08.07.3013: Fire and Ice
Summary: The first story telling event of the year on Niveus is an opportunity nobles and citizens alike to meet and greet each other.
Date: 7 August, 2013
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Frigid Wastes Shelter, Niveus
Niveus is a small moon, the surface of which is covered entirely in ice and snow. Light is filtered through heavy gray clouds, snow falling much of the time. All visible land is of snow and ice. Though there are vast, deep oceans beneath the thick surface, from above it appears as though the entire moon is made of ice. A few formations of mountain and glacier, as well as the settlements of Niveus, break up the vast, largely empty surface. There are only a few settlements to be found here, many are buried into mountains and even glaciers. Shelter, the largest, is one of the only ones easily visible from a distance. It rises from the moon like a great mountain of stone topped by the icicle-like weather stations and homes of House Iah, the lights from within visible only in a few places, giving the appearance of bright glowing rivers that run down the sides of the great settlement.

Most of the creatures of Niveus are visible only beneath the surface in the oceans, though ice bears and a few other creatures can be seen roaming through the snow. The ice bears resemble the polar bears of ancient earth, though they are often much larger and some have pale gray fur as well as white. There are also a few packs of great wolves, though it is a rare thing indeed to see one, and a few smaller creatures which are completely unique to Niveus.

7 August, 3013

The first Storytelling event of Niveus is different than usual this year. Having chosen to hold it outside rather than within the confines of Shelter, the Heads of House Iah have arranged for an evening of fires set into the snow. Not far from Shelter itself, a set of overlapping rings have been carved into the ice, all of different heights with wide steps connecting them and each with a fire at its center. A wall of snow surrounds the gathering, with torches placed atop to create more warmth and light, and soldiers outside patrolling for any signs of trouble. At the end of the pathway from Shelter, a pair of servants in the Iah house colors of blue and white wait to give all who need them small attatchments for their shoes that help people not to slip and fall on the ice. Tables have been set up in one of the rings, some heated, with food and drink and servants ready to serve anyone who needs them.

In the central and lowest ring, a larger fire has been built, and like the others has a servant in place to keep an eye on it. Rings of cushioned benches are set up around the fire, this is where the storytelling will take place later. For now, che citizens of Niveus and those others gathered are free to mingle and meet one another. The sky overhead is just starting to darken with night, and the smells of ice, fire, and the delicacies offered mingle in the air.

Lady Reena Khournas arrives alone, dressed in her warmest cloak trimmed in golden fur, and a dress in black and silver with obsidian and hematite jewelry, showing pride in the stones that the volcanoes of her home create. She takes the attachments for her boots and affixes them in silence, giving the barest of smiles to the servant who provides them. She looks like she is a bit lost in her thoughts tonight.

So, he got this letter stating there would some event on that one moon where you freeze standing in a fire. Michael dresses as warmly as possible, and that means that one SUPER fancy outfit he was bought by this secret benefactor he's yet to learn the name of. The thick black overcoat with deep scarlet embroidery covers an ensemble to make him appear noble. Michael is only a little uncomfortable dressing so nicely, since he's not yet an actually noble and no way could he afford this on his own. Well, anyways, he's here in blacks and scarlets with thick black tall boots crunching on the ice and snow.

The Young Lord Arboren arrives escorting his betrothed, as well as in the company of some of her friends, although clearly his focus is on the Larent Lady. Walking arm-in-arm, both wear heavy fur cloaks to fend off the cold: Declan's replacing his usual hooded ranger cloak, and Ariana's no doubt concealing some elegant gown. One could even say the garments are matching, perhaps some symbolic gesture of their courtship, with the materials clearly coming from some great and wooly beast of the deep Arborenin wilds. Maybe not an ice bear, but close enough! When they come upon the roaring bonfire, the young Arboren looks relieved and he's not shy about making a quick approach to it. "My, but this -is- chilly," he comments among his compatriots, glancing around the available seating and selecting a section of benches enough to seat the lot of them. "So, how do these storytelling gatherings work, exactly? Do we all tell tales??" he wonders of Ariana, since she is likely better versed in the Lashes culture, even that of a moon other than her own.

Once more dressed in the warm hooded cloak he received while staying in the hospital not so long ago, Sammel makes his way outside, escorting Elodie to this event. Looking around for a few moments, he turns to Elodie with a smile now. "Looks quite nice here now," he says, before he adds, "And once again, thank you for the cloak. It's quite useful whenever I'm here."

Smiling up at her intended, Elodie gives a squeeze to his arm. "You are quite welcome," she tells him. "You wear it well. If it wasn't for the Cindravale colors, you could almost be mistaken for a Niveun." Her teasing wink carries a good humor that speaks of her intent to enjoy the evening, and that she is comfortable being seen at his side. They are already wearing the proper foot spikes, and so she only nods to the servants as they pass into the place of circles. "I believe that is Young Lord Declan and Lady Ariana," she mentions to Sammel. "Shall we greet them?"

In the midst of some polite chit chat, Lady Eirene Volen arrives to the event location with the betrothed couple, Ariana and Declan, as well as her new acquaintance and violin virtuoso, Lord Doctor Hadrian Orelle. Swathed in a thick white fur cloak, the youngest daughter of House Volen is all smiles. Perhaps her features are frozen that way as she chatters a touch. The hem of her long gown swishes over the tops of her leather boots; heels crunching into the ground as she walks. While she speaks, little puffs of hot air escape her lips giving off the impression of smoking out of thin air.

Covered in warm furs Chiron emerges from the waygate walking alongside his sister. He seems a weary of being back on the ice planet, but is smiling all the same. He looks over to his sister and says, "I always forget /just/ how cold it is here." As he wraps himself tighter in his fur jacket.

Hadrian joined Declan, Ariana and of course, Eirene in the journey to the planet. As an Orelle, he felt a certain requirement to join his friends Ariana and Eirene in this journey to Oculus' coldest moon. Fur lined the inside of a hooded cloak. It is cut to hang simply, and not in a particularly fancy way. It hangs slightly open, despite the buttons that could be closed to bring the wrap around garment to close against the icy coldness. His clothes under the cloak were of fine make, but clearly thought out for the weather on the moon's surface: warm, and of thermal-style fabric. Boots, and a pair of gloves completed the ensemble. He walks with Eirene, nodding and listening as the woman chattered, and smoke- listening respectfully and saying very little.

Lorelei 's dressed in a traditional ice planet outfit. thank you Lady Iah! She's pale, nerves on edge. Between being stage fright and the drama from this morning, Loree's worried about this. She'll nod to her brother.It is cold.

