11.03.3013: Fight for that Love
Summary: Brienne and Ephraim discuss their recent gossip in the rumor mill, the others of those rumors (Densoric and Lorelei) show up, Tristan is on hand to witness some of the discussion
Date: 7th November 2013
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Mott's Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.

The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.

IC date of RP

It's another day and surprisingly Brienne doesn't really look to be hungover. Either that or she is very, very good at hiding it. At the moment, she's sitting at the bar again, same stool. The ale is no longer dripping from her hair and she's turned just enough to be able to watch the entrance. No more dogs sneaking up on her. Yes, there's an ale before her and it's certainly before noon. And there's a troubled expression on her face. Not that she knows the latest rumor or that the Bastien person from last night was a journalist in the loosest sense of the word. Still, she's there and watching the door.

Stepping in from the door, Tristan is looking around a bit nervously. He pauses as he sees Brienne watching the door, before he heads over in her direction now. "Hey…" he offers, before he adds, "How are you today?" A brief grin, before he adds, "Looking for someone in particular?" Leaning in to give his sister a quick hug now.

Coming into the Taphouse not far on the heels of Tristan, Ephraim arrives as well. Moving for the bar just the same, he aims for a stool of his own, and notices who is here. Not really knowing them, but familiar enough being a vassal, tabloids and other near run-ins, he offers over. "Lady and Lord, Sirs; good morning." A slight nod of his head is given, then Ephraim is lifting a hand to flag for an ale of his own, "I suppose some level of thanks would be in order. While not a flattering image, that it was captured sort of diminishes the rumors about me." He's grinning as if he's making simple small talk.

When Tristan enters, Brienne watches as he approaches. There's nothing surly about her, on the contrary, she seems rather contrite so that when her little brother hugs her, she hugs him back a little tighter than intended. Sitting back, she gives a long-suffering sigh. "I tried to punch Lord Densoric.." Matter of fact. Direct. "I'm glad I missed." As the door opens again, she looks over at the latest arrival. His greeting is met with a smile that quickly dims. What?! "What do you mean?" Her voice is cautious, but very, very resigned. Surely not?

The tight hug makes Tristan hug a bit closer in return as well, before he nods, "You did. I must say it was a few poor attempts at it, though." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I'm glad for that as well." Going quiet as he hears Ephraim's words, he frowns a bit now as he hears Brienne's question.

Offhandedly, Ephraim says, "Oh that tabloid, Noble Watch. First to run it, all over the InfoSphere now, you know. You and Lord Larant having a bit of a tangle." He grins, an ale dropped off, the one he waved for. Turning more towards brother and sister, he further explains his take, "Good news is they didn't spin it into some love affair at least, right? Just an unexpected attack on the fellow, not really a guess at why. Well, not in the Noble Watch, a few of the shark tabloids are starting to make up stories, seach bots are on the prowl." The bots that fish for speculation and insert more rumors than they're worth, of no real value, for that there is Noble Watch, who has the image and got broke the first story.

"No harm, no foul right?" Or whatever the saying was. Brienne sighs as he releases her and wraps one hand around the mug of ale. Noticing Tristan's frown, she looks towards the Hollolas Lord. "Tabloid!?" She had gone her whole entire life without being in anything resembling bad press. "All over the InfoSphere?" She pales considerably. She's not into technology, no datapad, no com devices, no vidscreens, nothing resembling that. "Show me?" She asks hopefully. "Love affair?" A dismal look enters her eyes and she realizes she's speaking in jerky sentences. Not even sentences.

Tristan frowns as he hears that, before he reaches to put his hand on Brienne's shoulder. "It'll be okay…" he offers quietly to her, before he nods a bit at her request to see the thing. Another quiet muttered comment to her now. "Remember to breathe."

"Certinaly," says Ephraim, digging for a pocket device with a small holo display about 3 inches above the device. He digs in flat screen a moment, then sets it on the counter to show the Noble Watch article. Nevermind that its in a frame/background that includes Lorelei in it, it still shows the article for her to read. "No, no love affair, I meant, be thankful the tabloid journalist who did that piece didn't try to spin that into it. Just a tuffle of some sort really. Only, you know, capture the moment." Looking at Tristan as the article is displayed, "You wouldn't expect that in Mott's either, bad moment, well lucky for the writer I suppose, but unexpected outcomes."

