he's gone to anyone else for any tattoos." Victor chuckles and shrugs, "Hell no, Damien." And then Damien gestures to the screen, "What do you think, Milady?" It is a faded sort of olive green, not stark at all, with touches of red at various points. He's also added a few additional lines and curves here and there, filling it out a little.

"Thirteen is a good number… do you think fourteen is wise?" Devon asks, her voice quite coy as she regards the artist, and the artist alone. She pauses a moment to admire the work the man has already put into her concept, and she offers him a rather radiant smile. "I believe that is exactly what I am looking for." She glances toward Victor now, as if seeking his approval on the matter. After all, there is something almost more Saimhann about that design than Khourni itself.

Victor snorts a laugh at the question, and Damien offers a smile, "Fourteen would be another eight percent profit for me, Milady. He has already funded a good number of my own tattoos." The questioning look causes Victor to lean forward to study the image a little more closely, and then he reaches up to pull down the front of his a-shirt, demonstrating the drake winding between the puncture marks from where the drake chewed on him, "Looks a little familiar, Dee. The touch to the wings… somethin' like what you did on this one, Damien?" The artist nods his head, "Just so, Sir." Victor grins, letting the shirt bounce back into place, "It's a Saimhann tradition, anyhow, Dee."

Devon admires Victor's revealed tattoo, and then she returns her attention on Damien. "You have been given approval twofold," she says with a slow-spreading smile. Then she slides more comfortably in her chair before she offers out her wrist to the arist in an unspoken approval that she is ready. She glances up toward Victor briefly, those glass-colored eyes lingering on his for a long moment before she rests her head back into the chair's cushioning.

Damien settles down as he's given approval, tapping a few controls on the computer, "Excellent." Victor leans his forearms on his thighs, smiling faintly as he watches Devon psych herself up. Damien toes a control, setting the chair to lying back a bit further. The artist pulls on gloves, then gathers up the needle, reaching out with his left hand to take Devon's, "May I, Milady?" he waits until he has approval, then raises the gun, "This is just tracery the first time, Milady, there will be no time." Indeed, there's just a cool breeze and a soft hiss as he draws pale white lines across her skin, sketching the image out in temporary ink first.

There is a nervous laugh that accompanies her words as she breathes out, "Of course." Then Devon looks down at her wrist as the trace pattern is gently sketched across her skin. She watches as the initial structure of the tattoo comes to life, her pale eyes examining its details. She remains fixed on the outline for a moment longer before she glances over toward Victor covertly.

Victor could be watching the ink being sprayed over Devon's wrist, but he's not. Instead, he's watching her face as she watches the process. When she looks up, he offers a smile intended to be reassuring, and rumbles, "Means he can do the actual ink-work faster. Like pullin' off a bandaid faster." The ink also apparently has a depilatory effect, clearing her wrist of the fine hairs that might get in the way of the actual tattoo-work. It's the work of only a few minutes with the computer-assisted gun, and Damien carefully turns her wrist over here and there as necessary, explaining, "I start at the tail and the head, because I can always draw the body together as I reach the inside of your wrist, Milady." The process takes a good fifteen minutes, and then he nods, "There we are, done. This will wash off afterwards with no ill effect, Milady."

"Like pulling off a bandaid," Devon repeats a bit breathlessly as she focuses on the way the lines appear on her skin. The process is quite cooling, causing her to shiver a bit before she releases another slow exhale. Her gaze lifts up toward Damien. She nods her head gently at his explanation, proving that she is indeed listening to him. Once it is done, she looks over the trace with a bit of a curious and critical eye, and then she nods her head gently to the artist. "You are quite skilled," she says softly, though there is a slight tremor behind those words.

Victor grins over at Devon, "Glad you're gettin' it on your wrist now?" Studying her features, he offers out his left hand, the dark titanium ring glittering faintly in the bright lights of the parlor. Damien bows his head at the compliment, "Thank you, Milady. My parents will be pleased to know that the money they paid for my art degree at the Academ is actually doing some good." Victor chuckles, "It hurts a little, but I've seen you take a whole shit-ton worse." Damien purses his lips at Victor's description, and a high buzz comes from the needle, "When you are ready, Milady, I'll begin the actual tattoo." And when she gives her approval, he touches the needle to the back of her wrist.

Devon offers the tattoo artist a dry smile. "I see why Victor likes you." Then she glances up toward her husband as he offers her his hand and those grinning words. She breathes out a short breath before she starts to laugh. "Yes," she says definitely before she reaches out to take his hand in turn. She squeezes his fingers lightly before she glances back toward Damien. With a simple nod of her head, she gives him approval to go ahead. She braces herself a bit for that initial sting, and it draws a sharp breath in through her teeth.