Ariana has been to Niveus many a time before, so is a little used to the wintry chill of the moon. Luckily for her, her betrothed has made certain that she was dressed warmly in the fur of some animal or other that he had slain. The dark brown cloak with the light tan fur trim drapes over and partially covers the long sleeved gown which she wears, in the colors of her house: Cyan and Turquoise. Touches of silver stars add spark along her collar, cuffs and the very hem of her dress. Her pale cheeks are aglow from the cold, but she basically looks warm enough for the occasion. A hooded cowl is lifted over her head to shield her from falling snow and the chill of the wind. "It is cold, yes, but that is to be expected from an ice moon." Her voice comes out lilting and in light jest, her smile, a usual quiet one. "I am merely here to listen to tales being told… but if you have a story in mind, then, I think this would be the best time to share it, My Lord." As she looks over the gathering crowd and the warm bonfires that scatter over the icy plains, she turns back towards both Eirene and Hadrian, before asking, "I hope that it's not too cold for you both here? However, it will be all worth it."

From the direction of a rather large arch comes Tiriel and Una. Tiriel is dressed in leather from head to toe with a touch of fur within and trimming her coat. Within each of her gloved hands she clutches what look to be three or four bottles of wine in each fist. "I figured we could begin to warm you more with our house wine." As she begins to hand out bottles to people, couples, tables, as well as tossing down corkscrews that look as if their handles were carved from ice. "A little souvenir as well." She smiles about to each table and looks as happy as she can as she does so. "Drink. Warm your soul with words and wine!"

Reena drifts through the throng speaking in quiet tones to those nobles she knows. She begins making her way towards Elodie and Sammel, as some familiar faces, holding her cloak closed tight about her until the warmth from the fires sinks in.

Una walks alongside Tiriel, dressed in purple velvet with a mantle of spotted snow cat fur about her shoulders and a simple silver chain headdress holding her hair back from her face. She holds only two bottles in each hand, which she hands to the servants at the tables so that they can be served along with the food. Chuckling, she grins at her wife and then turns to start greeting people.

Kaedin is wearing a rather thick synthetic cloak, with a leash leading from his wrist to the rather well done leather collar of an Ice bear cup who is obediently following the Knight. His other hand is occupied by holding the hand of a smaller person, MUCH smaller person who is excited about storytime. "Marus, calm down." Kaedin says in good nature as he spots Una and moves towards her, taking his 'Nephew' (Cousin's son) with him. "Lady Iah." He says with a slight bow, he could bow deeper, but he is still on the mend, Marus mimics him, and Roan, the Cub, settles in the snow to people watch.

Standing next to a fire, shivering just slightly. Michael begins to think this might have been a slightly… bad idea. He's a poet… kind of. Besides, with Lorelei here they've got the poet role fulfilled and much better than he could offer anyone. The cold is getting to him, since he's now much more used to the heat of the Crescent in the hot summer sun and humid gloom. Normally he'd be shirtless, working on swords training or hammer practice. Especially now that he's got that practice greatsword like Sir Kaedin's real one. He'll eventually get as good as the one male Knight he looks up to. And speaking of that one male knight… there he is. The eff he doing in this cold? But wait! ROAN!! He hurries over, "Sir Kaedin, good to see you up and around… and, may I pet Roan?"

Keanen makes his way into the gathering. He's dressed like a commoner, kind of a ratty one, at that. He's wearing a pair of khaki pants with tears in the knees that show warmer leggings worn beneath. Doodles and markings have been drawn on the pants, there are several words that are easily spotted within them, "heartache," "rebellion," "hostile intent" and "amplify" the most obvious. He has on what looks to be several long sleeved shirts, one atop another, and it's all topped off with a very baggy old green sweater with little holes and tears all over it. His hair is hanging off his head a bit disheveled. He moves to a spot along a wall and parks himself, just watching everyone else.

Sammel smiles as he hears Elodie's words. "That's quite nice of you to say so," he replies, before he nods a bit as he hears the part about going to greet Declan and Ariana. "Good idea." He looks around, offering a quiet smile and a nod to Reena as he sees her. "Lady Reena. It's nice to see you here. How are you today?"

Una turns to offer Kaedin a warm smile, her eyes travelling down to the boy child and bear pup. "Sir Kaedin, glad you could come. And good, I see they were able to set Roan up to take some time from the center. Did his handler get lost?" Lauging (the scientists who care for injured creatures are so unused to large gatherings), she glances around, then smiles to the pup and boy. "And who is this?"

A storytelling festival is just the sort of thing to bring the children along to, and Lyrienne is all too glad for an excuse to take them out of the house at the moment. With Marus under Kaedin’s watchful eye, she has Julian in a sling across her chest and Lysandra trotting quickly along beside her holding her hand. The entire crew is well-clad in warm attire, the children bundled up in layers, while Lyrienne's gone for a more fashionable cloak. "Marus, you know how we say hello," she says softly to the older boy when Kaedin bows, prompting the boy to echo the motion.

Eirene offers up a little applause for the gracious hosts when they arrive bearing wine. Hadrian is lightly nudged with her elbow. "Would you care for some wine, Lord Hadrian? The young Volen inquires with a bright smile. "How about you, Lady Ariana or Lord Declan?" As others come into view, Eirene waggles a few gloved fingers to the familiar faces in the crowd.

Entering with a couple of assistants, Senator Alistair seems slightly out of breath. He'll move to find a glass of wine. The man, dressed in a stylish blue tunic looks unhealthily thin. His persistent smile will be offered to everyone he makes eye contact with.

Tiriel continues to hand out wine and corkscrews for the bottle. "If you really need glasses to be all civilized, we can get them. But for the festival just enjoy!" She almost whispers to a noble pair and the looks to see if Una heard her before she heads to another group.

Lorelei leans over and whispers softly to her brother, "Maybe we should just go…I don't need to be here…" She's frowning slightly, and will tug on Chiron's arm softly.

"I suppose it would be strange if the ice moon were anything else but cold, aye," Declan agrees, riffing on Ariana's own dry humor a bit, his own lips curling in mild amusement. He gives a little laugh. "I didn't have any story of my own in mind, no, I just thought I'd try and get an idea of the local custom. I've never really spent much time on the Ring, let alone on the various moons of Occulus. Well, with the exception of visiting my brother when he stayed with you on Nubilus, and of course more recently. But otherwise, it's all relatively foreign to me, as much so as our own woods must be to outsiders." Spotting Elodie and Sammel at some short distance, he greets the increasingly familiar 'other couple' with a smile and a dip of his head, at least until they may (or may not) approach any closer, and then turns to Eirene with a nod and a grateful sort of smile. "I would absolutely love some wine. A bit of drink always does well to stave off the cold." Or at least, keep you from noticing it!

"Lord Sammel, Lady Elodie, congratulations on your betrothal. You both look gloriously happy. I am glad for you." Reena smiles, but there's a tiny bit of strain in her expression. "I am doing well," she replies to Sammel, "if just a bit chilly. Will either of you be performing tonight?" she asks.

Kaedin smiles to Una. "They didn’t have a choice, my bear, so if I wanna take her out, I will." he says with a warm smile, he looks down at Marus and nods to the bow. "This is Lord Cedric and lady Lyrienne's oldest child, Marus." He says, turning towards Michael and nodding about Roan. Watching Tiriel he turns towards Una. "Isn't she a busy bee." he comments, before taking a snowball from Marus. "I'll play snowballs with you later, and show you how to make a snowman."