The reassuring hand on her shoulder is given a quiet look, and Brie takes the offered assurance for what it is. Something to settle her. Whether it works or not is unclear as she takes a few deep breathes and leans in to watch the device. Seeing the background, her eyes flicker over the Lord again with a thoughtful expression, but those eyes are drawn back to the device. Seeing the article, she peruses it firs then reads it more in depth. "Are you kidding me?" A shaky hand runs over her face and she notices the photo accompanying the article. "That nobleman that was here?" Lifting her head, she looks towards Tristan. "He did this?"

Tristan frowns a little as he reads that article now, eyes narrowing more and more as he reads. "That…" Taking a few deep breaths, before he adds, "Seems like you should have punched that one instead, sis…" Letting out a bit of a sigh now.

Half a chuckle from Ephraim, he shurgs indifferently, "Still time if you see him again. Could be something of a hunting party." More teasing in his own way at that thought, he takes a drink, ponders ordering a brunch time stew if they've already got some warming up for the day. "More concerning, I don't mind citizen press working these tabloids, but if its like an inside job you know, who can you trust anymore these days." Noble publishing the dirt on other nobles, what has the world come too. "In fairness, looks like you have a good arm on a good day, just that wasn't a good day. I'd probably pay to see you in good form, finding the guy who captured that though."

"Yeah I would have missed, I'm sure, and then he probably would have hit back." Brie looks absolutely dismayed. "Oh Tristan, I'm not the type to randomly swing at people. Especially when they aren't Hostiles. Have I become so uncivilized while I was away that this seems normal?" Mentally beating herself up, she looks back to Hollolas Lord. "Don't tempt me. Are you offering your services?" Unable to help herself, she has to tease him in return. What he says makes a certain sense though and her smile flashes, softening her features considerably. "We should shun him." Eyes as green as the forest canopy turn to look at Tristan now and she laughs. "Could you imagine that?" The very thought amuses her and as she looks back at the other noble, she offers her hand, calloused from holding a sword or a polearm, a couple of small scars from battle wounds. "Brienne Arboren, but I'm sure you already guessed from the news. All I know about you is you're a Hollolas. And you give nice compliments."

"No!" Tristan's reply to Brienne is offered quite strongly. "It was a… I don't know. You had a few ales, possibly one or two too many, and some idiot had just scared you a bit. In addition to you being frustrated about a few things. These things happen. I'm sure the only real bad thing from it was the guy with the camera thing…" A brief smile as he nods to Ephraim. "Tristan," he introduces himself.

Chuckling a little, he takes the hand from Brienne, warmly, "Ephraim .. and yes, Hollolas. I'm honored." That he isn't in direct line for the vassal house, or anything really, and the connection was made. He offers his hand to Tristan as well, "A pleasure to the both of you." Then back to the most serious topic, "Shunning, that might work, but then if it was open, we have to make up some consequence though, and he might actually do it, and we'd have to let him back in." But he lifts a brow at both, "Or we make a secret handshake, and don't tell him, that way we never have to let him in. And you both deserve nice compliments, with that scandal breaking."

The rather vehement reaction from her brother brings a smile to Brienne. "I like the way you defend me, but I was still in the wrong." The confession comes as a lesson well learned. Shaking the hand, she grins. "A pleasure meeting you as well, Lord Ephraim Hollolas. I'm the second oldest Arboren, Declan has me by a few years. Tristan here is one of the twins and I also have a younger sister and brother." Probably he had met them, but she wasn't sure, since she'd been gone. "Oh, you're right. I guess that won't work." The further jest makes her outright laugh. "A handshake, that's the one." Her expression turns serious. "So, you mentioned something taking the heat off you? What's going on with you?"

Tristan shakes his head a little at Brienne. "We all make mistakes. And you're far from the one making most of them in the family." He goes quiet again for a few moments, before he smiles a little bit, listening to the others now.

"Oh, I made a horrible mistake of sleeping with a stranger last year," says Ephraim, which probably indicates by the way he says it that it wasn't a mistake at the time, more like a hindsight mistake. "Then I met someone and its more the serious thing. The one I went to speak with family about, a real companionship sort of deal. Then, that mistake showed up, and now I don't know where I stand with Lorelei." He is looking at the kitchen a moment, still curious about the soup, but he looks back to them. "She's the one, the background there." On his device, behind the article he brought up for Brienne to read. "I'm questioning my own stupidity. If it helps, I'm full of it, sorry for rubbing it in a little that this idiot captured a photo of what happened to you. You don't deserve that."

