The Fifth World: Cantos
Type: Planet
Climate: Polar and Subpolar
Gravity: Standard
Satellites: 1 Moon, Several Small Asteroids
Length of Day: 72 Hours
Length of Year: 1,095 Days
Capital: Unknown; formerly Arias
Major Exports: Nothing
Major Imports: Nothing


The fifth world in the Haven System was once called Cantos, and considered a marginally habitable iceball at the fringe of the system. It has an orbit perpendicular to the orbits of the other system planets. It has an orbital period of 1,000 years, bisecting with the plane of the other planets every 500 years. It has one primary satellite and several small asteroids that were caught in its gravity.

It was settled in 1013 AL AL (After Landing) by an estimate of 5,000 colonists. Contact was lost with the planet almost immediately after Fifth World left easy interplanetary travel range in 1053 AL. When Fifth World's orbit brought it close to the inner system again, no contact could be made with the planet, and it passed out of range once more without the mystery being solved.

2013 AL brought Fifth World in range of the inner system again, and brought the First System War as well. Genetically- and cybernetically-modified soldiers poured out of ships and assaulted Hera, protected by energy fields of unknown design. These attackers became known as the Hostiles. They were defeated in 2040 AL with the complete destruction of Hera, turning it into the asteroid field known as Desolation. The Hostiles returned to the Fifth World as the planet went out of range once more.

The Second System War began in 2513 AL, and was a bloody stalemate, with the Hostiles retreating to Fifth World as it departed the inner system once more in 2553 AL.


Fifth World Itself

When first colonized, Cantos presented itself as a small planet whose surface was entirely covered in ice. The first settlement city, the capital of Arias, closely resembled the settlements of Niveus. There are many theories about what it looks like now, the most common of which are that it is entirely covered with factories and living quarters or that it has been honeycombed with tunnels under the ice. Until and unless someone actually sets foot on Fifth World, it is unlikely that any Havenites will ever find out the truth.

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