"No,thank you, M'lady Eirene." Hadrian replies quietly. "Alcohol in this setting has a real potential to help the spread of hypothermia. I am afraid I would call such ill advised from a medical perspective. That, and I never drink in front of children." Particularly those related to him. He gazes over a moment towards Lyrienne and the children. "Thank you, though, M'Lady." he says finally. "It is appreciated."

Chiron tilts his head to the side, "You don't want to be here? Aren't you reading a poem?" He says, scratching the back of his head a little. He thought that Lorelei liked sharing her poems. He will grab some of the wine and pour two glasses, one for him, one for his sister. "Are you feeling ok?"

The red and deep yellow of Elodie's ensemble contrasts with navy blue of the Cindravale's cloak as she walks alongside him. When he greets Reena, she pauses to add her greeting as well, but she makes sure to return the nod of Lord Declan as they were headed in that direction. "You are looking quite lovely this evening, Lady Reena," she adds to her greeting, then nods to the question. "I may be, yes," her merry grin has been ramped up a little to almost silly at the mention of their happiness.

Leaning down to offer out his hand to Roan, hoping the one time he's played with her will afford him a little better of a chance now. Michael looks up at Kaedin, "How are you feeling now sir?" his eyes returning the ice bear cub before him, standing at his crouch adjusted height.

Una raises an eyebrow to Kaedin. It’s a challenging look, but any comments that would accompany it are left behind so that she can smile and greet Marus. "Hello, it’s very nice to meet you Lord Marus. I hope you enjoy our stories tonight." She smiles brightly, then turns to see Lorelei and Chiron in the crowd, the former looking uncomfortable. She tosses Tiriel a grin, having missed the whispered comments, then goes to greet her friends. "Lorelei, Chiron, thank you for coming!"

"Hypothermia?!" Eirene gasps and snaps a look to Ariana, then Declan, and finally back to Hadrian. "That is a very good point, my lord. I would not wish to succumb to such on a night like tonight. This is a festive gathering. Perhaps I will abstain as well." This most likely means Declan will be abstaining unless he gets his own wine. The soprano's hands fold into the sleeves of opposite arms creating something of a makeshift muff to keep warm. "We should secure ourselves a place near the fire. Oh, look! It is Lady Lyrienne with her children. How precious. Hello Lady Lyrienne!" Ever so bubbly, Eirene fizzes with excitement as she greets her fellow noblewoman and musician.

Lorelei swallows nervously, taking the glass of wine from Chiron in her left hand. She seems to be favoring her right arm. Draining half the glass, "I don't think my stuff is gonna be fancy enough…." Her eyes land on all the different nobles, fidgeting with her glass some. She'll force a smile when Lady Iah speaks to her, "Hello Lady Iah. It seems you have a huge turn out!"

"My lady, a pleasure," Lyrienne says with a warm smile to Una as she joins Kaedin and Marus, setting a hand lightly to the boy's shoulder when he straightens from the bow. Lysandra, at her side, scoots closer to her mother's skirts, at two years old a little more cautious around strangers than her older brother. "Thank you so much for having us." Marus echoes his mother, standing up terribly straight in an attempt to be the man of the house. "Lady Eirene, good to see you again," Lyrienne raises a hand to wave to the other woman before tucking her cloak around herself and Julian's sling again.

Sammel smiles as he hears Reena's words, "Thank you. I believe congratulations are in order for you as well?" A brief pause, as he looks around, before he smiles. "I'm not participating in this one." Another smile to Elodie again now, and a nod to Declan as he sees the man's nod.

Tiriel hears the words of Hadrian and lifts a brow as she makes her way over to him and Eirene, "There is enough warmth here by the fire and a little libation will not cause you to get sick." She thrusts a bottle of ice wine and a corkscrew into his chest. "Now. Loosen up a little and enjoy the festival. If you won't drink it now, do not insult me and my family and take it home to share with someone you care about. Yes?" She winks to the man and looks between him and Eirene and then Declan and back to Hadrian, "You have friends to share with. A small glass will not harm and will warm." As she then moves on and thrusts a bottle at someone else with a souvenir corkscrew.

A passing breeze makes Ariana's cowl and the hems of her cloak and skirts waft and flutter; she even draws the cloak in tighter to help ward off the chill even more. "No folktales from the Arborenin forest, My Lord?" She asks, partially turning in his, her gaze lifting to meet his from out of a side glance. "Perhaps next festival. Or else, we can merely enjoy the stories and the company. All in all, though it is a bit too cold for comfort, Niveus does possess its own sense of beauty." Catching some of the other conversations that go on, she does idly state to the heir of Arboren, "So true. Why, the Arborenin forest might come off as dreary and dark to many an outsider." Like herself! To the mention of hypothermia, however, she does quickly state, "I don't think that our gracious hosts would allow for anyone to suffer such a fate. But one does need not drink to enjoy yourselves. I'll have a glass of wine, myself. It might help to keep me warm, at the very least."

Chiron bows slightly, "Lady Una." He says in respect to the noble. "Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event. The fires make the area not as cold!" He exclaims, wrapping himself tighter in his fur coat. "I trust you are doing well today?"

Kadmus arrives at the party, dressed in the colors of Volen with a heavy fur trimmed cloak over his shoulders. A glance is cast at the gathering before he is on his way to join the Lady Eirene and her company.

Kaedin blinks at Mikey's question and he smiles. "It's good, I got released today, and given some pain meds." He says as he turns to look at Lyrienne. "Uncle Had's here, and already lecturing people…" he mumbles to her, though the Lord Doctor is ONLY two years older than him. "We should find a good seat before they are all taken." he suggests, as one Roan is done licking Mikey's hand, she moves to climb up Kaedin and rest onto his shoulder. "A few months little lady, and you will be to big for that." he tells the bear.

Una offers Chiron and Lorelei a smile and a nod, though there's concern and some exasperation in her look as she takes Lorelei's forced smile in. "Yes, we did. We're going to get started soon, unless you think you'd be more comfortable returning home?" Chiron is given a nod and a warm smile, "I am, indeed. Thank you." then she turns to make her way to the central circle. There she accepts the small microphone for the storytellers that the servant hands her.
"Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Niveus and Haven. Thank you for coming tonight, we care so glad to share our first night of Stories with you all. We will be beginning in a few moments, feel free to select anything you like from the buffet tables and then make your way down to the seats.

"Yes. Quite wise, M'lady." Hadrian offers agreeably to Eirene, as he spies such a fire nearer to family. He looks then to Tiriel. "I'm afraid you'll find quite the opposite on wine's warming effects," Hadrian replies to Tiriel. "I will, of course, be glad to deliver a bottle to the Orelle estate on behalf of your family- but know, M'Lady, as a vasodilator alcohol will only lower the core body temperature and bring hypothermia on sooner. Hypothermia being the gradual freezing, and eventual death of the human body due to extreme cold… and not a sickness." The doctor replies, as he stares at the bottle- and seems nothing but confused by the wink, head canting ever so slightly as his eyebrows knit together.