Still, the kind words of her brother are nice to hear, though she only offers a smile, not wanting to incriminate the remainder of ther family either. As Ephraim explains, she winces, making no judgment calls on the companionship part. "I've met her. She was upset the other night in here with her brothers. But yesterday at the Notice Project thing, she seemed better. You love her?" A beat. "And this was way before you knew her, right? So how can she hold it against you?"

Tristan just listens thoughtfully for now, glancing around the room every now and then at the moment. Ordering himself an ale as well. But all in all keeping silent for now.

Nodding to both, Ephraim returns, "I'll admit it, I do love her. She knows this." A pause, he sighs, disappointed in himself. Then again, even with that, he is probably not in the worst of spirits. "I hope she wouldn't hold it against her, but considering how um, well behaved she was prior to us, maybe I can't completely excuse my prior behaviors. I mean, I think we're all, the lot of us," nobles, "The same, waiting for our parents to say, okay, time to get married, trying to figure things out and enjoy the time up until we're sentenced you know. I'm sure some of us act like we find love together, then there's Lorelei. Its like a tricky topic simply for being born as I was." Then again, all the choices before they met were his to make. "Maybe I should find some way to try to make it up to her though, to show her that love?" He's looking for real advice. Sure, aside from maybe knowing a little of each other, or each other's families, they're complete strangers, but who else could he trust at this point.

Now that Tristan has fallen silent, Brie gives him a look of concern, but she leans on the bartop with one arm, ignoring her ale for the moment. His explanation, when it comes, brings a strange expression to the Arboren. "Well behaved she was? A virgin?" Of course, being so herself, she doesn't immediately say anything about that, exactly, but she's rather direct. "Yeah, show her love. What did the person, the mistake, do when she showed up? What did she say?" Assuming it's a female.

Tristan has been drinking a bit of his ale, and drains the rest now, as he mutters something to himself. "I need to go. Have a few things I need to take care of…" Starting to move for the door as he does, steps a bit hurriedly. "I'll see you soon, sis," he offers to Brienne, before disappearing outside.

"A pleasure sir," says Ephraim to the parting Tristan. Seated at the bar, he turns to Brienne a moment. "Uh, the mistake? No, she was not a virgin, but, in my drunken stupor, I used soft words, about how special it was, how great it was. It was one night, I guess I said I would call when I left. She acted like she was waiting nine months for that call to come back. Lorelei thinks because I said some similar wards that I just made them up. I feel more stupid explaining I used them drunkinly on that other girl, but I was sober and meant them for Lorelei. But, I think that makes me sound even worse."

"No, I mean.. the one who you love. Your Lorelei." Brie watches Tristan go and offers him a smile. "See you soon, baby brother." The explanation, when he gives it again, is met with raised brows and a partial sympathetic expression. "Sounds like you've got a lot to do to make her feel special. Different. Is she worth fighting for?"

Lorelei arrives from the The Heartwood.

Ephraim, at the bar with Brienne, nods, "Oh, yes, she was." Not sure if he should of let that out, but he's having open conversation, and trusts Brienne, seeing as she has some tabloid heat going on in her life. "She is worth fighting for, every day. She doesn't want me to change for her, but she is worth becoming a new man for, you know. The stuff you read about in books." Grinning some, "Not to be too sappy for you, I'd usually offer more jokes about this time. I suppose we could find that noble of yours, give him a fistful, and make us both happy."

"Oh no, don't look at me. I have no noble. Nor do I want one." Brie tilts her head to the side and grins. "Or a Citizen either, for that matter. Who has time for that? I'm ready to go back out to the battlefields, but my mother made me come in for rest and 'conversation' or something, afraid I'd come back grunting replies or something." Rolling her eyes, she suddenly remembers her mug of ale and takes a sip. "So, if she's worth fighting for, and the stuff books are made of, the happily ever after stuff," she clearly doesn't really pay mind to that sort of thing, but she's not scoffing about it either. After all, her parents are still even happily married and Declan betrothed. "You should do it. Go all out and romance her."

Nodding to her, Bey smiles some more. "You don't even know what this means…" He looks like he's just set down a heavy load as he sits up and is more excited. "And I think you can just wire it to the Academ directly…" His face flushes red as he sips more ale, part of him pondering the intricacies of the situation.

