09.18.3013: First Real Date
Summary: Sean gets Rivea to agree to a first real date after she said they could 'try this dating thing'
Date: 11 Sept. 2013
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Atherton Mall
A mall with apartments in it
18 September 3013

Having sent that message to Riv, asking her out and getting a positive reply. Sean's sadness, at least for now, has been forgotten. He's left Trix turned off, showered and changed and headed out to the mall near where he lives. It's a nice place filled with shops and things. He's standing near where the trams let off, waiting for her to arrive.

Rivea exits off the tram, taking a look around, wearing a cream colored tunic, black slacks and low heeled shoes. Her eyes glance about wondering where Sean is and wondering what this dating thing is going to be like.

Spotting Rivea, Sean calls out to her and makes his way over. "Hey Riv. How are you?" he asks, and there's no big gushy show of emotion or sudden hugging. He seems to be, just Sean. "So, I was thinking we could just walk around, shop a little. Chat about the weather, and other subjects that denote an awkwardness when two people are sort of together but not quite sure where the boundaries are, and use times like this as an excuse to test the waters a bit." he smiles, seeming to know this part well.

Rivea nods at that, "That sounds like a good idea. I'm not good at this dating thing but I did say I'd give it a try so…I'll try. Don't expect miracles though!" she ends with a smile. "So where to first?"

Sean chuckles, and smiles. "And try we shall. As for miracles? I don't expect them, but I appreciate them when they happen." he turns and offers his hand to her if she'll take it. A simple gesture, and he says, "You look nice. How's training going?" as he starts to walk, "First up is the clothing store, I think I need a new wardrobe… or for that matter, a wardrobe." since he wears mostly pants, just… pants.

Rivea goes ahead, after a momentary hesitation, and takes his hand. "Well, thanks. You look nice, too. Clothing. I may not be much help there, I'll tell you if I think it looks okay? But I'm not a great stylist or anything. What have you been doing since…." trailing off on that one.

"To be honest? I've been playing my keyboard and dealing with some of my personal issues. I've looked for someone to teach me to fight with weapons, but I can't seem to find anyone." Sean shrugs, "As for clothing, your opinion matters. And I'm not dressing to impress anyone else." he chuckles softly, "So, what have you been up to?"

Rivea says, "Training, the usual. haven't worked on my armor for a while but probably will start doing that again this week. And I'd teach you but I'm not really qualified Sean." As they walk around for a few moments, "So, what kind of clothes again are you looking for…?"

The clothing store they are in is for men, clearly. And Sean walks in right to the underwear section, of course. He starts to pick out different types and colors. "We should work on your armor, granted… I'm sort of getting really into this Pulse project." he glances are her, "I know, you're worried about it… I've put it on hold until I hear back about getting an internship with someone who's studied hostile technologies. Perhaps I can learn something that'll help me. In the mean time, I'll help you with your project no problem. And we can ask Peny for the money to get you a suit of light armor for the mean time."

Rivea turns away while he chooses his undergarments, "Well I don't think you should be doing work on it alone or not in a proper lab. But then, what do I know about electronics or what you're actually working on, Sean. And, you could do that, but it's not quite the same as working on it myself. You've already given me a lot of things in help and time."

After he's picked several, Sean then leads over to the shirts section. The tunics, aren't really him, but they are all that's available really. There are several nice fitted ones with closures up the front. He picks one that has flames embroidered on the front, "How's this?" Holding it up over the one he's wearing. "And, you're right Riv. I don't plan to do anymore work on it at the loft. I don't plan to ever make you mad at me like that again… though, I probably will make you mad at me from time to time."

Rivea hmms, "I like it, for when you're going out or something. But I think you want something a bit more subdued for business or class or something but that's just me. Blues and greens would look good on you, I think." And after a few moments of thought, "I really don't like being angry, I try not to but you did upset me and I know you upset Peny."

He hangs it over his arm, and picks up another. This one is plain, but a deep forest green in color. "I don't like making you angry, and I'm sorry that I did. I've not spoken to Peny just yet… she's really mad at me right now. I know she'll speak to me soon, but she's on a photo shoot still, so it'll be a while." he holds the green one up, "And this?"

Rivea nods, "I like that one…with some tan or black slacks. Shoes I'm not good at so don't go there " she add with a laugh. "Well, Sean… can you blame her?" Left unsaid '..even if she does the same things when she gets upset…'

There is a sudden beep on Sean's comm device, and he blinks. "I like this one too, and black straight trousers it is. Shoes match the belt, that's a guy code thing." Sean says, "I don't get it, Trix is turned off right now… hang on." He checks, reads… and blinks several times. "I need to respond, the Young Lord Sir Solon… is giving me an option, and out. I think I should take it." He shows her the requirements of agreeing to the original terms of seeing Lady Xenona, and giving a public apology to the house to call off the duel. "What do you think? His original terms… I'll need to know them again. I think something to do with chaperoned visits only, but I'll ask for clarity on them from him. What do you think?"

Rivea takes several moments to ponder this, tugging at her braid while se does so. "I think you should do it, Sean, whatever the terms. I can't train you in anything, it wouldn't be right and my skills aren't great enough. I can't really act as a second or rather I shouldn't for a lot of reasons although I would if it came down to it. But, you have to be sincere Sean. And you have to decide why you think you want to see her so much. Because, you and I know we're friends and unless you really make me angry, nothing will stop that. But you need to decide why it's so important for you see her too.