Wrapping his cloak tightly around himself, Alistair will walk closer to a fire, taking a healthy gulp of wine. At the announcement, he'll make his way towards the back of the reserved seats, nodding at everyone along the way.

Keanen rolls his shoulders, the baggy old sweater shifting with each roll, trying to get a little more comfortable. He makes his way over to one of the tables and helps himself to an alcoholic drink, downing it quickly, then sitting the empty glass on the table and picking up another. He then carries that drink with him to find a seat near the back with the other commoners.

Tiriel looks back to Hadrian, "Do you really think we would bring you all here to freeze? Take the wine, find a fire, or a heated seating area, or even just snuggle up with someone and maybe melt that cold heart of yours." She gives a little growl just as Una begins to speak and then moves off to be with her wife.

Reena murmurs a quiet, "Thank you," at Sammel's words of congratulations, but her smile doesn't quite reach her eyes. "Please, don't let me keep you." She gestures towards those they were heading for, and steps away to get herself a glass of that special wine. She glances towards where Ariana is, intent on saying hello, then hesitates when the announcement is made. She moves instead to the lower tier of the circles and finds a seat, keeping her hands warm inside the fur-lined folds of her cloak.

Eirene smiles warmly to Tiriel and thanks her for bringing the wine and the corkscrew. "It is greatly appreciated, my lady! Thank you for your hospitality." Kadmus suddenly comes into view and the little sister quietly excuses herself to meet him as he approaches. The Volen air is greeted with a warm embrace. "Big brother! I am so happy to see you. Come and join us. We have some wine and will keep warm by the fire while we listen to stories this evening."

Oh boo. Declan definitely turns a mildly irritated look on Hadrian. "Spoilsport. I'm sure a little wine will hardly do anyone harm. Lady Ariana is a medic herself and she doesn't seem to see any harm in it." But as the Orelle's warnings have apparently scared Eirene away from the idea of it, he goes to fetch some himself, pouring two glasses, and bringing one back to Ariana. Of course he and his betrothed will enjoy a drink together! He'll even make a bit of a show of it, lifting his glass and toasting, "To our hosts," before taking a sip.

Lyrienne chuckles to Kaedin's whisper, raising a hand to Hadrian. "I've a niece who'd love to keep your lap warm, Uncle," she calls over as Una starts to pull the gathering together. At her side, Lysandra raises her hand to wave too, bouncing on her toes.

Una returns to Tiriel's side as people begin taking their seats. Slipping an arm through her wife's, she gives the Knight a look that implies she not bother with the Doctor's negativity, and gently nudges her toward their seats.

Kadmus flashes a smile towards Eirene, "Indeed? Well, I will certainly take a glass of wine, though I shouldn't leave the Lady Reena all by herself for the event." He says, "I suspect we'll find some comfortable seating up in the front anyway, if you wish to join us?" he offers, gesturing a little towards the seating.

Usually, Ariana is the spoilsport, but she doesn't mind a single glass of wine! So despite Hadrian's insistence on not sharing in th spirits, she seems eager enough to lift her own glass in a toast with her betrothed. "To our gracious hosts, who I know, will not fail to keep us entertained and… safe from hypothermia this evening." Her polite smile is then flashed in Hadrian's direction as her words may come off as very light teasing, but she doesn't work to push the man's buttons for very long. Eirene's greeting of her brother is what draws her attention towards Kadmus' direction and she lowers her head in greeting to the man, "Young Lord Kadmus, here to enjoy the cold, I see?" His mention of Reena now focuses her attention on the rest of the guests, as she idly speaks, "You have my congratulations for your betrothal, My Lord. Where is Lady Reena? I'm afraid that I've not met up with her yet."

Kaedin moves over to a front row bench spot, setting his Ice Bear in his lap, and his Nephew next to him. Looking about, he tightens the cloak about him, normaly, he would be drinking, but he isn;t going to mix pain meds and Wine, though he does get served a mug of warm cider, and a hot cocca for Marus.

Although this would be a prime opportunity for Ronan to be bedecked in gorgeous clothing, the young knight is wearing a rather simply tunic and breeches under a royal blue surcoat bearing the House Iah's heraldry. His hand rests on the pommel of his sword as he stalks the edge of the gathering, almost like a great cat walking through the high grass around gazelle at a watering hole or a mother lioness watching over her cubs. His eyes seem to keep more to the frozen wilds than the gathering itself.

The stories can be found in the log Fire and Ice Tales

"The only real horrors out there are the savage beasts." Ariana says in response to Declan and his creepy woods, "And the Hostile, I suppose. But those beasts can be found everywhere." Her glass lowered and held gently upon her lap, her free hand idly touches on the fur trim of the new cloak which she wears, delighting in its softness. This is more of an idle action, her mind being elsewhere now when the Senator steps up to tell his story.

Kadmus reaches to put an arm lightly around the shivering Reena's shoulder and he nods his head, "Quite so." he murmurs in response to Reena, watching quietly the stories being told.

Alistair will raise his wine and loudly proclaim. "To the beauty of the poem, to love that lasts, and to a peace that overcomes our fears!"

With another nod to Lorelei, the servant takes the microphone. He hands it to Una, who rises to take it with a smile, then turns to the crowds. "Again, thank you all. And our deepest thanks to those who came to share their stories with us this evening. Over the next few months, we will be having a few more of these small gatherings for those who are officially entering our annual contest. Of course, this is probably the only one that will be held outdoors." She winks at some of the more shivery ladies in the crowd, "And we hope that you can all come again. Please, enjoy the food and wine, and the music that will begin shortly." And indeed, now that the stories are over a band is setting up in ano otherwise empty circle.

Reena jerks just a tiny bit in surprise at the arm around her. She arches a brow a little at Kadmus, before settling into the shelter of his embrace for the warmth he provides. She applauds loudly for Lorelei. "Bravo to the poet! From your lips to the ears of the Six!"

Una raises her glass as Alistair offers his toast, "To beauty, love, and peace." She repeats with a wide smile.

Chiron claps again as Lorelei finishes her poem. When she gets off the stage he'll ask her, "Feeling better?"

Lorelei does blush now, and will duck her head as she makes he way back to Chiron. "I'm fine, yes." she'll look around, letting out a sigh of relief.

Michael cheers and claps for Lorelei.

As the stories come to an end, Lyrienne finds herself with three sleeping children tucked against her cloak, bemused as she looks from one to the other. No sense in stirring them just yet, though she does take a glass of mulled wine when a servant passes by. What they don't know won't hurt them!

Handing the microphone back to the servant, Una moves to properly greet Kira. A hug is given to the seamstress, and to her daughter as well. "I think Ronan was somewhere along the wall when I saw him last." She says with a wink, before going over to thank Lorelei. She smiles to the brother and sister pair, "Thank you. They were beautiful, both of them. Just what we needed."