The door opened and in come Lorelei, dressed in her riding gear. Her satchel is over a shoulder, and seems to be full and heavy with something. She'll blink, she looks tired, and will scan the room for either of her brothers. She's tired enough that she doesn't notice either noble at first, she moves to go sit at a table near a window.As the satchell is sat down , Lortee puts both elbows on the table rubs her face. Maybe an ale will help before she returns to some of her chores.

"Okay, you're right," nods Ephraim, "All out romance. Flowers, jewels, the full tilt, spurs to flank right? Standing up, he picks up the device (showing a holo of the story on Brienne, with a backdrop of Lorelei it would seem). Before he closes it, he reads aloud, "Lorelei, I can never right the wrongs of my past. But I love you, more than I could beging to explain. You are right, words cannot express it, I have made a follie of them, may I be allowed to show you how much you mean to me … That guy, Ephraim …" He nods, excited to Brienne, hits send. "This will work, right? Or am I digging a deeper whole? He starts looking up flowers for delivery in the area, to have some sent to the Taphouse maybe.

Attention full on the bar at the moment, Brienne listens to the message, not even noticing the newest arrival. Resting on forearm on the bar, she smiles as he goes on. "Wellll, the past. That was in place before you knew anyone. How were you to know you'd have a future like her? Something more like… 'I apologize for the person I was in my past, but you have made me the man I want to be for our future. The love part is good, for sure. Don't do the cliche'd part of you complete me though, that's overused. Showing her how much she means, telling her that, you better have a plan." The advice is just that, her own opinion. "Flowers? No no. Something useful. Flowers die, chocolate is good. Promises that you can keep are better though."

Entering the taphouse is the blue wonder Densoric, making his way towards the bar, he lifts his hands passively as though to say he has no intention to fight again. He had heard the rumor and he was still going over his options of what he could do about it. However vocally he says nothing. As he finds Brienne at the bar talking about the past, love and the like, he simply turns and starts back out of the room, perhaps trying to avoid another fight, or simply wishing to not agitate Brienne further after the last time they saw each other. His pace is casual and slow, meaning he'd be easily stopped if anyone in the room wishes it.

Lorelei's sitting rigging her forehead when her tablet vibrates. She'll pull it out of her pocket and frown when she sees who it's from. It's hard to tell if she's surprised he sent anything at all, or that it took him this long. She doesn't open the message at first, instead looks to try to flag down waiter for an ale. and that's when her eyes land on the thee nobles. She freezes , unsure what to do.

Looking at flowers, Ephraim blinks and looks up at Brienne when she makes those suggestions. His fingers scramble a moment, trying to withdraw the message, call it back. "Yike," he is saying, "I should of waited, that was brilliant." Then there is the vibration from another table and he pauses, to look at Brienne, "She's here?" Even if she answers, he's turning to look. Folding down the image and putting his device away. "Excuse me," he says to present company, then he starts walking towards the table by the window. He tries not to draw more attention, but approaches and asks, "Lorelei … may I join you?" He makes no assumptions.

Hearing the sound, Brie glances over about the same time as the Hollolas Lord does. She offers him a smile. "Go for it. I wish you all kinds of good luck there." Only then does she notice Densoric. Closing her eyes, she exhales a long sigh before opening them again. He was leaving? Avoiding her. "Lord Densoric." The name is given with a bit of uncertainty. "Do you have a minute? I promise to keep my hands to myself."

On his way out Densoric looks to Lorelei and nods saying, "Hello again Miss Lorelei." seeing the look on her face he adds, "I hope that look isn't for me, I believe I've told you before not to concern yourself with me in informal settings." As Ephraim makes his way over Densoric nods to him then starts back on his way to the exit, though anyone could stop him without much effort if they wished.

As Brie's voice drifts his way Densoric turns and looks to her and nods saying, "My time is my own, you always have my ear in such times." as he turns to start towards the bar to hear what Brienne has to say.

Lorelei looks to Densoric and shakes her head, "No, my lord. I'm sorry…it's just been a stressful time. No offense is meant." Sh seems to shrike some, making her look very small on the bench when Ephraim approaches. She doesn't quite know what to do so she'll just nod, "If you wish, Lord Ephraim." Her eyes stay down, looking at the tablet with it's flashing message from him.

"You wanted some time," begins Ephraim, "I didn't know how much you needed." Moving to sit down, "But, I missed you, its killing me." He sighs a little, "No, bad start sir. Not about me. I would like to apologize for my past, the man I am with your, the one I want to be for our future, I want to prove that all that I've said and done was honest, that my feelings for you are true. I don't know where to begin that, but I'm hoping I can start proving myself to you?"