"She's helped, without words, she's helped me realize what I need to do for myself to start healing and building up a better me. She also helped me to understand that the past couple weeks… the times I've rolled my eyes and scoffed at Peny's pestering about you… was really because I was scared to say anything and potentially run you off from it. There's always that fear, so I've done what I could to stave off saying anything so that at least you'd still be around." Sean pauses, and ponders, "I need clarity of his terms, but I think… if I can get a better man's help… I will accept. Smacking the tar out of an untrained man would be pitiful to the community at large really. And, perhaps… if I can get on better terms with that house, and work a bit more to show that I'm not a scoundrel, they may even offer suggestions for who I could work with to complete the Pulse Project." he ponders again, "And, I don't want anything romantic or intimate from Lady Xenona, that was never what I was after and that didn't happen." a short pause, "Give me a moment to respond to him, then we'll look at pants." he smiles and starts to type.

Rivea nods, going to look at a display of something. There's more to say but she’ll say it when he's done talking/communicating.

Done with his furious typing, oh yeah he's got mad skills, Sean slinks up behind Rivea and places a kiss on her cheek before stepping to the side of her. "What are you looking at? And I need help with picking out pants… do I want ones that flair out from the knees down? Or straight cut ones… or, hm. Perhaps that kind that is puffy around the thighs but tight around the ankles and rather loose of movement?" Oh, yeah… cause Hammer pants are sweet. Not, and that's more of a joke, as this place sells one type of pant, straight cut trousers of a slight reversion style.

Rivea shudders at the mention of the third kind, "Do that and I'll hit you." she takes a moment to think, before saying "Nothing much, just lost in thought for a moment," Only glancing at him as he walks away after the cheek kiss. " Maybe a couple of each; but I like the straight legged better.

Sean picks up a couple black straight cut trousers, then heads over to the belts. There are all sorts of sword belts and designed belts, and a couple of female belts for men. (If that makes sense) Sean picks a few loose ones and heads over, "So? What about these?" he asks, showing the all black pants and the couple of black leather faux dress sword belts. "Well, can I ask what you're thinking about?"

Rivea nods her head back and forth, "They look okay from here," eying the belt style for a moment. Then looking over to Sean for a moment, "I know it's just you, Sean. And, I can accept that. But I think….you flirt too much and don't even realize you're doing it. And I also think, you need to stop and think more sometimes before you blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind. But that’s just me, too.

Sean tilts his head, "I flirt with people to much… hm." Sean takes to leaning slightly on the display, cause those things never break. "It's an old habit, comes from years of being Schizoid around people. It gave me a buffer when dealing with others." he straightens and gets a little closer, "Punch me in the chest, hard as you can." he says, sincerity in his tone.

Rivea says, "Why?" hands raised up front of her, gesturing in a motion hard to describe, "Why? What is that going to do? And how is that going to detract from what I just said or anything? Do you want me to get locked up for assault or something?"

"Do we have to go back to the loft for you to just hit me?" Sean chuckles, reaching for her hand if she allows him to take it and place it to his chest over his heart. "If I do anything that upsets you, anything that would ever make you leave me, I want to know now how it would feel to be hit like that. I want to know that sort of pain now, so I will always avoid it."

Rivea thunks him, solidly in the chest at that point. "See??? This is what I mean. You need to think about what you're saying, Sean." …anything that would ever make you leave me, I want to know now how it would feel to be hit like that… "Why do you always try to get so personal so fast? After saying you weren't going to? I read your file… well Trix read it. I know you have issues, we all do."

Sean smiles, at the hit, hard chest taking the blow easily. "And that, is what I'm talking about. Yes, I have issues… several of them. Up, down, spin around… all over the place. Years I've been seeing specialists for it, and I'd worked out a good system to keep from having episodes but so much has happened so quickly." he shakes his head, "As for what I just said, I mean it. I've already told you that you're my best friend, this dating thing that we're trying will go slow and take time. You don't see me trying to put the moves on you, or sweet talking, or any of that crap guys do to get laid. Because I'm not trying to rush things, I like you a lot and I want to see where this leads. There's never pressure, and if you feel like there is tell me because I don't want there to be. You're my best friend first."

Rivea sighs. "Sean, I don't know what to make of you sometimes. I really don't. And I told you this dating thing is gonna be as hard if not harder on me than you in some ways."

Sean pulls the clothing closer to himself, as if he's building up a defense bulwark. "Why will it be harder on you?" voice soft, almost scared.

Rivea smacks him in the gut, "Because I've never really dated anyone before and I don't know the first thing about it."

Sean lets out a sigh and a chuckle, then smiles. "That's okay, honestly, it's okay. It makes it easier on me, because I don't feel like I need to impress you." he smiles, "Usually guys do all these things when trying to, or actually dating a girl because they need to make themselves seem more attractive than any other guy they've been with. But, I feel comfortable, you don't make me feel like I need to jump through hoops to win you over. Just being Sean seems to be good enough." he smiles, "Come on, I'll take you to dinner after I pay for these. Holovid afterwards? When do you need to be home by for training tomorrow?"

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