Elodie's response to Lorelei's poem is a little more restrained, but it's not the same distraught response as greeted Keanen's story. Her eyes travel up to the tall, blonde man next to her, looking to his eyes. "That you should come home," she repeats with a gentle smile, catching onto those words. Her hand slides down underneath his arm, her fingers twining with his and she lifts his hand to brush a kiss on the back of it, then presses her cheek against his hand. "To beauty, love, and peace," she echoes, her words making up with they lack in volume with heartfelt fervor.

Lorelei looks up, smiling warmly at Una, "I decided to change the last one. I think the crowd needed that more than what I was going to recite…" she'll swallow, nervous, and look between Una and and Chiron, "Did I sound ok?" she's still young, and worries about these things.

As the Senator scans the audience, he'll make sight of Lady Elodie and Lord Sammel. Approaching them, he'll bow gracefully and deeply at her. "A lovely tale that reminds us all of what is important in life, I think." He'll give a polite nod to Lord Sammel. "I don't think we've ever been properly introduced, Senator Alistair Hartcliffe of Leonnida."

Michael has remained in his seat and not moved about to socialize with anyone. For all he's worth at this event, he's a bump on a log. Taking a look around, if Lorelei should notice him at all he'll offer her a warm friendly smile of good job before hunkering down in his seat.

Kira smiles, and Brianna for her part, blinks as she looks to her Mother. "Can I go join him Momma?" She asks, and Kira nods. "Go." She says as she shoos her daughter off with good nature. She smiles and gets a glass of wine, now able to unwind and not have to worry about dress alterations, or patterns, or wedding this, formal wear that… though, the past few months has made her quite the pretty penny.

Chiron bows again, "Lady Una. Yes, they were quite beautiful, weren't they?" He smiles at the noble, feeling honored that she would come talk to him and his sister out of all of the visitors. "I thought you were fine, Sparrow. It was excellently done. The last one you did is one of my favorites."

Reena looks to Kadmus. "We should probably thank our hosts for their wonderful hospitality," she notes, still shivering a bit but not as bad. "And perhaps find some hot food or drink."

"Agreed, Lady Reena." Kadmus nods to the woman, moving to rise up from his seat and search out Lady Una in the crowds, "The fires are quite warming, if you wish to remain and socialize, I'm certain there are many who would enjoy speaking with you about." He says with a flashed smile, "But if the weather is not to your liking, we can get you out of the elements."

Declan frowns slightly at Ariana's inventory of the horrors of his homeland. "The hostiles are the true terrors, to be sure. There are animals that can be dangerous, of course, but rarely to humans so long as soem common-sense is observed. We can hardly say tht of the hostiles. Especially as much as their behavior seems to define any rule of sense or reason. An animal's motives are easy to understand, after all." This said, his cup found empty, and the performances slowing, he then looks off from their bench, and then moves to rise from it. "I suppose we ought make our departure soon as well- before the fires burn too low and the cold swallows us all." Although he sounds to simply be joking at the last.

"You were wonderful." Una insists. She gives Lorelei's shoulder a squeeze and Chiron a smile, then turns to find others to speak with. Reena and Kadmus are approached first, being the closest ones she sees in the crowds. "Lady Reena, Lord Kadmus. Thank you both for coming. Lady Reena thank you so much for your tale, it was hauntingly beautiful."

Lyrienne takes a sip of her mulled wine, tucking her cloak a little closer around Marus as he curls up against her side. There are a few smiles cast around her, but at the moment she doesn't seem inclined to wake the children.

"I think if I eat and drink something warm, I'll be fine, Lord Kadmus," Reena notes. "I've only been here once before, and coming from the Crescent, it's tough for me to acclimate to freezing temperatures." She keeps her hood up, to keep her ears warm, and her cloak tightly around her as she settles a hand on her betrothed's arm to let him lead her to Una and Tiriel. "Lady Una, it was a pleasure to perform for you, and an honor to do so in such auspicious company," she says quietly to Lady Iah.

Sammel smiles as he listens, looking about to start applauding as Elodie looks to his eyes. Offering her a smile in return, he opens his mouth to say something, although it's interrupted by his hand being taken, and lifted, kissed and her cheek pressing against it. "To beauty, love and peace…" he echoes, a bit quietly, with a smile now. Leaning in to place a brief kiss on her forehead, before he looks to the approaching Senator. "I don't think we've ever gotten the chance to be properly introduced, Senator," he offers to the man, before he adds, "I'm Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale. Have you had the pleasure to meet Lady Elodie Iah?" Another smile to the lady now.

Nikomachos was stolen early in the evening by a couple of fellow knights sworn to House Sauveur, new friends, some of whom are minor members of minor branches of the royal family, and some of whom where married into the House as he was. That drew him away from the main fire, laughing and jesting and boasting about deeds done and yet to do, but now he has pried himself away from them, moving over toward Lyrienne. His crampons crunch softly in the ice, but otherwise he keeps quiet, offering up a smile and a wave, his eyes dropping down to the little bundles around her. His smile softens as he very slowly mouths the words through a gust of rapidly-icing mist, 'Sorry Lyrie. I meant to help.'

Lyrienne laughs softly to Niko's apology, shaking her head slightly. "It's all right. Kaedin had Marus to start with, and Hadrian had Lyssie for a bit. It's only in the last twenty minutes or so that they got tuckered out and I realized I had three sleeping children and not enough shoulders to carry them all," she murmurs ruefully. With Julian in a sling against her chest, Lysandra at one side and Marus at the other, she certainly has her hands full. "Did you enjoy yourself? It was nice to watch other people perform for a bit."

"We both quite enjoyed your festival, Lady Iah, thank you for hosting it." Kadmus says with a smile to the noblewoman with a bow of his head, "It was an interesting choice of venue, being outside, but I think it very much added to the atmosphere of the stories."

Lorelei exhales, leaning into Chiron. She'll give him a small smile, "I think I'd rather my poems just be published..this is stressful!" She'll look about, "Want to get a snack?…or hot chocolate?" Wo needs wine when there's hot chocolate?

Ariana cants her head, her cold blue eyes looking up at Declan when he tells her of the creatures in the woods. "Oh I'm certain, My Lord." She turns slowly, though continues to speak, "Yet you cannot deny that the forest holds its own dangers." Gracefully, she rises to stand, reaching down to smooth out the lengths of her gown and fur cloak, before she gestures towards Una with her near empty wine glass when Declan mentions departing. "Very well, My Lord, if that is what you wish. First, I would like to thank our gracious hostess." And with that, she drifts forward, depositing her glass on a nearby table before lowering herself into a light curtsey in Una's direction, "My Lady of Iah, congratulations on a wonderful event. There were many tales and stories that were told that all of your guests will think upon for the next few hours if not the next few days." As Reena has reached Una at about the exact same time as she, she lowers herself into a curtsey again, "Lady Reena, your song was both beautiful and haunting. I enjoyed it quite a bit." A pause, "And Young Lord Kadmus, greetings once more."