For a moment, Brie watches the two, but tears her gaze away to settle on Densoric, leaving the couple to their privacy. She had her own patching up to do. When Densoric arrives at the bar, she removes her hand from her mostly untouched ale. There's a pained look there, residing in her expression. "I wanted to ask for your forgiveness, for I was out of line last evening. I offer no excuses for my behavior, it was unforgivable, but one can only hope."

Densoric nods back to Lorelei and says, "Understandable, Good luck on the rest of your day and the days to come being better." in a polite, possibly genuine tone. As he reaches the bar and Brie speaks he simply smiles softly to her and says, "I recall no behavior that would require forgiveness." his smile getting a bit softer, then adds, "I recall an offer which remains if you ever feel the need for any reason." Leave it to Densoric to spare those he likes from public embarrassment.

Lorelei gives Densoric a small smile. That's possible the nicest she's ever heard him be, when it wasn't about politics. She'll take a deep breath before letting her eyes go up to Ephriam. Loree's voice is quiet, not trying to draw any more attention than she's already had this past week, "Have you worked things out with Ailynne…was there a child?" She can't hide her nervousness at even asking the question. Her hands grasp on not the tablet, as she doesn't have an ale to anchor her down yet.

His words are unexpected. No behavior that required forgiveness? Brie stutters, "B..but.. what about..?" Gesturing to the exact location the altercation took place. And then the datapad device thing-a-ma-jig that Ephraim had shown her the article. Well, Ephraim was gestured to by default, since he had the datapad on his person. "How can there be nothing to forgive? I.." At a loss, she lifts her hands, palms up, somewhat helplessly. "You can't just brush it off.."

"What," ponders Ephraim, completely off his guard. He shakes his head, "No, no child. It was looked into." He says without going into who all even looked into it, which was probably a bit of a scramble amongst Hollolas to actually do that research, as well as himself. He breaths deeply, loosing some color and confidence that he wanted to maintain. "I have no children, I'm sorry I have to even say that to you," in that the speculation should be out there that he might. "But, well, anything else you want to ask me, I will answer you honestly. I care for you too much to say what I want. No more mixed words, my complete honesty." No professing love etenral, talking about moonlit eyes, putting of boom boxes to shoulders, or showing up with flowers. In the moment she asked the question, he changed his tactic, favoring complete honesty. He'd always been honest with her, but if she wanted to know more, he wanted to tell her all she wished.

Densoric simply lifts a hand as though to stop her and says in a calm, casual voice, "There is nothing to forgive My Lady. If anything I should be asking for forgiveness. Though if there is anything you wish to discuss in-depth we could go for a walk or such, you seem to be spending much of your time here of lat, and though good I wouldn't say the ale is that good." smiling softly at the end.

Still, conflicted and confused with how simple that had been, how he had let her off the proverbial hook, Brienne doesn't yet feel she should be let off so easy. "But.. it's on the news and everything, what happened." Perhaps punishing herself too. "I am only back because my parents though I should be home, taking a break from the patrols. I'm so ready to go back, to what I know. People just confuse me. Especially my brothers." Sighing, she looks towards the ale, but she doesn't touch it. "A walk? Maybe in a bit.."

Lorelei lets out a breath she didn't realize she holding, her eye closing. No child. Her hands don't loosen, but she shoulders relax some. She'll blink few time,s trying to reign in her emotions, "I…I don't really know what to ask." Looking over , the waitresses and barkeep seem to be purposefully staying away. Everyone heard the rumors, no one wants in the middle of this mess. "Is…does that type of thing happen often?"

Densoric nods to Brienne and says, "I am considering options concerning that, if I knew the picture would have been used I'd have attempted to stop him before he left, but I was more concerned about your safety at the time."

Shaking his head, "Not lately, a few times before. I thought it was done, I thought I could put that behind me when I met you. I'm so stupid." Then he pauses, no, not about him. "Lorelei, I meant every word I told you. Those emotions I shared with you, that I said I feel for you, that love. It is real. I can't think of anything else but you and how much I've hurt you by my sordid past. One you had no control over and that I brought to you. I want to say sorry. I am sorry, I just want you to believe me … to restore that belief in you."

"Options?" Despite his politeness and his courtesy, there was still that.. past question he had asked of her. Brienne wraps her arms around herself and shakes her head. "Don't try and do anything, I'll talk to my mother and have her help me straighten out this mess. Unless you can do something even less damaging to you. Just.. blame me. I can take the fallout and I'll deal with the flak. It's what I do."

