10.21.3013: Finally
Summary: Kaedin finally makes Odette an Orelle.
Date: October 21st 2013
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A small room with a few seats, nothing fancy.
October 21st 3013

So, by late evening, most of the wedding things were taken care of, and of course, Kaedin's mother got a whif of the goings on, and instead of fight the idea, she decided to go along with it, which makes it socially acceptable, a small ceremony, and then grandchildren for her to dote on.

Sir Kevyn is there as well, a slight bit of pride on his face that his son called in a chantry preist, instead of a magistrate. He looks like an older, more distinguished version of Kaedin, with salt and peppper hair and a full beard.

Kaedin stands by the preist, who is holding a book, wearing a perfect formal outfit in orelle colors, he stands holding Odette's hands with a goofy smile on his face, Moichael and Beden to one side of them, and Talayla and odette's sisters on the other side. The Orelle guards having kept out ANY media.

"By the six, and in the favour of the Maiden and Knight, I bring you all together to witness this blessed union of Lord Sir Kaedin Isreal Orelle, and Lady Sir Odette Grantham, in matrimony… Do you Lord Kaedin, take this noblewoman to be your wife?" Kaedin smiles. "Now and forever." "And do your lady Odette, take this Nobleman to be your Husband?"

Wearing his formal black and grey attire, the back of Beden's overcoat is emblazened with the sigil of House Grantham, in tones of grey and white. He's smiling along, glad for the happiness of the moment, of the findings of the couple. Weddings have been going on rather frequently as of late, and, as much as he hated the formalities of nobility, he loved the ceremony of a wedding. He came immediately as he heard from Odette.

Talayla is in a formal robe, blue with a silken silver cord. She has her house's sigil on a single sleeve. She is in the audience, watching the ceremony. She seems okay, smiling along with it, retiring as she is. The happiness is infectious, and her smile lingers. She is on the side opposite Beden, but good cheer is airborne.

Odette texted Beden where to meet them and that she decided she wanted to get married now and only he would do. Though there was sadness in her eyes when Beden arrived, she adjusted her clothes. She decided to wear a white, silk, ladies button up dress shirt, tucked into skinny legged, black leather pants, and high stilettos. She stares at the priest and her eyes narrow. However, it takes a moment before she turns to Kaedin. "Yes." Her voice is clear but quiet. Her eyes slowly turn to her cousin before returning to Kaedin. There is no smile on her lips but the smile is within her bright blue eyes.

"Woah…" Michael states before he just goes along with the preceedings. He chuckles softly at Odette's one word answer, smiling. He continues to watch, giving the new noble a gentle nod of his head before finishing his sandwich and his drink.

"Then by the power invested in me, under the watchfull gaze of the six, I now pronounce you both Lord Husbund and lady Wife, you may kiss the bride Milord." =The preist says, and kaedin looks over at him. "Now…? for real?" he says ,so giddy as a few of his family members chuckle at him, but he priest nods and Kaedin leans in to place a kiss on his wife's lips.

Quite nearly cheering from his seat, Beden restrains himself with a wide grin at the moment. He looks to Talayla, as if to say 'Do you see this? This is awesome!' He's quite enthralled with the moment, eyes alight with hope for the couple. Tomorrow, he'd probably deny it…maybe. When the squire gives him a nod, Beden offers one in return, the face foreign to him.

Talayla is happy, but quiet about it. She might well be a houseplant for all most people see of her. She beams back at Beden though, getting better with her people skills. She genuinely seems happy for the couple.

Odette stands there a moment but when Kaedin goes to kiss her lips she stops him with a light slap and a stare. Then, like a comet, the rarest beautiful shows itself. Her lips lift into a smile and she leaps up, planting a huge kiss on Kaedin's lips, her hands in his hair and her legs dangling in front of him.

Michael watches, chuckling softly when Kaedin seems in disbelief. He takes a seat next to Talayla. "Wooo! Yeah, go Odette! Show 'im who's boss!" he calls out and whistles when she stamps her man like that. He's a playfully supportive squire, that's for sure.

Kaedin takes the light slap, though is shocked by the kiss from his wife. The people in attendance clap for them, all happy that this love match is now officially married. The preist bows out, because his work is done, and he hands the paperwork off to Bevelle and Kevyn for them to have proccessed, as he leaves. Kaedin wraps his arms around Odette and twirls her abit. once the kiss breaks, he smiles. "I love you, Lady Odette Orelle."

Odette finally touches the ground again and looks up to her massive husband. "I love you, Lord Kaedin Grantham." She teases and wraps her arms around him. She turns her eyes to Beden and it takes her a moment but she mouths a thank you to him. She finally turns back to Kaedin with a small grin. "Husband."

Kaedin smiles down at her. "Wife." He says as he looks twoards the exit. "Shall I carry you? or wpould you prefer we go arm in arm like a propper couple?"

Talayla is still quiet, smiling in the audience. She is happy with the others, nodding at one of the others nearby. "It's really sweet…"

Odette reaches down and holds his hand. She turns to the audience and bows to them all. "Thank you for coming." She speaks softly before pulling Kaedin towards the exit. Her fingers gripping his hand rather tightly.

Kaedin nods to the audiance as well, and the get dragged away. he looks back to Michael. "Remeber to train… and dont do anything stu…" and then he is gone with his wife, while people clap and cheer for them, two people who people probably though would never be wed, and then finding each other, so romantic.

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