"I must say that I have not, my Lord, Sir. It is quite an honor to meet you both at this occasion. I find it wonderful that the Lady has taken to supporting an ancient art form by participating herself. You have my gratitude, as I'm more than certain I am not alone in enjoying your performance." Alistair's smile will be genuine, and he looks excited and engaged. "It is important in times of darkness to be reminded of the beauty of our souls."

Kira finishes her glass of wine and sets it down on a servent's tray, before she bundles herself up abit more, when she DOES visit Sheltter, she doesnt come out here, so the cold is getting to her. "That no good wife of mine owes me dearly for this." She says with a mumble as she moves closer to a fire.

Una smiles warmly, obviously pleased with the compliments. "Thank you. We're glad to see so many here. It was a gamble, the change of location. I'm glad to see it turned out so well." She glances at Kira, and with a nod to the couple moves back to the woman's side and takes her arm, "You should come and meet Elodie's betrothed while you're here."

"Lady Ariana, it's good to see you again, under far better circumstances than the last time we were both on Niveus," Reena says with a small smile to the Larent. "Congratulations to you and Young Lord Declan. Arboren is a beautiful place."

With her hand still on his arm, and a flush of pleasure on her cheeks, Elodie turns to the Senator's greeting. She nods her head to him, offering the hand not on her escort's arm when Sammel introduces her. Her smile warms to Alistair. "It is the tradition of our people," she demurs, but her eyes glow as she returns praise for his story of the three lords. "I had not heard that one before. Someday I shall have to tell it to our children."

Michael stands up from his seat now, and glances abount at the various others. He just moves over to stand with some of them, not making a sound, but listening to the coversation for the right moment to possibly hop in.

Chiron chuckles a little, "Sure, lets get some hot chocolate." As they walk, he continues to talk. "It might be stressful, but your performance and presence on stage was excellently done. Maybe you should try to recite some in public." He gives her a smile as he tries to be encouraging. He grabs two cups and pours hot chocolate in them, shaking up the whipped cream and spraying a rather sizable portion on top of Lorelei's hot chocolate. He gives his sister a wink as he gives himself a small amount to compensate.

Nikomachos nods to Lyrienne, shifting to a hushed voice, "I feel old. All those new knights…" He shakes his head, "Six Above, I thought I was a star-struck glory hound." And he is, of course. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. Every once in a while, it's nice to just sit back and let others do the work." He nods upward in the direction of the sleeping children, "Let me know when you want to go, and I'll help you carry them back to the Waygate." He shakes his head slowly, "I should find Sammy and his betrothed before then, however…" He spots them, frowning slightly in thought, only to be prompted by his earbud, "And one of the Leonnidan Senators. I should say hello indeed."

Kira jumps slightly when Una grabs her arm, having been lost in though. "Wha.. Meet Lord Sammel? Oh… do I look okay?" She asks, of course, she was a perfectionist while she was getting ready to come out here. "I DO have to get with lady Elodie anyway, to see if I will be doing her makeup for her wedding." She says with a smile as she moves with Una. "You look dazzling today… is that one of my outfits I made you?" She says usually able to remember, but recently, they all just blend together.

"Go ahead," Lyrienne urges, shooing Niko off. "They're not going to freeze in the next half hour, and I've got some wine to finish now that Hadrian isn't here to give me dirty looks for it," she adds with a wink and a lift of her glass.

Lorelei lets her brother lead her, waving to Michael as she passes him. She'll start to frown, but it quickly brightens when he hands her the hot chocolate with the ton of whipped cream. He knows her well. "No…I'd hate to have to do that more often. IT makes my tummy hurt. Besides. I want to get paid, eventually…No one would pay to listen to me recite." she'll close her eyes, taking a sip of the warm drink. She's still holding it with her left hand though, favoring her right arm some.

Una gives Kira a /look/ at the question of the seamstress' attire, rolls her eyes, and pulls her gently toward Elodie, Sammel, and Alistair. "Of course." She laughs lightly, "I don't think I have any dresses you /didn't/ make anymore."

"Oh, of course we will speak to them before we go," assures Declan, likewise adjusting his cloak about his body once on his feet. It flares slightly as he turns to stride along after his betrothed toward the side of their hosts, and he offers a quick nod of his head once he arrives there. "Truly, it was a lovely gathering. I think the setting actually proved to make the whole thing that much more interesting; telling stories gains something when it is done with the sense of a bit of shared entertainment around the campfire, with good company and fine drink in hand." Toward Reena and Kadmus, he extends, "I had meant to offer you both my congratulations earlier, but it seems we were all swept up in speaking with others. I hope you will both be as happy together as Lady Ariana and myself shall surely be."

Alistair will nod at Elodie with a smile, taking her hand politely. "That is the greatest honor a teller of tales could ask for. I'm a bit old fashioned, I must confess. Most of my stories were once told around a campfire here or a hearth there. I love that some things evolve while others remain the same." He'll be looking around a bit, but he's focused on the couple in front of him.

"True words, Senator," Sammel replies to the part about the beauty of the souls, before he smiles again at Elodie's words, nodding again. "It was a very lovely story," he offers, before he smiles at the rest of what the lady said. He hasn't noticed anyone else heading in their direction yet.

Chiron tilts his head to the side, noticing that Lorelei is using her left hand, when she is right handed. "I would pay to hear you recite." He says, grinning. His smile fades a little as he asks, "Are you sure you're ok?" His voice sounding slightly concerned.

"Elodie, Lord Sir Sammel." Una smiles as she brings Kira up to the small group, "Senator. Thank you so much for your story, it was wonderful." She gives Elodie a one-armed hug, and gestures to Kira as she stepps back, "This is Kira graves. She's our family seamstress, and will be making Elodie's wedding dress."

"Oh, I'm sure that it is." Ariana responds quickly with a very light laughter in her voice as she responds to Reena. "I expect to be given some tour of the place very soon." She obviously, hasn't seen much of the dark forest yet. "It will be my new home, after all. And my congratulations goes out to the both of you as well. Mare Maris is oh so beautiful. I'm certain that you will enjoy your time there." When Declan steps up to stand beside her, she turns briefly to look upon him over her shoulder, then returning her attention to the couple. "We were planning on making our departure… to a warmer climate. Though we were working here for some time, the rooms themselves were temperature controlled. Out here, even with the campfires, the wind does make things quite chilly."

Kira smiles at Una. "Well, compliments like those are like feeding a cat rich creame… I might get jealous if you found another fashion designer." She teases. "I need to find a few apprentices before the fall season hits, people buy winter clothes, weddings will still be in full swing, and then there is halloween." She says with a sigh, the money is great, but her nerves will end up shot.