Densoric says, "I believe I have options to have them have to apologize for the article, perhaps even getting the 'reporter' in trouble in some way. If I can work it right the only ones in trouble with be the tabloid and the one that took the picture. Try not to worry about it too much. And even if I fail then I'll make an apology to your mother if needed." He's willing to face off against the head of House Arboren to save face for Brie?! He does know about Brienne's mom right?

Lorelei swallows, she's trying to not just cry and cave in. "I know you are….I just. It's a lot, Ephraim…I don't know if I'm cut out for this…" She'll work her jaw slightly, "I was ready to drop everything…the stables, my family…now….I don't know. I can't do that…be like that. I felt….fell like I was begin torn in two, and I just….I don't know." She'll sniffle at the end, looking away.

That takes on a new level of seriousness for Ephraim. "I love you Lorelei, I will do anything I can for you." He takes in a shakey breath, not quite sniffling himself, but whew, it might be close for him. As she makes is sound like he is on the verge of losing her. "The house, the puppy, that, I'm okay if that waits. But you, I don't know if I can go on without you in my life." He is being honest, swallows hard a moment, "No, I'm sorry, I can't do that to you - its not about my feelings." Even as a little bit of water catches in his eyes, "I only want to know if there is some chance for us in this, can we return to being us somehow?"

Her Mother! "No.. no, no. Not my mother." Brie hurriedly shakes her head. "Umm," at a rare loss for words, she uncrosses her arms and reaches for that ale. Then changes her mind. "Let's just… drop it and see where it goes on its own. Maybe it'll all be forgotten, all blow away. Some other scandal will take its place. Maybe that Khournas Lord will take the headlines again."

Densoric smiles and says, "Your mother was more of a last resort if all else failed. I believe I can deal with it, don't worry. Though if this really concerns you that much, perhaps we should speak more in private."

"Why do you keep trying to get me out of here, Lord Densoric?" Brie, ever direct, asks him with an expression turning wary, almost suspicious. "Please, just accept my apology and let's let it drop. Go back to being friends." Brie, queen of the friendzone.

Lorelei says, "I want to, Ephraim…I'm scared to though. You, my brothers, everyone…I just feel… I…" Loree sighs, forcing her hands off of her tablet before she hurts it, or them. She'll lick her lips , glance over at the other two nobles before looking back to Eph, "I feel very lost…I don't want to be anymore. I know the Six dumped.." Loree will motion at her head, like that means something, "all this on me, but the rest? I feel like I'm falling apart, it's just too much. I want nothing more than to wish this all way and curl into your arms, but….I can't just wish it away, can I?" She'll sigh and force a sad, small smile, "Bey accepted money from a noble for his schooling, after telling me I wasn't good enough to help him." Ok, that's not exactly how he said it, but that's how it felt! "I can't seem to do anything right…""

Densoric says, "I wasn't aware we stopped being friends My Lady. And if you don't feel the need for privacy then so be it."

"Everything you've done with me has been right," says Ephraim, for what its worth. "I can't say how happy you have made me. All that, all the falling apart. I can't make the feeling go away, but I can be here for you. I can give you my arms, you can curl up in them. I don't want any of you wished away, all of it, what the Six dumped on you, that is you. That is all I have ever known of you. If you're lost, I want to be lost with you."

"I was being introspective." Brie laughs, releasing the ale again. "It's my nickel word of the day. Proud of me?" Lacing her fingers together, she smiles. "We didn't stop being friends. You know.." she says quietly. "They should sell water in here too. All this ale and nothing else could make an alcoholic out of someone." Brie definitely isn't one, but with the week of family disorders she has had… could sure be tempting.

Lorelei finally reaches up and brushes a hand across her eyes, the tears finally starting to fall, "Can…can we not do this here?" SHe can practically feel everyone's eyes on her. Without waiting, perhaps not caring if he follows, she gets up and starts walking towards the door.

Getting up to follow, Ephraim takes a hand to his own eyes, before he joins in with the tears. They might be close, but he tries to hold them off as he walks for the door too.

Densoric nods to Brie and says, "I was already proud of you, you are a fine young woman who has many accomplishments worthy of respect and note, unlike myself of course." smiling softly. He then adds, "I'm aware of the ale, why I sip my drinks so much, takes longer but less likely to get a 'buzz' off of it. Though I suppose it has helped me develop at least a small tolerance as well."

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