Victor tilts his head, "Because he's a prissy little fancy-boy?" The knight's teeth flash white as he grins across his wife to the tattoo artist, who barely even flickers an eye, sing-songing, "You don't want me lau-ghing right now…" Victor shrugs a little helplessly at Devon, continuing to watch her features as Damien starts his actual work. The tattoo gun changes ink colors on command and without delay, allowing Damien to work across the top of her wrist without swapping tools. "How's that, Dee? Not too bad, is it?"

Devon arches her brows a bit at the interaction between the artist and Khourni, but she doesn't say anything as to ensure that Damien maintains his focus. She tilts her head a bit as she watches the needle slowly starts to bring that traced image to life. Then she glances over toward Victor at his inquiry, and she offers him a bit of a smirk. "Are you intending to ask me that every five minutes?" She asks him with a hint of warmth in her teasing tones. Then she gives his hand a gentle squeeze that starts to gain tension as Damien hits a sensitive patch of nerves.

Victor flashes a grin at Devon as Damien works quickly across the back of her wrist, then turns her arm up on its side to continue the lines, "Nope. Just every time you flinch and try to crush my fuckin' fingers." He ignores the ink going onto her wrist, watcher her face instead, "Let me know when you start regretting this decision."

"You are going to become exceptionally annoying by the end of this whole thing, aren't you?" Devon says with a bit of an inward hiss of breath. Then she offers him an almost apologetic smile before she offers his thick fingers another gentle squeeze. She turns her gaze away from his once more, looking back down at her wrist as the drake slowly comes to life across her pale skin.

Damien lifts the needle from Devon's wrist at her words, chuckling lightly and covering a grin, "Sorry about that, Milady. No damage to the tattoo." And then the buzzing starts again as he works across the sensitive skin of the inside of her wrist. Victor looks over to Damien as he stops, then shifts his attention back to Devon as the inking begins anew, "Become?"

Devon smiles toward Jimmy with a slight arch of a single brow. "I have no doubt," she says wtih a touch of amusement. Then she returns her attention on Victor, who is doing what he perhaps intends by keeping her distracted while the artist continues to apply the ink beneath her skin. "I'm sorry… perhaps I should have said you will become more annoying." She smirks.

Victor nods at the correction, keeping quiet as Damien finishes up the work, shutting down his tattoo gun and sitting back, "There. Done. I'm sure that Sir Vic will be able to tell you exactly how to care for it to ensure that it remains bright and heals quickly." Vic gives her hand a squeeze, then rises from his stool to offer her a hand up out of the chair, "And you don't even have to give her any of the good stuff for the pain, Damien, she's got access to that shit as a medic."

Devon looks down at her tattoo once the artist is finished. She admires it for a few moments, watching how the colors shift as she twists her wrist a bit. Then she looks up toward Victor as he offers her a hand up, and she offers him a smooth smile. "Your turn," she announces as she slides off her chair and onto her feet. She hesitates just a moment before she arches on the balls of her feet so she can press her lips to the corner of his mouth gently. Then she opens the chair up to him.

Victor blinks a little at the kiss, looping his hand around to her back a moment, "And now you've got your first tat. Look out, they're addictive." And then he turns past her to settle into the chair, sprawling easily back. Pulling out his comm, he shoots a design over to Damien's computer, "Right wrist, Damien. Snake and hippocampus, joined at the tail." That's as much for Devon as it is for Damien, who's already looking over the design on his screen. "All black, like most've the rest of 'em." The right hand is a change of plans, however, which may become apparent with Devon temporarily standing over his right side and her tattoo lining up with where his will rest.

Devon steps toward the stool to claim the same spot that her husband just vacated. His location of the placement however draws her head upward and she blinks at him. "Right?" She asks, setting back a bit in her seat. She glances toward Damien once and then back to Victor. She looks down at the tattoo fresh on her wrist, her skin red and slightly puckered around the ink. A smile starts to settle onto her lips, and she lifts her gaze toward him. With a simple bow of her head, she acknowledges his change.

Victor smirks faintly at the question, "Right. Of course, that means you're gonna be standin' on the wrong side of me all the time," since he's supposed to have his right hand free to draw a weapon at need, "just so you can show off how they match up." Now he's just teasing her. "But I'll make do." Damien nods to himself, having checked the design over, then starts to wheel his equipment and himself around to Victor's right side, "Excuse me, Milady, I'll need to get to his right side there." With Victor already well-used to the tattooing process, it goes quickly, and soon he has new ink, more intricate than most of his other tattoos, but just as meaningful.

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