Nikomachos nods at Lyrienne, "And if I find any glowing green shots, I should just leave them where they are? Not interested tonight?" Chuckling softly, he shakes his head, "I'll bring you another glass of mulled wine if you'd like, just let me know." And one hand rises to touch the earbud tucked into his left ear, indicating that she can do so without having to disturb the children. Stepping close a moment, he leans down to unnecessarily adjust Lysandra's hood, smiling softly as he does. And then he's off with a bob of his head, turning his icy path toward Sammel, the younger Valen's betrothed, and the Valen Senator. …and now toward the hostess as well, and an unknown woman. Niko approaches slowly, bowing as he does and reaching up to cuff Sammel's shoulder in brotherly greeting and bow his head first to Una, then to Elodie, Alistair, and Kira in turn.

Kira looks at Sammel and Elodie and gives a deep curtsie. "Milord and Milady, it's a pleasure to meet, or see, you again." She says with a smile as she rises.

Lorelei laughs, licking at the whip cream a moment, "Yeah, but you're family, I"d have to give you free tickets." She'll nod, "I am…I just…I hurt my arm earlier. It's just sore, nothing to worry about, ok?"

Alistair will offer a polite half-bow to Una at her approach and compliment. "Lady Una, this is quite the event you have. I'll say it, as I've said before, that we need inspiration in times like these. Thank you for keeping the lists open for poets, singers, and even plain, old-fashioned storytellers." He'll smile good-heartedly and then notice the Lord Sauveur approach. With a deep bow from the waist, he'll rise slowly and politely.

Tiriel had been off by herself for a while after all the stories had been told. She takes a long breath and finally makes her way back over to Una's side, sliping an arm around her wife's. She's quiet, simply listening for now.

"I think that it's too chilly here for my blood tonight, Lord Declan, Lady Ariana. Lord Kadmus, would you be so kind as to escort me home back to my volcanos and geothermal heat?" Reena pleads with a faint smile.

Chiron frowns a bit, not happy to hear that his sister hurt herself. After a second he sighs, having another sip of hot chocolate. "Shall we go mingle?" He asks her.

"There is nothing plain or old fashioned about storytelling on Niveus." Una teases the senator with a wink, "We love it here, most dearly. And once things get closer to our festival, some very interesting technology tends to be included as well. She nods to Nikos, chuckling at his greeting for his brother, and squeezes Tiriel's arm when it slips through her.

Lorelei exhales, but nods, "we can. You lead the way, Squire Chiron!" She'll actually link her right arm in his, " anyone you want to go talk to?"

Not finding anything to add, and certainly not sensing a lull in the topic for him to give up his own. Michael remains on the outskirts of converstaion, looking fancy for all his lack of social interaction.

There's now a flurry of greetings happening, and somehow Elodie manages to reply quietly to Alistair that the compliment is well deserved before she's turning her attention to Una and Kira as they approach. "It is a pleasure to see you again, Kira," she says quietly, but the mention of her wedding dress brings an odd look that flickers briefly, knitting her eyebrows before she smiles and continues to follow the conversation. She gives Niko a nod in return, and for the moment simply stands at Sammel's side.

Sammel smiles, "Lady Una. It was a wonderful event." Nodding a bit as he looks to Kira now, offering the woman a polite nod and a smile. "A pleasure to meet you. I'm sure the…" And then he pauses as Niko cuffs his shoulder, and he turns to offer a grin to his older brother. "Niko! I hope you enjoyed the event just as much as the rest of us?" There's a smile and a nod offered to Tiriel as well.

Nikomachos nods to Tiriel as well as she joins the group, "Lady Iah, a beautiful event in a beautiful location. The ice makes for a haunting backdrop." A light chuckle lifts from his lips, adding warmth to his tenor, "If a little chilly for most of us. The better to keep us attentive, I suppose." The deep bow from Alistair draws an easy smile to the Valen Sauveur's lips, and he responds with a more formal bow, perhaps not quite so deep, but still infinitely proper and polite. "Please, Senator. I may be wearing purple," one hand gestures up to the folded over material of his double-breasted coat, showing off the purple gloves he wears as well, "but I am still a Valen at heart." Finally, Sammel gets a nod, "Absolutely."

Kira gives a polite not to Tiriel, before nodding to the other nobles, not being able to curtsie propperly since Una has a grip on her arm, but she doesn;t mind, and she is quiet for a while, though she does take in the outfits they all are wearing… and in her mind, some could do with a visit to her shop.

Chiron drinks some more hot chocolate as he thinks some, "Perhaps we should go bother Lady Una and Lady Sir Tiriel?" He says as he finishes his hot chocolate that had started to cool off just a little too fast. He walks up to the circle of people and bows, "Lady Una, Lady Sir Tiriel, everyone else. My name is Chiron Quellton, this is my sister Lorelei Quellton. I'm Sir Agnes's squire."

Declan turns back toward Ariana as the other pair excuses themselves. "I think they have a point about the chill, Lady Ariana. Shall we be on our way? I would be happy to escort you back to Nubilus, as well. Not that you have anything to worry about, with your moon so distant from our savage forests and their frightening inhabitants." Really, he's only joking about all of this. An arm is offered up to lead her on their way, and then presumably they are off as well.

Smiling at the group around him, "Lady Una, I am certain that you are correct. There seems to be nothing plain on Niveus." With another nod to Nikomachos, "All the Vale knows where your heart is, my Lord. There's not an aspiring knight throughout the entirety of it who doubts your courage or resolve." Alistair's words, though from a politician, seem genuine and as if he is recounting his own childhood memories at stories of tourneys and fights. He'll look politely at the approaching squire.

Elodie's smile for her sister and sister-in-law as they are praised for their event is quiet, but full of pride. She will even give a little 'I told you it would be great' lift of her eyebrows to Una, returning the one armed hug without losing the grip on Sammel's arm. She glances around, and gives a wave if she can, to those departing, her glance lingering a little more on Ariana, but then she turns to accept Chiron's greeting and introduction with a polite nod.

Tiriel gives a simple nod of her head in thanks. She leans in and brushes a kiss against Una's cheek. "I have some things I must do." As she pats the woman's arm a bit and then smiles a touch before slipping off towards their home.

"Oh, it's not /that/ cold is it?" Ariana says in an exaggerated tone, her breath coming out in a chilled mist. In fact, she draws her cloak in for added warmth. "And I would be honored for such an escort, My Lord." Though she makes no comments about the savagery of his frightening forest, which she partially believes is true. Linking her arm with his and keeping close for the time being, until they are finally free of the eternal winter cold of Niveus, Ariana allows the Arboren Heir to lead their way to warmth and safety.

Lorelei will give her brother's arms squeeze before smiling softly at the group. "Lady Iah, you said you'll be doing this again?"

Una chuckles at Alistair, nodding in thanks of his compliment. She releases both Elodie and Kira, but keeps her arm in Tiriel's. Until she makes to leave. There's a half-hearted attempt at arguing, but she gives up with a nod. "I'll see you later, then." Releasing Tiriel's arm, she turns back to the others.

Sammel smiles once more as he listens, before he offers a brief grin at Chiron. "Ah, so you're her squire." A brief pause, before he offers another smile now. "A pleasure to meet you, Chiron." Listening to the others, he grins for a few moments as he hears Alistair's words to Niko. "Careful, if his ego is getting any bigger now, he'll have problems getting through the Ways…" It's offered lightly, and with a chuckle as he looks to his brother with a grin.

Nikomachos bows his head slightly at Alistair's compliments, "I think mostly they admire my shininess, Senator." An easy laugh touches his lips, the knight showing that he is not above poking fun at himself. He nods a polite greeting to the squire and his sister, "Young Master Quellton, Miss Quellton. A pleasure, I'm sure. Sir Nikomachos Sauveur, or better yet, Sir Niko. Even with my newly-shortened House name, it is more than a mouthful." He scoffs softly at his brother's words, laughing "It adds to the gleam that all the youngsters admire, Sammy."

Alistair looks to the squire and the poet. "Thank you Lorelei, for your poetry. Exquisitely crafted, if I may so say. And Squire Chiron? An honor to meet one serving us proudly, I'm sure." He'll merely chuckle with as the brothers Sammel and Niko trade barbs over compliments.

Chiron bows again. "Thank you, kind Sirs, Senator. I trust you are all doing well?" He says as he looks back to his sister, wanting to make sure she's ok. Even though he's leading, she's always been better at navigating noble and political circles then he was.

The banter between Sammy and Niko is something that Elodie is becoming used to, and she listens with a smile of amusement as they take shots at one another. However, she does not enter the fray, lest she become a target. She sends a 'good night' to Tiriel, mouthed with a grin, but her attention is soon back to the conversation.

Lorelei's letting her brother lead, her mind preoccupied with everything going on. She will bow to the nobles, giving Sir Niko a smile, "Which would you prefer to be called, my lord?" She'll blush slightly at Alistair's praise, "Thank you , senator. To even be asked to read here was an honor."

Una listens quietly for a while, though its soon clear enough that her mind is elsewhere. After a few minutes of quiet listening she takes a step back, and smiles to all present. "Forgive me, but I think I had best be getting back to Shelter myself. Thank you all again for coming, and for making this one of the best storytelling events we have had." She offers Elodie and Kira each another hug, then starts making her own way back to Shelter.

"While hiding their eyes behind sunglasses?" Sammel remarks to Niko, unable to hold back some laughter now, before he looks between the others again, with a nod and a smile to Una as she takes her leave. "Thank you for hosting this fantastic event, Lady Una," he offers, with a smile. "And as for Niko's shortening of his name, it's evident that after his name, and that of our sister, our parents were tired about names of many syllables," he comments. Looking back to Elodie now, and offering her another smile.

Michael as he slips away from the group silently, he'll pass Lorelei and Chiron, to Lorelei he'll say, "You did great, loved the poems. Talk later?" then to Chiron he'll give, "Congrats on the squiring, the competition in on." with a slight teasing ton at the end. Then he's off and gone from sight.

Nikomachos leans around Sammel to whisper sotto voce to Elodie, "Sammy's jealous. But be careful… never stroke his ego after midnight, Lady Elodie, or it becomes a monster." The teasing words reference a 'horror' comedy of a decade or so ago. Lorelei's question draws a smile, "Sir Niko, if you please, Miss. I do like the sound of my voice so much, that I prefer everyone else's words to be as short as humanly possible." He nods to Sammel's reason, "Or that. Nikomachos, Kassandra, Sammel, Erik." As Una makes her excuses, Niko bows to her, "Thank you for hosting such a marvelous event, Lady Iah."

The Senator will slowly make his way towards the servants pouring the wine. He'll be looking around the room to see if there's anyone else he should be greeting. He'll nod politely as he moves along, staying as close to the fires as possible.

Elodie hugs her sister and murmurs congratulations for the event to her before letting her go. Now that she's let go of Sammel's arm, she stands beside him, her hands clasped in front of her. Niko's advice about stroking Sammel's ego draws a laugh that she quickly smothers with her hands, but she doesn't send forth a volley of her own into the war of teasing.

Lorelei smiles, more warmly than before at th noble brothers teasing each oethr. This she is used to. She'll nod to Michael, "Ok…see you later." But then frown lightly at his jab at chiron. Pursing her lips, "As soon as Sir Agnes is up to it, you start training…hard."

Chiron smiles at the banter of the two noble siblings, it reminds him a lot of him and his siblings. He waves to Michael and says, "Thanks, and it would appear so, wouldn't it? Last one to get knighted has to buy the drinks?" He teases. When he leaves he responds to Lorelei, "Absolutely." Is all he says.

Sammel grins again as he hears Niko's words, chuckling a bit now. "At least mine isn't a monster all the time," he returns, with a chuckle. Nodding a bit at Niko's answer to Lorelei. "He speaks the truth about liking hos own voice so much," he remarks, with a quiet grin now.
Long distance to Sammel: Elodie grins. "Okay. I'm out."

Nikomachos bares his teeth to Sammel, growling teasingly. That is apparently his monster impression, for he shakes his head, "Well, at least this way we know if anyone ever manages to pop my ego, the explosion will be great enough to wipe the Hostiles from the System." The shake of his head gets a great deal more sorrowful, "Sadly, no one has yet fully managed such a task, so we fight on." Tilting his head slightly and bringing a hand up to his earbud, he smiles a little ruefully, "If you'll excuse me, I promised to help with an armful of Orelle children." He bows his head to Elodie, Sammel, Chiron, and Lorelei in turn, commenting to Elodie on the way out, "But do jump into the fray, Lady Elodie. I promise we'll go easy on you to start with." And then he's off with a wink and a smile.

Alistair will, with a few more polite nods around, makes his way, gathering his aides and noting who to send thank yous to and the like. He'll smile and look back across the frozen landscape, shivering and admiring all at the same time before departing.

Elodie gives Niko plenty of time to hear the sound of his own voice, as she turns her gaze back to the elder brother for his response. She might start getting whiplash from watching the two and their teasing. She lifts her hand, and lays it on Sammel's arm in a gently tugging motion. "Sir Sammel, we have been keeping your brother from spreading his glory to the rest of the guests for too long, I fear. Perhaps we should find some wine?" She gives a smile to everyone around, including Sir Niko, and a parting nod before turning to leave with her betrothed.

Lorelei looks at her brother, "Guess the parties over? " She'll laugh softly as she starts walking him towards the ways, "Quelltons out last everyone, again!" she'll sigh, taking his arm, "Let's go home. I"m tired."

Nikomachos clasps his hands to his chest dramatically at Elodie's parting jab, laughing easily and then lifting a hand in farewell as he drifts off.

Chiron bows to the nobles, "Goodnight, everyone!" He locks his sister's arm in with his as they walk towards the Ways

Sammel grins a bit more, before he nods a bit as he hears Niko's words. "Moving troops on an evening like this, Niko… Have fun with it." A grin as he hears Eldie's words as well, before he chuckles. "Sounds like a good idea. Wouldn't want the rest of the system to suffer from not getting access to my brother's glory after all." There's a wave to said brother now.

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